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Born in Panama, Stuart Katz is the epitome of a global adventurer. With his infectious wit and insatiable wanderlust, he has become a prominent figure in the world of travel. Leading a long-standing boutique travel company (TAL Tours) and having overseen the North American wing of Israir, he’s the go-to guy for unforgettable adventures and witty recommendations. Stuart’s op-eds and blogs have graced the pages of many publications worldwide, but this book marks his debut as an author. Alongside his travels to over one hundred countries, he’s become a vocal advocate for mental health, spreading education, advocacy, and acceptance wherever he goes. If you enjoyed this book, you might also enjoy Stuart’s po ... read more
Latest book: Travel Therapy: Around The World In Search Of Happiness
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Jordan Meadows has always been a big reader. When her daughter got into reading Young Adult, she read right along beside her, finding a new favorite genre. When her daughter started writing novels, it inspired Jordan try her hand. Her favorite books involve a capable woman falling in love with another capable woman while they overcome obstacles together. She is doing her best to put more of them out into the world. Jordan lives in Portland, Oregon, and, when not obsessing or agonizing about her writing, enjoys reading, stand-up paddleboarding, hiking, playing board games, and hanging out with her dog.
Latest book: Proximity
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D.E. Greenfield (aka Dawn Greenfield Ireland) is the award-winning author of 29 published books consisting of 5 series (cozy mystery, sci fi/fantasy, billionaire shapeshifters, and dystopian), and a stand-alone sci-fi romantic adventure. Dawn’s business, Artistic Origins, has been around since 1995. Besides writing, Dawn coaches writers, edits, formats and publishes clients’ books. Dawn has a certificate from the Professional Program in Screenwriting from UCLA (2002).
Latest book: Earth Calling Thol
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Siyaset Bilimi Doçenti olan yazarımız 1967 Uşak doğumludur. Uşak İmam Hatip Lisesi ve 9 Eylül Üniversitesi Kamu Yönetimi bölümü mezunudur. Doktorasını Sakarya Üniversitesinde yapmıştır. Dr. Akpınar, Erdoğan rejimi tarafından kapatılan Turgut Özal Üniversitesinde öğretim görevlisi olarak çalışıyordu. Aynı zamanda kapatılan İpek Medya grupta ve Zaman Gazetesinde yazarlık yapıyordu. Ülkedeki siyasi atmosferin gazeteciler ve akademisyenler için ağırlaşması üzerine 2015 yılı sonunda İngiltere’ye gitti ve Keele Üniversitesinde iki yıl misafir öğretim üyesi olarak çalıştı. O tarihten itibaren İngiltere’de yaşamakta ve sürgündeki gazetecilerin kurduğu ww ... read more
Latest book: Hizmet Nedir
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Opemipo Omosa has four published books, including her latest book, Locked In. She is a storyteller who loves writing about complex and flawed characters. She was born and raised in Abuja, Nigeria and has been writing since the age of 8. She has always felt passionate about writing as it serves as an outlet to express herself. In her words, 'I write to bring to life the imaginary people in my head'. You will find her buried in a good book or spending quality time with her family and friends when she's not writing.
Latest book: Locked In
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Melva Carty is the Founder and President of International Bread of Life Ministry and Servant Leader/Founder of Church Without Walls Global. She was born on one of the beautiful dual-islands located south of the star-studded highways of St. Barbs just west of Saint John on St. Kitts. She is an Investigator for Adult Protective Services in Prince George County. In addition, she has served as Financial Aid Officer for the College of Dentistry and Financial Aid Coordinator for the Scholarship/Special Awards department at Howard University. Rev. Carty is the recipient of many accolades. In June 2023, she became the first in Prince George's County to become National Adult Protective Service Association (NAPSA) certif ... read more
Latest book: Risen from the Ashes
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The Lesser-known Writer and Worldbuilder
Latest book: Woe Unto Them!
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Avi Silver is a speculative fiction author, the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Augur Magazine, and a poet. In 2018, he co-founded The Shale Project, an award-winning indie arts collective through which he writes the ongoing Sãoni Cycle, in addition to poems, short stories, and longer works for a variety of venues.
Latest book: Pluralities
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Passionate * Playful * Paranormal Multi-award winning, International Bestselling author, Tamara K. Lawyer, who writes under the pseudonym TK Lawyer was born in Colon, Panama. She moved to the United States with her family to pursue her post- secondary education aspirations and found her love of writing sometime in 2013. Her first book, Nightfall was published shortly afterward, in October 2014. She writes steamy and heartwarming paranormal, urban fantasy, new adult and contemporary romance. Her books often toe the line, straying from traditional ideas and opening readers’ minds and hearts to unlimited possibilities. She loves exploring new ideas and new ways of thinking. When she isn’t reading or writing ... read more
Latest book: Jasper
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P.S. Nissim is a fan of Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, Algernon Blackwood, Donald E. Westlake, Surender Mohan Pathak, and Patricia Highsmith. He reads and writes on his daily commute to work. If he’s producing a lot of writing quickly, it means the traffic was bad in those weeks and he got stuck in jams.
Latest book: Brown Boy
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David Raven lives in Atlanta where urban culture and the stripper/club scene has greatly influenced his novels. His background is in the hospitality industry, i.e. waiting tables and nightclub work. He listens to goth/industrial bands like Thrill Kill Kult, Type O Negative, and Rob Zombie, and classic heavy metal like Yngwie Malmsteen, Mercyful Fate, and Queensyrche. He’s a fan of indie films, B-horror films, and anything involving psychics, ghosts, and the occult. Educated at Georgia State University, his hometown is Waycross, Georgia, where there is nothing but the Okefenokee Swamp, the railroad, and wonderful small-town childhood memories.
Latest book: Bonding Weekend
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Latest book: The Book of Alys
Follow me on Twitter at @ReadTomLucas Tom Lucas
Tom Lucas was born and raised in Detroit, and although currently enjoying the lack of snow and ice in Florida, remains a son of the post-industrial apocalypse. He is the author of the bizarro novels PAX TITANUS and LEATHER TO THE CORINTHIANS as well as a featured contributor to several anthologies. When not writing, Tom likes to drive fast and take chances.
Latest book: Research Randy and The Mystery of Grandma's Half-Eaten Pie of Despair
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Latest book: Amber Fire
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Latest book: Lessons from the Sky
Follow me on Twitter at @JJnaedrums Jenna Jarvis
enna Jarvis wrote her first book at the age of five—a nonfiction work about dogs. Since then, she has continued to seek attention through writing and has branched out into fiction. Her degree in literature and history has never helped her find a job, but just like the eclectic mix of jobs she has held, it’s definitely given her writing inspiration. Digging for Heaven is her first published novel. She is happiest in mismatched socks and earrings, enjoys watching horror films with her dog, and thinks karaoke is healing for the soul. She grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and now lives in Glasgow with her partner.
Latest book: Digging for Heaven
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Who am I? Let’s see. Butch, non-binary lesbian. 4-H, baseball, and soccer mom. Criminal prosecuting attorney. Previous law enforcement officer for 16 years. Wiccan nature lover. Animal rescue volunteer. Artist in graphite and colored pencil. Extensive animal experience with cats, dogs, pigs, chickens, rabbits, horses, llamas, alpacas, donkeys, doves, iguanas, bearded dragons, hamsters, guinea pigs, and two Madagascar Hissing cockroaches. And now, a published author.
Latest book: Training Horses and Hearts
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Thomas A. Anderson es un personaje de ficción de la película "The Matrix". He asumido este pseudónimo para escribir el libro "¡CLIC! Diario de un negacionista" (y no sé si en un futuro otros títulos). Mi nombre real asociado al pseudónimo es José Ignacio Díaz Latorre. No pretendo confundir ni ocultar mi identidad, sino más bien ha sido un ejercicio literario que cobra sentido profundo cuando se lee el libro. No lo voy a explicar, mejor léalo usted.
Latest book: ¡Clic! Diario de un "negacionista"
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Nació en la ciudad de Guatemala un 27 de junio de 1981. Era el mayor de tres hermanos, hijo de Raúl Leal (maesto) y Reina Samayoa (cocinera de comida típica). Gabriel creció entre libros y comida, dos de sus grandes pasiones. Desde pequeño encontró un gran interés en los libros: siempre se le podía ver leyendo en lugar de jugar, como todos los demás niños. Fue un excelente estudiante, lo que le permitió estudicar becado desde la primaria hasta la universidad. Se graduó de perito contador, licenciado en auditoría y obtuvo su maestría en finanzas. Sin embargo, a lo largo de su vida, las letras pudieron más que los números y desde su adolescencia empezó con la escritura. Escribió varios poemas, c ... read more
Latest book: Crónicas del Edén
Follow me on Twitter at @bibletalktv Curtis Hartshorn
Curtis has been preaching the gospel since 1987. His Bachelor of Arts degree is in English and he has a Master of Biblical Studies from Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver with an emphasis in Biblical Counseling. He has taught college level courses on Principles of Marriage and Death and Dying. Brother Hartshorn has authored three books, “My First 52 Days in Christ,” “Reaching New Levels of Faith,” and “The Essence of Revelation.” Curtis and Kathy have three grown sons.
Latest book: Mis Primeros 52 Días en Cristo
Follow me on Twitter at @@_deeholloway Dee Holloway
Dee Holloway is a librarian, writer, and Floridian in upstate New York. Bouncing between romance, speculative fiction, and essays, her work has appeared from publishers as varied as Neon Hemlock, Invisible Oranges, Ancillary Review of Books, World Weaver Press, and more. Her first chapbook was part of Sword & Kettle's Cup and Dagger series, and she co-edited The Book of Korinethian for Pink Plastic Press. When not dispensing reference services and story time, she's typically tweeting about coffee and horror @_deeholloway. . Explore recent work at Dee's profile on Chill Subs.
Latest book: Little Nothing
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Jill Barry's previous successes include a full-length erotic romance novel, 'Orchid Pink', which topped the Amazon charts under the author's name Toni Sands. Jill also writes for the Pocket Novel market and has sixteen short novels published by The People's Friend. Jill has also been multi-published by Lume Books. She would like nothing better than to write a sequel to 'Love at War', continuing the theme of independent women. Jill is a Reader for the Romantic Novelists' Association, a creative writing tutor both online and 'in the real world', and enjoys meeting fellow authors in Cardiff and being invited to chat on local radio, whenever she has the chance.
Latest book: Love at War
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Tracie Hollis is a researcher and instructor in the tech industry when she is not dreaming up dystopian worlds. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her partner and their two semi-wild toy poodles.
Latest book: Unusual Minds
Follow me on Twitter at @strunk_sigrun Sigrun Strunk
Sigrun Strunk was born in Hamburg, Germany. She studied library sciences in Cologne, Germany. Has a Master of Advanced Studies in Foreign Languages and Literatures which she completed in Limoges, France. She now lives in southwest France.
Latest book: Les bonnes fontaines du Périgord Nontronnais
Follow me on Twitter at @@PurpleQueenPub Miranda Kate
Miranda started out life wanting to be a film director, but when directing people didn't work, she turned to words instead, finding them much easier to deal with – most days. Miranda has been featured in several Flash Fiction anthologies and ezines, and published several books, including three collections, four novels, and a novella. She writes across genres, which include Horror, Science Fiction Fantasy, Time Travel and Paranormal Fantasy, often mixing them together – the one constant being that they are all dark. Under the pen name, M K Boers, she writes psychological thrillers. Miranda Kate, spent her early childhood in Surrey, in the south of England, and her teens and early adulthood moving round th ... read more
Latest book: Unsailable Sea
Follow me on Twitter at @@PurpleQueenPub M K Boers
M K started out life wanting to be a film director, but when directing people didn't work, she turned to words instead. She finds them much easier to deal with – most days. M K Boers writes psychological thrillers, but under her pen name Miranda Kate, she has been featured in several Flash Fiction anthologies and ezines, and published several books, including three collections, four novels, and a novella. She writes across genres, which include Horror, Science Fiction Fantasy, Time Travel and Paranormal Fantasy, often mixing them together – the one constant being that they are all dark. M K Boers spent her early childhood in Surrey, in the south of England, and her teens moving round the UK, but currently ... read more
Latest book: Sleep
Follow me on Twitter at @phogenkampVT Peter Hogenkamp
Peter Hogenkamp is a practicing physician, public speaker and author of medical fiction and thrillers living in Rutland, Vermont. He is also the creator, producer and host of Your Health Matters, a health information program, which airs on cable television and streams on YouTube. Peter’s writing credits include The Intern (TouchPoint Press) and the Marco Venetti Thrillers (Bookouture/HachetteUK), and he was a finalist for the prestigious 2019 Killer Nashville Claymore Award as well as the 2020 Vermont Writer’s Prize. Against the wishes of his wife, four children and feisty Cairn Terrier, Hermione, Peter tweets about his life on Twitter. He can be found online at the links below or by email at: peterhogenk ... read more
Latest book: The Woman From Death Row
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1974’te Türkiye’de doğdu. 1992’de Meslek lisesini, 1996’da eğitim fakültesini bitirdi. Özel eğitim kurumlarında öğretmenlik, okul müdürlüğü, genel müdürlük ve yönetim kurulu başkanlığı yaptı. Evli ve 3 çocuk babasıdır.
Latest book: Adam Kazandı
Follow me on Twitter at @PurpleQueenPub Miranda K
Miranda K is a British fiction and non-fiction author, who resides in the Netherlands. A veteran of childhood trauma, after years of working through inner emotional turmoil to recover herself and find inner peace & security, she has developed many tools, some of which she thought would be helpful to others. Her books endeavour to provide the information in simple and clear terms, to try and dispel some of the complicated ideas and terminology that surrounds self-help, and make it more accessible.
Latest book: Kill The Goblins! How to Get the Negative Voices in Your Head to Shut up.
Follow me on Twitter at @Lilebooks Don Swann II
I'm just an old surfer, ex banker and former coach, with a public school education, whom (that's right I said whom) grew up with a Hawaiian taste for life, seeing life as subject matters and story lines, in exploring my ability to tell stories in complete sentences and ambitious enough to attempt to tell a compelling story making you want to turn the page... and that is a work in progress. I do enjoy creating stories that may entertain and maybe help parents teach about certain childhood allergies, or stories that are fun and share the idea of friendship. Sometimes the road to mediocrity is littered with kind words, that fail to tell the story and with your help, we'll follow the path to improvement with each ... read more
Latest book: When a Frog is a Frog and a Toad is a Toad
Follow me on Twitter at @colinmustful Colin Mustful
Colin Mustful is an independent historian, author, and publisher. His work, which includes five historical novels, focuses on the tumultuous and complicated periods of settler-colonialism and Native displacement in American history. He has a Master of Arts degree in history and a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing. He is the founder and editor of History Through Fiction, an independent press that publishes compelling historical novels that are based on real events and people. As a traditional publisher, he works with authors who want to share important historical stories with the world. Mustful is an avid runner and soccer player who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He believes that learning history ... read more
Latest book: Reclaiming Mni Sota: An Alternate History of the U.S. - Dakota War of 1862
Follow me on Twitter at @@wilder_sterling Sterling Wilder
Sterling Wilder is the author of hotwife, BDSM, and taboo erotica and erotic urban fantasy. Get a free book here: For books not yet available on Smashwords, visit Sterling's Amazon author page at:
Follow me on Twitter at @tobi_thedreamer Tobi Ogundiran
Tobi Ogundiran is the British Science Fiction Association, Shirley Jackson, Nommo and Ignyte award nominated author of JACKAL, JACKAL: Tales of the Dark and Fantastic. He lives and works in Oxford, Mississippi. Find him at and @tobi_thedreamer on Twitter.
Latest book: Jackal, Jackal: Tales of the Dark and Fantastic
Follow me on Twitter at @premeesaurus Premee Mohamed
Premee Mohamed is a Nebula, World Fantasy, and Aurora award-winning Indo-Caribbean scientist and speculative fiction author based in Edmonton, Alberta. She is an Assistant Editor at the short fiction audio venue Escape Pod and the author of the 'Beneath the Rising' series of novels as well as several novellas. Her short fiction has appeared in many venues and she can be found on Twitter at @premeesaurus and on her website at She is represented by Michael Curry of DMLA.
Latest book: No One Will Come Back for Us
Follow me on Twitter at @Rowan_B_Colver Rowan B Colver
Rowan B. Colver is the founder of Homunculus Media
Latest book: Meeting God In The Middle
Follow me on Twitter at @sirencrowauthor Siren Crow
Siren Crow is a New Englander but her true calling is far off in another realm.
Follow me on Twitter at @TWJacobs1 T. W. Jacobs
T. W. Jacobs began writing stories while still in grade school. Her professional writing career has included government law enforcement training film scripts, marketing material for a casino, and cheesy television ads for car dealerships. Her writing has been affectionately dubbed as ‘genre-bending’ because much like her life, it doesn’t fit neatly in any category. She resides in Brunswick, Georgia, with her husband and son.
Latest book: On the Edge of Nowhere
Follow me on Twitter at @CalibrateCosmos Scott Ventureyra
Dr. Scott D. G. Ventureyra is an author, theologian, and philosopher. He completed his PhD in philosophical theology at Carleton University/Dominican University College in Ottawa. His work in theology is philosophically informed. He has written in the domains of philosophical theology, systematic theology, natural theology, and the philosophy of religion. He has also done research in the areas of philosophy of mind and consciousness studies. While incorporating all these domains of thought, he has conducted significant research on the science-theology interaction. These are the areas he concentrated on throughout both his undergraduate and graduate studies in theology. Dr. Ventureyra also has a degree in the so ... read more
Latest book: Making Sense of Nonsense: Navigating through the West's Current Quagmire
Follow me on Twitter at @ Dr. Smith Kiiza
Dr Smith is a lawyer, Advocate, Activist, legal expert, lecturer, songwriter, musician, poet, novelist, worshipper, Author (20 books) he holds a Honorary Doctor. - He's the founder of The Lawyers' Desk Uganda.
Latest book: The Mystery of Dreams
Follow me on Twitter at @Roosgal Jamie L. Adams
Jamie L. Adams fell in love with books at an early age. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott opened her imagination and sparked a dream to be a writer. She wrote her first book as a school project in 6th grade. Living in the Ozarks with her husband, twin daughters, and a herd of cats, she spends most of her free writing, reading, or learning more about the craft near to her heart.
Latest book: Homicide at High Noon
Follow me on Twitter at @rmikhailwrites Ronald Mikhail
I am a Florida native with Cuban American roots. In my youth I served in the US Army in search of adventure. Years after serving my country I now wish to share of that Latin passion that makes us Cuban men famous.
Follow me on Twitter at @clinic_chelsea The Chelsea Clinic
We are a very friendly and local bunch of chiropodists and podiatrists offering tailored treatments to help our clients with regards to your ankle and foot care needs. MSK Ultrasound, Gait analysis, customised orthoses, nail surgery, verruca treatments to name a few of the services we provide.
Latest book: Best Medical Pedicure London
Follow me on Twitter at @MarveaJ Marvea Jackson
Marvea R. Jackson is a Screenwriter for film in the genres of horror, psychological thrillers, suspense, dystopian dramas, and sci-fi. She will have her BFA in Creative Writing in November of 2024 and has a published work in The Eyrie, a Literary/Trades Journal from Eastern Maine Community College. When she’s not writing she enjoys singing and dance parties with her 5-year-old.
Latest book: Always in My Head: A Collection of Short Stories
Follow me on Twitter at @Hallampe Peter Hallam
Peter Hallam is now retired and lives with his partner in the Philippines. He is keen on keeping fit and attends the gym most days, he also swims when he can. For over 40 years he worked as a Qualified Chartered Management Accountant in a wide range of industries and services including, heavy engineering, aerospace, telecoms, textiles, theatre, and the charity sector. He is a born again Christaina nd a director of the River Network charity based in derbyshire England. He has 3 grown up children and has recently stated wring an alternative history series.
Latest book: Space Magpie
Follow me on Twitter at @syedabubarza Abu Barza Muhammad Ali
Abu Barza has been writing for more than 25 years. He specialized in education, teacher training, parenting, child education & phycology, career counseling, and professional development, He has written more than 60 books on these topics & over 500 research articles on these topics. He has a unique set of skills and experiences, which help readers navigate the challenges of education, teaching, raising children, developing careers, and achieving their professional goals. He has clear, concise, and engaging writing, which, makes it accessible to a broad range of readers, from parents and teachers to professionals and students. His informative writing breaks down complex topics into digestible pieces that are e ... read more
Latest book: Frog Prince - Morel Stories for Kids
Follow me on Twitter at @TheVikrantAdams Vikrant Adams
Vikrant Adams is a respected and accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in the field of political strategy. Throughout his career, he has worked with a variety of clients, including political candidates, advocacy groups, and non-profit organizations, helping them to develop and implement effective campaigns that achieve their desired outcomes. In addition to his strategic skills, Vikrant is also an excellent writer, able to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner. He has contributed to a variety of publications, both online and in print, and is known for his ability to produce high-quality content that is engaging and informative. Whether working on a campaign or writing an arti ... read more
Latest book: The Solitude Experiment
Follow me on Twitter at @atmosportfolio Atmos
Atmos is an ambient music producer, progressive rock songwriter, ink artist, free verse poet, and fantasy fiction author known for being an animal welfare and mental health advocate, mindfulness practitioner, environmentalist, marathon runner, and Buddhist monastery visitor. Atmos is focused on a mission of inspiring others, building meaningful relationships, and promoting positive change amidst the inevitable challenges of life. Inspired by the works of Pink Floyd, Tool, Rumi, Alex Grey, and Salvador Dalí, Atmos’ diverse creative artistry lends itself to his creative projects, resulting in a unique fusion of music, art, literature, philosophy, spirituality, science, and world culture.
Latest book: Poetry for the Blind
Follow me on Twitter at @JackCullenBooks Jack Cullen
CIBA award winner Jack Cullen is a veteran, attorney, and police captain. An amateur barstool philosopher, he rarely tells his stories the same way twice. Jack lives in New England with his family and a small horde of pets. His various adventures include waking up in the wrong country, being chased by jackals in Pakistan, floating through the Mayan underworld in an inner tube, and almost being run over by a supertanker while sailing across the Gulf of Mexico. When not writing, he can be found traveling around in a 1956 Willys Wagon called "The Professor."
Latest book: Lock’s Galactic Mess
Follow me on Twitter at @MissAiva Mya A. Blu
Poet, astrologer and mental health advocate.
Latest book: The Quickie
Follow me on Twitter at @arielruthanne Ariel Ruthanne
Ariel won first place in her state and placed top ten nationally in the Fine Arts Festival in 2017 for Flash Fiction. She combines mystery, horror, and suspense into compelling stories. Ariel loves to take a world grounded in realism and creatively twist it into something out of the ordinary. She is the author of The Phantom Called Karma—a story that pulls the reader into a haunting tale of curses and consequences.
Latest book: The Phantom Called Karma