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Follow me on Twitter at  BritAKearney Brittany Kearney
Brittany Kearney is currently studying for her Bachelor’s degree in the Creative Writing for Entertainment program at Full Sail University. With the majority of her content leaning towards horror, mythology, and the supernatural, she creates new worlds in the form of scripts and novels. Brittany has been honing her skills for almost 20 years, her first stories being recorded at the age of 8. Most recently, she has teamed up with upcoming producer Romeo Davis to create short films with the hopes of being brought on for larger projects. When not working, writing, or studying, Brittany spends her time helping to care for her family’s 10 rescue animals and takes one weekend a month to travel to a different city ... read more
Latest book: Struggle for Survival

Follow me on Twitter at  MattsBella Deliaria Davis
Del was born in Port Angeles, Wa in 1987. After her mom was killed in a car accident, she was raised by both her mom's and dad's family, before being adopted by her aunt. She grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, where she met the love of her life, marrying him on Halloween, while being pregnant with their first child. She is a mother of 5 amazing children and lives in Spokane, WA with her Husband, 5 kids and 2 cats. She enjoys writing in all Genres' but prefers Romance in any sub-genre. Her first Erotic Novel is coming soon. In her spare time she loves helping friends and spending time with her family.
Latest book: The Mistress of the Vampires

Follow me on Twitter at  gordon_brewer_1 Gordon Brewer
Gordon Brewer is the pseudonym for a professional geek, history buff, and full time dad who took up a challenge from his son to finish his first novel and enter the world of writing. Raised on a farm in Kansas, the author spent nearly 5 years in the US Navy traveling to 12 different countries during this time. After his discharge, he received his BS degree with double majors in History and Political Science. Over the next 20 years, Gordon focused on the business and IT world. His experiences left him with a need to explore wide ranging interests in multiple genres, each with historical consideration given to the characters and settings. Residing in Tennessee, he often uses his son and wife as unfortunate guin ... read more
Latest book: The Clovel Destroyer

Follow me on Twitter at  tiatormen Tia Tormen
Tia Tormen is a writer, photographer, graphic designer, videographer, video editor, make-up artist and poet. She has also studied psychology and loves to do dream interpretation. She spends her days working a regular job and her early mornings and evenings writing. When she isn’t writing she can be found doing photography on the weekends or studying the ancient martial arts, Tang Soo Do Karate and Haidong Gumdo Sword, or attending her writing and critique group in the evenings. She is a mother of five children and has enjoyed every insane minute. Her loves include double chocolate chunk ice cream, Dove dark chocolate and CK, of course. Her favorite quote is from the RHPS; “Don’t dream it . . . be it!” ... read more
Latest book: Hidden Design, the Prophecy

Follow me on Twitter at  DonEdwinLive Donnell Harris
Donnell Edwin Harris aka "Don Edwin" is a successful entrepreneur and personal development blogger. His most notable venture being, which has attracted tens of thousands of visitors to his work. contains articles and resources on a broad range of self-help topics, including diet, yoga, productivity, relationships, and spirituality. Don's passionate pursuit of personal growth began while sitting in a single-wide trailer. Don was a gifted child but growing up poor in the heart of South Florida, Don quickly fell in with the wrong crowd. When he dropped out of school, the full weight of responsibility for his life came crashing down upon him.It was then that he decided the best course of ... read more
Latest book: Transform Your Life Through Necessity

Follow me on Twitter at  PrettyChynaLove LaRen Lovee
Cortney Williams is a writer, a wife and a mother. She is the author of the short story Secret Night Series, which include, Secret Nights, & her most recent work, More Secret Nights.She is currently working on her third short story, Another Night of Secrets. Cortney was born and raised in a small town in Delaware. She then decided to migrate to North Houston, Texas, to raise her family. You can contact Cortney on her website
Latest book: Secret Nights

Follow me on Twitter at  timothyoleary Timothy O'Leary

Latest book: Dick Cheney Shot Me in the Face

Follow me on Twitter at  alberdesign Lucas Alberto Diaz Tormo
I am graphic designer, post-producer, 3D modeler, writer and scriptwriter. I draw comic too.
Latest book: En el mundo opuesto

Follow me on Twitter at  KMSzpara K.M. Szpara
In the best of all timelines, K.M. Szpara lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with his black cat and miniature poodle. He has a Master of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School, which he totally uses at his day job as a paralegal. On nights and weekends, Kelly advances his queer agenda by writing science fiction and fantasy novels. His short fiction appears in Lightspeed, Shimmer, and Glittership. You can find him on Twitter at @KMSzpara.
Latest book: Transcendent: The Year's Best Transgender Speculative Fiction

Follow me on Twitter at  Purplestockings Vanessa Olorenshaw
Vanessa is a mother of two, feminist, activist and breastfeeding counsellor who left the law for a life. She was a founding member - cum agitator - of the Women's Equality Party. She believes that there is a need for a revolutionary, progressive, maternal feminism – and wrote Liberating Motherhood to encourage a mother movement to challenge destructive patriarchal and neoliberal policies. Catch up with her here:
Latest book: Liberating Motherhood: Birthing the Purplestockings Movement

Follow me on Twitter at  gdpenman G D Penman
G D Penman writes Speculative Fiction. He lives in Scotland with his partner and children, some of whom are human. He is a firm believer in the axiom that any story is made better by dragons. His beard has won an award. If you have ever read a story with Kaiju and queer people, it was probably one of his. In those few precious moments that he isn’t parenting or writing he likes to watch cartoons, play video and tabletop games, read more books than are entirely feasible and continues his quest to eat the flesh of every living species. He began his writing career at the age of six, ploughing through a whole three pages of his very first novel before being banned from the computer for using rude words. He brief ... read more
Latest book: The Whipping Boy and Other Stories

Follow me on Twitter at  drovics davidrovics
I've been a professional musician since the early 1990's. Around 2006 I started writing things other than songs, including many essays published in Counterpunch. In 2016 I wrote my first novel, A Busker's Adventures.
Latest book: A Busker's Adventures

Follow me on Twitter at  Lackcy1 C.Y. Lack
I'm a former school teacher with a Diploma in Physical Education. A couple of years ago, my dad was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. Needless to say, the whole family was shocked. How could a active and seemingly healthy person develop cancer? this has ed to me for the answer and a way to help him overcome this illness. My research revealed one critical area in his daily routine that he has neglected, or rather taken for granted, for many years. that was his diet. Although he led active lifestyle consisting of frequent exercising, he could care less about what he ate, which mostly consisted of junk food. In my quest to improved his health, I research and came up with healthy meal plans for him. Meal plans th ... read more
Latest book: Healthy Diet: The Essential Paleo Blueprint

Follow me on Twitter at  boell Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung
Demokratie und Menschenrechte durchsetzen, gegen die Zerstörung unseres globalen Ökosystems angehen, patriarchale Herrschaftsstrukturen überwinden, in Krisenzonen präventiv den Frieden sichern, die Freiheit des Individuums gegen staatliche und wirtschaftliche Übermacht verteidigen – das sind die Ziele, die Denken und Handeln der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung bestimmen. Sie ist damit Teil der "grünen" politischen Grundströmung, die sich weit über die Bundesrepublik hinaus in Auseinandersetzung mit den traditionellen politischen Richtungen des Sozialismus, des Liberalismus und des Konservatismus herausgebildet hat. Organisatorisch ist die Heinrich- Böll-Stiftung unabhängig und steht für geistige Offenhei ... read more
Latest book: Fleischatlas 2016 - Deutschland Regional / Daten und Fakten über Tiere als Nahrungsmittel

Follow me on Twitter at  slipthroughnerd Daniel Viau
Experienced screenwriter, ghost writer, editor, and decade long video store owner, turned novelist. A cinephilian outcast, Daniel has always been fueled by creativity. Starting Virdon Publishing from the ground up, this passionate nerd hopes to spotlight provocative voices and compelling visions. Several novellas are on the way, published in an easy to digest format. Busy lifestyles mean we don't always have enough time to consume a 1,000 page novel. These Netflix-style binge watching serialized books aim to satisfy your cravings in snack size editions. All entertainment is available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book editions with combined volumes available upon series completion for traditionalists. D ... read more
Latest book: Slip/Through: Black Syn

Follow me on Twitter at  WayneBisset Wayne Bisset
I started writing pretty late in life, back from the wars, and a little bit shell shocked I believed that writing things down would clear my head. A journalist that was in the same AA group read my stuff and said I should continue. The second Chronicles was aimed at helping people that were like me, a seemingly hopeless case. I was jokingly voted the least likely to succeed in the AA! I thought that Part II would be the end of it, no more adventures to write about... I was wrong. I picked up a drink after 7 years of sobriety and the adventures started again. I have done many interesting things that I later write about. For instance; I was in the Rhino Anti-Poaching game for 5 years. So far I have 7 (that nu ... read more
Latest book: The Mexican Horse Thief

Follow me on Twitter at  Clare_McKay Clare McKay

Latest book: Laramie Moon

Follow me on Twitter at  TamaraBalliana Tamara Balliana
Passionnée de lecture depuis mon plus jeune age, je n'avais jusqu'à récemment écrit des histoires que dans ma tête. Il y a quelques temps, séduite par l'auto-édition, j'ai décidé de franchir le pas et de les coucher sur papier. Mon premier livre The Wedding Girl est en partie inspiré par mon milieu professionnel. Suite à son succès, j'ai décidé de continuer l'aventure. J'espère que mes histoires, écrites au milieu d'une vie bien remplie, sauront vous faire passer un bon moment.
Latest book: The Vegas Wedding

Follow me on Twitter at  DavidBeckler1 David Beckler
I spent my first eight years living on an agricultural college in rural Ethiopia, where my love of reading developed. After dropping out of university I became a firefighter and after 19 years’ service, left to start my own business. I began writing in 2010, working on my first novel in my spare time, a crime thriller called Brotherhood. I like writing about protagonists with a strong moral code who don’t fit in with conventional society. I also enjoy writing about baddies and how they arrived at their fallen state. When not writing I try to keep fit, socialise and feed my voracious book habit.
Latest book: The Road More Travelled

Follow me on Twitter at  dennisjhoptions Dennis Preston
Dennis Preston is a day trader who focuses on the Currencies/Forex market. He founded JH Options, a company that provides strategy training for beginners and traders alike. Dennis has an interesting way of getting his point across, whether you’re new to trading or you’re already established, Dennis' books are for you.
Latest book: Binary Options Booklet

Follow me on Twitter at  Alaadeenmusic Victoria Alaadeen
The year was 1987. I was turning 40 and wanted to start something new in life, so I went to hear the City Light Orchestra in Kansas City, Missouri, a great jazz band. During break, I asked the saxophonist – Ahmad Alaadeen –– if he could recommend a saxophone teacher for me. He said he was teaching at the Charlie Parker Foundation for the Performing Arts and, to my surprise, he said he would teach me. Alaadeen wanted me to play flute, but instead I started on alto sax. He went to a pawnshop to help me get my first sax. I knew nothing about music. My background was ballet. I had established a new ballet school designed to meet the unique needs of home-schooled students. Since I had never taken a music le ... read more
Latest book: The Heartbeat Next To My Heartbeat

Follow me on Twitter at  custodycompass Kathy Terry
Kathy Terry has been navigating a custody situation with her child for more than 15 years. During the course of that time, she has learned a great deal about the family law system, various therapeutic tools, and the many (many) types of professionals who can become part of the process. Parents who know of her experience and the eventual successful parenting time outcome in her child’s best interests began to ask her for advice on their own custody and parenting time situations. Several of those she advises have repeatedly urged her to share her experiences with a wider group of parents navigating custody situations. So here you go! – You have this book, and you can read up on my website. Kathy holds a Mas ... read more
Latest book: All the Words You Need: Simple Response Starters for Courteous Communications in Custody Situations

Follow me on Twitter at  jessicareneebks Jessica Renee
Single mom. Avid reader. Book lover. Indie Author. Coffee addict. Also writes under the Pen name E.J. Louise.
Latest book: Little Girl Lost: A Children of the Moon Novella (#0.2 in The Children of the Moon)

Follow me on Twitter at  theJoshLeone Josh Leone
Josh Leone is the author of the Calling Tower Saga and winner of the 2004 Hope in Print Award for his short essay, Crash Course in Community. When not writing, reading or making something, Josh is an amateur researcher of all things paranormally weird and scientifically fringe. In addition to being a writer, Josh is also a proud autistic and advocate for the rights and recognition of adults living on the spectrum. Born in Central NY, Josh spent most of his childhood not fitting in. As a result, he lived a great deal of his time in his own imagination building worlds and creating characters that made sense to him. In 2015, Josh decided to let the rest of humanity into his worlds by writing his first novel, ... read more
Latest book: Calling Tower

Follow me on Twitter at  @JenniferSivec Jennifer Sivec
I was the girl who hid under the covers with her flashlight, reading until she fell asleep, the girl who saw monsters and fairies when she closed her eyes, and believed that there could truly be a Narnia if she wished it hard enough. I was the girl who loved to read more than playing outside, and did everything with her nose in a book. Now I get to write stories of my own, creating my own reality, while sparking the imagination and pulling on the heartstrings of others, even my own children. I've always been drawn to broken and imperfect characters, those who wrestle with their moral compass, and struggle with their own demons. Getting to create my own characters and write stories like this now, is truly a ... read more
Latest book: Leaving Eva

Follow me on Twitter at  @Farha_Writes Farha Hasan
Farha Hasan is a Boston-based writer of South Asian descent. She was born and bred in the South Asian community in Toronto and has a degree in business and a passion for books. Her creativity and her love for the written word first took her into advertising and then research. A slave to fiction, Farha has been reading and writing short stories since she first learned to hold a pencil. The Mother-in-Law Cure is her first Novel. Evatopia Press is proud to publish her follow-up, “Beauty Sleeping.”
Latest book: Beauty Sleeping

Follow me on Twitter at  SpiritualYazaid Yazaid Ahmed
Yazaid Ahmed was at a stage in his life where everything started to go horribly wrong. His heart was broken to a point where he thought he was emotionally dead and he wouldn't be able to love again, he went broke to the point where he had only $35 left in his bank account, he was out of shape and had flabs all around his stomach, he worked in a job that buried him alive, he was officially diagnosed with a rare type of "Clinical Depression" where doctors told him "You will live with it for the rest of your life". But then something happened. He went through a spiritual awakening that cancelled all of that suffering and led him towards experiencing paradise on earth where a dream life started getting manifested f ... read more
Latest book: Spiritual Awakening - Discover 16 Secrets that will Transform Your Life into Paradise, Make Your Dreams Chase You and Make You the Happiest Person in the World

Follow me on Twitter at  ctobob Bob Pellerin
Bob Pellerin is a the author of numerous books, article and blogs about finance and technology.
Latest book: Gold Mining Simply Put

Follow me on Twitter at  KrisNutter Kris Nutter
A gypsy by nature, Kris grew up in western New York and wandered south in her college years. Since then, she has lived in various cities throughout Kentucky and Ohio - getting married, raising a family, and working as a professor, designer, and sustainable building and green living consultant. Kris has an AA in Art, a BA in Interior Design and an MS in Architecture. She's been practicing commercial interior design since 1996 in the Northern KY / Cincinnati area, and has been a professor and administrator since 2001. She and her husband have built an award-winning passive solar, sustainable home which has also been featured nationally in Environmental Design and Construction Magazine and the ASID NewsFlash ... read more
Latest book: Just a Nutter Road Trip Western USA: 20 States and 14 National Parks in 27 Days

Follow me on Twitter at  AlphabetPublish Alphabet Publishing
Alphabet Publishing is a small, independent publishing company that specializes in textbooks in the area of English language learning and resources for teachers. We believe that a good teacher is resourceful, with a well-stocked toolkit full of ways to elicit, explain, guide, review, encourage and inspire. We help stock that teacher toolkit by providing teachers with books of practical, useful, and research-based activities and techniques.
Latest book: On the Board: 200 Fast, Fun & Easy Warmer, Filler and Fast-Finisher Activities

Follow me on Twitter at  Alaadeenmusic Ahmad Alaadeen
Born in Kansas City, on July 24, 1934, Alaadeen grew up around music. “I listened to all types of styles. I went to Philharmonic concerts, loved Lester Young, liked T-Bone Walker and was crazy about Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson. He began on the saxophone when he was in sixth grade, in time also mastering flute, clarinet and oboe. He studied at R.T. Coles High School under the tutelage of Leo H. Davis, a well respected music instructor reported to have taught Charlie Parker. “The way he taught improvisation was to sing the melody in my ear when I soloed so I’d always keep the melody in mind.” Alaadeen debuted as a professional with Davis’ concert band playing e-flat horn when he was 14 and his first ma ... read more
Latest book: The Rest Of The Story, Jazz Improvization and History

Follow me on Twitter at  astonvar Aston Var
Aston Var has written three novels and is published in eight languages. Enjoying family and spending time with his wonderful wife and son, he’s always on the lookout for their next adventure. Author of The Amazing Story of Billy Jim Hill, Ancient Youth, and Found in London. Find paperback editions and discover more of Aston Var's adventures at
Latest book: Ancient Youth

Follow me on Twitter at  kajsa_blom Kajsa Blom
I was taught British English at school. Sorry for your ignorance, Americans! I have a raw and honest life here in the North of Scandinavia. I don't care if you don't think I'm a good writer. I've proof-read my book through grammarly, fiverr editors, and my friends. It's still an on-going project
Latest book: Autobiography of Kajsa Blom

Follow me on Twitter at  meligranalibri Betty De Paola
Nata a Milano, laurea in Scienze dell’amministrazione, vive e lavora in Calabria presso il Dipartimento Tutela della Salute e Politiche Sanitarie della Regione Calabria a Catanzaro. Nel 2013 pubblica un piccolo manuale dal titolo “Tecniche di Tessitura”, a tiratura limitata (Etichetta discografica Renilin), dove si illustra la composizione del telaio artigianale e si descrivono alcune tecniche di lavorazione.
Latest book: Parrasia Utopistica

Follow me on Twitter at  fayil Fayil Shaukat
I am not a poet, poetry is an art and I am not its artist by anyway. I just sometimes like penning my thoughts to the paper, fortunately or unfortunately those penned thoughts later turn out to be known as poems". Fayil Shaukat hails from the majestic valley of Kashmir, the so called paradise on earth. Having a flair for writing from a very early age, his writings take inspiration from life and all the things it has to offer. His piece of writings try to follow a simple pattern without the use of any complex jargon so that the readers of all ages can connect and relate to his work. Connect with Fayil Shaukat:
Latest book: Random Thoughts Of A Nobody

Follow me on Twitter at  debtdefictblog Bob Marshall
Bob Marshall is a tax consultant, CPA and author who masterfully unlocks the mystery of our nation's debt and deficit in his first book "A Sinking Nation". Marshall is also the mastermind behind the blog Marshall specialized in helping entrepreneurs and high net-worth families with financial management and tax consulting. Marshall started his own tax consulting firm in 2001 after working as a senior tax manager for one of the 4 largest accounting firms in the world and as an expert with their Washington National tax office. He now brings his expertise to clients nationwide. His first book and active blog are now key text for explaining the financial problems in Washington and how a fai ... read more
Latest book: A Sinking Nation

Follow me on Twitter at  mr_renne Michael Renne
Michael C. Renne is an educator, maker, instructional technologist and perpetual student who believes an educator's role is to provide the conditions for exploration and invention, rather than ready-made knowledge. With over fifteen years of instructional experience, he has worked in public, private, charter, wilderness/residential, K-12, and higher-ed institutions finding ways to ignite student and educator learning with technology. His professional interests include game-based learning, maker education, and the rethinking/redesigning of K-12 education. Michael resides in Greensboro, North Carolina. Learn more about him -
Latest book: Build, Think, & Create with Raspberry Pi in the Classroom

Follow me on Twitter at  Proudliberal11 Rob Clewley
I am a father, activist, dog trainer,photographer and most recently an author. I am just starting out but write books mostly on political and social issues but also write about other topics and will broaden my horizons as i continue with career as a writer.
Latest book: #Gunsense Nation

Follow me on Twitter at  aklaytonwrites A.K. Layton
A.K. Layton has always been one to play by her own set of rules. In her youth she enjoyed writing poetry as it gave her a creative outlet that had no restrictions. Now, after years of reading all types of romantic novels she decided that she wanted to write stories her way. She pushed ahead as only a natural born Taurus can, with sheer stubbornness and determination. She resides in Oregon with her husband and two children. When she isn't over committing herself for school functions, playdates, and volunteer activities she enjoys watching MMA fights, taking advantage of the beautiful Oregon Coast, and reading until the wee hours of the night.
Latest book: Falling Backwards

Follow me on Twitter at  austethelnoble Chizoba Austin Jack

Latest book: Love Beyond Prejudice

Follow me on Twitter at  JonCobbAuthor Jon Cobb
I have self-published my first novel and intend to devote my time and energy to writing as I wind down the job that pays the bills right now. I am in my mid fifties and live near Glasgow on the west side of central Scotland, with my wife and our adult children. My writing inspiration comes from an interest in observational comedy, especially in situation where humour can be hard to find. A few of the events in Modern Man: Life's Like That actually happened or are an extension of real events. The characters are not based on real people but you may well recognise features of their personalities in your own friends and family. My own career path has been one of unplanned opportunity chasing and that has provi ... read more
Latest book: Modern Man: Life's Like That

Follow me on Twitter at  Musageta Luis Molina Aguirre
Luis Molina nació en Madrid en el mes de junio de 1974. Cursó estudios de delineación, posteriormente de informática y en la actualidad de Derecho. Fue militar profesional, escolta privado y desempeñó distintas funciones en el terreno de la seguridad que le llevó a viajar por toda España. Finalmente se decidió por la profesión para la que había estudiado. En la actualidad compatibiliza su labor de escritor con la de informático y colabora en el periódico “Más Brunete” como columnista y con una serie de relatos cortos de terror, también lo hace en el diario “La tribuna económica” y con “El club de los viernes”. Está casado y tiene un hijo, el cual, según él, es la principal fuente ... read more
Latest book: El asesino del pentagrama

Follow me on Twitter at  ModernAgeSpirit Roshan Sharma
The name of the author is Roshan Sharma. He runs a blog under the name “" and has written over 400 blogs covering the topics, from God to religion, spirituality, philosophy, mind, psychology, awareness, consciousness, energy, vibrations and many more. He is a regular practitioner of meditation and an avid reader of life. Everything that is shared in the blog or book is out of inner experience. He has been part of many spiritual organizations but always believed that everything that exists in the outside world in relation to god or the self is only the pointer to the inner truth. The inner truth can only be realized inside by one’s own effort. With life, what’s important is, ... read more
Latest book: The Reflection of Ultimate Truth

Follow me on Twitter at  voguishfair Frances Paul

Latest book: Life Intertwined

Follow me on Twitter at  Dedicaces Sly Edaghese
Sly Edaghese is an alumnus of New York University, he obtained the Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Economics in 1979 and 1980, respectively. Sly, an author of several novels as well as a regular opinion writer in the Nigerian newspapers and in the social media, resides in Lagos, Nigeria, with his lovely wife Carol. His family is blessed with three beautiful children, namely, Mrs. Usun-Yvonne Sundberg, Ehis and Ose.
Latest book: Long Road to America

Follow me on Twitter at  kelliburris7 Kelli Burris
I have a degree in Teenage and Children's Lit by the Institute of Children's Lit. I received the Golden Poet Award in 1991 by the International Society of Poetry. Throughout the 1990's I won several national awards for poetry and I have several of them published. In 1995 I had my own book of poetry base of The Phantom of The Opera copyrighted and published. The Haunting of Donan Castle is my first novel.
Latest book: The Haunting of Donan Castle

Follow me on Twitter at  jardosartes Juan Antonio Riveira DosArtes
Hi there! My name is Juan Antonio Riveira DosArtes. I am a poet. Enjoy my writings at
Latest book: Ventanas Abiertas

Follow me on Twitter at  robniter Robert Niter
Rob Niter is a World recognized Champion, Pro Natural Bodybuilder, international fitness model, celebrity trainer and sponsored athlete to the World's #1 Online Sports Nutrition Brand, Myprotein®. He is an entrepreneur who has immense knowledge and wisdom in the fitness industry. His amazing physique is prime, but well-known for his character, high standards and ability to impact millions in representing sports fitness. Rob has earned countless features in the international natural bodybuilding organization, Musclemania. In addition, he has made special guest appearances on ABC, NBC, BET International, Fox News, radio stations and top fitness magazines nationwide. Rob is honored to take part in helping othe ... read more
Latest book: Rob Niter's Azthetiks Innovation X-treme