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Visit my Facebook Page Andrew Burt
Dr. Andrew Burt ( has lots of published science fiction and is a former Vice President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association. He's been a computer science professor (specializing in AI, networking, security, privacy, and social issues); founder of, the world's first free internet service provider; CEO of custom software developer TechSoft, and a technology consultant/author/speaker. For a hobby, he constructs solutions to the world's problems. Fortunately, nobody listens.
Latest book: Termination of Species
Visit my Facebook Page Stuart Katz
Born in Panama, Stuart Katz is the epitome of a global adventurer. With his infectious wit and insatiable wanderlust, he has become a prominent figure in the world of travel. Leading a long-standing boutique travel company (TAL Tours) and having overseen the North American wing of Israir, he’s the go-to guy for unforgettable adventures and witty recommendations. Stuart’s op-eds and blogs have graced the pages of many publications worldwide, but this book marks his debut as an author. Alongside his travels to over one hundred countries, he’s become a vocal advocate for mental health, spreading education, advocacy, and acceptance wherever he goes. If you enjoyed this book, you might also enjoy Stuart’s po ... read more
Latest book: Travel Therapy: Around The World In Search Of Happiness
Visit my Facebook Page Needra Hawkins
Pastors John and Needra Hawkins are the visionaries of the Living Water Church. This is a thriving international ministry. They are mandated to Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the world, forming a prayer nation, healing the sick, reaching the Next Generation, and raising up entrepreneurs for Global impact. They desire to reveal man’s very purpose for living and the true meaning of life which is to know God and Jesus Christ, the One He sent (John 17:3) In 2016, John and Needra co-founded and launched the Living Water Church, and today, their ministry continues to make a great global impact through their prayer for the nations, multiple social media platforms and in-house services. Some of thei ... read more
Latest book: How Two Became One
Visit my Facebook Page John Hawkins
Pastors John and Needra Hawkins are the visionaries of the Living Water Church. This is a thriving international ministry. They are mandated to Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the world, forming a prayer nation, healing the sick, reaching the Next Generation, and raising up entrepreneurs for Global impact. They desire to reveal man’s very purpose for living and the true meaning of life which is to know God and Jesus Christ, the One He sent (John 17:3) In 2016, John and Needra co-founded and launched the Living Water Church, and today, their ministry continues to make a great global impact through their prayer for the nations, multiple social media platforms and in-house services. Some of thei ... read more
Latest book: How Two Became One
Visit my Facebook Page Alexander Saunders
Alexander Saunders was born in Portsmouth England. His family later moved to Massachusetts, USA where he grew up, thus experiencing life on both sides of The Pond. He was diagnosed with autism when young. His prolific writing, as a child and as an adult, is one of the things that has helped him cope with not only his autism but also some of the difficulties in his life. Like many others, and the characters in his fantasies, those hard times have shaped who he is. Writing allowed him the chance to use his imagination and to explore other possibilities. Like many, he has always had a particular love of dinosaurs. He, like many, believes that there is life out there on other planets. He believes that there may ev ... read more
Latest book: Treasure of the Ancient Wizards
Visit my Facebook Page D.E. Greenfield
D.E. Greenfield (aka Dawn Greenfield Ireland) is the award-winning author of 29 published books consisting of 5 series (cozy mystery, sci fi/fantasy, billionaire shapeshifters, and dystopian), and a stand-alone sci-fi romantic adventure. Dawn’s business, Artistic Origins, has been around since 1995. Besides writing, Dawn coaches writers, edits, formats and publishes clients’ books. Dawn has a certificate from the Professional Program in Screenwriting from UCLA (2002).
Latest book: Earth Calling Thol
Visit my Facebook Page Jade Swallow
Author of steamy, age gap romances. Loves reading and writing about all kinks.
Visit my Facebook Page Midge Shoemaker
Midge has explored North America, mostly as a semi-truck driver and traveled as far as Romania. Born in Arizona, she grew up in Utah, but never forgot her roots and moved back to Arizona. Everywhere she has gone or lived has given her time to escape reality and create her own little world. Midge wasn’t allowed to watch a lot of T.V. growing up, so she spent a lot of time reading books and making up bedtime stories for her siblings and friends at sleepovers. Midge loves God, serving in her church, and her family, both biological and adopted. Midge is a member of American Night Writers Association. Check out her YouTube channel, where you’ll find tips and tricks for becoming a better you.
Latest book: Lanoya and the Teachers of Powers
Visit my Facebook Page Claire Embry
Claire Embry enjoys writing about nice guys who are a little bit naughty and the women who love them. She married the love of her life (a nice guy, of course) when she was still a teenager, and they’ve enjoyed a child-free happily-ever-after ever since.
Visit my Facebook Page Shasta Larken
Shasta Larken moved around a lot as a child and was always “the new kid.” Making friends is tough, so she started writing her own stories where the cute boy always asked her to the school dance and every girl had a best friend forever. Now, she’s settled down in one place and writes heartwarming stories about finding the courage to love unconditionally. She lives in California with her husband and is working on a happily-ever-after of her own.
Latest book: Falling Awake (A Clean and Wholesome Teen Romance Novel)
Visit my Facebook Page Ainsley Drake
Ainsley Drake lives in Upstate California, where the Shasta Cascade is her playground. When she isn’t writing about kick-ass warriors, Ainsley climbs volcanoes, chases waterfalls, and hunts for wildflowers.
Latest book: Hockey Gods
Visit my Facebook Page K.M. MONTEMAYOR
I am full time reader, part time writer. Occasionally I sleep. Author of The Circle Series under KM Montemayor, and The Spirit Chaser Series and Murder of a Mommy Vlogger under Kat Mayor
Latest book: The Circle Origins
Visit my Facebook Page WELLERISM Magazine of Speculatives and Shenanigans
FREE MAGAZINE! FREE READ! FREE DOWNLOAD! Wellerism: magazine of speculatives and shenanigans. Published quarterly (November, February, May and August) by W. J. Manares. The actual Annual Subscription is PhP666 (shipping fee not included) via GCash or PayPal. But... Some printed copies are used as a part of the philanthropic effort for those who wanted to read but cannot buy expensive literatures in the Philippines. Electronic edition is always available. NO BUDGET? NO PROBLEM! FREE DOWNLOAD via Smashwords! Submissions are always welcome. Email: ISSN 2984-7451 (Online Edition), ISSN 2984-7443 (Printed Edition). Copyright © 2022-2023 by W. J. Manares. All rights reserved. LIKE & ... read more
Latest book: Fourth Issue of Wellerism
Visit my Facebook Page W. J. Manares
The Lesser-known Writer and Worldbuilder
Latest book: Woe Unto Them!
Visit my Facebook Page M. K. Kate
M. K. Kate decided to dabble in darker, edgier, smuttier romance involving paranormal and contemporary reverse harems. She writes steamy romantic comedy romance novels under M. K. Hale.
Visit my Facebook Page Kat Hailey
Kat Hailey is steamy romantic comedy writer who decided to dabble in a darker, edgier romance involving the less published kink of hypnosis.
Latest book: Hypnotist Professor
Visit my Facebook Page TK Lawyer
Passionate * Playful * Paranormal Multi-award winning, International Bestselling author, Tamara K. Lawyer, who writes under the pseudonym TK Lawyer was born in Colon, Panama. She moved to the United States with her family to pursue her post- secondary education aspirations and found her love of writing sometime in 2013. Her first book, Nightfall was published shortly afterward, in October 2014. She writes steamy and heartwarming paranormal, urban fantasy, new adult and contemporary romance. Her books often toe the line, straying from traditional ideas and opening readers’ minds and hearts to unlimited possibilities. She loves exploring new ideas and new ways of thinking. When she isn’t reading or writing ... read more
Latest book: Jasper
Visit my Facebook Page Charlotte Clutterbuck
Charlotte Clutterbuck has written many essays, stories and journal articles, four books of poems and 'Encounter with God' (Ashgate). She also wrote the film scripts for the animated series 'The Web' (ABC TV) which received several national and international awards. Charlotte taught high school English, lectured on literature in the Clemente program at the Australian Catholic University, and led many workshops in grammar and creative writing at the NSW and Canberra Writers Centres. She has also lectured in Indigenous programs at Macquarie University, worked as an English teacher and editor, and advised PhD Students in the Business School at UNSW at the Australian Defence Force Academy. Now living with her wife ... read more
Latest book: Twin Stars
Visit my Facebook Page Harper Bliss
Harper Bliss is a best-selling lesbian romance author. Among her most-loved books are the highly dramatic French Kissing and the often thought-provoking Pink Bean series. She is the co-founder of My LesFic, a weekly newsletter offering discount deals on lesbian fiction. Harper lived in Hong Kong for 7 years, travelled the world for a bit, and has now settled in Brussels (Belgium) with her wife and photogenic cat, Dolly Purrton.
Latest book: After Happily Ever After Once Again
Visit my Facebook Page Angela Graves
Angela Graves is a fifth-generation Alaskan who spends her time skiing and horseback riding through the Interior wilds. When she’s not outside, she leads a classroom full of rambunctious elementary students. Angela enjoys supporting young writers in their creative journeys and singing with her local rainbow choir. In the evenings, you can find Angela playing rowdy board games with her wife, her partner, and her daughter and cuddling with her fur babies. Angela loves sharing queer stories from her beautiful community.
Latest book: Atlantis Dying
Visit my Facebook Page David Raven
David Raven lives in Atlanta where urban culture and the stripper/club scene has greatly influenced his novels. His background is in the hospitality industry, i.e. waiting tables and nightclub work. He listens to goth/industrial bands like Thrill Kill Kult, Type O Negative, and Rob Zombie, and classic heavy metal like Yngwie Malmsteen, Mercyful Fate, and Queensyrche. He’s a fan of indie films, B-horror films, and anything involving psychics, ghosts, and the occult. Educated at Georgia State University, his hometown is Waycross, Georgia, where there is nothing but the Okefenokee Swamp, the railroad, and wonderful small-town childhood memories.
Latest book: Bonding Weekend
Visit my Facebook Page Carole L Presberg
Carole Presberg was a sheep farmer for 25 years with the help of her Border Collies. She published a quarterly magazine (The Shepherd’s Dogge) and co-authored a book with Irish author Marjorie Quarton (The Working Border Collie, T.F.H. Publications, 1997). She has written articles for numerous magazines, including International Sheepdog News (the magazine of the International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS) in the UK). For many years, Carole has maintained an extensive Border Collie website ( These endeavors and their attendant research have given her a unique outlook on the working collies, and led to the writing of this book.
Latest book: The History of the Working Collie Breeds (Sample)
Visit my Facebook Page Tom Lucas
Tom Lucas was born and raised in Detroit, and although currently enjoying the lack of snow and ice in Florida, remains a son of the post-industrial apocalypse. He is the author of the bizarro novels PAX TITANUS and LEATHER TO THE CORINTHIANS as well as a featured contributor to several anthologies. When not writing, Tom likes to drive fast and take chances.
Latest book: Research Randy and The Mystery of Grandma's Half-Eaten Pie of Despair
Visit my Facebook Page Nicole Gustafson
Who am I? Let’s see. Butch, non-binary lesbian. 4-H, baseball, and soccer mom. Criminal prosecuting attorney. Previous law enforcement officer for 16 years. Wiccan nature lover. Animal rescue volunteer. Artist in graphite and colored pencil. Extensive animal experience with cats, dogs, pigs, chickens, rabbits, horses, llamas, alpacas, donkeys, doves, iguanas, bearded dragons, hamsters, guinea pigs, and two Madagascar Hissing cockroaches. And now, a published author.
Latest book: Training Horses and Hearts
Visit my Facebook Page Thomas A. Anderson
Thomas A. Anderson es un personaje de ficción de la película "The Matrix". He asumido este pseudónimo para escribir el libro "¡CLIC! Diario de un negacionista" (y no sé si en un futuro otros títulos). Mi nombre real asociado al pseudónimo es José Ignacio Díaz Latorre. No pretendo confundir ni ocultar mi identidad, sino más bien ha sido un ejercicio literario que cobra sentido profundo cuando se lee el libro. No lo voy a explicar, mejor léalo usted.
Latest book: ¡Clic! Diario de un "negacionista"
Visit my Facebook Page Power McTeal
Power McTeal is a UK-based children's author. Latest books *Aggie and the Ice Floe*, *The Emperor's Favourite Elephant*.
Latest book: The Emperor's Favourite Elephant
Visit my Facebook Page Raúl Gabriel Leal
Nació en la ciudad de Guatemala un 27 de junio de 1981. Era el mayor de tres hermanos, hijo de Raúl Leal (maesto) y Reina Samayoa (cocinera de comida típica). Gabriel creció entre libros y comida, dos de sus grandes pasiones. Desde pequeño encontró un gran interés en los libros: siempre se le podía ver leyendo en lugar de jugar, como todos los demás niños. Fue un excelente estudiante, lo que le permitió estudicar becado desde la primaria hasta la universidad. Se graduó de perito contador, licenciado en auditoría y obtuvo su maestría en finanzas. Sin embargo, a lo largo de su vida, las letras pudieron más que los números y desde su adolescencia empezó con la escritura. Escribió varios poemas, c ... read more
Latest book: Crónicas del Edén
Visit my Facebook Page Christos Sourligas
Christos Sourligas is an award-winning and bestselling author and award-winning filmmaker. He has created and produced multiple feature films and television shows, and as a former senior executive for several internationally-renowned television production companies, he’s successfully brought shows into the homes of over 1.5 billion television viewers worldwide, airing in over 140 countries, and on 100 airlines. He also serves as a mentor and volunteer with various awards events, festivals and non-profit organizations. Christos resides in Montreal, Canada, and travels often to his ancestral home in Arcadia, Greece.
Latest book: The Island of Zoe
Visit my Facebook Page Mary Quijano
Mary Quijano is a veteran school teacher, with over 30 years experience teaching science, math, writing and ancient history in both California and Hawaii. She is as well as a published author of several novels and screenplays, including "Smoke, Mirrors and Deep Space," "The Secret Life of God as Man," "Bloodmaster, The Courtship of Apollyon," and "Bloodmaster II, The Tribulation." Her latest novel, "The Lampstand," follows the journey of the Apostles after the death of Christ as they work to spread the truth He brought to mankind throughout the Mediterranean area. Heavily researched from both historical and Biblical accounts, their story is told from multiple first-person viewpoints which bring the reader into ... read more
Latest book: The Indian Problem
Visit my Facebook Page Chyna T
Erica Thomas, known as Coach Erica or Chyna T, has been a hybrid published and self published author since 2015. Her first series, Every D-boy's Dream, made her an Amazon bestselling author. She became a publisher in 2016 with Cokane Publications. She also opened an independent author ONLY bookstore in Tallahassee, Fl called Book Teas in 2016. In 2017, Erica took a hiatus from fiction writing to become a certified life coach, which she achieved in 2019. She created her platform, Healing and Building, based on situations and people she survived while growing into the well-rounded coach and author that she is. During that time, she wrote 4 self-help books. In 2023, she signed a new hybrid publishing deal with na ... read more
Latest book: His Lady, My Sneaky Link
Visit my Facebook Page Curtis Hartshorn
Curtis has been preaching the gospel since 1987. His Bachelor of Arts degree is in English and he has a Master of Biblical Studies from Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver with an emphasis in Biblical Counseling. He has taught college level courses on Principles of Marriage and Death and Dying. Brother Hartshorn has authored three books, “My First 52 Days in Christ,” “Reaching New Levels of Faith,” and “The Essence of Revelation.” Curtis and Kathy have three grown sons.
Latest book: Mis Primeros 52 Días en Cristo
Visit my Facebook Page Jill Barry
Jill Barry's previous successes include a full-length erotic romance novel, 'Orchid Pink', which topped the Amazon charts under the author's name Toni Sands. Jill also writes for the Pocket Novel market and has sixteen short novels published by The People's Friend. Jill has also been multi-published by Lume Books. She would like nothing better than to write a sequel to 'Love at War', continuing the theme of independent women. Jill is a Reader for the Romantic Novelists' Association, a creative writing tutor both online and 'in the real world', and enjoys meeting fellow authors in Cardiff and being invited to chat on local radio, whenever she has the chance.
Latest book: Love at War
Visit my Facebook Page Giang Rita
Đặng Thùy Giang Chỉ sau hơn 1 năm trường chay từ tháng 12/2021, Giang Rita đã thay đổi hoàn toàn. Từ một người luôn stress trong công việc, mơ hồ trong cuộc sống, giờ cô đã có hạnh phúc trọn vẹn. Trường chay không chỉ giúp cô khỏe mạnh hơn về thể chất, mà còn thoải mái hơn về tinh thần. Bất chấp quan niệm “ăn chay thiếu chất, không đủ năng lượng” mà mọi người hay rỉ tai, Giang vẫn đảm đương tốt vị trí team leader, xử lý công việc ở cường độ cao tại một ngân hàng có tiếng ở Việt Nam. Cô cũng tham gia hoạt động tình nguyện, sáng lập CLB Hanoi Xplore ... read more
Latest book: Ăn Chay Trường Sướng Giữa Đời Thường (Phần 1: 4 Lý Do Khoa Học Để Ăn Chay)
Visit my Facebook Page Miranda Kate
Miranda started out life wanting to be a film director, but when directing people didn't work, she turned to words instead, finding them much easier to deal with – most days. Miranda has been featured in several Flash Fiction anthologies and ezines, and published several books, including three collections, four novels, and a novella. She writes across genres, which include Horror, Science Fiction Fantasy, Time Travel and Paranormal Fantasy, often mixing them together – the one constant being that they are all dark. Under the pen name, M K Boers, she writes psychological thrillers. Miranda Kate, spent her early childhood in Surrey, in the south of England, and her teens and early adulthood moving round th ... read more
Latest book: Unsailable Sea
Visit my Facebook Page M K Boers
M K started out life wanting to be a film director, but when directing people didn't work, she turned to words instead. She finds them much easier to deal with – most days. M K Boers writes psychological thrillers, but under her pen name Miranda Kate, she has been featured in several Flash Fiction anthologies and ezines, and published several books, including three collections, four novels, and a novella. She writes across genres, which include Horror, Science Fiction Fantasy, Time Travel and Paranormal Fantasy, often mixing them together – the one constant being that they are all dark. M K Boers spent her early childhood in Surrey, in the south of England, and her teens moving round the UK, but currently ... read more
Latest book: Sleep
Visit my Facebook Page Peter Hogenkamp
Peter Hogenkamp is a practicing physician, public speaker and author of medical fiction and thrillers living in Rutland, Vermont. He is also the creator, producer and host of Your Health Matters, a health information program, which airs on cable television and streams on YouTube. Peter’s writing credits include The Intern (TouchPoint Press) and the Marco Venetti Thrillers (Bookouture/HachetteUK), and he was a finalist for the prestigious 2019 Killer Nashville Claymore Award as well as the 2020 Vermont Writer’s Prize. Against the wishes of his wife, four children and feisty Cairn Terrier, Hermione, Peter tweets about his life on Twitter. He can be found online at the links below or by email at: peterhogenk ... read more
Latest book: The Woman From Death Row
Visit my Facebook Page Ken King
KEN KING is an author who spends his time banging out novel length Horror fiction and short stories of the same. WHERE DARKNESS DWELLS is his first novel, soon to be followed up with full length works and some collections. When he is not writing, he is spending time with his lovely wife, reading tons of books from his favorite authors and rotting his mind with films from all genres, chief among them Horror, naturally, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy.
Latest book: Where Darkness Dwells
Visit my Facebook Page Colin Mustful
Colin Mustful is an independent historian, author, and publisher. His work, which includes five historical novels, focuses on the tumultuous and complicated periods of settler-colonialism and Native displacement in American history. He has a Master of Arts degree in history and a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing. He is the founder and editor of History Through Fiction, an independent press that publishes compelling historical novels that are based on real events and people. As a traditional publisher, he works with authors who want to share important historical stories with the world. Mustful is an avid runner and soccer player who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He believes that learning history ... read more
Latest book: Reclaiming Mni Sota: An Alternate History of the U.S. - Dakota War of 1862
Visit my Facebook Page Rowan B Colver
Rowan B. Colver is the founder of Homunculus Media
Latest book: Meeting God In The Middle
Visit my Facebook Page A L Rojo
A L Rojo lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and three children. She is an educator of history and literature. Realising that her passion for reading and writing could be more than a guilty pleasure, she decided to pursue her dreams of creating worlds filled with romance, life-truths and fantasy. Her true desire is to highlight the struggles and joys of the human experience.
Latest book: The Heart of Farrowline
Visit my Facebook Page Salman Ansari
Salman was born and raised in Sydney. He is married with two kids, who are the source of inspiration for his books. He enjoys travelling, spending time with the family, and watching and playing sports such as cricket and tennis.
Latest book: Alex and the Spooky Night Noises
Visit my Facebook Page Andrew Hughes
Andrew Hughes has been writing and publishing short stories for the past decade. They have appeared in numerous magazines as well as on the popular podcast, NoSleep. His literary chapbook, Between Music and The Sun, was published in 2021 by Literary Alchemy Press. He currently lives in Arizona, working as a middle school English teacher, and mediating heated debates between his roommates: a Maine Coon cat and the world’s most rambunctious white husky.
Latest book: Children of the Arc
Visit my Facebook Page Richard H. Kirshen
Richard Kirshen is a native of South Florida, having spent his life in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. He served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War as a Navy Diver, completing more than hundred dives for the Navy, for various purposes and objectives. He was also a riverboat captain in the Mekong Delta, on an LCM-8, having extensive combat experience. Upon leaving the military, he returned to Miami and went into business for himself, owning and operating a design business in Miami Beach for thirty-seven years, before selling it and retiring. He has three incredible sisters, two successful sons, seven extraordinary nieces, and four outrageously gifted grandchildren. He has been married to his (belo ... read more
Latest book: So, Let Me Get This Straight
Visit my Facebook Page Antonia Church
Antonia Church left the great white north for the sunny, sandy beaches of Florida. Salt air and the sound of crashing waves sure get the creative juices flowing. After growing up in the upper Midwest, a thousand miles from the nearest coast, she’s found a place where her spirit matches her surroundings—a place to call home. Settled in central Florida, there is plenty of opportunity for hiking green trails and walking the sandy shores. The bright and exciting vibe of the Orlando scene had inspired a new series of novels set on the beautiful beaches of the nearby Atlantic coast.
Latest book: Sandcastles
Visit my Facebook Page Leisa Wynn-Johnson
Evangelist Leisa Wynn-Johnson is a vessel being used by God to impact the lives of His people. She accepted the call to minister the Word of God as a young adult while serving under the pastorate of her parents, the late Rev. W.J. Wynn, and her mother, Rochelle Wynn. She is the wife of Supt. Harold Johnson, II, and serves in numerous capacities at her local church, including Women’s Department President and Community Program Administrator. She is known as a working First Lady because she willingly and diligently labors wherever there is a need. Evangelist Wynn-Johnson has a passion for outreach and a gift for connecting with people and winning them into the Kingdom. Her outreach style, much like her speaking ... read more
Latest book: First Ladies, Can We Talk?
Visit my Facebook Page Oana Pustiu
Some considered her "lost", others just controversial, some see her as a light, for others she is an angel in a human body. Beyond all this, Oana Pustiu marked lives, inspired people through her courses and inspired them as well. Although he discovered the world of spirituality in high school, he deepened his study of various forms of therapy and spiritual paths after graduating from college, when he understood the impact of certain spiritual systems in his personal life. Out of love for people, in an attempt to understand them and work with them day by day, he became a counselor and trainer. The questions, the calls, the needs of the students led her to write, to communicate her "teachings" to everyone who h ... read more
Latest book: Alege Fericirea. Cum să îți schimbi viața