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I am a supervisor at an international club, enjoy playing checkers and the occasional glass of red wine. I read whenever I can. Pretty much anything really.


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Alicia Graves
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Brianna Summers
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Grace Vilmont
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Latest book: The Pussy Parade. Published February 3, 2014.

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  • Smokers Are The New Jews on Feb. 14, 2013

    I never understood the appeal of smoking and I don't understand why smokers should have their own special areas to indulge in this habit. Tired of breathing in smoke every time I walk through the doors of a building it's a disgusting habit and I don't understand why governments just don't ban it already. We KNOW it causes 50 types of cancer, second hand smoke too. Is the tobacco lobby really that powerful???
  • Food-Free at Last: How I Learned to Eat Air on Feb. 14, 2013

    All those breathinarian wankers don't think it's a joke, in fact they're dying to prove otherwise. Then there's the stupid Indian guys who claim they can live on sunshine and fresh air... yeah right guys show me a time lapse video on youtube then I'll believe it lol.
  • LSD Issue #6 on Nov. 04, 2013

    I agree about the Macca's in Tecoma article, it's disgusting that they can just plant a golden arches anywhere they want because they've got the money. This will destroy the Dandenong Ranges for tourism. The government should be ashamed of itself for allowing this to happen.
  • How to Lose Money and Irritate People on Jan. 26, 2018

    Great job Mikey, found this really funny and enjoyable read. I think a lot of people will get the humor as we all know someone who plays these stupid machines sadly and what it does to people.