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  • The Keeping on Jan. 26, 2012

    I've been a faithful follower of Nicky Charles work since I discovered her enthralling story, The Mating, in late 2010 on Feedbooks through Stanza. I've never been one to read romance novels, much less supernatural romance novels. Now, thanks to Nicky, I can't imagine my life without them! They're imaginative, steamy, sexy, heart racing, frustrating, enfuriating, heart wrenching and full of twists. Everything I imagine a GOOD story to entail. Thank you, Nicky, for continuing to bring the Laws of the Lycans to life for me and the rest of us at Lycan Link. You have a solid fanbase, and I'm proud to be a part of them! I cannot wait until you share your next project with is. Thank you, again!
  • Betrayed: Days of the Rogue on Feb. 26, 2013

    Nicky Charles is a Must Read author. Her characters develop beautifuly into their own with each book. Although this story is on it's own timeline with Bonded, it still ties in the original cast that started it all. Subtle reminders make you want to start from the begining and read the series as a timeline. I have a feeling something huge is going to happen, soon. Can't wait to be in the thick of it! Thank you, Nicky, for always bringing us a world other than our own, with characters full of passion, suspense, love and drama.
  • Betrayed: Book Two - The Road to Redemption on May 01, 2014

    I've been a longstanding fan of Nicky Charles' books. In fact, her stories, along with S.C. Stephens and a few others, were the catalyst to my returning reading obsession many years ago. And I've never turned back. The Mating, The Finding, The Keeping, Bonded and Betrayed: Days of the Rogue are the first in The Law of the Lycan series. All five books have high marks in my standards. There's action, suspense and a load of romance to sweeten the deal. The story in the whole is beautiful with deep angst, great subplots and drool worthy alpha males. Betrayed, Book Two: The Road to Redemption is Damien Masterson's story. We first met him in Bonded, he was the young, cocky partner of Reno Smith while working for Lycan Link. He also got a spotlight in Betrayed: Days of the Rogue where we see him struggle just to survive waking up and make it a single day with a semi lucid grasp on sanity. Damien is struggling with his past. While working with Lycan Link, an organized group of Lycans with one common goal of keeping order and upholding the Book of the Law, he brushed hairs with purist groups hell bent on keeping their lineage "pure" and lost his blood bonded mate and unborn pup in a tragic explosion. The pain from it all caused Damien to retract into himself and his wolf take over, turning his back on his friends and the Lycan Link. The Road to Redemption starts where "Days" left off. In "Road", he's helping a friend and Alpha for another pack by going undercover to scope out possibilities for a takeover. While doing so, he meets up with Sam; an independent, spirited and young acting Alpha for the Chicago pack. Little does Damien know, he will learn a lot more about Sam and her pack than financial statistics and the steady decline in their genetic pool. With other worries besides Kane Sinclare's impending take over looming over the Chicago pack's head, Damien is forced to face his inner demons and choose a new path in his life. Will his wolf and his human side come to an agreement in life and new love? Will Beth stand in his way of a fresh start? New characters as well as twists and turns no one saw coming are sure to keep you flipping pages. Betrayal, lust and dangerous personalities are definitely in there as well. Nicky Charles does it again, pulling her reader in from the very first sentence and not letting go until the last page. An EXCELLENT edition to the already FANTASTIC series of Lycans and the law and love they live by. Fair warning: You WILL have a book hangover when finished reading!