J.F. Penn


Oxford educated, British born J.F.Penn has traveled the world in her study of religion and psychology. She brings these obsessions as well as a love for thrillers and an interest in the supernatural to her writing.

Her fast-paced ARKANE thrillers weave together historical artifacts, secret societies, global locations, violence, a kick-ass protagonist and a hint of the supernatural.

One Day In Budapest is a chilling view of a possible future as Eastern Europe embraces right-wing nationalism.

A Thousand Fiendish Angels, a short story collection based on Dante’s Inferno, includes a dark tale with homage to H.P.Lovecraft, a post-apocalyptic rescue mission and a quest into the Arctic north.

J.F.Penn is currently working on Desecration, a crime thriller that delves into the world of body modification, corpse art and teratology.

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