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St. Paul Author/Award winning, Visual Artist, Stanley Christopher, a native of East Chicago, Indiana - attended Indiana University and Indiana Vocational and Technical College. He studied Fine Arts, Culinary Arts, Poetry, and Theater Costume Design. His entire life has been rooted in the process of being creative, he fondly remembers always wanting to create his own world early on as a young child lying in the floor doodling and drawing.

While studying Poetry in college he became interested in writing haiku, sonnets, and short stories. Often he takes advantage of combining the two languages of visual art and written word.

For the last thirty something years he has uniquely viewed life from a wheelchair after being paralyzed from the waist down. Scaling the everyday barriers of our society can be enough to keep anyone distracted from any real progress in life, yet he has taken the opportunity to exhibit the growing revelations of his spirit throughout his body of work.

He has published a book of Sonnets: A Sought After Love

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