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Rev Dr Nancy Ash, DD, PhD is a modern day mystic, veteran teacher, and pioneering midwife to the new paradigm since the 1970s. Her heart-centered voice is heard worldwide as a passionate new-thought-leader, author/poet, web tv host, and former radio show personality championing peace for all women, men, and children on this planet.

Celebrating 35 years of service Nancy wrote a nonfiction, Doing a 360: Turning Your Life Around to Follow Soul's Purpose, inspiring you to full-circle heroism. Now a college text, her poetry book (2014) Garland of Grace: Sitting with the Dying Sun, honors the Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine principles, in balance.

Dr. Ash is president, and a professor/advisor at New Earth Theological University (NETU), focused on Interspirituality as dean of its School of Interspiritual Studies. Her passion is Soul-Sovereignty. And with that framework, to re-calibrate the old, broken academic educational paradigm with pure-truth new pedagogy. Since 2015, Dr. Ash has also served as chancellor of a planetary hub for wisdom-keeping: the worldwide new paradigm-learning community of the NewEarth University (NEU),

Ordained in 1985, Rev Dr Nancy has been an active interfaith senior minister and ministerial mentor at the vanguard of global interspiritual dialogue. She mentors Souls called to serve, facilitating their ministerial training leading to ordination; as well as doctoral training culminating in the conferral of a doctoral degree through her ministry.

She enjoys sharing a "360" Awakening Process based on her work learning from Joseph Campbell whom she met and studied with briefly in the 1970s. Website:

In tandem with decades of multi-dimensional work as a Oneness Advocate in the field of evolutionary consciousness, Dr Ash is deeply honored to serve as a founding Trustee (2015 – ) for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) to ensure that human rights are fairly and nobly upheld, restoring justice-making to the people. She feels that working in this capacity is an enormous responsibility steeped in integrity, diligence, and steadfast devotion to a better world.

Nancy mingles life with her best friend and husband for four decades, nestled in the enchanted mountains of New Mexico.

She is the author of two books: Garland of Grace: Sitting with the Dying Sun, and Doing a 360: Turning Your Life Around to Follow Soul’s Purpose. Author Page:

A longtime vajra yogini rooted in dzogchen and her 360-Practices, Nancy loves the sky, the wind, and trees… walking her backyard labyrinth and hiking the hills while communing with red foxes, ravens, hummingbirds, and other delightful friends.


Doing a 360: Turning Your Life Around to Follow Soul's Purpose
Price: $7.99 USD. Words: 73,380. Language: English. Published: November 2, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Inspiration » Spiritual inspiration, Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Spiritual awakening
You’ve entered a sacred spin zone: An inspirational book offering a 360 perspective to the intense challenges of life. Author, Rev. Dr. Nancy Ash met mythologist Joseph Campbell, setting her on this path. Based on his classic, circular theme of a hero’s journey, this text guides you to radical change going full-circle with step-by-step strategies, culminating in your 360 Daily Practice.

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