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Kristy K. James' first goal in life was to work in law enforcement, until the night she called the police to check out a scary noise in her yard.

Realizing that she might someday have to investigate scary noises in yards just as dark as hers if she continued on that path, she turned to her other favorite love...writing.

Since then her days have been filled with being a mom and reluctant zookeeper (7 pets), creating stories, and looking for trouble in her kitchen.

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What is your e-reading device of choice?
Honestly? I enjoy the Kindle reader on my computer the most, though I take my Kindle with me when traveling, spending time at a park/restaurant/coffee shop, or when I know I'll be waiting for a while for an appointment somewhere. As long as I've remembered to charge it, I'm happy. :)
What do you read for pleasure?
Of course, I read romance, but not just contemporary. I love time-travel stories, fantasy, some YA, and the occasional series that includes 'nice' vampires. I also enjoy a little fact-based historical fiction. As long as there isn't much violence (must be very mild) or gore (even milder), the odds are good that I'll at least try reading it.
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Deceived and If We Cared Enough
Price: Free! Words: 10,470. Language: English. Published: December 15, 2019. Categories: Plays » Religious & Liturgical, Plays » Women Authors
Like it or not, every human being will have to choose where they'll spend eternity. Most will have long lifetimes and many opportunities. For others though, that time comes much quicker, leaving them only a short while to decide. In Deceived, Jill, Bob, and Alex find themselves in an unexpected, frightening situation, and the decisions they make in those final moments will seal their eternal fate.

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  • Hard Press'd on Aug. 12, 2011
    (no rating)
    I keep getting reminders to write a review (automated from Smashwords) but I haven't actually had time to read the book yet. So I thought I'd just let the author know that when things slow down a little, I'll get to it. :)
  • Nate Rocks the World on Sep. 18, 2011

    When fall weather arrives, I start thinking about Christmas in earnest. And having read so many good reviews for Nate Rocks the World, All I can say is that Nate would make a great gift for any grade-school child who enjoys reading. Karen Pokras Toz captures the adolescent imagination perfectly in Nate Rockledge. Think Ralphie in 'A Christmas Story.' If you enjoyed that movie, you'll enjoy this book. So do your kids (nieces, nephews, grandkids, etc...) a favor and let them have fun as Nate rocks from one adventure to another, all the while having to deal with an annoying sister, a mom who makes life interesting, a fantastic father, and a best friend who is very cool as best friends go. Even if you're an adult, I bet you'll be grinning at the end. I know because I was. :)
  • Quickie Guide to Formatting Your Book for Smashwords on Feb. 05, 2013

    Love the brief and to the point list. I almost always need to plow through the style guide because I almost always forget to one thing or another. The only thing I'd like to see in this guide is to remind readers to use the backwards 'P' to find extra spaces at the end of each paragraph (or single line of dialog). I didn't realize it, but if there are spaces, a tiny box shows up in the Kindle version of a book.
  • The Gift: A Family Holiday Story on July 11, 2016

    Since I was tired and wanting to go to bed, all I intended to do was read a few pages and then spend some quality time with my pillow. However, I wound up reading it to the end. I think it took me about half an hour (didn't time it exactly). I love novelettes that are complete stories, and this one fit the bill. Robert's wife needs to leave to take care of her mother, so workaholic Robert has to take care of their daughter, as well as Christmas shopping and decorating. He's reminded of what's important in life and that's pretty much all I'm going to tell you. Being short, saying more might spoil it. But if you love the holidays, feel good movies, music, and books, you'll probably enjoy this story.