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Chrissy Peebles, a practicing nurse, has always loved reading and writing fantasy from the earliest age she can remember. She plotted every single twist she could think of during bedtime stories for her children. When her little ones begged for more adventures, she felt confident enough to let her overeager imagination and sense of humor spill out into her first novel. She lives in the country with her husband, two young kids, one hamster, three dwarf hamsters and cat. When she's not taking the kids to Little League soccer, basketball, or baseball, she loves to snap photos as her favorite hobby.

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  • Velvet Ball and The Broken fairy on Sep. 09, 2011

    I'm looking for a great story to read on my kindle. This one caught my eye immediately. It is a touching story of a beautiful friendship between a spoiled fairy and a girl who just wants to fit in. Deeply moving, and written fantastic with a strong voice. Nine-year-old Velvet Ball has no hair. If that's not bad enough, her family moves to the country. No fourth graders want to hang out with a bald girl with no eyelashes. They make fun of poor Velvet constantly. While walking home she meets a fairy named Roseberry caught in the bow of a tree. The little sprite says she is the Fairy of Crabtree Forest, and promises to grant Velvet a wish if she saves her. After saving her, Velvet makes her wish but nothing happens. Roseberry doesn't have any magic. Even worse, her wings are broken. Velvet vows to take her home and help her recover. But little does she know, Roseberry is WAY more trouble than what she bargined for. Wit and humor shine in this story, keeping me entertained and laughing the entire journey. Not only is it loaded with action and funny moments, it teaches children how wonderful they really are and sends a wonderful message to kids and moms. It also teaches love, acceptance, and patience. The characters are crafted wonderfully with distinct personalities that made me want to keep scrolling to the next page. I hope to read more from this talented author who has a heart and passion for children. It definitely shows in her writing. I can't wait for the next book to come out because the end left me blown away with a big surprise. What a series this will be! I'm so hooked. I definitely would recommend this book to everyone.
  • Star-Crossed Rascals on Sep. 09, 2011

    My daughter got this book as a gift from a friend. My daughter loves it! And so do I. Best Friends Forever - Gertie and Polly are best friends. One day, they get into big trouble with a bubble gum fiasco. Polly's parents might have handled it differently, but they are out of town and Polly is left in the care of Auntie. Auntie bans Polly and Gertie from playing together ever again. Polly is horrified. How can she live without her 'bestest' friend? She sneaks out to see her and the dynamic duo get into a world of trouble that will have you rolling on the ground. I never stopped laughing at Polly's luck. And Auntie isn't very happy either. Auntie is mean and has no tolerance for children. Polly clashes with her every step of the way. When Polly gets herself into another disaster, she and Gertie have one last adventure that will change both of their lives forever. This was an awesome, well-written children's story that everyone will love. It will encourage your child to read. My daughter couldn't stop turning the pages as she dove into the world of Polly and Gertie. This book was creative, funny, and a wonderful tale of friendship. I definitely recommend it!!!! And so does my eight-year old daugher! We just had a blast reading it together.
  • Molly Gumnut Rescues a Bandicoot on Sep. 09, 2011

    I purchased this e-book for my kids who are age 7 and 9. We all LOVED Molly. She has such a passion for animals. She rescues a bandicoot from a cat and nurses it back to health. The story is brilliantly funny, amusing, sweet, and a fantastic read. Molly captured our hearts with her compassion, humor, and personality. She gets into all kinds of trouble, all in the name of saving this wonderful animal. This author has a special way of reaching children with humor and creativity. My son seems to get bored easily when reading, but he was totally entertained, as well as my daughter. I highly enjoyed it and I know people of any age will, too. This book was a pure delight!
  • Amaranth (The Resistance Trilogy, #1) on Dec. 14, 2011

    This was an awesome read! I really enjoyed this one so much. The idea was beyond cool and the characters were unique and different. It was so good I recommended it to my sister who is now reading it. I hope to read more from this author in the future!
  • Ominous Love on Dec. 07, 2012

    This is a love story that takes a paranormal twist when Eloise falls hard for a mysterious stranger she nicknames "Seal". The twists and turns left me glued to the pages. One thing I really loved was how fiesty the main character was. She wasn't boring and I loved what the author did with her personality. Her thoughts and remarks are funny. This was a cute romance and I couldn't get enough out of it. There's a big surprise at the end too! Highly recommended!