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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lena Black
Lena Black is a former Medical Assistant living in Los Angeles. She is a daughter, sister, and future Mrs. Lena was introduced to books for leisure at a young age by her mother and grandmother’s love of the written word. Lena started out writing short stories, with aspirations of penning a novel someday. She was finally inspired to do so after she read a certain risqué series. Lena is currently working on the last book in the series, with others in the works.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dean Roberts
I am a lightweight minimalist traveller. I write reviews for travel related products and also link to the videos of the same reviews. I have been travelling with a single 20 litre backpack that weighs just under 6kg (or 13lbs). I intend to travel a lot more and for longer periods of time and also find out how to make my bag lighter and more versatile along the way. I have also just written an eBook titled: One Light Bag: Packing Tips with the aim of helping others to packing lighter backpacks.
Latest book: One Light Bag: Packing Tips

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Charu Vashishtha Gulati
"An architect by education, software engineer by profession and and a writer by choice." Charu has a degree from India's premier college Indian Institute of Technology and has worked for technology and product based companies like Tata Consultancy, American Express and RBS. She has written for popular creative writing websites like, and She maintains her blog ( as well. In her own words,"She writes because she needs to. There is no getting away from it". She writes fiction as well as non-fiction. While Coding is her bread and butter, Writing is her passion.
Latest book: Tip the Skin!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stacey LaTorre
I am an Arizona Native who currently resides in Northern California. As a native to AZ, I’m suppose to love the heat and dry weather, however that’s not the case. I can not stand the heat and dread (well not dread since I am visiting friends and family), my visits there in the summer. Who on earth would want to go outside when it’s 115 degrees? Why my family and friends love it there, I’ll never understand… I live in the beautiful Bay Area with my amazing husband and our adorable dog Buddy, who we actually rescued while we were still living down in Arizona. That husband of mine is away part of the year each year playing professional baseball so I fill my days chasing toddlers and teaching preschoole ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Char Sharp
Retired from the computer software industry, Char lives in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, a Ragdoll cat named Purrcy, and a big old lovable rescue mutt. She and her husband are the proud parents and grandparents of three grown children and five grandsons. An avid reader, writing started as something fun to do and has morphed into true joy, with her characters telling her their stories. She has many stories to tell. Char studied music and business at Troy University. With her love of music, she enjoys weaving a little music into her writing. She is a member of Romance Writers of America.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Terra James
I'm a married mother of two special needs children. I am a new author of my first novel, but I have been writing poetry since I was ten years old. I love to read, write, promote authors, and blog.
Latest book: Immortal: The Chosen

Follow me at my  Facebook Page cornstew0145
Born December 18, 1974 in Fort Pierce Florida I grew up just jogging distance from the beach. As a kid I enjoyed sports and any kind of electronic gadgets. When I go older I developed a passion for marketing. I've tried numerous forms of marketing but the one that I was most successful at was Ebay and Amazon marketing. I've learned different techniques to leverage my selling potential on this sites.
Latest book: How to get Windows 8 for FREE

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Keri Singleton
Keri D. Singleton is an award-winning author, host of New York based FLO Empire radio show, Keri's Korner, and a publicist. He has used his talents and relationships with other promoters, artists and various individuals in the entertainment industry to support causes such as HIV awareness, cancer research and most notably, urban violence. Having lost his father to gun violence less than twenty four hours from Father’s Day in 1996 in Boston, Keri D. Singleton knows first hand the pain of being a victim of the violence that plagues inner cities nationwide. Keri became a speaker at youth rallies in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Baltimore and co-founded P.E.A.C.E. Night @ Chez Vous in 2008. P.E.A.C.E. ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ana Huang
Ana Huang is a twenty-four-year old Florida native who is better known as ACRL37 on Wattpad, a social reading platform. She got the writing bug in fourth grade, when a narrative essay she wrote for class was published in a magazine for elementary and middle school readers. She started writing All I’ve Never Wanted when she was sixteen. The story currently has over 17 million views on Wattpad. Besides reading and writing, she also enjoys traveling, Sunday brunch with friends, and shopping for shoes.
Latest book: All I've Never Wanted

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Susan Harris
Susan Harris is a writer from Cork in Ireland. An avid reader, she quickly grew to love books in the supernatural/fantasy genre. When she is not writing or reading, she loves music, oriental cultures, tattoos, anything Disney and psychology. If she wasn't a writer she would love to be a FBI profiler or a PA for Dave Grohl or Jared Leto. Susan Harris is the author of Shattered Memories.
Latest book: Shattered Memories

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Carlos Antonio Ojeda
Después de haber sido entregado a su abuela a los 8 meses de edad y vivir en medio de la selva Misionera, Carlos Antonio Ojeda ha superado todas las dificultades que un niño puede experimentar en su infancia. Ha sido una de las mas duras escuelas que la vida puede ofrecer a una persona, pero gracias a estas pruebas se ha convertido en una persona sumamente positiva, intrépida y con muchos conocimientos. Con una historia inspiradora para otras personas que se encuentran en momentos difíciles de la vida. Nació un 22 de enero en Eldorado, Misiones, Argentina. A los 10 años de edad su tenencia paso a manos de su madre biológica y de su padrastro donde las cosas parecían tomar un mejor rumbo, esto lo llevo a ... read more
Latest book: Inquebrantable Por Naturaleza

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robert Batchelor
ROBERT BATCHELOR, has been preaching the Word of God for the past twenty years. He ministered as a music worship leader before beginning Overcoming Faith Ministries in August of 1991. Since that time, the work has become a national outreach. Through crusades, local outreaches, internet and the local church, Pastor Batchelor, Overcoming Faith Ministries and its' Faith Partners are carrying out the vision of "Going Forth in Great Faith." As a Pastor and teacher, Robert Batchelor has dedicated his life to teaching the Body of Christ how to manifest their faith and to live an overcoming life. (I John 5:4) Through the anointing of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, Pastor Batchelor expounds on the Word of God br ... read more
Latest book: Oh No He Didn't

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robyn Bachar
Robyn Bachar enjoys writing stories with soul mates, swords, spaceships, vampires and gratuitous violence against the kitchen sink. Her books have finaled in the PRISM Contest for Published Authors, the Passionate Plume Contest, and twice in the EPIC eBook Awards. As a gamer, Robyn has spent many hours rolling dice, playing rock-paper-scissors, and slaying creatures in mmorpgs.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page NumbersinOurLives
This book was meant to be colorful, appealing and interesting for children while at the same time challenging and purposeful. The content material in Numbers in Our Lives, although aligned with standards of the Department of Education for K-1 students, was designed to teach important concepts needed and taught in later grades. It was done purposefully to aid a child in advancing to a higher level of knowledge by keeping him/her focused on learning concepts.
Latest book: Lock and Learn Phonics Child's Workbook

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bekah Clark
I've been making up crazy little stories in my head since I was a child. Now I'm just sharing them with the world. Hope you enjoy these little fantasies as much as I do.
Latest book: The Hawk In Winter

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Francis Stevens George
Francis Stevens George was born in 1965 in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Francis attended a boarding school in Acton Burnell, Shrewsbury in the United Kingdom. He later took an International Relations and Economics degree at the London School of Economics. After schooling and university in England, he moved to Oslo, Norway in 1991, where he lived since. He has an MBA from The Norwegian School of Management. This is his third work of fiction. His previous two novels are “Black, White and Coconut” and “The Plant Man,” both published in 2014. Francis has also published an academic work- China and Africa Love Relations. This was an historical account of Sino-Africa relations. The book was published in January 2 ... read more
Latest book: The Plant Man

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nick Hirst
Nick Hirst is a former BBC producer with a background in television and radio presentation. In the 80’s, before joining the BBC he was the first professional English TV and radio presenter in Saudi Arabia. He’s written a number of magazine and internet articles on subjects as diverse as the Californian rock music scene, football and international finance, as well as hundreds of programmes on contemporary music. He has interviewed some of the biggest names in rock music around the world and has won a Sony Gold award (UK) and a New York Festival World Medal (international) for radio programmes he’s written and produced. ‘The Shape of Rain’ is his debut novel.
Latest book: The Shape of Rain: a conspiracy connecting the Iraq war and the moon landings

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J. C. Cauthon
J. C. Cauthon grew up in the countryside of Eastern North Carolina. She spent several years working outside the home as everything from a sub-sandwich maker to an administrative assistant. She still lives in the same town in North Carolina with her husband and four children, maintaining her alter ego of patient stay-at-home mother by day while she pursues her writing dream at night. She is currently working on multiple projects. Two short stories, “The Gumball Tree” and “Little Bird,” are due for publication in late June and late July of this year. Her first novel, The Beast Within, is scheduled for release in late 2015, early 2016. All three publications will be available on Kindle and Smashwords ... read more
Latest book: The Wickerman: A Short Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michelle Leyland
Michelle Leyland was born in 1990 and spent all of her life living in Lancashire, England. She has always loved writing and drawing and since the age of 13 has dreamed of becoming a published author and illustrator one day. She has written several fiction stories for children, teenagers and adults, and illustrated all her children’s books. Michelle also loves to play drums, dance, sing, go to concerts, daydream and read.
Latest book: Freedom Fighters: Twilight City (Book 1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Allen Scovil
Allen Scovil was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and then went with his family to Ontario before he was five. He’s spent the rest of his time living in various places in Ontario ever since, getting educated, raising four children, and struggling to keep working (He’s an Aspie). Allen was raised in the Anglican (Episcopalian) church, but crossed the Tiber some years ago, after that church started drifting far from the received faith. Now that he’s finally retired, he has the time to indulge his hobby of writing, which he began in 2003. He’s always been fascinated by science fiction and fantasy stories, and has searched for a way to make them Christ- and God-centred, instead of technology- or magi ... read more
Latest book: The Abyss of Nil

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James Dean
James Dean was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1975. He earned his Emergency Medical Technician's license, serving for 3 years before returning to school to earn a AAS degree in electronics technology. He has worked in the technology field for 14 years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.. He currently lives in a suburb of Chicago with his wife and 2 kids. James has always been interested in writing, penning his first very short story in 4th grade. He's written several short stories over the years, from horror to sword and sorcery genres. But he gave up writing for several years, until he discovered the world of indie authors, thanks to people like Mark Tufo and Eric Shelman. James was bitten by ... read more
Latest book: This Dying World: The End Begins

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sabrina Sanders
Sabrina Sanders is a German-American student working towards her Bachelors in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. Her works consist mainly of science fiction and fantasy stories. When not researching for her next book; Sabrina likes to spend time reading, podcasting with Podside NetworX, and saving humanity for the hundredth time on her Xbox One.
Latest book: The Phantoms

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mary Lee Peck
Dr. Mary Lee Peck has been a storyteller and educator all her life and a professional writer for the past ten years. She and her sons raised and showed American Quarter Horses on a 54 acre horse farm in Ohio. She has since moved to the city, but her son and granddaughter continue to compete with their horses. Her first hand experience with horses gives her books a combination of fact and fiction making them enjoyable for the professional horse-person and the "wish I owned a horse" readers. Raven, the majestic stallion in her stories, was modeled after Rusty, one of the horses she owned. Rusty was not a black stallion, but he was unusually crafty and capable of amazing feats. Dr. Peck earned her doctorate d ... read more
Latest book: Raven's Rescue

Follow me at my  Facebook Page B.E. Andre
B. E. Andre was born in Manchester, England, the child of Polish post-war refugee parents. She was educated at Stretford Grammar and Loreto College, read French, German and Swedish at U. C. W. Aberystwyth, and then completed further post-graduate studies in Manchester. This was eventually followed by an M. A. in Critical and Creative Writing at the University of Winchester, United Kingdom. She worked for Reuters News Agency in London where she specialized in the oil market. She is the proud mother of three grown-up sons who left home when they were supposed to. She lives in Northwich, Cheshire. Among her many interests is the study of wood cabins and garden sheds, and she is on permanent look-out for the ideal ... read more
Latest book: With Blood and Scars

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Daneszz
15 éves vagyok, hobbiból írok. A kedvenc műfajom a horror, aztán a fantasy.
Latest book: Zombik. Erre vártunk - Második epizód

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christian A. Larsen
Christian grew up in Park Ridge, Illinois and graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has worked as an English teacher, radio personality, newspaper reporter, and a printer's devil and has been published by What Fears Become (Imajin Books), and A Feast of Frights (The Horror Zine Books), The Ghost IS the Machine (Post Mortem Press), and Fortune: Lost and Found (Omnium Gatherum). He lives with his wife and two sons in the fictional town of Northport, Illinois.
Latest book: Passion for Weird Tales

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bryan Caron

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steve Soderquist
Steve Soderquist started writing a story when he was seventeen. He left that to become a successful musician, spending many years on the road with numerous bands. He came off the road for a ‘normal life,’ but found the writing bug hadn’t left him. He wrote a novella One for the Road and knew he had to keep going. There was so much he felt compelled to put on paper. Steve went on to pen the horror novel Farm House. When it was complete and those blessed two words ‘THE END’ were put down, he knew he’d come full circle, finding his calling. Steve’s always been an avid reader with an eclectic mix of favorite authors: Stephen King, V.C. Andrews, Jules Verne, J.R.R. Tolkien, James many. I ... read more
Latest book: Rogue

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sharon Cho
I write fantasy books that weaves action, adventure, love, and humor into a complex but not complicated mythology. Woven Myths is the series and it is a cumulation of a lifetime's lessons. Please enjoy.
Latest book: A Slice of Quietude (Woven Myths #1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ahyiana Angel
Ahyiana Angel is a Cali girl who turned the Manhattan streets into her playground. This sassy storyteller is a former sports entertainment publicist at the National Basketball Association (NBA). Ups and downs with dating, love, sex, and friendships inspired her to create a lane of her own with the popular blog “Life According To Her.” As a freelance writer Angel’s work has been featured on,, and, among others. Angel has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing from California State University, Long Beach.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kimberly Troupe
Kimberly “Kim” Troupe is currently enrolled at Full Sail University in the Creative Writing for Entertainment BA degree program. Honing her natural talent in writing, Kim hopes to complete her studies by November 2015. Additionally, Kim has worked in the public school system where she was a Title I parent and family liaison/advocate. This experience afforded her the opportunity to learn and utilize Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Photoshop. She would use these tools to write and publish weekly newsletters, present materials to conference goers on local and state levels, and teach basic computer operations. Kimberly Troupe would eventually become a minister and a business partner in two ventures, a childcare ... read more
Latest book: Unshackled: Two Poems of Release

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ann Kenney
Born in Leicester in 1960, I’ve been writing for more than thirty years! I have a real thirst for knowledge and tend to use information I’ve gleaned while writing my books or short stories. Married with three children I use my family as a sounding board for every single thing I write! I work full-time as a Student Support Administrator but spend most of my spare time writing. I am a huge football fan and have written lots of articles about Leicester City Football Club and have had them printed in the Fox football fanzine! Over the last ten years I have been an avid viewer of the TV series Supernatural and write episode reviews for Support Supernatural – an American website. I also write fan fiction becaus ... read more
Latest book: A Cynical American's Guide to British Myth

Follow me at my  Facebook Page TJ Whittle
TJ Whittle sees herself as many things and happily puts being a mother at the top of her list. With three teenagers, there is never a dull moment, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Being a Mum is not simply something she does, but is a role she cherishes, believing that it is not only the most challenging role she will ever take on, but hands down the most rewarding. Having come out in her early twenties, TJ was involved in two long term relationships that took their toll on her emotionally. This resulted in the belief that fairytale love affairs in which two people not only fall in love, but grow within that love, must exist, but just not for her. Until more recently that is. Now in a very loving, sup ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stephanie Burkhart
I'm a member of Generation X, and was born in Manchester, New Hampshire. After graduating from Central High, the U.S. Army gave me a job. I spent 11 years in the military, 7 stationed in Germany. While in the military I earned my B.S. in Political Science from California Baptist University in Riverside, CA in 1995. After leaving the Army in 1997, I settled in California. The New England Patriots are still My favorite football team. I've been married for 20 years. Currently, I work for LAPD as a 911 Dispatcher. I'm a member of EPIC (Electronically Published Internet Connection). I'm published with Desert BreezePublishing and 4RV Publishing, Victory Tales Press and PbRJV.
Latest book: Young Witchcraft

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ferdinand Gernandt
Ferdinand has been part of the SA entertainment industry for over 15 years and has evolved from being a sought after vocalist and Performer to a respected and accomplished Choreographer, Director and Producer. Ferdinand recently produced, directed and choreographed the Smash Hit musical “REIK NA DIE STERRE” and is currently in the process of developing the full feature film “#SCARS” He has also been seen on the small screen in varied featured parts in “VILLA ROSA, ISIDINGO, 7de LAAN & SCANDAL” His most recent theatre accolade was playing the role of Electra in the Roller Skating Musical “STARLIGHT EXPRESS” Ferdinand completed his diploma in Musical Theatre at Pretoria Technikon in 1999. After ... read more
Latest book: Your Guide to Screen Work and Castings

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Victoria Lindstrom
Victoria Lindstrom was born in Southern California, raised under the tall timbers of the Pacific Northwest, and educated at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. Her books for young readers include The Scandinavian Santa and The Tale of Willaby Creek. She lives in Washington State with her husband where they are active advocates for the arts in their community.
Latest book: The Tale of Willaby Creek

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brian W Peterson
Brian W. Peterson grew up in a small Missouri town, where he would imagine bad and weird things happening to him, then he would write down the stories so that he could someday have material to write novels. This is novel number one. You can learn more about him at
Latest book: Children Of The Sun

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Louise Kinnear
I am a hardworking individual that will work hard to over achieve my goals. I have a passion for customer satisfaction and by readers spreading the word of any book, fulfills my passion.
Latest book: Tears of a Child

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hannah Hooton
Hannah Hooton is a multiple award-winning author and screenwriter based in UK. After splitting with her literary agent to venture into indie-publishing, Hannah burst onto the contemporary romance scene in January 2012 with the release of her debut novel, At Long Odds. This was followed by the Amazon bestselling Aspen Valley series, so far consisting of the first four instalments, Keeping the Peace, Giving Chase, Share and Share Alike and Making the Running. The inspiration for her novels came while combining her wanderlust with her love of horseracing when travelling around Australia and working from one racing stable to the next as a strapper (not to be confused with stripper) and the exuberant imagination o ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Donald E. Swann II
just an old surfer, ex banker and former coach, with a public school education, whom (that's right I said whom) grew up with a Hawaiian taste for life, seeing life as subject matters and story lines, in exploring my ability to tell stories in complete sentences and ambitious enough to attempt to tell a compelling story making you want to turn the page... and that is a work in progress. Sometimes the road to mediocrity is littered with kind words, that fail to tell the story and with your help, we'll follow the path to improvement with each new effort, most appreciative with your patience.
Latest book: Plight

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mark Lee Danielles
Mark Lee Danielles is a Writer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page William Hawkes
William J. Hawkes worked in Germany for several years as a management consultant. His experience gives him particular insight into the world of international business, as well as a deeper understanding of post-unification German culture. He currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin, with his wife and two cats, and enjoys listening to harpsichord music and reading and translating German poetry.
Latest book: Bad Choices

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Geza Tatrallyay
Born in Budapest, Hungary, Geza Tatrallyay escaped with his family in 1956 during the Hungarian Revolution, immigrating to Canada the same year. He grew up in Toronto, attending the University of Toronto Schools, where he was School Captain. He graduated from Harvard University with a BA in Human Ecology in 1972 (after taking a break in his studies to work as a host in the Ontario Pavilion at Expo’70 in Osaka, Japan). Geza was selected as a Rhodes Scholar from Ontario, attending Oxford University and graduating with a BA/MA in Human Sciences in 1974; he completed his studies with a MSc in Economics from London School of Economics and Politics in 1975. Geza represented Canada as an épée fencer in the 1976 Ol ... read more
Latest book: For the Children

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kerry L. Barger
Kerry L. Barger a native Texan and proud of it. His family's heritage in the state predates the American Civil War when they came to Texas on horses and in covered wagons to homestead the land. One of his great grandparents was a Native American Blackfoot, a genetic fact that some believe explains his intolerance for injustice and hard liquor. His daughter was awarded a college scholarship a few years ago by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the oldest patriotic women’s organization in Texas. The Wright brothers of Kitty Hawk, President Grover Cleveland, and General Robert E. Lee are all listed in his family tree. Following his retirement in 2007, he began visiting ancient cultural sites in the US, Mex ... read more
Latest book: Elohim II: Ascension of the King

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Fetisha
Fetisha is the penname of a fulltime actor currently living in Hollywood who has appeared in numerous TV, web series, films, theatrical productions and music videos. Fetisha is also the author of over sixty short stories and seven novels, one of which was nominated for a CAPA Award for YA Fiction. Besides working in mainstream Hollywood, Fetisha also works in the porn industry as a talent scout for Helix Studios and also blogs about the industry. Fetisha’s blog, All The Porn That’s Fit To Fuck, was recently nominated for a GRABBY Award.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elliot Stanton
My name is Elliot Stanton and I live in London, England. I was born in 1970 and since 1993 I have been making a living as a pawnbroker in the East End of London I have always enjoyed creative writing since school and enjoyed creating a fanzine for a friend’s band in my late teenage years. I had often thought about writing a book, but I lacked the confidence and had difficulty in finding a subject. However, it was right under my nose. I’m often surprised, amazed or sometimes just entertained by what I experience on an almost daily basis in my shop. A couple of years ago I decided to present some of the humorous interactions I had with my customers as individual tales which I wrote up on a Facebook, s ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vincent Corlaix
That’s me! (More in a few moment…)
Latest book: La tour du Désert

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Julio Pliego
Julio Pliego is a 4th year medical student with a passion for medicine and information. As of 2015 he studies medicine at the Universidad Central Del Este in the Dominican Republic. He has passed the United States Medical License examination (USMLE), step 1, and is currently working to finish school.
Latest book: Bronchitis