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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mandi Susman
Mandi Susman has a passion for helping others and started Sus4Media in 2010 to help businesses in her neighborhood thrive, not just survive, in this turbulent economic climate. Since signing her first client, she has grown Sus4Media to provide social media marketing, video marketing, mobile and text marketing and search engine optimization to small and medium sized businesses from coast to coast. Mandi's first book, "Trade Secrets for Marketing Your Business Online" can be purchased through Her second book: "Stress-Free Media: How to Harness the Power of the Internet to Gain a Global Presence" now available through Sus4Media's current clients include businesses in the health and fit ... read more
Latest book: Stress-Free Media: Harness the Global Power of the Internet

Follow me at my  Facebook Page N.R. Wick
In 2010, N.R. Wick decided to trade her demanding graphic design job in California for a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. Always a lover of the written word, N.R. Wick pursued her childhood love of writing and self-published her first short story in 2011. From there, she moved to the Kansas City area to began her second love: teaching. She became an adjunct faculty member at several schools for higher learning, and taught online and in a blended classroom setting while continuing to grow her publishing business. N.R. Wick is also a member of the Short Fiction Writer’s Guild and the International Screenwriters’ Association.   Most known for her young adult dystopian novel, Land of No Angels, N.R. W ... read more
Latest book: Land of No Angels

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Patrick Dixon
Patrick Dixon is a feature writer, business owner, and author with an inclination towards healthy eating. Born and raised in New Hampshire, with its lush green surroundings and landscapes that welcome exercise and peace of mind, he has always had an affinity for the outdoors and physical activities. After suffering a heart attack many years ago, which he thankfully survived, Patrick's commitment to a healthy lifestyle intensified and has never been stronger than it is today. After that health scare, he vowed to stay fit and active, research health topics, and share his passion for health with friends, family, and the rest of the world. Remarkably, he has never strayed from this pledge. He feels that the saying ... read more
Latest book: The DASH Diet Cookbook and Complete Beginners Guide: 14 Days of Delicious Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert Recipes PLUS Shopping List!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elizabeth Hungerford
Elizabeth Hungerford, a former sales representative, had an astounding healing journey through her struggle with hypothyroidism several years ago, and now dedicates her time as a researcher, author, and speaker on various health topics, particularly women's sexual health issues and lesser known yet very important medical conditions. She also actively participates in volunteer work and women's support groups. An entertaining and charming speaker, Elizabeth has been delivering talks to a variety of audiences, including colleges, universities, community groups, and business organizations. As an author and researcher of women's health, she has helped countless women move forward in a male dominated society. She aim ... read more
Latest book: Cure Bacterial Vaginosis Now: Three Days to Freedom, Freshness & Femininity

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kyle Over-Soul
Kyle Over-Soul invests in writing as a source of healing and channeling of identity through gender, cultural, social, and economic constraints. She is a devout lover and friend who is passionate about developing relationships, drumming, recording indie and soulful music, photography, and traveling abroad. Heart Canals is Kyle’s first published work of poetry.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rie Warren
Rie is the badass, sassafras author of Sugar Daddy and the Don’t Tell series–a breakthrough trilogy that crosses traditional publishing boundaries beginning with In His Command. A Yankee transplant who has traveled the world, Rie started out a writer—causing her college professor to blush over her erotic poetry without one ounce of shame. Not much has changed. She swapped pen for paintbrushes and followed her other love during her twenties. From art school to marriage to children and many a wild and wonderful journey in between, Rie has come home to her calling. Her work has been called edgy, daring, and some of the sexiest smut around. She is represented by Saritza Hernandez at Corvisiero Literary Agenc ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lady Lanham
Lady Lanham is an avid tea drinker, writer, and lacks shelf space for her ever growing collection of books. She writes short stories, novellas, and novels--mostly in the fantasy and historical fiction genres. She was home-schooled before she went to college to study English. "Nameless Night" is her first published short story. She writes and lives in Missouri with her lovely family.
Latest book: Nameless Night: A Short Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Massimo Anile
Massimo Anile è nato a Milano ed ha 55 anni; sposato, ha due figli maggiorenni e un gatto. Dopo gli studi umanistici ha lavorato per molti anni presso alcune grandi società di servizi, svolgendo mansioni specialistiche nell’ambito delle Risorse Umane e del Marketing. Da alcuni anni si occupa di consulenza organizzativa, attività che gli ha consentito di recuperare tempo per se stesso e per la sua famiglia. Ha scritto e scrive novelle sotto pseudonimo per note case editrici ed ha collaborato con alcune riviste specializzate con racconti a soggetto ambientati in montagna.
Latest book: La teoria delle fragole

Follow me at my  Facebook Page E Knight
E. Knight is a member of the Historical Novel Society, Romance Writers of America and several RWA affiliate writing chapters: Hearts Through History, Celtic Hearts, Maryland Romance Writers and Washington Romance Writers. Growing up playing in castle ruins and traipsing the halls of Versailles when visiting her grandparents during the summer, instilled in a love of history and royals at an early age. Feeding her love of history, she created the popular historical blog, History Undressed. Under the pseudonym Eliza Knight, she is a bestselling, award-winning, multi-published author of historical and erotic romance. She is avid in social media and loves to interact with readers. Eliza lives in Maryland with her h ... read more
Latest book: My Lady Viper

Follow me at my  Facebook Page LJ Scar
LJ Scar is my pseudonym and alter-ego. She lives hillside in a tiny cottage that has a view of the mountains and the ocean on a sprawling spread of land where all the people, dogs, and things she loves are within reach. She makes a living off the results of her imagination. She is a morning person who has great hair even after a rough night of sleep. She loves to exercise and doesn't love junk food. Nah...but someday. In the meantime, I live outside Louisville, Kentucky with my husband, a deceptively smart old border collie/husky mix, and a loving but troublemaking English Pointer/lab mix -both are rescues. I try to think up vivid locations based off places I've lived or vacationed and dream up romances and co ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page LuminiousWords

Latest book: The Labyrinth Wall

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Roger Laidig
Roger is a native of northern Indiana. After being raised on a farm, he graduated from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN with a BS in Agricultural Engineering. He also received his MSBA from Indiana University in South Bend. He retired from his 30-year career at Laidig, Inc., a global manufacturing and construction company, as Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He is currently embarking in a part time position as an adjunct professor with emphasis in leadership at Purdue School of Technology in South Bend, IN. On a personal level, as a committed follower of Christ, Roger’s personal conviction is that “every person is worth understanding”. His desire is to create trust by interacting, l ... read more
Latest book: Finding Purpose and Joy, It's a Journey

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Megan Smith
USA TODAY bestselling author Megan Smith is a New Jersey native managing purchasing for an award-winning business IT and software development firm - and by night creating the memorable characters her fans have grown to adore. Smith's The Love Series introduces readers to MacKenzie Cahill - a hopeful young woman who experiences adversity, challenges and the bittersweet triumph of true, authentic love. Smith is a wife and mother, who makes time for her family, professional life and the creation of the Cahill's world. Fans of The Love Series - Trying Not To Love You, Easy To Love You, Hard To Love You - are captivated by relationships, special bonds and family ties pervasive in Smith's emotional, energized and eng ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page André Larabie
André is a Certified Business Coach and a Certified Life Coach. He is certified in the Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique and a Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator. With 9 published business books, André has been helping business owners like you attract everything they need to attract and teaching them how to grow their businesses using the Law of Attraction. André has been consulting and coaching for over 25 years and he is known as the “How-To Guy” for teaching others how to apply the Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance deliberately to their personal and business lives.
Latest book: Law of Attraction: The Secret Is In Your Mind

Follow me at my  Facebook Page DeJerald Elder
Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, DeJerald currently works as a police officer, but loves to write and teach in his free time. He spends the bulk of his time in Georgia with his wife and daughters. He enjoys reading, sports, and biblical studies.
Latest book: A Trip To The Park

Follow me at my  Facebook Page G.J.O. Smith
G.J.O. Smith is a Franklin of the Propaganda Empire, Johnny Appleseed of madness, and patron saint of unrequited love, obfuscation, Cassandra truths, lost dreams, and safety in bathrooms and parking lots. Sacred instrument is the Didjeridu, sacred stones are blue tiger eyes, labradorite, and rainbow moonstone, and sacred foods are garlic, Asian pears, and Honeycrisp apples. Though he has no lucky numbers, holy days of the week or year, or hours of the day, from 9am to 11am and full moons are pretty spiffy. PP. Rev. Fr. Min. Min. G.J.O. Smith is a Pope of the Goddess Eris, a Reverend in the Universal Life Church, a Priest in the Church of the Latter-Day Dude (in good standing), a Minister of the SubGenius (even ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Justin Andersch
My name is Justin Andersch. I am a high school educated nobody. I wrote this book to help people understand the cure for cancer is out there. Its available NOW! So stop dying. Start living. Do not let your life or the life of a loved one be cut short from Cancer. If you want my book and cannot afford it. Please email me at I will send you a free copy.
Latest book: The Cure For Cancer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michelle Zaffino
Michelle Zaffino is a writer and digital librarian living in San Francisco. How Good It Can Be is her first novel.
Latest book: How Good It Can Be

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tiffany Madison
Hi! My name is Tiffany! If you'd like to check out my complete catalog of stories, please look me up on Amazon :) I started writing because I thought it could be a great outlet to express some of my fantasies. It turned out to be a much better outlet than I could have ever imagined and I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them! When I'm not writing, I'm usually hanging out with my puppies, going to the gym, going for a hike or hanging out with my girlfriends at happy hour. Thank you so much for reading my work and supporting an indie author! :) If you enjoyed one of my stories, please consider writing a review. Thank you :) I love responding to my readers and I'm always open to hearin ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page CJ Durran

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Scarlett Grove
Scarlett Grove is the author of the upcoming New Adult Romance Series, The MacKenna Family and the paranormal romance serial Spirit Moon. She lives with her husband and daughter in the midwest. Scarlett has a Creative Writing degree and in her spare time she enjoys reading, shooting nature photography, and taking hikes with her dog.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andromeda Bliss
Andromeda Bliss lives in an erotic world of her own creation filled with fantastic beings on titillating adventures in far away places. She adores her exotic creations and does not ever want to stop playing with them, so please excuse her distraction. When she drifts back to Earth, she'd be delighted to discuss her work in ardent detail. She also takes suggestions on what fantasies readers would like to see next--any excuse for more provocative playtime! (Author of alien/exotic erotica intended for a mature audience, 18 years of age and older)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ambaa

Latest book: The New Hindu Toolbox

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Beverley Oakley
Beverley Oakley has worked as a journalist, magazine editor, a safari lodge manager in Botswana's Okavango Delta, and an airborne geophysical survey operator on contracts around the world. As Beverley Eikli, she writes historicals with mystery, suspense and intrigue; as Beverley Oakley she adds a hefty dose of sensuality. Beverley wrote her first romance at seventeen, but drowning her heroine on the last page was symptomatic of the problems she grappled with during her 23-year journey towards publication. Fortunately she resolved those and other romantic issues and is happily married to the handsome Norwegian bush pilot she met around a camp fire in Botswana twenty years ago. Recently she received her thi ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sky Shayne Innes
"Without love, there is no possible solution to our current predicament." Such is the focus of Sky's work, encapsulated in the concept of love’s alchemy. Her commitment is to evolve consciousness through the transformative power of love. Author of Love's Alchemy and founder of HEARTherapy, Sky is a pioneer in heart-centred therapy, working in this area for over 25 years. As a psychologist, coach and teacher, she is celebrated for her guidance and insight. As an awakener, her invitation is for you to awaken to your true nature and thereby, evolve all of consciousness.
Latest book: Love's Alchemy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amanda Peters
Amanda Peters es una joven autora de romántica y ficción contemporánea que llevaba tiempo dándole vueltas a una idea a priori descabellada: escribir su primera novela. Siempre ha sido una gran lectora y ha devorado libros desde muy pequeña, dejándose seducir por las típicas colecciones juveniles antes de pasar a grandes clásicos, tanto de aventuras o intriga como de novela romántica, uno de sus géneros preferidos. Tantas lecturas a lo largo de su vida le hicieron plantearse la idea que todo gran lector tiene alguna vez en mente: adentrarse en su propia historia. Con multitud de tramas rondándole por la cabeza desde hacía años, no encontraba el momento ni el lugar adecuados para lanzarse con esa av ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jordan Belcher
Felony Books founder, Jordan Belcher, was born in Kansas City, Missouri. After spending 8 years in prison studying human behavior and the craft of writing, he was released in 2011 with a fervor to be a bestselling author and publisher. Nominated for the 2014 Male Author of the Year by AAMBC Bookclub, he has established himself as a talented urban fiction writer, committed to penning gripping, unforgettable novels. He has six titles to date: Blacktop Hustlaz, Tre Pound, Tre Pound 2, and the egde-of-your-seat bestselling social media trilogy, STATUS 1,2, and 3. He's currently at work on his next novel in the STATUS SERIES, titled: SELFIE (a psychological thriller), and working with other authors on their latest p ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page T.L. Washington
I am a Boise author, poet, and all around student of life. My interests vary, but I am especially fond of philosophy, poetry, music and movies. For the last 40 years, I've filled my bucket with all sorts of stuff. I hope by the end of the journey, to have some really great treats in there. Numerous events in my life have marked my evolutionary process. Just like many of you, I have a lot of questions. Just like many of you, I am searching for answers. In my search for answers, I've noticed some reemerging ideas. I've had some amazing experiences so far. I've met some fascinating people, and laughed and cried with truly comforting friends. Writing helps me cope with all that has happen, and all that is still hap ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page C. L. Heckman
C. L. Heckman, a small-town writer from Pennsylvania, grew up with a love of words. At the age of eight, she wrote her first song lyrics, and put them to a piano melody she had created. At the age of eleven, she began to write poetry, and entered her poems in many competitions around the U.S. Drifting from writing, she spent nearly twenty years riding and showing Arabian horses, and has multiple Regional Championship titles to her name. However, unable to leave the dream of writing behind, she continued to write any chance she got in the hopes of one day accomplishing her dream. When a high school history teacher advised her to be a writer, she ignored him, assuming that it was a far-fetched goal. However, al ... read more
Latest book: Charlie's Pond

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paul McDermott
Born in the Year of the Tiger, Paul's natural curiosity combined with the deep-seated feline need to roam has meant that over the years he's never been able to call any one place home. His wanderlust has led him from one town to another, and even from one country to another. He has always followed his instincts without question or complaint, and in true cat fashion it seems he has always landed on his feet. "I can't remember a time when I didn't write - my father claims to possess a story I wrote when I was six, which filled 4 standard school exercise books! What I do remember from that time was being told off for doing the Liverpool Echo crossword before he got home from work! Perhaps it was the catalyst o ... read more
Latest book: Plague Sally

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Emma Penrose
Emma Penrose is the creator of Max-Moo, both author and illustrator. She's a creative entrepreneur with a background as a graphic designer. Originally from New Zealand, now based in Melbourne (Australia), she uses her dog, Max-Moo as inspiration to create her stories.
Latest book: Max-Moo: Where is the Treasure?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael Winston
Army brat. Served in US Navy as Radarman aboard U.S.S. Cromwell (DE-1014) from 1967-71. BA in Anthropology from Ithaca College; MSW from Syracuse University. Worked in VA clinic and then in U.S. Army psychiatric clinic in Germany for Dept. of Defense. Sailed boats in Caribbean and Mediterranean. Historical fiction novels include the Jonathan Kinkaid nautical fiction series that follows an American naval officer during the Revolutionary War; the epic adventure "Sunset of the Iroquois," about Washington's invasion of the Indian lands of New York State in 1779; and the Sgt. Smith World War II trilogy that follows a squad of 1st Infantry Division soldiers to North Africa, Sicily, and then Europe, based on documente ... read more
Latest book: The Lake War: Kinkaid with the Inland Fleet

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mark P Moore
Dark Origins is the first book I ever wrote. For 18 years I spent my life in a cubicle. Deciding I had enough of being micro-managed I took a package and left. Several months later, having no direction in life, I started to read books. Ideas started to form, creativity flowed, worlds began to take shape. Months later, I have actually written a book! The Rising Ascension series will be at least three books. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter or Facebook. I will try and get my website up shortly-after I make sure the book is formatted and up for sale properly. ;) Thank you to anyone willing to take a chance on a new author!
Latest book: Dark Origins

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Corey Keller
Corey is a 28-year-old Singer/Songwriter currently living in Oklahoma City, OK with his wife Lauren and two dogs. Corey grew up in Ruidoso, NM until the age of 19 when he moved to Blue Springs, MO to pursue a degree in Biblical Studies. After receiving his degree he went on to pursue music and songwriting, playing in various national touring bands and working as a studio musician. Corey has recorded two records, one EP as a solo artist entitled “Inside Voices” and one EP with his band All Kings All Poets entitled “What We’ve Become.” Although music and songwriting is his passion, Corey began writing poetry while touring and playing music and “Parking Lot Poetry” is his first book. He plans on cont ... read more
Latest book: Parking Lot Poetry

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Evan Marshall Hernandez
Evan began his creative career at a young age. Working with his parents, Frank and Betsy Hernandez, his vocal and acting talents were used on such projects as the Hide ‘Em in Your Heart video series for EMI CMG and Bridgestone’s animated cartoon, Under the Sea. He attended the University of Evansville for a degree in theater. There, he was published as an opinion columnist and short-fiction writer. He was also honored with the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival Short Play Award. He was a principle actor in many U of E’s acclaimed theater productions, including Our Town, Street Scene and Taming of the Shrew. He graduated cum laude in 2006. Evan went on to tour with The Seattle Shakespeare C ... read more
Latest book: Breaking The Skies

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tim Corey
Depuis maintenant quelques années je traine des les parages des Otherlands, un monde imaginaire qui rassemble plusieurs auteurs de Science-fiction et de Fantastique. Je suis l'auteur des "Tales from the Otherlands", les textes fondateurs de la mythologie Otherlands.
Latest book: Est-ce que Georges est là ?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page ConnieMuller
Online and offline entrepeneur from South Africa. Senior manager financial services industry. Passionate story teller.
Latest book: John learns about Sea Animals

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Roman Koidl
Roman Koidl was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany but travelled to see much of the world. He has held several jobs, including radio broadcaster, public relations agent and Lawyer. Currently he lives in San Francisco, CA. After completing his first semi-autobiographical novel "The Eternal Intern" he is now working on his second book, a mystery thriller.
Latest book: The Eternal Intern

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ty Landers
Ty Landers is a writer of fiction who lives in Nashville, TN with his wife Emily, and a Golden Retriever named Wyatt. He grew up in rural Alabama, like the really rural part where it’s still 1955 and a heard of deer can still be seen cresting a hill and catching fuzzy morning light- making you feel like, “wow, this America is some wholesome place!” Then again, standing in that same spot, you might also be able to see a meth head stealing some grandmother’s medication or something, and you might catch him in a different kind of light, like a toilet light, which totally ruins that initial vibe that you had going on. His hometown had a shoe store called Shoes, which really says everything you need to know ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tamara Murray
Tamara Murray learned she had a knack for management and leadership when people kept asking her to do it, despite her lack of formal management training. At 16, as the youngest employee, she was promoted to assistant manager at a retail store. At 20, she managed cadres of parent and student volunteers at two nonprofits. At 22, she had a steady stream of interns under her purview. And at 26, a PR firm put her on its senior team, responsible for managing multiple account teams and clients. In every role, she managed people the same age or older, often with more experience and credentials. She found her footing through a combination of trial and error, reading a lot of Fast Company, and having the occasional bre ... read more
Latest book: Awesome Supervisory Skills: Seven Lessons for Young, First-Time Managers

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Litwack
The urge to write first struck me when working on a newsletter at a youth encampment in the woods of northern Maine. It may have been the night when lightning flashed at sunset followed by northern lights rippling after dark. Or maybe it was the newsletter’s editor, a girl with eyes the color of the ocean. But I was inspired to write about the blurry line between reality and the fantastic. Using two fingers and lots of white-out, I religiously typed five pages a day throughout college and well into my twenties. Then life intervened. I paused to raise two sons and pursue a career, in the process becoming a well-known entrepreneur in the software industry, founding several successful companies. When I found ti ... read more
Latest book: The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Miles Tredinnick
Miles Tredinnick's comedy stage plays include Up Pompeii, Twist, Topless, Laugh? I Nearly Went to Miami!, It's Now or Never! and Topless in Philadelphia. For BBC1 TV he created and wrote the comedy series Wyatt's Watchdogs and was also a writer on the show Birds of a Feather. In addition, Miles wrote stage and television material for Frankie Howerd, including the Channel 4 special Superfrank and the stage comedy Up Pompeii. His first novel was Fripp. He is the lead singer in the British rock band London.
Latest book: Topless in Philadelphia

Follow me at my  Facebook Page D. Nelson
d. Nelson was born and raised in Gary, IN by his mother Diane Rogers. He is the father of two beautiful and deeply loved daughters Jessica Nelson & Naomi Nelson. He started writing as a teenager and had his first article published at twenty years old. He wrote off and on over the next few years while working as independent record company executive. While working in the record industry and eventually the film industry his passion for writing has never waned and the result is "A Broken Voice (Resurrected).
Latest book: A Broken Voice (Resurrected)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Phillip Parker
My name is Phillip Parker and I sold merchant accounts and credit card processing services as an Independent Sales Agent (ISA) for nearly a decade. As an ISA, I could sell the services of any provider with which I had a commission agreement. I will leave out the names of the companies to avoid implying accidental bias, but I sold the credit card processing services of both small Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) and large direct processors. Upon entering the merchant services industry, it did not take long before I began hearing horror stories from business owners about the poor treatment they had received from a previous credit card processing company. Not only had many experienced bad customer service, ... read more
Latest book: Fee Sweep

Follow me at my  Facebook Page B.F. Simone
Hello, I am B.F. Simone, the author of "The Keeper's Vow". I live with my husband and son in Japan. A Brilliant man once said: "Don't do what you're passionate about, be passionate about what you do." And so, I try my best to live by this advice, because deep down it means: do better that you did today. Push forward so that tomorrow you can be better person that who you were today. So, that is me. Francina-Simone: Striving to be better than yesterday.
Latest book: The Keeper's Vow