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Books! I love books! From early childhood with mother and father, books have been essential. My main fascination is science fiction, but I appreciate and indulge myself in most other genres often, especially if the synopsis grabs me! However, I don't care for stories about zombies much. I'd hate to think that my beloved departed, could come back as rotting flesh eating cadavers!

I admire large libraries and always wanted a room full of books. But since my family makes fun of me and my clutterness, I can't have that large library room! So instead I collect multiple digital books and hope and pray that I'll get to read them all before time runs out! LOL!!


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Smashwords book reviews by Margo H

  • Message from Gondwana on Oct. 30, 2014

    I was drawn to Message from Gondwana from the cover… not sure why, but I’m glad I went for it. I found this to be an interesting and exciting short story, however the premise is not an all too new one; exploration and experimentation in an unknown place – a new world for the benefit of man (“profit”). And having quite the vivid imagination, I had some ideas on where the story was going (no spoilers). Still the story intrigued me and kept me reading. The characters were well drawn out and I could relate to them all. Each of the characters portrayed a great deal to the story as well as the central protagonist. No one character was more important than the other. I had some ideas on what may or may have not been going on in the story, but fortunately my imagination did not spoil my enjoyment of this little story. The ending was neither expected nor unexpected, however, and I would have preferred a different one. None the less, it left me with a sense of something more to come. I like short stories, but for this one, I would have given it a little more length. I do hope Mr. Wiley is planning a sequel.
  • Perigee Love on Oct. 31, 2014

    Very confusing little story; read more like a poem really. The pieces didn't quite fit together for me until the end. It's a very short story, I read it within an hour -- it just never made much sense to me. I may read it again, just to see if I get it the second time around!
  • The Dragon and Her Boy on Dec. 29, 2014

    From the synopsis I knew it was a romance story, which made me hesitant (thought it might be another erotic short story – so much of that being published these days). However since I love dragon stories, I ventured forth. To my delight, this is a well written little story (I found no errors -- at least I noticed none), about a dragon who is lonely and a human who is bored with his lot in life. From the cover art and title, I had an imagining of what the story would be about, but I suppose my imagination is my own. Neat plot, distinct characters and a nice bit of ‘edge of your seat’ action for a short story. I was drawn in from the very first paragraph and didn’t stop until the last page. Which by the way made me shout rather loudly at the author; “Oh no you didn’t?” I was expecting more, more, more! But after I thought about it, to lengthen the story would probably blah it down, so I have to be satisfied with what was left to my imagination. A nice little - CLEAN -story. However, if the author is planning sequels, hopefully they will be clean romantic, action filled fantasies.
  • Creature of the Deep on Dec. 29, 2014

    Interesting quick read and I found no grammatical errors. However, in some instances the character’s speech strayed a bit from the ethnic tone the author was intending. Still all in all a nice little story and a bit scary as I’m sure was the intent.
  • Lost in the Dark on June 25, 2015

    I have one question for the author, "WHY?" Intriguing short (short) story. But why so short? Yes the ending left my imagination running in every direction, but me, myself and I, would love to have read the author's imagination a little longer! Good angst, totally identifiable protagonist. Nice (one more time - short) story.
  • The Black Fairy and the Dragonfly on Aug. 09, 2015

    Quite an unusual story, but a very quick and enjoyable read. This little fairy tale is more for a younger reader, but I enjoyed it considerably. I felt however, in my adult way of thinking, that the story could have been expanded, but there is more to come in the adventures of The Black Fairy and the Dragonfly!
  • Beat Jesse, Kill Hitler! on Feb. 01, 2016

    Very promising concept! Sure wish it could be done. Highly intriguing short story of time travel; a heroic attempt to rid the world of a very evil component. Such an action if successful would not be unwelcomed and Mr. Hayman did a great job historically. I certainly didn’t see the ending coming! A nice short read.
  • Mac Walker's Regret on Feb. 10, 2016

    Quick read. Touching and at the same time scary. An unfortunate but true to life short story. Very well written.
  • The Rain Monsters on Feb. 22, 2016

    Exciting premise! Why not take it back to the drawing board, and flesh the story out. Would love to see if you can take it where my imagination went!
  • The Lesser Repository on March 02, 2016

    The Lesser Repository - weird read indeed! I'm not into horror stories so much, but I was very glad this was not about vampires or ZOMBIES! So sick of seeing books about zombies! The story started off a bit muddled for me but as I continued to read, I was able to grasp its meaning. To the very end I was on the edge of my seat and I was a bit unhappy the way it ended for our protagonist. The final chapter and the `Aftermath' brought it all together for me and I did not miss the subtle inferences therein. A short but frightening read! As to another reviewer, a lot of self published authors include excerpts from other books, so one should not be offended by this endeavor. If the excerpts are doing their job, we as the reader will want (or not) to get the full story.
  • Loss Leader on March 02, 2016

    A short read but an awesome one! Characters well developed and the story not so incredulous. I found myself glued to the pages and I must say I did not figure the ending out on this one. The only downside to the story is that it was so short and it could have been expanded on, to find the crew either settling on a new planet or getting back to earth to 'settle' with the Reid Corporation -- using the forklift!!
  • Specimen #882 on March 20, 2016

    Very interesting concept. Short but a nice little story. Would like to see you expound on it a bit more. I got the feeling that there were other creatures in this concrete compound. Maybe your imagination will meet mine; the scientist, the soldiers... Enjoyed it.
  • Unspoken Words on March 20, 2016

    Very nice collection of romantic poetry. The author obviously writes close to the heart. Really enjoyed each little poem. Nice.
  • Unhinged: The Mirror Image of Nazism on March 21, 2016

    I just didn't get this one! Is the author saying that Capitalism is the new Nazi ideology? Is the Jewish faith the new Nazi ideology? Is it Google? Totally confused reading. The only part I really caught onto, were the quotes from the three dead guys!
  • Dust on April 05, 2016

    Profound. I could see myself -- a part of my life in each stanza. It seemed that Mr. Wilson knew me and my inner thoughts when he penned these poems. Very nice.
  • How He Comes Out of the Sun (A Digital Short Story) on July 19, 2016

    AWESOME! The story kept me riveted to the very end! I enjoy reading stories about WWII and this one shines some light on a part of that history that is not often told. The author drew out each character very well, I thought and I was both sad and happy for each of them. I realized I was holding my breath reading the last part of the story and wept as I read the last sentence. Nicely done short story and this one I shall read again and perhaps again! Some typos but nothing that derailed the story. Perhaps Mr. Clark will indulge me and write a short love story about two of his characters: Sweet Potato and Verna!
  • The Deal on July 19, 2016

    Awwww! Such a sweet little story.
  • Twice as Bright on July 19, 2016

    Whoa! Short but dynamic. Nice read and it stirred my very active imagination.
  • iWitness on Sep. 20, 2016

    An interesting premise yet too short. I didn't get the ending... too vague.
  • At Last They Were The Same Age on Sep. 23, 2016

    Inconceivable concept; yet I did get the gist of this nice very short story.
  • Cargo 3120 Ties that Bind Part 1 on Nov. 28, 2016

    Awesome! Very exciting read. I can't wait for Part 2! I was engulfed from start to finish! There was a little bit of sluggishness along the way, but the author restored the exciting pace of the story quickly. I wasn’t dumbfounded by any outlandish technical babble, so I didn’t have to scratch my head or reach for a science manual while reading. And even though it is a very short read, I was thoroughly engaged with each character. The synopsis gives me the idea that the main protagonist picks his life up after 10 years of incarceration, but I am expectantly wanting to know what takes place right after their doomed mission in part 1!
  • On the Other Side on Jan. 08, 2017

    Truly an engaging little story of bravery and a determination to be free. The author did not go into vivid and harsh details of slavery, but enough history was given to maintain the story. The three main protagonists were defined well enough to get to know them and to share in their struggles. The writing wasn't bogged down by the author trying to emphasize the old southern drawl and slave talking style, and yet it wasn't too contemporary to stifle the authenticity. I think the author could have fleshed the story out a bit more, but I was fulfilled by what I read. Very nice little story and I'm certainly hoping there will be a sequel to On the Other Side.
  • The Cook's House: A Seeming Tale to a Southron on Jan. 27, 2017

    A very intriguing little period piece; more like a narrative of someone’s personal experiences during the fifties or sixties in southern America. A coming of age story about a young man trying to deal with a very libidinous puberty and his relationship with the family cook. Not a lot of background, to flesh out any of the characters in the story. In essence it was not easy to gather to what race a couple of the characters belonged. Still it is a delightful little story. I found the cook’s dialog to be bewildering at times; not really understanding what wisdoms she was trying to impart to the young protagonist. And it was nice that the author did not bog the story down with a lot of Jim Crow and Civil Rights issues of the era. Basically a cute little story of a young man trying to grow up.
  • Prey on Feb. 15, 2017

    Quick awesome read, from start to finish. I almost threw a few cookies while reading, but kept going. I met up with some minor grammatical errors, but nothing to detract from the story. As the story progressed, I was totally surprised by some of the characters – and the ending was soooooo unexpected! A shivering-ly nice quick read.
  • Mars Conspiracy on Feb. 21, 2017

    With the exception of a few (very few) grammatical errors, this is a very nice quick read. I was engrossed in the story from start to finish and having read the first review, I was hesitant and started to pass it by. However, I’m glad I did read it. I didn't find the issues the previous reviewer had with the story, as it all made sense to me. Let’s face it, hundreds of years since gun powder was discovered, we still use it in out weaponry. The projectiles may be more modern, but the premise is still the same. So who’s to say that in our distant future, the methods of mayhem will have advanced beyond simple gun powder. I for one can imagine the human race still using guns and hand grenades in space faring colonization. That in itself is unbelievable to me… still I love science fiction. As for not recognizing one of the passengers, it was stated in the story that the passengers weren’t permitted on the crew decks. So it may be that the chief security officer, didn’t interact with the passengers often enough to know all of them on sight. Besides, there were details of the passenger that gave insight into that aspect. I’m just not reading more into the story than a good story. I do feel it could have been longer, but all in all, a very exciting short read
  • Stopover on March 07, 2017

    OMG! I can honestly say I had a small clue as to what happens in this story just by reading the synopsis, or at least some ideas from my own imagination. But I must honestly say this is truly a gory story! I tossed my lunch... and if this is what the author was going for, he got it from me! My hands shook so badly, I could hardly type my review. I give it 5 stars just for being able to gross me out!
  • From the Storm on March 12, 2017

    Short but very suspenseful! I felt myself holding my breath at the ending, but it was not disappointing. A nice quick read.
  • The World Without Racism: Origins on March 15, 2017

    Intriguing premise, but a confusing little story at first. I had to read it a second time to get a better understanding of what the author was trying to relate. It would be very nice to live in a world without racism, but unless all the old bigots die out and the concept of racial inequality dies with them, I doubt this world will ever be free of racism. And no matter what it may be, I think people will just find another excuse to hate one another. As for the story, in my second perusal, I approached it from a poetic stance and it made more sense to me. A nice little read.
  • A Promise of Eternity on March 15, 2017

    Nice read. The author definitely has a flair for the dramatic! Very descriptive writing as I found myself experiencing the tastes and smells told within. Could have been a tad longer and the characters fleshed out a bit. However, much is left to the imagination, and I don’t think the author would do the story any justice by making it a full length novel. A sweet and heart pounding romantic period piece… a very interesting short story.
  • Amina on March 20, 2017

    I generally don’t like to read plays; the character breakdown is annoyingly detracting for me. But the synopsis of this little story interested me, so I dove in. Spot on! I had no idea who was or wasn’t the ghost until the end. Spooky but a nice quick read.
  • Past Master on May 24, 2017

    Well written period piece. Without plodding through the horrific history of slavery, the author was able to present this part of American history vividly and accurately. The premise that there was a good “slave owner” with intent to employ, educate and free slaves might even have been plausible in the 1800’s, but not probable. In any case, this short story drew me in from beginning to end. There was one statement made by the narrator that had me confused; ‘I decided then that he would be a good master. I didn’t realize how wrong I was.’ Reading on, this statement had me thinking the man who purchased them would be very cruel. Not wanting to give the story away, I think the author moved on without correcting the only flaw in the story. Very nice story indeed.
  • Inhuman Freedom on July 28, 2017

    Inhuman Freedom… two very nice short stories centering on the need and capacity for freedom. Count: read once, read twice – got it! Nice little story; a bit of humor, no predictability. A Blue Brewing: A story I could empathize with. It’s a good short piece about bullying and it also has a moral. Look for it!
  • 99 Obama Blogs on Aug. 08, 2017

    I read the synopsis and got the gist of the "book" and I wholly agree with the previous reviewer. The author's belief is that 'Barack Obama is/was a danger to the survival of our great country, the United States of America, similar to the danger created by Lenin and Hitler.' I can't wait to see what he writes after Donald Trump's administration.
  • Wife. Daughter. Dessert. on Aug. 09, 2017

    Nicely written short story. Not a lot of drawn out detail, but the characters had enough imagery to relay the story meaning. Could have been a bit longer, but it played very well. Although the ending was a bit abrupt, I got it... just desserts!!!
  • Thieves on Aug. 25, 2017

    Intriguing short story. Not overdone in background or setting, but just enough to get the idea of what’s happening. A smidgeon of grammatical mishaps, but not too upsetting. I was rooting for the protagonist of course and I didn’t see the ending coming. Could have been a bit longer with a totally different ending, but it is still a nice quick read.
  • The Day of Choice on Aug. 27, 2017

    A short play about two brother’s political choices during a very turbulent period in world history. A few grammatical errors -- a bit distracting, but not major. I did find correlation to today’s events in this piece and it is somewhat horrifying that history could repeat itself in this day and age.
  • May I Have This Dance? on Oct. 31, 2017

    Cute little story - it reminded me of the dance sequence in Beauty and the Beast. I am a staunch fan of Star Trek: Voyager (absolutely the best spin-off), and even though I love all of the characters, I never wanted to see Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay in a romantic relationship. Throughout the series, such a relationship was always hinted at, but it would have been highly inappropriate for a liaison between the two highest ranking officers on the ship; not to mention it would have spoiled the show for me. I’ve lost interest in a lot of shows once they start making plot, cast and character changes for the sake of ratings! Still I give Miss Covington high kudos for a sweet fanfic story.
  • The Second Coming on Nov. 10, 2017

    Awesome quick read and very thought provoking! Ditto Michael! Time well spent reading the story.
  • Time's End on Nov. 11, 2017

    From the synopsis I was expecting the protagonist to be seeking revenge and that the victim wouldn’t be whom she thought it to be, but I was still surprised. Short yet scary.
  • Fruits of Labor on Nov. 11, 2017

    As you sow, so shall you reap? Could have been fleshed out a bit more, but still a nice quick read.
  • Fragments of an Ancient God on Nov. 17, 2017

    Certainly an interesting spin on creation and the way religion could take flight!
  • My Introduction To Bigotry And Discrimination on Dec. 02, 2017

    As I’ve understood history, a lot of horrible things have been done under the cloak of religion and it’s disturbing. Much has changed since the author’s young days, but nothing about racism has changed much. And it has certainly reared an ugly head in the last few years. Truly a thought provoking read.
  • Blue Moon on Jan. 06, 2018

    Going into the story, I was put off by the names of some of the technology, but I kept reading since I’d started. I didn’t understand the techno-speak and the story seemed choppy. However, I did get that there was some romantic interest between the characters, but the interaction felt a bit disjointed. Not much characterization or plot. A confusing little love story.
  • An Essay On Niggers and Squirrels on Jan. 27, 2018

    This is an awesome read and highly thought provoking! It is unnerving and disgusting that these types of incidents have occurred and unfortunately, continue to occur in this country. Not only by uncaring and ignorant citizens, but by uncaring and ignorant deputized citizens; the ones who are supposed to be the protectors of all citizens! Taking into perspective, the racism being shaken loose in this country today, I must say… the intelligence of the human race has taken ten steps backwards in moral consciousness. I do hope our legislators continue to work toward getting such bills as Senate Bill 78 as originally intended, passed and sanctioned. Our law enforcement community must be made to uphold that their duty is ‘to serve and protect’ and that it pertains to all people in this country regardless of race! AND they must be held accountable for their actions – good and bad!
  • Man of the Sea on Jan. 29, 2018

    Nice short story and I could visualize the setting as though I were there. It does have the feel that the author has diarized a personal dream, but that applies to most every writer. A bit too short, but there is much of the story in the synopsis. Still it was a very nice break in my day.
  • Blood City Chronicles: The Black Petal on March 18, 2018

    Good noir-like atmosphere. Kept me guessing as to what was going to happen next and nothing was expected. A few grammatical errors but nothing so distracting that it would throw me off on the action. Nice short read; very enjoyable.
  • Carl Sagan's Hunt for Intelligent Life in the Universe on June 02, 2018

    An awesome and very interesting futuristic concept. The story was a bit difficult to grasp at first, but it soon came together and made sense to me. Would have loved to see Hsissh alongside as Noa grew into her life, but the story was very enjoyable in the way it all came together. I’d like to read more about Noa and her werfle… hopefully there is more.
  • For Want of a Nail on June 09, 2018

    I’ve wanted to read this story forever… finally it fell into queue! It was a bit slow and vague in some places but still, I was able to follow along. Basically it was about family and keeping their history alive on what I gathered was a generational spaceship. I didn’t like the brother much in the story, I found him to be a spoiled bully. A note from the author indicated from what I gathered, this was the end result of a previous draft; which is also included in the eBook. At first I wasn’t going to read that portion, but I’m glad I did. Now “this” story, I have to admit was far more interesting than the adaptation! It had action and suspense, which made the story move faster and it was far more exciting! The general concept was the same, but I feel the author should have stuck with the first draft and fleshed it out more. Still both were very nicely done.
  • Cargo 3120 Ties that Bind Part 2 on June 09, 2018

    Please tell me there is more to come! Awesome follow up to Cargo 3120 Ties that Bind Part 1. We get to follow the main protagonist after he is captured during a covert mission gone bad…sabotaged by a close teammate. I was kept on the edge of my seat, not knowing what was going to transpire in the story. I became so engrossed in my reading that I missed the train stop during my commute! As the story came to a close, all I could say was; “Oh no the author didn’t!” Mr. Walker, please tell me there is more to come!
  • Flight of the Mariner on June 23, 2018

    Action and suspense from start to finish; that’s what I like in an adventure story. Short but exciting and it seems the author was letting the story leave me to my imagination. Still I was wanting for more! Very nicely done.
  • Veterans Day on Oct. 09, 2018

    Exciting and lots of action! Aside from the more often than not, use of profanity, the story had lots of action and suspense. Not a lot of technical jargon to cause confusion and tedium either. I didn’t find any misspellings, but grammatical inconsistencies… yes. Still the story kept my attention and since I only read during my morning train ride to work, I found myself anxious for the next day’s commute (goodness what’s wrong with this picture!!!), so I could get back to the story. However, I think one should read Kilo Sierra Echo first. I read Veteran’s Day first and enjoyed it considerably, but once I started reading Kilo Sierra Echo, I felt it should have been read first. Still it all came together. Nicely done Mr. Ross!
  • Urban Kingdoms on Dec. 07, 2018

    Not my cup of tea, but I thought I'd take a look. Interesting graphic novel, but the author should check his grammar for missing words... however, I found only a couple of those. Flesh the characters out a bit more and give more of the back story. Nice graphics.
  • The Modern Day Gadianton Golden Boy on Dec. 11, 2018

    Everything this author is referring to in this short piece, absolutely and emphatically describes the present day president! What a shame all the "Christianity" he espouses in his other works, is now overshadowed for me by this racist vitriol.
  • AFRO Sci-Fi Anthology on Dec. 13, 2018

    Super awesome read! Each story grabbed and held me from beginning to end. There were few if any (that I can recall), grammar mishaps, but nothing distracting. I was amazed at how in every 'short' story, the author managed to flesh out his characters and tell a complete story. I didn’t notice anything too risqué in either story, so this collection can be enjoyed by any age -- 15 at least and up. There seemed to be a moral to each story and with a good imagination, I could take each of them a little further... but I'll leave that to the professional. Nice work(s) Mr. Battle, nice indeed.
  • Lisa and Me: A Short Story on Jan. 05, 2019

    Short but intense little story. Kept me wondering about the protagonist, but it all came to light at the end. Nicely done.
  • Hunting in the Dark on Jan. 24, 2019

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with A G Bierce. Too many grammatical errors and the story did not make a lot of sense to me. I will give the author kudos for effort and would hope he will keep trying. Not all literary giants made it big the first time around.
  • Unexpected Diversions, Sample Edition on Feb. 28, 2019

    Short but intense little story. Grabbed and kept my attention from start to finish. I didn’t care for the brutality much, but still a good story. Not too risqué in the intimacy of the main characters, which for me, too much eroticism can sometimes ruin an otherwise good story. I found myself rooting for their romance and there could have been a bit more to keep me going. However, I am looking forward to reading more tales from Royce Day's Unexpected Diversions anthology. Nicely done.
  • Fearsome Warrior on March 15, 2019

    A millennia ago, I loved graphic novels, or comic books as we called them. Now I’m a bit out dated for today’s comic books, but I was drawn to the cover art, so I thought I’d give it a go. I really don’t care for zombie stories (and in my opinion, that story-line really has been done a bit too much), but this one has a different turn on that angle. It’s an interesting little story, but the dialogue was a bit clichéd. If the author can avoid this and redundancy, he’ll do fine. Only found a couple of grammar mishaps, but it was a fun quick read. Nice work Mr. Wallace.
  • The Sitting Cop on April 15, 2019

    Charming little story.
  • Gray Clouds on April 18, 2019

    Rather offbeat little story, certainly a stretch from the old mythology. A few grammatical faux pas', but nothing too distracting. Cover art is the draw.
  • Naked Hockey Players and other observations by a small child on Aug. 17, 2019

    ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! Some of the statements his little girl made, I thought it a bit of a stretch that a small child could say such things. But then I thought back on the times I heard totally unexpected and outlandish utterances from the kiddies I've known and loved. Such innocence and so matter-of-factually stated! Mr. Blue’s comebacks were so spot on, and had me rolling off my chair in tearful laughter! I do wonder though, if some of the remarks he shoots back at her were actually stated, i.e. violence, sex and gender issues. I’m hoping they were unspoken thoughts. In any case this little story is so funny and I love the way Mr. Blue thinks! Great short read.
  • Wanda's Appointment on Sep. 05, 2019

    Haunting and mysterious. And the ending....!
  • A Heaven's Dance. on Sep. 12, 2019

    Short but sweet and enchanting. It's a nice little read.
  • The Dragon's Stone on Dec. 06, 2019

    Nice little read. Characters and story could have benefited with a little more fleshing out, and it seemed a bit choppy; only a few grammar errors. Still an interesting idea, which could be expanded on. Maybe the author could revise the story, giving it greater depth and backstory.
  • Christmas According to Satan on Dec. 22, 2019

    Very interesting! I had no idea what to expect from the title, but the story I read was not what I thought it would be. All of my life, I’d heard and read how Satan was the antithesis of good, and I go into this little story, expecting a lot of demonic mayhem. Without giving the story away, I’ll just say I was totally surprised. The ending was a bit of a “whoa” what’s up? By that I mean, I wasn’t wanting it to end! Nice short story. Now I must find Mr. Ferguson’s novel ‘The Gospel According to Satan’.
  • The House at Bethany on April 10, 2020

    Nice. Peaceful prayer; inspiring.
  • The Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) on April 11, 2020

    Beautiful little parable. Truth for any time or place.
  • Golden-eyed Flower on June 13, 2020

    I felt the authors style in this story a bit like prose, and more depth and detail could have been given to the characters and their plight. Still it was a nice engrossing short read, from beginning to end. However, the ending did leave me a bit confused.