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Small time writers as I am are often tempted to use big words, but the real test of our beliefs and talk is what we do and not just what we say, as Jesus proved with His own life and blood!...
... I wish I would be more like Him.

I share an indie view of Christianity based on the light of Jesus' words and deeds, plus some of my own few experiences in that context. I don't belong to any particular group or organization.

Really, I write for a 'dying'. Once I finish what I have to learn about this life and hopefully what I would like to write about Jesus, I can go Home.

Looking forward to seeing you there too... someday!

Joseph’s Quest

I think I should tell you a little about my life, how I got to be the way I am, and where my ideas came from. First of all, I want to tell you about my quest. You are welcome to read on, if you are interested.

My quest begins that day I was standing on a high cliff by the ocean, and I decided to jump. (That isn’t my quest, BTW, just chapter 22 of my life). By then, I had lost all interest and passion for life. I had been successful in art biz (considerably for my age, at 22) and in love (got lots of it) and I was left wondering whether there was anything beyond that. Was that all that life could offer? To accumulate pats on the back, applause, things, experiences and pleasures until we depart this world? Was that all the world and life have to offer? And if the ‘success’ I have gotten so far and the far out life I have led didn’t satisfy, could more of it satisfy? If there was more beyond those ‘achievements’, what was it? I couldn't find the answer!

Just before taking that final bad step someone, out of the blue, showed up and without me saying a word, told me this, ‘Sometimes you feel as if nothing really matters, as if there is nothing left to find or to live for, but don’t give up, the answer is all around you!’ The stranger of clear eyes turned around and left me there –perplex, not being able to even utter a word of thanks or a question- and went back and sat under the shade of a tree and continued to read a book.
To make this short, I didn't jump. It was no long after that experience that I got in touch with Jesus, and He started to answer all those questions I used to have and many more. The simple bottom-line answer was to receive His love and spread it as much as one could. In the end, I left those few things I have not left yet, including my past, and launched into a journey that have taken me to live in a number of countries in several continents. My quest was –and still is- to share with those interested to know the love and life I have found, and how they could find it too, especially with those that have never had a chance to know about Jesus. The more I shared, the more I learned and the more I found a great spiritual freedom and zest for life.

I am neither calling you to join me, nor any group or association, nor any fund-raising campaigns, of which I represent none and offer none, but to join in the search for the truth at any cost and by defending it and spreading it, so that those who are also searching for it can also find it. Specifically, I offer you these ideas and ideals and call you to rise up and to make them your own quest and to fight bravely and intelligently for your faith.

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Smashwords Interview

For you, what's life?
Life for me is a great school, for everyone involved. We are here to learn to love and to learn to live in peace with God and with as many others as possible, whether we ever learn it or not. I feel that is impossible to find 'true peace' and live in peace with others without making our peace with God first. Once we do that, we can find the peace that endures the greatest storms of life, even almost enjoying them.
What about spirituality, religion, and Jesus?
Those three are different things.
I have believed in Jesus since I was young -with a few years lapse during my teenage years-. I don't belong to any particular group or organization. I am an 'indie' follower of Jesus, His words and His Love! I hope you don't mind. He doesn't! I have found that it doesn't matter too much to what group a person belongs to, or to which human shade of color, or special characteristics, but it is their love for others, for life and for God (for those who have found Him already) that in the end makes the greatest difference and count the most. It seems clear to me that the heart is the fountain of love, life and wisdom, rather than those other social circumstances.
When Jesus said to love our enemies -and not only our friends and our neighbors- He broke the molds of race, social groups, religions and every other division. What a challenge to do that! The ante is upped by the fact that most of our apparent enemies still look at us as ‘their real’ enemies, no matter what we might do or say. I think that's one of the explanations of why we need God's love so much and of why His love is so BIG! Think of it, His love is big enough to even love His enemies and our enemies!
I have met and got to know people with great love for others in many places of the world. They had different faiths or system of beliefs, but they shared -without knowing it- that passion for living in peace and for enjoying the life we are given while helping and respecting others. Some would go to extremes in the pursuit of respecting small and big creatures that crossed their paths.
I feel that following Jesus' calling and following Him is the single most important decision I have made in life, for which I left behind everything I had or that I could have had in this world.
I received back so much more.
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