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Visit my Facebook Page Kyrie Dunphy
Kyrie Dunphy is currently attending Full Sail University’s Creative Writing for Entertainment BFA degree program. She is a screenwriter for science fiction, fantasy, and horror for television and web series. She has been published in Scarlet Leaf Review twice. She knows that eventually audiences will hunt her down with torches and pitchforks for doing something horrible to their favorite characters in her stories.
Latest book: Fear the Lightning: A Collection of Flash Fiction Stories
Visit my Facebook Page Ann K. Howley
Ann K. Howley is a regular contributor to Pittsburgh Parent Magazine. Her articles and essays appear in publications nationwide, including Skirt Magazine, Bicycle Times, Pittsburgh-Post Gazette and the HerStories Project anthology, So Glad They Told Me – Women Get Real About Motherhood. She won the First Place Prizes for Nonfiction in the 2015 and 2016 Pennwriters Writing Contest, and won a national award from the Parenting Media Association in 2017. A popular speaker, she conducts workshops in cities across the country, and teaches community education writing courses.
Latest book: Confessions of a Do‐Gooder Gone Bad
Visit my Facebook Page Ben Miller
Miller was born and raised in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, graduating Nazareth High School in Nazareth, PA in 1993. Immediately after high school, he enlisted in the US Navy and attended boot camp in Orlando, FL. Miller was then trained in Naval Intelligence, where he graduated with honors and was granted a security clearance two compartments above Top Secret (SCI and TK), along with a third compartment that remains classified. While working overseas with Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron Two (VQ-2) during the Bosnian War, Miller began suffering crippling attacks that military doctors were unable to explain. Miller was transported back to America and based on his exemplary record, he was awarded a ... read more
Latest book: Dear Billie - Salvation in the Poconos
Visit my Facebook Page Franklyn Javier Polo Chinchilla
Venezolano, oriundo de la ciudad de San Cristóbal-Táchira y de profesión Ingeniero Civil, con amplios conocimientos en la Ingeniería Estructural, con vocación por la actividad deportiva y todo lo que sea complejo.
Latest book: Cinco Misioneros - Cinco Mundos
Visit my Facebook Page Katherine McLellan
Katherine McLellan Katherine grew up in the rolling, green mountains of Vermont. She is an avid reader crediting her grandmother with giving her that first, life-altering romance novel during her teens. Life led her away from the home she holds dear to her heart, and she received a bachelors degree in humanities from The Pennsylvania State University. As a military spouse with two young-adult children she has lived across both the United States and Europe. In addition to being well traveled, Katherine is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Passion Ink Chapter. Her romance stories are set in fantastic locations with strong, feisty heroines and captivating heroes so get ready for some enthralling ... read more
Latest book: Temptation's Rose
Visit my Facebook Page Judith Patino-Rodrigue
Author, Judith Patino-Rodrigue, is a certified professional coach, experienced life coach, and training and development specialist who helps individuals reach their goals through proven processes and practices. Her career includes providing marketing solutions to clients and helping individuals identify and eliminate beliefs that stop them from finding their inner happiness and achieving success. Patino-Rodrigue augments her coaching by building confidence among audiences of all ages so they can better perceive who people truly are, focus on themselves, and strengthen their personal growth whether financial, spiritual, or professional.
Latest book: Pick Me
Visit my Facebook Page Alfredo Kazuyuki Mori
Alfredo Kazuyuki Mori was born on February 24th, 1979. He graduated on Mechanical Engineering in 2001 (at UNESP). Just after that, he got his master’s degree in (at ITA). He worked on aeronautical industry for several years. There he performed flight test data analysis, aircraft model identification, certification reports, fault tree analysis, Later he went to Japan to work as a dekasseki for a period of one year. He is currently working on tasks related with Brazilian 1st nuclear submarine.
Latest book: About Time, Space, God and Penelope - version 65 - October 15th, 2018
Visit my Facebook Page Carma Spence
Bestselling author of "Public Speaking Super Powers," Carma Spence is a "geek who speaks." Because she’s been there, she knows that you can be a decent speaker despite being introverted, shy and socially awkward. Carma is fiercely committed to supporting her clients as they unleash their inner speaking superhero and boldly communicate their message with confidence. Her superpower is to help people see what is possible for them and guide them on the journey from where they are to where they want to be, Vanquishing the Mind Goblins of self-doubt and second-guessing that keep them stuck. The speaking bug first bit Carma in High School while on the Speech Team. Her activities earned her several awards, a Letter ... read more
Latest book: Public Speaking Super Powers: Unleash Your Inner Speaking Superhero and Communicate Your Message with Confidence
Visit my Facebook Page Ron Crouch
Ron was born in Brighton, England and has worked in the U.K. and Canada for over thirty years as a police officer. He has extensive international travel experience while working with the British Merchant Navy as a navigator, where he travelled extensively in the Middle East and throughout Europe. He enjoys writing in various genres, both adult and children’s fiction. He continues to write from his home in Ontario, Canada.
Latest book: The Secrets of Liam Treadway
Visit my Facebook Page Radu Munteanu-Mihai
I love Nature. And the human Self. I adore to search and find hidden features of our reality. And write about it. One of my latest passion are plants. Watching them growing from scratch. I love also to teach the children about the Nature and its miraculous beauties. Taking picture of it completes my pleasure of being a part of it.
Latest book: Natura mea
Visit my Facebook Page Craig Kilgore
Digital marketing / growth enthusiast working out of Buffalo, NY with TARA AI.
Latest book: Ultimate Guide to Agile Methodology
Visit my Facebook Page Kensho
Kensho had an ordinary life in the way most people would call ordinary; he had a career in business administration and a job from 8 to 5. Yet, he was bored with a standard that wasn’t providing real fulfillment. Ever since he was a kid, he had had spiritual interests, always wanting to understand what the meaning of life was. When he was in his teenage years, he began having uncontrolled out of body experiences that he couldn’t understand, and that’s when he began studying different schools of mysticism and received practical knowledge to control these experiences and get the most out of them. In this moment he began to find the answers he was looking for. In 2010 he met his Guru, Dharmapa Rimpoché. He ... read more
Latest book: Viajes Astrales y Sueños Lúcidos: La Guía Práctica Para Explorar el Plano Astral
Visit my Facebook Page Tabetha Waite
Tabetha Waite is the multi-award winning author of the historical romance Ways of Love Series. Her debut novel, “Why the Earl is After the Girl,” was published in July of 2016 and won the 2017 Best Indie Book Award in Romance and the 2018 Second Place Feathered Quill Book Award in Romance. She is a certified PAN member of the RWA. When she’s not writing, Tabetha is reading as true bookworms do, or checking out any antique mall she comes across. During the school year she works as a lunch attendant at the local community college. She is a small town, Missouri girl and continues to make her home in the Midwest with her husband and two wonderful daughters. You can find her on most any social media site, and ... read more
Latest book: Moonlight, Monsters & Magic, A Paranormal Romance Sexy Shorts Collection
Visit my Facebook Page Everleigh Allen
Everleigh Allen writes creative stories with a mysterious, mythical, magical, and racy edge. Her tales bring her readers into worlds that she wants to visit herself. She lives in Texas with her husband, three of her four children, and a zoo of animals. She is also a sculptor and artist in multiple mediums. A writer of fiction that has been featured online for years, the MOONLIGHT, MONSTERS & MAGIC anthology is Everleigh’s first published work.
Latest book: Moonlight, Monsters & Magic, A Paranormal Romance Sexy Shorts Collection
Visit my Facebook Page Emmalinen Warden
Emmaline Warden lives in Colorado with her husband, four Chaos Makers, and a menagerie of animals. Her love of romance began with an accidental copy of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and a trip to D.C. When she is not writing, she can be found outdoors with her kids, at the dog park with her doggos, or with her nose buried in a book.
Latest book: Moonlight, Monsters & Magic, A Paranormal Romance Sexy Shorts Collection
Visit my Facebook Page Susan Soesbe
Susan Soesbe grew up all over the US, as her father's military career took the family from North Carolina to California, to Missouri and back to California again. An elementary school teacher in Twentynine Palms stoked the creative fire in her entire sixth grade class. Mr. Flower instituted "ten minutes of talking," improvs, and blank books in which students were encouraged to write stories whenever they felt like it. After almost thirty years in Northern New Jersey, Susan returned to California to help her sister take care of their mother, who had been busy developing dementia when they weren't looking. It forced Susan to rethink everything. Her first book, Bringing Mom Home, details that j ... read more
Latest book: Bringing Mom Home: How Two Sisters Moved Their Mother Out of Assisted Living to Care For Her Under One Amazingly Large Roof
Visit my Facebook Page Pamela Essien
Pamela Ulu Essien is one of Nigeria's upcoming and promising authors to look out for. She lives in Nigeria with her husband and son. When she's not writing, Pamela enjoys teaching, cooking and preferably, cuddling up to a good novel or movie.
Latest book: The Apple Of Distraction
Visit my Facebook Page pranab kumar
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Latest book: Top-10 Restaurant In Ahmedabad-OMG City Discount
Visit my Facebook Page Deepa Venkitesh
A farm worker, blogger, and homemaker. Deepa Venkitesh loves to write both poems and short stories and many of her works have won prizes in contests.
Visit my Facebook Page Christa Yelich-Koth
Christa Yelich-Koth is an award-winning author of ILLUSION (winner of the 2016 Novel of Excellence Award in Science Fiction from Author Circle Awards) and IDENTITY. She also leads writing workshops in Oregon, is co-editor for the audio drama REDSHIFT, and has shared her expertise on multiple panels.
Latest book: Coiled Vengeance
Visit my Facebook Page Eric Martin
Eric Martin knows that the best government is that which governs least. A libertarian and a follower of Jesus, he campaigned on a less government platform when he ran for the United States House of Representatives in the 2012 Republican primary. Bloomberg Businessweek included him that year in “The Ron Paul Effect,” and in 2015 he made national headlines by winning first place in’s Insider competition. He lives in York, Pennsylvania with his beautiful wife, Melody, and their three wonderful daughters.
Latest book: Liberation Day: Our Nation Empowered by the Constitution
Visit my Facebook Page RJ Albert
I am a writer, trainer, playwright, traveller and a whole lot more.
Latest book: 10 Inspiring Bible Verses to Keep You Going
Visit my Facebook Page Nick Dimitrov
Entrepreneur. Founder of Previously, Bar Raiser at Amazon. Immigrant.
Latest book: 9 Proven Do-s and Don’t-s for the Amazon Interview
Visit my Facebook Page Taya DeVere
Taya is a mix of a bubbly and stubborn personality trapped in an old, sad soul. She believes there’s something extraordinary in each being, that no one is too small or insignificant to deserve a second chance in life. Her chaotic identity took a hit when her father suddenly died. Clawing her way up from the murky hole his death created forced her to face the facts of being tangled in toxic relationships, and depression that had a violent hold on her muddled mind. She wanted to be whole again. Her restless feet and burning passion for animals led to leaving her home in Finland, and to accepting a working student job at a horse farm in Hereford, England. Long hours, hard physical labor, and countless nasty bu ... read more
Latest book: Between Two Doors
Visit my Facebook Page Maria Vermisoglou
Maria Vermisoglou is a librarian who lives in Greece. She has been a booklover ever since she learned to read. Maria draws inspiration from books, travels and sometimes…the ceiling. Her favorite things are books, tea, and chocolate. In order to pass the time, she spins stories in her mind. One such story became reality in the form of “The Cursed Girl” and received great success. In July 2018, she was nominated as the second place winner in the First Annual Indie Awards as the Favourite New Female Author. You can find more about her upcoming series at:
Latest book: The Cursed Girl
Visit my Facebook Page Susanna Liller
Susanna Liller, like many women, wears multiple professional hats (which she enjoys wearing). She is an organizational-development consultant, executive coach, women’s workshop leader, writer and musician. Her career, whether mediating, facilitating or coaching with groups or individuals, has always been about helping people find the path that evolves them to the next level of success. Susanna sees herself as a guide and motivator in this transformational process.
Latest book: You Are a Heroine: A Retelling of the Hero’s Journey
Visit my Facebook Page Ron McFarland
Ron McFarland is a dedicated writer. He’s an avid author in several venues. Because of his background in technology, he has written for academic and technical journals. He has also written several Information Technology books for students of Information Technology, Computer Security, and Computer Forensics. Additionally, he has served as a technical editor for several technical book publishers. Most importantly, because of Ron’s love of the written word, he has written hundreds of poems (several of which are published in this book) and several short stories. But due to a life-changing event, he has written about his experiences that he wishes to share in his most recent book entitled "Multiverse: The Secre ... read more
Latest book: Multiverse: The Secret Diary of an NDE Traveler
Visit my Facebook Page Piotr Laszkiewicz
I come from Warsaw, capital of Poland, I work as software developer for a corporation. I am happily married to Natallia, and a father to beautiful daughter Zuzia.Christian faith plays important role in my family's life - me and my wife are pentecostals.I write little poems & songs when time allows and I feel inspired, this gives me a lot of fun. I hope you too, dear reader, will have fun reading my stuff. Jestem warszawiakiem, z zawodu programistą, pracuję w korporacji. Jestem szczęśliwie żonaty z żoną Natallią, mamy też piękną córeczkę - Zuzię. W życiu naszej rodziny ważną rolę odgrywa wiara chrześcijańska - jesteśmy zielonoświątkowcami. Wierszyki i piosenki piszę, gdy mam czas i natch ... read more
Latest book: Wierszyki, piosenki, płochych słów igraszki
Visit my Facebook Page Sabrina A Fish
Award-winning author Sabrina A. Fish lives in Oklahoma with her husband, son, and two cats. She loves peanut butter M&Ms, rock music, and wasting time playing games like Candy Crush and Wheel of Fortune on her phone. You can find more about her and her books at
Latest book: Lost Haven (William Bernhardt's Shine Series Book 7)
Visit my Facebook Page Ann Kestner
Ann Kestner offers a unique voice, one that stems from a life often lived in the outskirts where she constantly searches for the beauty behind the shadows. She has never fully conformed to the academic literates or performance poets, instead she has developed a distinct style of her own. She is not fearful of difficult truths and heavy emotions, nor does she apologize for expressing them. Having spent half her life along the Jersey coast and half in Virginia at the edge of D.C., Ms. Kestner is an odd blend of Jersey girl and southern woman. Her first works were published at the age of sixteen. Many of her works were published under the pennames Isabel Kestner and Isabel Sylvan, among others. She was the fou ... read more
Latest book: Pigtails and Curls
Visit my Facebook Page Michelle Roselyn
I live in Nashville. I am disabled, and creating stories one of the few things I have left they can't take away. I have a degree in Forensic Science, but I try to keep my mystery novels believable when one considers that the truth is stranger than fiction.
Latest book: 10 Broken Windows
Visit my Facebook Page Stephen Osborne
Stephen Osborne lives in northern Illinois with a border terrier mix named Miss Christine Daae. He enjoys Broadway musicals, board games, and British television, especially Doctor Who. He recently wrote a Doctor Who audio adventure for subscribers to Big Finish Productions Doctor Who range called The Smallest Battle.
Latest book: Cold as the Clay
Visit my Facebook Page Brandi Benson
Brandi Benson is an American Writer, Speaker, Business Owner and Cancer Survivor. She is also the founder and CEO of Resume-Advantage, an employment service for both civilians and transitioning military veterans. Her debut memoir tells the touching story of her Ewing Sarcoma diagnosis during her deployment in Iraq in 2008. With a BA in Mass Communications and Journalism at Ashford University and a Master of Fine Arts in Writing at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Education at Concordia University in Chicago. Brandi is dedicated to using her second chance at life to help fellow cancer survivors, participating weekly for the Livestrong cancer survivor program.
Latest book: The Enemy Inside Me
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Latest book: Count
Visit my Facebook Page Ray Decker Jr.
I’ve Always Been Enthusiastic About Great Writing, And Couldn’t Be Happier To Have Turned My Passion Into A Career As A Writer And Author. With Digital And Online Technologies Continuing To Disrupt The Print Industry, It's Important To Provide An Accessible Place Where I Can Connect With A Wider Audience. When I was a teenager I was often found conjuring stories, filling them with exciting characters, and shared them with anyone would listen. Since then, I’ve progressed quite a bit to formulating longer and more complex stories and sharing them with larger audiences. As a storyteller, I’m adept at using my imaginative thinking and creative flair to bring my stories to life in engaging and entertaining w ... read more
Latest book: Please Wait For Further Instructions
Visit my Facebook Page Lúcio Humberto Saretta
Lúcio Humberto Saretta é autor de 'O louco no espelho' e 'Lições da barbearia', entre outros livros de narrativas curtas. Por suas crônicas passeiam artistas e atletas que fizeram vibrar multidões ao redor do mundo. Personagens envoltos pelos mistérios do tempo e do ostracismo, e que, graças a um trabalho de resgate afetivo surgem perante os nossos olhos outra vez.
Latest book: Viagem ao limite do absurdo - Conto da Antologia Não Culpe o Narrador
Visit my Facebook Page Arthur Telló
Arthur Telló Nasceu em Porto Alegre, em 1989. Formado em Letras Português-Latim pela UFRGS e Mestre em Escrita Criativa pela PUC/RS, atualmente é professor da PUC/RS, onde dá aulas de Escrita Criativa, Latim e Literatura. Em 2016 venceu o Prêmio Açorianos de Criação Literária com o romance 'O tríptico de Elisa'.
Latest book: Resto - Conto da Antologia Translações Singulares
Visit my Facebook Page Eric Winterton
Eric and Cheri have lived through Godless marriages and have experienced first-hand the devastation of broken relationships. We were married in 2005, when two broken families became one by the grace of God. We now serve together at Rosedale Baptist Church, ministering to those about to be married and those needing marital support and counseling.
Latest book: We Above Me
Visit my Facebook Page Mike Nere
Amo. Entreno. Escribo. Amo. Como y duermo, en ese orden. Metas altas y expectativas que se encuentran en el decimoquinto punto de quiebre, de la Constelación de Orión -allí se encuentra mi amada. Tengo mucho trabajo escritural acumulado, y entre lo que escribo y relaciono con otros escritores, el tiempo se vuelve escaso.
Latest book: Avenida de Almas
Visit my Facebook Page Lauro Zavala
Escritor, traductor y analista. Doctor en Literatura Hispánica por El Colegio de México. Profesor Investigador en la Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Unidad Xochimilco, en la Ciudad de México, y Profesor Invitado en New York University. Presidente de la Asociación Mexicana de Teoría y Análisis Cinematográfico. Integrante de la Academia Mexicana de Ciencias y de la Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española. Entre sus libros más recientes se encuentran: La seducción luminosa. Teoría y práctica del análisis cinematográfico, (2010-2013); Semiótica preliminar. Ensayos y conjeturas, (2015); Ironías de la ficción y la metaficción en cine y literatura, (2008); Paseos por el cuento mexicano, (2 ... read more
Latest book: Para analizar cine y literatura
Visit my Facebook Page Cris Vazquez
Cris Vazquez é advogada pública em Florianópolis/SC e Mestre em Literatura. Tem contos publicados em coletâneas diversas e nas antologias 'Onisciente Contemporâneo' (2016), 'Translações Singulares' (2017) e 'Não Culpe o Narrador' (2018). Foi pré-selecionada no Prêmio SESC 2016 na categoria Livro de Contos. Em 2017 publicou o romance 'O abismo entre nós', pela Editora Moinhos.
Latest book: Anfíbia - Conto da Antologia Onisciente Contemporâneo
Visit my Facebook Page Christina Frye
Catholic Mom Rhode Island is a community for Roman Catholic mothers in Rhode Island to nurture, grow and support families and themselves through faith, hope and love. Inspired by the original Catholic Mom: the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God. Catholic Mom Rhode Island was born after a Catholic mom from Rhode Island was unable to find a community group for mothers that is based around the Roman Catholic faith. This first-time mom endured many struggles that many other mothers have faced: a troublesome pregnancy, post-partum anxiety, breast-feeding challenges, among other difficulties. ​As a practicing Catholic, her faith deepened as she prayed her way through these struggles and enlisted the help o ... read more
Latest book: The Running Rosary
Visit my Facebook Page Kathryn Greenway
Kathryn Greenway lives on the Isle of Wight, off the southern coast of the UK, in a typical English village where there are few secrets, and everyone knows everyone else. She writes romance in different genres, and under different pen names, but her goal is always the same - to reach that Happily Ever After. Pulled by a Dream is Kathryn’s debut novel, although in a whole other life, she is K.C. Wells, a bestselling author of gay romance.
Latest book: Pulled by a Dream
Visit my Facebook Page Andrés Zeti
Andrés Zeti se define a sí mismo como un viajero, soñador, educador y libertario. Su pasión por la educación, las nuevas tecnologías, la economía y el rol de la mentalidad humana en la sociedad lo han llevado por un camino de viajes, aprendizajes y experiencias alrededor del mundo, que han confluido en una nueva misión de vida: llevar a millones de personas la nueva revolución Bitcoin-Blockchain, la cual tiene el potencial de devolver a cada persona el control de su vida, sus finanzas y su destino.
Latest book: Bitcoin y Blockchain: Liberándote de la Matrix. Las claves de la nueva revolución 1
Visit my Facebook Page Herbert Soriano
-Herbert Adolfo Soriano es un escritor hondureño que vive en Tegucigalpa, Honduras con su familia, es Docente universitario en el Área de Sistemas y educación virtual desde el año 2005. Apasionado de la ciencia ficción, comienza su primera obra hace cinco años atrás saliendo a la venta esta el primero de Julio de 2017. - Maury Flores Jr, ilustrador de la obra ….. Síganos en Facebook Nosotros, El origen
Latest book: Nosotros, El origen