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Visit my Facebook Page Corwyn Matthew
A construct of tales untold, Corwyn Matthew is not a man, but a vessel hosting an abyssal entity that feeds on wonderment and imagination. This formless being inhabiting the skin of an average Joe channels creativity through the pecking of keys to bring structure to dreams. Desperate for a world where art conquers greed, the Construct thrives on bold concepts, hard work, and sugary snacks. Please refrain from feeding the Construct, however, for it is weak of will and easily swayed. Author of the contemporary zombie fantasy, Blood Magik: A Cold Day in Hell (Book One), and the morbid stoner comedy, A Christmas Carcassing (available now on
Latest book: A Christmas Carcassing
Visit my Facebook Page Jim Beane
Jim Beane lives west of Baltimore, Maryland with his wife Mary Ellen and their dog Lily. He splits time between family, writing and paying back to the writing community. Two daughters, their husbands and two grandsons live close by. Jim is a workshop leader in creative fiction at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland and a mentor for the Veteran’s Writing Project. During Spring, 2019, he will work with the Armed Services Arts Partnership and the Writer’s Center to help reintegrate Veterans into their communities through their participation in the arts. His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and featured in the 2017 Tillie Olsen Award-winning anthology, Worker’s Write: Tales from the Cons ... read more
Latest book: By the Sea, by the Sea...
Visit my Facebook Page Elisabetta Mantovani
Avv. Elisabetta Mantovani classe 1960, laurea in giurisprudenza ad indirizzo forense presso la Università di Padova. Avvocato iscritta al Foro di Venezia é stata presidente della Camera Avvocati di San Doná di Piave e vicepresidente della Camera Civile Veneziana. Ha fatto parte dell’Osservatorio per la redazione del Protocollo Diritto di Famiglia del Tribunale di Venezia. Opera come consulente per il Consultorio Familiare dell’ASL 10 veneziana ed ha collaborato alla stesura del saggio “Il bambino in pezzi”, edizioni La Meridiana, 2014 ed è coautrice della “Guida Breve alla Separazione ed al Divorzio” edita da Art. 24 Cost. nel 2016 . Nel biennio 2014-2016 é stata delegata per il distretto di ... read more
Latest book: Guida Breve all'Affido Condiviso dei Figli
Visit my Facebook Page J.M. Bergen
Writer. Storyteller. Troublemaker.
Latest book: Thomas Wildus and The Book of Sorrows
Visit my Facebook Page Therone Shellman
I'm not what I do to make a living. Too many interests to name. One of them happens to be writing and publishing books. Another is the Arts in general. Third would be, social reform and social justice. So much more though. Still living and experiencing.
Latest book: Survival of the Fittest
Visit my Facebook Page Matt Rouse
Matthew Rouse (1972-Future) was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario and immigrated to the United States from Canada in January of 2001. A Sci-Fi and Fantasy reader, life-long computer nerd, and self-made entrepreneur, Matt has been learning the tricks of the online marketing trade for more than 2 decades. Known for his blatant honesty, a critical eye for marketing mistakes, and a practical knowledge of online marketing, he has grown into a speaker, coach, and teacher. Matt also is a mentor and charity sponsor, working with Mercy Corps' Micromentor Program, Oregon Food Bank, and other local benefits and charities.
Latest book: Start Saying Yes: Improving Customer Experience and Sales Through Positive Messaging
Visit my Facebook Page Clifton Coates
Singer, Songwriter, Author and Motivational Speaker, Clifton Coates has turned his passion for empowering at-risk populations into an art form. Coates has placed a premium on reaching out to individuals to help them to bring out their best self. With his emphasis on writing self-help literature, short stories, and novels, as well as documentaries, he attempts to teach hard-to-reach audiences with his call to action and his passion for success. He spends most of his time teaching individuals, students, and managers of school systems, colleges, corporations, government and non-profit organizations about self-esteem, self-respect, and creating the attitude for success. He holds a BS in Print and Broadcast Journal ... read more
Latest book: Thoughts of an Ordinary Man: A Day in the Life
Visit my Facebook Page Tosh Baker
While raised in a military lifestyle, adversity and the will to adjust became a normal for this Author. During this time of youth, she developed a heart of adventure and a driving force to know more, about the things that enticed her vivid imagination. Unlike her siblings, who were active in sports and various extracurricular activities−Tosh found solace, with a cherished sketch pad in hand. From a young age, her need to explore and create was a calling from deep within−one she welcomed. As she grew into an adult, she focused on a career, in graphic design and Illustration. After studying at the Art Institure of Pittsburgh, she gained the appropriate degrees in her chosen fields−this was only the tip of ... read more
Latest book: Justified Vengeance Twisted, The Sequel
Visit my Facebook Page Michael A T Clark
The stories that we create in life and the lessons we learn can only benefit others if they are told. I'm an ardent practitioner of living. My experiences guide my writing, and my writing guides my experience. The craft of nonfiction should borrow liberally from the domain of fiction, for life is largely of our own invention. The craft of fiction is a documentation of potential realities, and our lives are the pursuit of those potentialities. I write to learn!
Latest book: The Quiet Blossom: A Story about the Modern Wild West, the American Dream, and Marijuana
Visit my Facebook Page Candis St. John
Candis St. John was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to Grenadian and Jamaican parents. She was exposed to Caribbean poetry and folklore at an early age. Something about poetry always stuck out to her and it became her favorite genre of literature. Influenced by her love of poetry, she started writing her own at the age of 9. Candis was born with Sickle Cell Anemia. She has endured physical, mental and emotional pain throughout her life at the hands of this crippling disease and other unfortunate events in her life. Candis has been able to find healing and catharsis through writing poetry. She also hopes to touch the lives of those who may be going through their own pain, shining a light into dark places t ... read more
Latest book: My Book of Tears
Visit my Facebook Page Alec West
Alec West was born in San Francisco and raised on the border of Piedmont and Oakland, CA. He attended St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico but finished at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He has been published in The Green Windows Anthology 2017, Slingshot Magazine and The Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans. In addition to writing he has worked with youth alongside such groups as The Beat Within, Chapter 510, Corde-Enfants-Haitiens, and Gateways for Incarcerated Youth. He is pursuing his Master’s in Education as an Education Specialist. He lives in Oakland, CA with his family and divides his time between the East Bay and Marin County.
Latest book: What Happened When I Stopped Watching TV
Visit my Facebook Page Karen A. Granovsky
Karen A. Granovsky has always wanted to escape to other worlds. She now writes science fiction and fantasy novels professionally, and is the author of the Souls of the Stars saga and the Fantastical Creatures series. She lives in Illinois with her very impressive collection of nerd paraphernalia and her pet tortoise Sergei.
Latest book: December
Visit my Facebook Page Dan Wild
Dan Wild is still trying to work out night from day, breakfast from dinner, creepiness from coolness. He exists in two realities, each with their own timezone. In one reality he services the body, mingles with humanity and tries to fit in. In the other reality he sends forth his creative outpourings in music and writing. Dan Wild will always be a work in progress.
Latest book: Rocket Science: The Prequel to Space Juice
Visit my Facebook Page Joseph Icha
I've been writing for...ever, basically. I was like four or five when I first started to read J.K Rowling, Enid Blyton, Malorie Blackman, C.S Lewis...all the oldies but goodies. And then I decided that I wanted to write my own. I've watched and read big hits like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Artemis Fowl, the 39 Clues, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Game of Thrones and CHERUB. By the way, if you haven't already checked those out...effing do it. I guess I prefer fantasy and paranormal stories because they deviate from reality. Right now, sci-fi is my baby. I've written a series called 'Guardian Angel', which you should definitely check out. Now.
Latest book: Guardian Angel: The Magenta Conflict
Visit my Facebook Page José de Oliveira
Latest book: O Amor
Visit my Facebook Page Jake Doan
Jake Doan lives in Salem, Oregon with his daughter, Railei, and his pit bull, Soul. His specialty teeters on the edge of both, children's middle grade & young adult books, as he adores each genre and the audiences they represent. When he’s not dreaming of space and monsters, he hikes with Soul. He also enjoys kayaking, kite-jumping, snowboarding, snowshoeing, making funny voices, eating pizza, and taking selfies while pretending to workout at the gym. His diagnosed ADHD has made it comically impossible to ever finish writing his novels. He pinky promises he'll get them to you as soon as he can. For The People!
Latest book: Enzo's Dare (The Dreamfly Chronicles, Book One)
Visit my Facebook Page Tom Danger
The host of Motivation and Confidence Podcast, 2019 Half Marathon Runner in training, Author of Motivation and Confidence - 7 Steps, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 Building up Self Confidence
Latest book: Motivation and Confidence vol. 1 The 7 Steps
Visit my Facebook Page Rowan Tree Poetry
Rowan Tree Poetry Poet Rowan Blair Colver emerged on the poetry scene back in 2010 with his inaugural release, A Poet, On Park Hill? This followed success in several online poetry competitions. After releasing the book, getting mentioned in the local paper and on BBC Radio 4, Rowan Blair Colver went on to release several poetry titles, novels, and children's books under his own name. These coincide with several online journals which have become well-read and accepted as regular media in many people's lives. In order to make sure the poetry stands out and receives the attention it deserves, a rebranding was necessary. Separating the internationally acclaimed poetry from the globally read blogs happened long ... read more
Latest book: 575365 - 365 Haiku & Senryu
Visit my Facebook Page Gary Knowles Photography
I am a full-time photographer based in Chippenham, Wiltshire. I have had the pleasure of photographing some amazing weddings across the country as well as abroad since 2006. My aim is to ensure that your special day is captured and remembered forever. I can capture all kinds of styles, I try not to spend my time directing and posing every scene. I want you and your guests to feel relaxed while your special memories are captured. My relaxed and un-obtrusive style allows for me to blend into your wedding, as an honoured guest to your beautiful day, rather than being the centre of attention.
Latest book: How to Plan your Wedding - The Ultimate Guide
Visit my Facebook Page Worldbuilding Magazine
Who We Are We are a dedicated group of worldbuilders with a passion for creating. Our writers and editors spend countless hours pouring their expertise into their articles, to study and use as you see fit. The artists on our team want to make your reading experience as in-depth and enhanced as possible; recognizing that many worldbuilders in their own right communicate concepts better through illustration. Finally, our behind the scenes teams of editors and “meta” volunteers make sure that your experience with this magazine is as professional as possible. Our Goal We want to act as your go-to tool for all things worldbuilding. It is our dream to bring amazing stories and worlds to everyone.
Latest book: Worldbuilding Monthly: Populating a World
Visit my Facebook Page Gabriel Onyekawa
Gabriel Onyekawa is an International author, speaker, Entrepreneurs’ Mentor/Trainer, Founder/President: Gabriel Onyekawa Mentorship Program (GOMP), Applesoft Business Institute (ABI), Applesoft Publishing House, and Gabriel Onyekawa Ministries International (GOMI). Gabriel Onyekawa served for some years as a Pastor in Living Faith Church Worldwide Inc. (Winners’ Chapel) before he was officially called into a higher Assignment: Gabriel Onyekawa Ministries International. Through his super-dynamic training seminars, one-on-one mentorship and business Institute, many of his protégés/clients/participants have become great entrepreneurs, living debt-free lives, making untold returns from their businesses and ... read more
Latest book: 22 Reasons Why You're Not Yet Rich...The 22 Mistakes People Make In Money Management And How To Overcome Them
Visit my Facebook Page Joaquin Matos
Joaquín Matos es un escritor y periodista de Caracas, Venezuela. Su abuelo, un director de escuela, lo inspiró para escribir. La pasión de Joaquín por el arte se comentó después de escribir un poema precoz. Fue elogiado a nivel local y a pesar del reconocimiento, las condiciones socioeconómicas de Venezuela obligaron a Joaquín a desarraigar a su familia y trasladarse a Panamá. Actualmente escribe novelas y cuentos con un enfoque en personajes que pueden representar a muchas de las personas en este mundo, cuyas historias de otro modo no serían contadas.
Latest book: Por qué prefiero ser un narco: Es mejor que un ordinario (Las historias de la ciudad: La Frontera Series)
Visit my Facebook Page Gesiye Agorowei
Gesiye Benjamin Agorowei is an author, speaker and relationship counselor. He is on a campaign to bring biblical perspectives into Romantic issues. He is a medical Laboratory Scientist by profession.
Latest book: More Than Feelings: Why You Should Not Get Married Because You Fell In Love
Visit my Facebook Page Keily Fox
Estudié arte dramático, locución y doblaje, dedicándome profesionalmente al teatro durante algunos años. Comencé mi incursión en el mundo de las letras escribiendo poesía cuando tenía tan solo diez años, y apenas con trece me enfrasqué en mi primera novela, la cual crecía en hojas al mismo tiempo que yo en años, convirtiéndose en un espejo de mi propia evolución personal. Durante los primeros años en los que decidí dedicarme profesionalmente a la escritura, mi profesión me hizo decantarme por comenzar a hacerlo para teatro, incursionando posteriormente en el mundo audiovisual. Tras plantearme hacia donde quería enfocar mi carrera como escritora, decidí regresar a mis comienzos y escribir ... read more
Latest book: ¿Quién Eres?
Visit my Facebook Page EUTIS Writing
Great Individual on this glorious good world.
Latest book: Eons Under The Indigo Sun
Visit my Facebook Page Heba Mahdy
Heba is a wife, mum and online entrepreneur. In her previous life, she was a neuroscientist (Have a Ph.D and M.Sc. degrees in neuropharmacology as well as 5 international scientific publications in the neuroscience field). Her mission is to help people understand and nurture their brains, so that they inspire and help other people (AKA changing the world one person at a time, that’s what entrepreneurs do, right?). She shares her business and life adventures (AKA, struggles and mistakes) as well as other valuable practical information on her website and social media. You will be an added joy in this adventure. Come on join Heba and many other online entrepreneurs in this business journey. Here are the ... read more
Latest book: Story Selling: How to tell an engaging story that sells your products using neuromarketing approach?
Visit my Facebook Page Daniel Parsons
Daniel Parsons lives in South Wales, UK, where he writes fast-paced fantasy and horror stories. He has written seven books, including The Twisted Christmas Trilogy, The Necroville Series, The Canvas Chronicles and The Creative Business Series for authors. His books have sold in six countries and he has hit multiple Amazon bestseller lists. His comedy zombie story, The Dead Woods, has received extensive acclaim on the story-sharing website Wattpad where it garnered over 35,000 reads across 70 countries and was named one of the site’s Top Zombie Stories as part of a campaign to promote Hollywood’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie. To contact Daniel, sign up to his bi-monthly newsletter at www.danielpa ... read more
Latest book: Face of a Traitor
Visit my Facebook Page juan esteban yupanqui villalobos
Nacio en la Provincia de Santiago de Chuco un 12 de Agosto de 1958. Descendiente directo de la Capac Cuna de Tupac Yupanqui. Estudio en su tierra natal las primeras letras; la secundaria lo hizo en el mismo centro donde ense�o Cesar Vallejo, el colegio Nacional San Juan y termino sus estudios superiores en la Universidad Nacional de Educaci�n Enrique Guzman y Valle, graduandose con honores como Docente en la especialidad de Geografia e Historia. Empieza a ejercer su profesion enlas comunidades indigenas de la provincia de San Ignacio en Cajamarca, donde hace ferrea defensa de las comunidades ante los atropellos de las empresas madereras, por lo que es perseguido y puesto en prision. Juicio al cual gana al E ... read more
Latest book: un quinquenio de la política peruana
Visit my Facebook Page Ian Whippey
Born: 5th August 1951 in Chelmsford, England. Main Schools: Adlestrop Park School, Adlestrop, Gloucestershire, England. Chipping Norton Comprehensive School. Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England. University of Leicester, Northampton, England. BA(Hons) Combined Studies. MA Modern English Studies. I was taken out of school when I was thirteen and put to work. I didn't go to university until I was I was nearly fifty years of age. I was playing music and in bands from about 20 years of age and was a a partner in a couple of recording studios. I have worked in transport management. I also worked for the YMCA for a number of years in Northampton, England - helping young people. I loved this job. I am now retired and ... read more
Latest book: Jon Nowthen
Visit my Facebook Page Candice Christian
Candice Christian was born in Paris KY on 9 January, 1988. Her parents, George Bertrand Christian, an attorney who once aspired to be an actor, and Frances Hollowell insisted that the two girls, Candice and her sister Simone, be sent to a Catholic school. Candice herself was deeply religious as a child, at one point thought of becoming a nun. Candice was intellectually precocious, fueled by her father's encouragement; he reportedly would boast, "Candice thinks like a man!" After passing baccalaureate exams in mathematics and philosophy in 2010, she studied. Candice first worked at a community college in Indiana
Visit my Facebook Page Sarah Davison-Tracy
Whether traveling the globe or nestled in the backyard of her home in Colorado with her husband and two beloved children, Sarah Davison-Tracy is a devoted human rights advocate, author, speaker, and founder of Seeds of Exchange ( Seeds of Exchange is a collective of everyday people who are committed to light up the world so that a mighty difference can be made together. We do what we do because we believe that we belong to each other and that each and every person matters. We passionately work to make an indelible dent in global human rights and in one another's day-to-day lives. You belong here. We belong to each other. Let’s standTALL together and light up the world. Sarah ha ... read more
Latest book: Soulfully Ablaze: A 40-Day Journey to Light Up Your Life (And the World)
Visit my Facebook Page Josh LaJaunie
Josh LaJaunie is Chief Lifestyle Ambassador at WellStart Health, where he coaches, educates, and inspires people to go from sick to fit. Josh has been featured in Runner’s World magazine, People magazine, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and his personal favorite, the Rich Roll Podcast. He lives in Thibodaux, Louisiana, where he runs miles, eats plants, and beats the drum in his community for the power of lifestyle to trounce chronic disease. He’s also a proud and rabid Saints fan. Who Dat, Baby!
Latest book: Sick to Fit: 3 Simple Techniques that Got Me from 420 Pounds to the Cover of Runner's World, Good Morning America, and The Today Show
Visit my Facebook Page Murillo
Alejandro Hernandez Murillo, he likes to be called just Murillo (1973-?), was born in Mexico City but grew up in Nanchital, Veracruz, now a ghost town. He began writing from childhood. Influenced by the literature of H. P. Lovecraft, Franz Kafka, scientific notions and psychiatry, his style involves strange and lonely characters, dark atmospheres, violent images, and despair. Although his stories refer to the human condition in his mental state, whether sick or extreme loneliness, he does not leave aside the topic of love or the fight for personal improvement. Despite the fact he portrays them sordidly and tragically, he does it meaningfully. Murillo writes not for fear of life, but for an internal, human ple ... read more
Latest book: Pandora´s Code
Visit my Facebook Page Itumeleng Monale
Itumeleng Monale is the founder of Impactful Ones, a personal development company and the Co-founder of Infinity Legacy Group, which is aimed at equipping young professionals and businesses with the tools needed to succeed in their objectives. She is the departmental head of Kingdom Corporates, a business network platform in Kingdom Ways Ministries, where she coaches individuals and start-up businesses. She is happily married to Bonolo Monale.
Latest book: Let's Talk About Your Legacy
Visit my Facebook Page S.I. Taylor
S.I. Taylor is a new indie author of the adult genre and loves many books involving romance, paranormal romance and fantasy. She currently resides in Florida with her family and her bichon frise. She has a full-time job in law enforcement and is also in the military and was recently deployed. The experiences, the travel, and the people she encountered during her deployment were indescribable. When she is not blogging or writing she enjoys the outdoors, working out, cooking, reading, spending time with family and friends, traveling, and staying busy.
Latest book: The Scarlet Romance: A Greek Paranormal Series Vol. I
Visit my Facebook Page Charlotte Jardine
Charlotte Jardine writes Historical Fiction, Contemporary Romance and Romantic Adventure. Her books feature courageous heroines, big-hearted heroes, adventure and love. Her love of history came from reading the adventures of Asterix and Tintin at a young age and continued into adult life, when she studied Classics and Roman History to postgraduate level at university. While working as a desk slave by day, she spends her evenings escaping into other worlds via her writing.
Latest book: The Broken Sword
Visit my Facebook Page Diana Edelman
Diana Edelman is an award-winning writer whose stories have appeared in major online publications, international magazines and more. She is a Las Vegas expert who spent years embedded with an elephant rescue organization learning about the realities of animal tourism and working to speak for them. In 2015, after nearly four years abroad working in responsible tourism, she launched Vegans, Baby, a website with a mission to make vegan life more accessible in Las Vegas and beyond. Vegans, Baby showcases cruelty-free options in Las Vegas, including an interactive map of local restaurants with vegan choices, a dining and lifestyle directory, guides, news stories, apparel and deals through a partnership program with ... read more
Latest book: Vegans, Baby: Las Vegas Vegan Food Guide 2019
Visit my Facebook Page Liana Goffman
Liana Goffman was born in 1968 in the San Fernando Valley area of Southern California. Graduated from UCIrvine in 1990 with a degree in Criminal Justice. Later to start up her own Graphic and Advertising Company. After 25yrs she enhanced her career and obtained her Real Estate Brokers License in Both California and Nevada. When tragedy and trauma struck, overwhelm set in and she didn't know where to turn. Liana's "get up and go" attitude brought her to exploring and learning the tools of NLP where she studied and became a Licensed Master Practitioner. Now, she can eliminate all your negative emotions and limiting beliefs in under 24 hours. She utilize the tools of NLP and works 1 on 1 with her clients to help ... read more
Latest book: How to Let it Go: An Inspiring Journey to Eliminate Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs
Visit my Facebook Page J. Michael Jocelyn
Biography: J. Michael Jocelyn is a prominent conservative thinker, teacher, minister, and life coach who is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others. Between his military service in the U.S. Airforce and his work with many non-profits that work to help families and children see the best of life, Jocelyn’s humanitarian and philanthropic efforts are well known in his community. He seeks to take these works one step further, as an offering to the general public, by presenting this much needed book on conservative philosophy.
Latest book: Trump, Patriot or Madman: Race Relations, Trade & American Politics
Visit my Facebook Page Clarke Williams
Clarke Williams is the most recent author to join the legendary cARTel that is Ridgewood Productions (@rjwdprods). He may be a university lecturer or former employee of the British State. Or something else. His interests include good music and fine beers. He has a few wives and some kids. He lives in a house in a pretty nice part of town. He believes art should challenge the audience and when it comes to literature; it must contain swear words. His influences include The Beats, Hunter S Thompson, Bill Hicks, Lionel Shriver, Martin Amis and Sylvia Plath.
Latest book: This is the Future and This is Now
Visit my Facebook Page ehgbooks
EHGBooks, a professional micro-publishing service of EHanism Group, located in Maryland USA.
Latest book: The System of Multi-Strategy and Management for Programming Trading(打造斜槓財富─建構程式交易的多策略與管理)
Visit my Facebook Page Nhlamulo Magwaza
Nhlamulo Magwaza is the Founder and CEO of Morven Edge, author, animator and director of independent films He spend most of his time building the brand of his company. He believes that one can become what he/she aspires to be. As a visionary and a dreamer, he once mentioned that he would like to see They Maybe Saints in a movie. His company once developed a short 2D animated film based on They Maybe Saints. He was impressed but he still wants more than what the company produced. As such, he will spend the next nine months directing a more realistic and 3D film based on They Maybe Saints. Nhlamulo enjoys hanging out and having fun with his friends. He has three male friends and one best female friend who taugh ... read more
Latest book: They Maybe Saints
Visit my Facebook Page Katherine Sandusky
Katherine Sandusky came to work for Jose Silva in 1990, shortly after graduating from high school. She learned the business - and how to use the Silva techniques in business, creativity, parenting, sports, and more - from the ground up. She started by taking orders, working in the mail room, and running the shipping department. After a few years, she moved to Austin, Texas, and went to work in the state government bureaucracy. While working for the state, she started her own Silva business, Avlis Productions Inc., and soon grew it into a full time business with representatives in many countries around the world. In addition to managing the business, she is also a full time mother to her young daughter Lily. ... read more
Latest book: How to Claim Your Creative Heritage, Jose Silva UltraMind Systems User’s Manual
Visit my Facebook Page Anna Kessou
Anna Kessou est à moitié béninoise à moitié cht’i. Elle réside dans le nord de la France. Autant que ses origines l’indiquent, elle aime les mélanges éclectiques. Vous connaissez le maffé au maroille ? Sinon elle écrit des enquêtes mystérieuses qui mettent en scène une femme de ménage détective et vous proposent de les résoudre. Elle y allie l’humour et le suspense. Ces histoires sont conçues pour vous distraire et vous faire voyager dans l’envers du décor, les coulisses de la vie. Si vous appréciez l’écriture enjouée et les ambiances décalées, vous allez adorer les enquêtes d’Antoinette. Élucidez les multiples énigmes avant de découvrir la vérité et de lever le voile su ... read more
Latest book: L'étrange pension de Mrs. Scragge, 1er épisode de la série les enquêtes d'Antoinette (Mystère et suspense aux Pays-Bas)
Visit my Facebook Page Nancy Kenny
Nancy is a human who does many things. Usually artsy things, but sometimes YouTube watching things. She likes to stand on stages or in front of cameras and tell stories, give voice to things that aren't said, and hopefully make you feel something true in the process.
Latest book: Roller Derby Saved My Soul
Visit my Facebook Page Álvaro Umpiérrez
Álvaro Umpiérrez es uruguayo. Delegado para Extremadura de la federación de artes marciales UCNME. Nominado al premio VICTORIA ALADA (2016) Galardonado con el premio ESPÍRITU GUERRERO (2017) Reconocido por la Junta de Extremadura por su proyecto innovador "DOJO SOCIAL"
Latest book: ¡RÍNDETE! Todo lo que necesitas conocer sobre la defensa personal y no te lo contaron
Visit my Facebook Page Jacqueline Beard
Writer & genealogist, owner of delinquent border terrier, awful cook & creator of Lawrence Harpham. Living & working in Gloucestershire
Latest book: Vote For Murder