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I might look like the hobbit next door, but I have a secret: I write slinky, kinky fetish erotica about mind control and total subversion of self. My stories are often dark because mind control just *is* dark, but sometimes I incorporate flashes of humor; and sometimes my characters escape or turn out to be willing participants in a game. Whatever the case, they end up enjoying their fates because I'm a sub. When you read about one of my characters being controlled, you're reading about my fantasies for myself.

These stories involve a lot of science fiction, a fair amount of paranormal phenomena, and occasional robots and tentacles. They also give you steamy hot, well crafted, startlingly personal peeks inside my mind.

Smashwords Interview

How would you describe your stories?
The short version is that they're mind control erotica, but I try to make them more than *just* erotica. I want them to be well written tales, period, with interesting plot lines and characters. They're usually pretty dark, although some have flashes of humor, some are romantic, and some have what you might consider a fairly traditional happy ending.
Why mind control?
It's a fetish I've had since I was too young even to know what a fetish was. I think I fixated on it because growing up, I felt a very strong need to be the "good little girl" at all times: responsible, obedient, perfect, pure - everything I never really could be. Writing erotica about mind control allows me to cut loose in one sense, because I can stop trying to be good and instead be very, very bad; but in another way it allows me to fulfill my fantasy perfectly, because even though I'm being bad, I'm simultaneously being perfectly obedient and pleasing (because I always picture myself as the controlee rather than the controller). So it's like I get to have my cake and eat it too.
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Smashwords book reviews by A. Regina Cantatis

  • Nanogynecology on Dec. 30, 2013

    At least two of the three researchers involved in the project at the heart of "Nanogynecology" are ethical people. The third probably thinks she is too, but she doesn't have a problem with secretly participating in her own experiment. Because of the other two lead characters, the story starts off very clinically, like what you'd expect from a real OB/GYN research study; but once Liz gets her swerve on, it turns into more of an '80's-era sex comedy. I kept thinking of an even-more-explicit version of Animal House or Porky's. This is a story for fans of mind control who like a little humor and don't like their stories *too* dark.
  • Fifty Shades of Gay Tentacles on April 26, 2014
    (no rating)
    This story is all kinds of hot: *extremely* well written with an engaging protagonist, a mysterious supernatural client, and all kinds of hot sex - bondage and otherwise. I was rooting for Liam in a huge way.