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J. Alexander Greenwood is the author of five novels: "Pilate's Cross" (2009), "Pilate's Key" (2011), "Pilate's Ghost" (2012), "Pilate's Blood" (2014) and "Pilate's Rose" (2018), all published by Caroline Street Press. A collection of John Pilate Mystery short stories, "Pilate's 7" was released in July 2015 in ebook format, then in paperback the following year. He has also written numerous non-Pilate short stories, including the award-winning "Obsidian."

"Pilate's Key" and "Pilate's Ghost" were named Kindle Book Award Semi-Finalists for Best Mystery/Thriller. All of his John Pilate Mystery novels and short stories have received acclaim as "Notable" or "Page Turner" books by Shelf Unbound Magazine. "Pilate's 7 was named #35 in the Shelf Unbound Magazine 2016 Notable Books Top 100.

He also penned the best-selling non-fiction ebook "Kickstarter Success Secrets" in 2012.

Alex has worked as a public relations and marketing professional for more than 24 years--primarily in the broadcasting, healthcare and higher education sectors. Previously, he worked as a newspaper editor/journalist, host of a radio talk show and vice president of Kansas City Public Television.

He founded AGPR (formerly AlexanderG Public Relations, LLC) in 2010. The firm helps promote numerous clients, including several authors.

He is a noted speaker on the topics of image management, crowdfunding, indie publishing, inbound marketing, personal branding, crisis communication and general management consulting.

He resides in Kansas City, Missouri.

Smashwords Interview

What do you read for pleasure?
I love to read the "Master and Commander" series, as well as just about anything by Gore Vidal and these days even good old Stephen King. I used to be quite the snob about King, and though I don't think all his books are fantastic, he usually hits more than he misses. I like innovative writers, too. A couple of good examples: Eden Baylee and Jason McIntyre.
Where do you write?
I write in a small room crammed with books, trinkets, a telescope and lots of collectible toys. On the walls are a framed 45 of The Police's "Synchronicity II" (autographed by all three members of the band), a playbill of "The Best Man" autographed by Gore Vidal and lots of miscellaneous Sherlockiana. The room overlooks a large deck on the back end of our house that I affectionately call "The Crow's Nest." It has a pirate flag fluttering in the breeze. It's a nice place to drink vodka and watch the sunsets.

I like to drink tea while I write. The best days are when the tea goes cold after two sips because I get lost in my work. I listen to a lot of Mark Snow (he scored all of the X-Files shows and features) when I write thrillers and my paranormal short stories.
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  • Revenge of the Siren Song on Dec. 15, 2010

    If you think Captain Jack Sparrow had all the pirate fun left in the world, then you need to read "Revenge of the Siren Song." Engaging action and battle scenes, saucy, sexy fun below decks and a weather eye towards historical detail earn this novella a tip of the captain's hat. Great read for the romance and pirate enthusiast. Set sail with the Siren Song today, matey!
  • Why I Slept Through Halloween on Jan. 17, 2011

    Cute story--a fun one to read to the kids on Halloween.
  • On The Gathering Storm on April 17, 2011

    Jason McIntyre possesses the most rare of gifts: the guts to open himself up completely combined with the ability to get it on the page. "On the Gathering Storm" fearlessly engages the reader with lush depictions of acts of cruelty, daily life and yes, horror. Perhaps most interesting, however, are the vulnerabilities of the characters--fully on view and intertwined with their determination to survive the trap in which they've been ensnared. I won't make the easy comparison to other great thriller writers--McIntyre's his own writer, one I'm delighted to read.
  • Hair and Skin and Other Stories on April 17, 2011

    Just when I thought that Mike Bennett's work couldn't possibly be as good as his magnetic audio renditions, here comes the ebook--and it is superb. Bennett is one of the most original, imaginative and downright funny writers you'll ever encounter. His creepily fun--even hammy at turns--audio books and podcasts are a treasure, and this collection of short stories will rock your ereader. "The Grave" is a favorite--you think you can dig it…but you don't. "Hair and Skin" is like a Horrific Hair Club for Men, and "The Haslet Technique" will leave you queasy at the prospect of playing the lotto. Fans of Bennett's ongoing vampire novel "Underwood and Flinch" will find this little slice of Bennett a fascinating side dish best served cold on the page…or ereader as it were.
  • Fall into Winter on July 24, 2011

    In my experience, finding erotica with engaging characters and strong plots is unusual, and it's downright rare to find a collection of erotica with those qualities that is as elegantly written as "Fall Into Winter." These stories feature strong, self-possessed women who know what they want sexually and aren't afraid to get it. Each of the four novellas in this collection take you to the edge of fantasy but not so far out that they lose plausibility; if you like erotica that takes place in the realm of the possible, this book is for you. Sexy, arousing and fun, this elegant, witty collection is an honest, playful exploration of sexuality, seduction and lust. Eden Baylee is exceptional.