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Follow me on Twitter at @jacybrean Jacy Brean
Born in Stockport, Jacy Brean now lives in the heart of Derbyshire's High Peak. one of the UK's most popular destinations for walkers, hang-gliders, and people who love beautiful scenery. She has one daughter and an army of nephews and nieces.
Latest book: Flight from Fernilee
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Follow me on Twitter at @lilamina11 Lila Mina
An avid reader of thrillers, science-fiction, horror and romance, I have been writing for nearly 25 years. Lila Mina is one of my pen names. I am a firm believer in cross-genre literature. Life is too complex, too rich and surprising to limit stories to one genre only. I love blending genres to create powerful characters, emotional plots and exciting stories that hopefully will stay a long time with my readers. My stories feature multiracial couples and sometimes menage who come together, bound by love and passion, to fight against forces bent on taking them apart. I live in Japan. The rich and beautiful traditions, the amazing nature and the long history of this country are a constant source of creative insp ... read more
Follow me on Twitter at @alastairmarkham Markham Alastair
Just a small time writer trying to get my work out there for my readers to enjoy. I live in a small well lit apartment in Texas with my love. My love for writing came when I was in the military as a way to force myself to escape.
Latest book: The Edge of Deceit
Follow me on Twitter at @f_barish Bobbi Madry
Bobbi R. Madry, Educational Director for The Write Source and Golden Quill Press also serves as consultant, author and editor. During her career which has spanned more than 30 years, she has also served as senior editor of numerous books and educational publications for major New York City publishers, including Milady Publishing. She has also written book reviews for national magazines. Bobbi served as Associate Publisher for a New York newspaper where she also mentored aspiring writers. She has received numerous awards for writing and community service. Bobbi teaches writing and poetry and holds degrees in the Arts and Behavioral Sciences. Her published works include : Human Relations For Business - A Vocat ... read more
Latest book: Tell It To The Future Have I Got a Story for You about The Twentieth Century
Follow me on Twitter at @@orlandourdaneta Orlando Urdaneta
Orlando Urdaneta entrenado y certificado en NY para impartir el método Strasber, participó en más de cincuenta largos, dentro y fuera de su Venezuela natal. Cuarenta protagónicos entre telenovelas y tele teatros. Y cerca de treinta obras teatrales.Junto a prestigiosas figuras nacionales e internacionales en cada medio. Actor, animador, periodista, director, docente, dramaturgo y artista plástico. Emblema de la producción cinematográfica venezolana, trabajó con los más importantes directores de su país y del extranjero, (MEXICO. COLOMBIA. ARGENTINA. ITALIA. ESPAÑA. FRANCIA. CUBA. R. DOMINICANA. P. RICO. USA
Latest book: Los Funerales del Presidente y Otros Cuentos
Follow me on Twitter at @chipkawalsingh Chip Kawalsingh
Chip is a graduate of Portland Bible College and is the Senior Pastor of Harvest City Church in Leicester, England. He is a regular speaker at churches and conferences worldwide, and he and his wife Sarah serve on the leadership teams of Ministers Fellowship Global (MFG) and Ministers Fellowship of the West Indies (MFWI). Chip is the author of several books, including An Extra Shot, God, a Mocha & Me and Formation Leadership. Chip is married to Sarah and they have three children; Brandon, Dylan and Trinity.
Latest book: An Extra Shot
Follow me on Twitter at @f_barish Marjorie Struck
Marjorie was born into a large family of nine living in rural Minnesota. At seventeen she moved to Pennsylvania and later to New Jersey, where she lived with her husband Joe. Happy to have family nearby, Marjorie is a mother, grandmother and a great-grandmother. From childhood to the present day, Marjorie has maintained her avid interest in the arts; the ability to express through creating. She has found that window of expression through her love of painting and through writing. When she was approaching her seventies, Marjorie was inspired to write about spiritual happenings she’d experienced during various periods of her life. Her experiences; understanding and conveying the ultimate message, presented ... read more
Latest book: Tell Others
Follow me on Twitter at @f_barish F. Barish-Stern
F . Barish-Stern has been writing stories and winning awards since she was a teen. As an adult she turned to non-fiction magazine and newspaper writer, but still had a love of writing, and a very vivid imagination; which she finally turned into a novel. BREV Force was originally 75 pages, of superhero adventure written for her children, who preferred to play video games, rather than read. But over the years as she watched the superhero craze boom, she decided to get serious and turned it into a trilogy of over 750 pages. Today, the characters of BREV Force are a symbol of adventure at an entertainment center, Glow-A-Rama in Buchanan Virginia Her other non- fiction books include: Tell I ... read more
Latest book: Code 47 to BREV Force Controller the Final Battle
Follow me on Twitter at @KhrystinaChay K.C O'Brien
I am an Indie author of the miniseries "When The Heart Whispers Back". My main genre is Romance Erotica and will soon be adding Drama into the mix.
Follow me on Twitter at @Shellcrawford Michelle Crawford
Michelle Crawford is the Chief Conversationalist and amazing brain behind Being More Human. She has more than twenty years of experience providing guidance, leadership development and Human Resource skills, as well as strengthening the corporate culture of organizations across twenty different industries. And this experience has shown her one great truth—modern businesses are losing their humanity. After seeing the world and meeting people from all walks of life, Michelle chose to dedicate her life to helping businesses become more human in the way they operate and in their culture. She has brought a team of human resource and organizational development experts together to increase humanity in the workplac ... read more
Follow me on Twitter at @LucasFlintBooks Lucas Flint
Lucas Flint is a Texan writer of young adult superhero fiction. He is the author of The Superhero’s Son, The Young Neos, Minimum Wage Sidekick, The Supervillain’s Kids, The Legacy Superhero, Dimension Heroes, Lightning Bolt, and Capes Online. Find links to books, social media, updates on newest releases, and more by going to his website
Latest book: The Official Lucas Flint Series Reading Order & Guide: A Secret Identity Books Pamphlet
Follow me on Twitter at @magipojken Sequoia EDWARDS
I'm originally from the Pacific Northwest, but moved abroad and started learning languages. Until now I've lived in the US, Iceland, Sweden, Japan and for a brief time Taiwan. / Mi venas el nord-okcidenta Usono sed transloĝis alilanden kaj komencis lerni lingvojn. Ĝis nun loĝis en Usono, Islando, Svedlando, Japano kaj iomete Tajvano.
Latest book: How to Translate to Esperanto
Follow me on Twitter at @akapowerful Jerry Washington
I'm a real estate wholesaler, investor, sales and marketing coach, author, traveler, and father.
Latest book: The great 8 - How the top performing salespeople close more deals than the average
Follow me on Twitter at @f_barish Francine R. Cefola
F. Cefola (Barish-Stern) was an actress for years, but when her children preferred video games to reading, she turned her love of stories from performing to creating. Her first novel, “Code 47 to BREV Force,” was written on the train from New York to Disneyworld, and was originally 75 pages. She used her sons love of superheroes as a theme, but never went any further…until recently when she was encouraged by the increased love of superheroes, to bring it out from the bottom drawer. So, she tuned 75 pages into the BREV Force trilogy; of over 750 pages. Over the years, writing for newspapers and magazines led her to helping other writers and she used those experiences to create, “HOW TO WRITE YOUR B ... read more
Latest book: Tell It To The Future Have I Got a Story for You about The Twentieth Century
Follow me on Twitter at @PieterGriessel Pieter Griessel
Pieter, a Certified Life Coach and Master Certified NLP Practitioner from the iNLP Center in the United States, specializes in Confidence Coaching. He has been involved in personal and leadership development since 2007 and has an extreme passion for helping individuals identify their goals and dreams, positioning themselves to make it a reality and taking the necessary actions to achieve those goals.
Latest book: Believe to Achieve
Follow me on Twitter at @falconlord5 Josh Stoodley
I'm Josh Stoodley. I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have a bachelor's degree in History from St. Mary's University College and I write stories about the weird and the superpowered.
Latest book: Robots and Vampires: A Cyborg's Odyssey
Follow me on Twitter at @Lockhartsisters Jasmine and Arielle Lockhart
Jasmine and Arielle Lockhart were born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, in a house overflowing with books, art, and poetry scrawled on scraps of paper by the hands of their father and mother. The sisters spent their childhood summers setting crawdad traps and picking peaches from the three-hundred-year-old tree on their family's plantation. On stormy nights when the power would go out in the Antebellum home, Arielle would distract her younger sister by telling her stories. It never took long before Jasmine's fear of the dark was forgotten and she was butting in with her own ideas of how the story should go. In 2017, over mint julep's on the plantation's ivy-laden porch, Jasmine and Arielle came ... read more
Latest book: Give Me Fever
Follow me on Twitter at @@jeanknightpace Jean Knight Pace
Jean Knight Pace is the author of the YA novels, Grey Stone and Grey Lore, as well as the essay collection, Hugging Death: Essays on Motherhood and Saying Goodbye. She has had work published in Puerto del Sol, The Lakeview Review, Crucible, and other literary magazines. She’s also written for Dollar Stretcher and Authors Publish. She has a BA in music and an MFA in creative writing. She lives in southern Indiana with her husband, four children, 7 ducks, 2 chickens, and a cat. She blogs at and Find her on Facebook and Twitter (@jeanknightpace) and Instagram (@jeanknightpacewrites).
Latest book: Grey Stone
Follow me on Twitter at @NightShadow4Eva Alistair Sutherland
Hello there, welcome to my neck of the woods (so to speak). I love to write and occasionally read. Most of my work will be in the fantasy genre. I will also dabble in the Science Fiction. I hope that if you read my work, you will comment. Constructive Criticism is always a good thing. As always if you like a story, please comment and vote. I am rewriting Legend of Man just for the Wattpad audience. If you want to read Legend Of Man in its full entirety without the chapter breaks you can find it on the website listed in my profile. I have taken some much needed time off to evaluate changes in my life. Some for the good and some not so good. As such my writing has taken a slight backstep. I hope to recover ... read more
Latest book: The Legend of man: Destiny Awaits
Follow me on Twitter at @attackingcancer Paige Stamps
Paige Lenington-Stamps, an author, speaker, blogger and cancer researcher, left her stay-at-home-mom life--taking care of her two daughters, Jessika and Jade--and strapped on a tool belt as a technician to help her husband build their fledgling company. She is currently Executive VP of he Fire Systems Design Group, and the President of STAMPSCO Fire & Security. Paige is NICET Level II certified in Fire Alarm systems and has been featured in numerous media outlets including Fox, Security Sales & Integration, Security Dealer & Integrator, and in Security Systems News piece entitled "Women Gain Visibility, Power in Industry." Paige and husband Rodney are co-founders of
Latest book: 90 Days to Live
Follow me on Twitter at @attackingcancer Rodney Stamps
Rodney Stamps is a cancer survivor, cancer researcher, author, and public speaker. He is the Chairman of the Fire Systems Design Group, a global Fire Alarm Design and Engineering firm, and is CEO of STAMPSCO Fire & Security, Inc. based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Rodney has 30 years in the Fire & Life Safety industry, holds a NICET Level IV certification in Fire Alarm systems, and is a member of both the National Fire Protection Association and the American Society of Certified Engineering Technicians. He has been featured in numerous media outlets including Fox, NewsOK, The Outlook Magazine, Security Sales & Integration, Security Systems News, Security Dealer & Integrator, and Fire Protection Engineering Maga ... read more
Latest book: 90 Days to Live
Follow me on Twitter at @RebeccaPenkett Rebecca Penkett
Rebecca is a Harp Therapist who teaches harp, offers Harp Therapy and plays Healing Music in Community Care. Rebecca trained in Metaphysics, Energy Medicine and Holistic Therapies with The Academy of Spiritual Sciences. During this period, she bought a small harp and was encouraged by her tutor, Carol Lamb, to teach herself to play intuitively. Rebecca established Harp Alignment to develop this unique style of harp music, offering harp lessons and harp therapy to release cellular memory from past experience. She developed a package of healing music and singing with the mandolin, ukulele, guitar and harp, which she plays in care and nursing homes in Northern England.
Latest book: Vibrational Healing Harp
Follow me on Twitter at @sweetrose_agwu Onyiyechi Roseline Agwu
A lover of writing, music,singing,creativity,quietness,family and God. I divide my time amongst all these plus medicine 😁. I love meeting like minded people too. I hope you enjoy my works 😃
Latest book: Leaves From the Sky and the Beautiful Ones
Follow me on Twitter at @BBComicsZA Gushwell Brooks
Gushwell F, Brooks (standing on the left hand side in the photo) is the Chief Creative Officer, owns 50% of the shares in BB Comics (Pty) Ltd, is a co-founder of the business and has been dabbling with comics and graphic novels for more than 20 years and finally in October 2014, took the leap of faith and presented his creation “The Adventures of Ntate Molefe” to the most widely read publication in South Africa, “The Daily Sun”. On the 2nd May 2017, he resumed the series, this time as a fortnightly comic strip series and a year later the cartoon strip still proves to be popular and a hit with its reading audience. He is the creative driving force behind the business, as he has created the two chara ... read more
Latest book: The Adventures of Ntate Molefe Issue #001
Follow me on Twitter at @tongotames Nylton Batista
Nylton Batista é colunista do semanário O LIBERAL ( ), em Cachoeira do Campo/Ouro Preto-MG, há trinta anos e dele foi redator durante vinte e um. Já publicou três livros: “Banda de Música, A Alma da Comunidade”; “O Grande Segredo”, – pequena coletânea de contos e “Alma em Desencanto” . O autor é também editor do site , no qual publica seus textos e acolhe, sob critérios próprios, publicações de terceiros
Latest book: Democracia Aberta Já
Follow me on Twitter at @rustywriter Rusty Williamson
Ronald (Rusty) Williamson lives in San Diego CA. Besides writing science fiction, Williamson works with computer animation, video and sound editing. At a layman's level, he has been interested in quantum physics (Superstrings and LQG) and relativity since 1980. His other hobbies are playing guitar and song writing. The author would love to hear from you. You can email him at
Latest book: The War Lords
Follow me on Twitter at @AuthorBeltz James Beltz
James started his creative career as a photographer. Exclusively, it was how he put food on the table. After nearly 20 years, the market changed and James had to face the reality of going back into the workforce like normal people do. But, James is not normal. Not even a little bit. He soon began to battle depression and question his self-worth. Someone made the suggestion that he should write a book. In his words, he suddenly knew that he could. Six weeks and 115,000 words later, the first DJ Slaughter book was born. He now has several full-length novels in the series. The first is entitled "Slaughter: Origin Story" and has a 4.5-star rating. All subsequent books share a solid 5-star rating. They are all sold ... read more
Latest book: Slaughter: Collections
Follow me on Twitter at @Mm2009k مريم عبدالله خيري
الاسم : مريم عبدالله خيري Email: المهنة : معلمة العنوان : المملكة العربية السعودية –أبها – الطائف . المؤهلات باحثة دكتوراه تخصص الفلسفة في التربية مناهج وطرق تدريس العلوم ماجستير مناهج وطرق تدريس العلوم بكالوريوس العلوم والتربية تخصص فيزياء مدربة معتمدة من المؤسسة العامة للتدريب المهني والتقني مدربة معتمدة من وزارة التعليم العضويات عضو مجلس إدارة الجمعية السعودية العلمية ... read more
Latest book: معايير الجودة الشاملة في معامل العلوم الطبيعية التعليمية ( معمل الفيزياء )
Follow me on Twitter at @izaihabigniaga Izaiha Zainol
Izaiha Zainol pemegang ijazah Sarjana Muda Perniagaan dalam jurusan Pemasaran & Pengurusan dari La Trobe University Bendigo, Australia. Beliau mempunyai lebih 20 tahun pengalaman berniaga di dalam beberapa industry seperti ICT, Broadcasting, Pembangunan & Pengurusan Resort & Hartanah, Latihan, Travel & Tours, dan Bio-tech.
Latest book: Rahsia Seorang Usahawan
Follow me on Twitter at @AnnetteMMarie Annette Marie
Annette Marie is the author of YA urban fantasy series Steel & Stone, its prequel trilogy Spell Weaver, romantic fantasy trilogy Red Winter, and sassy UF series The Guild Codex. Her first love is fantasy, but fast-paced adventures and tantalizing forbidden romances are her guilty pleasures. She proudly admits she has a thing for dragons, and her editor has politely inquired as to whether she intends to include them in every book. Annette lives in the frozen winter wasteland of Alberta, Canada (okay, it’s not quite that bad). She shares her life with her husband and their furry minion of darkness—sorry, cat—Caesar. When not writing, she can be found elbow-deep in one art project or another while blissfu ... read more
Latest book: Love Potion: A Valentine's Day Charity Anthology
Follow me on Twitter at @cristinaellwood Cristina Ellwood
Cristina Ellwood is the creator (author and illustrator) of "Fred The Alien", a children’s picture book aimed at small earthlings ages 4-8. Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, her creativity has continued to grow writing stories, art and photography. She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree and courses in creative writing and illustration. Cristina currently lives in St. Thomas, Ontario.
Latest book: Morphosis
Follow me on Twitter at @samiriches AMAH SAMUEL
I am AMAH, SAMUEL UDOKA, a native of Amofiagu Affa, in Udi L.G. A , Enugu State, Nigeria.
Latest book: The Inventors & their Inventions that changed the world.
Follow me on Twitter at @danielpespinosa Daniel P. Espinosa
Daniel P. Espinosa is a crime, horror and fantasy writer from Spain. He is known for his intimist and dark style. He has co-translated into Spanish and edited Jim Butcher’s Turn Coat (The Dresden Files). As a writer, he was shortlisted for the renowned Minotauro International Award and the Nocte Award with Nekromanteia, an urban fantasy novel about necromancy. He has also published other novels, like Old Cannibal, a horror thriller about the real serial killer Albert Fish, and Ad Infernum, a dark fantasy novel in medieval Spain. He has also contributed to several anthologies such as Horror Dummies. When he is not writing he is devoted to his other addiction, roleplaying games and larping.
Latest book: Viejo Caníbal
Follow me on Twitter at @StellaRomance Stella Dawn
Stella Dawn writes interracial romance with a scifi or paranormal twist. Come read about otherworldly alphas who will stop at nothing to win and protect their women.
Latest book: Stroke of Midnight
Follow me on Twitter at @cursejavan Curse Javan
Curse Javan is an Eagles and Sixers-loving 28-year-old professional professor, tutor and author. He got his undergraduate degree from The Pennsylvania State University and achieved a M.S. from Temple University. Curse has been trying to write books since childhood but kept receiving numerous health-related setbacks. Now, he has worked hard to move past these issues and is dedicated to writing as fast as possible for his fans. Curse believes that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and that no one is actually superior or should be treated less due to limitations in certain areas. Like a videogame, there is no perfect character, but there are no meaningless ones as well. The only thing that makes pe ... read more
Latest book: Grimace
Follow me on Twitter at @SandraSookoo Sandra Sookoo
Sandra Sookoo is a bestselling author who firmly believes every person deserves acceptance and a happy ending. Most days you can find her creating scandal and mischief in the Regency-era, serendipity and happenstance in Victorian America or snarky humor in the contemporary world. Reading romance is a lot like eating fine chocolates—you can’t just have one. Good thing books don’t have calories! When she’s not wearing out computer keyboards, Sandra spends time with her real life Prince Charming in central Indiana where she’s been known to goof off and make moments count because the key to life is laughter. A Disney fan since the age of ten, when her soul gets bogged down and her imagination flags, a tr ... read more
Latest book: Devil Take the Duke (Lords of the Night Book 1)
Follow me on Twitter at @justwordstjw Tre'
Tre' is a African American author from Tampa, Florida. He is a retired United States Navy Chief and has a Bachelor of Science degree from Jacksonville University. His words are practical, penetrating, and impacting. Also, search for his first book of poetry called Just Words.
Follow me on Twitter at @scarletwinter87 Scarlet Winter
Hey. Scarlet Winter here. I'm a 30 something year old erotica writer and I'm only here to attempt to tantalize and make you heat up all over. I want to just make sure that everyone who reads my stories ends up having a really, really good time. There will be some darkness, and some fantasy, and even a little bit of scifi thrown in the mix. I do hope that everyone who stops by will find something they like here. Thank you.
Follow me on Twitter at @Daniel_Quill Daniel Quill
Daniel Quill was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1973 to an Irish mother and Scottish father. He grew up in Scotland, and now lives in Northeast England. He is a civil engineer having over ten years experience in bridge assessment. "Penny" is his first book. An interview conducted by Madhu for her book 'Spiritual Universe' is available to read here:
Latest book: Penny
Follow me on Twitter at @lyndalevesque Taillandier Thomas Christian Jérémy
Taillandier T.C.J est né le 15 décembre 1996 à la Seyne sur mer en France., romancier, dramaturge et enseignant en finance et marketing, Taillandier T.C.J est sans conteste l'un des jeunes de la littérature française qui fait réfléchir. L'auteur de freelance guide complet, l'art de jouer au poker à allier à la fois ambition, longévité, puissance de travail et Génie, ce qui ne pouvait que concourir à ce mélange de fascination et l'irritation qu'il suscite aujourd'hui. Fort de sa jeunesse Taillandier T.C.J ambitionne de devenir une référence dans le milieu littérature. Pour y parvenir il veut mettre en place une start-up dédiée aux jeunes littéraires pour leur permettre de mieux se faire conna ... read more
Latest book: Freelance guide complet
Follow me on Twitter at @ergomezj EDGAR GOMEZ
Incursionando como Autor-Editor en el año de 2017 con el libro "El sendero de mi vida" en el que se plasman vivencias y anécdotas que te permitirán reflexionar sobre el amor, la familia, la pareja, la vida; espero con ello compartir las vivencias y darte otra visión del sendero de tu vida.
Latest book: El Sendero de mi Vida
Follow me on Twitter at @sameergarach Sameer Garach
SAMEER GARACH was born in Houston in 1986 and earned a BA in Mathematics with Honors from the University of Texas at Austin. During graduate studies in quantitative finance, he developed a passion for writing and subsequently wrote his first novel, The Bull Option, a unique and cunning financial thriller that moves at a breakneck pace.
Latest book: The Bull Option
Follow me on Twitter at @muecaabsurda Juan Vidal Olmos
Solamente quiero escribir y viajar.
Latest book: Hermosamente Inexplicable.
Follow me on Twitter at @thepnguyenthanh Tôn Thép Nguyễn Thành
Chuyên cung cấp thép ống hộp các loại Hòa Phát, Nhật Quang, Minh Ngọc. Tôn mạ mầu, Zacs thép hình, Inox Hoàng Vũ, Panel cho mọi công trình, uy tín, giá rẻ, bảo hành tốt nhất Hưng Yên, Hà Nội Địa chỉ: - Cơ sở 1: 385 Nguyễn Đức Thuận, Trâu Quỳ, Gia Lâm, Hà Nội - Cơ sở 2: Ven đường 179 thôn Thượng, Xã Cửu Cao, Văn Giang, Hưng Yên - Cơ sở 3: Quán Trạch, Liên Nghĩa, Văn Giang, Hưng Yên - Cơ sở 4: Xóm Kim Xà, Đông Tảo, Khoái Châu, Hưng Yên 162580 SĐT: 0982275499 Website:
Latest book: What is Steel?
Follow me on Twitter at @McKrause_novels Stanford Mc Krause
Stanford Mc Krause Nació el 17 mayo 1932 en Montgomery, Alabama. Fue ingeniero de sistemas aeronáuticos y piloto de pruebas del ejército de los Estados Unidos. Estudió en el Instituto Tecnológico de Massachusetts (MIT), estuvo en la Armada y voló en 64 misiones de combate en Corea del Norte. Además de dedicarse a escribir ficción, es creador del subgénero "Changing Times" en el cual, los personajes desarrollan sus historias en medio de acontecimientos misteriosos, los cuáles, pueden afectar a toda la humanidad. English: Stanford Mc Krause Born on May 17, 1932 in Montgomery, Alabama, he was an aeronautical systems engineer and test pilot of the United States Army. He studied at the Massachusetts Ins ... read more
Latest book: La mansión de Somerset
Follow me on Twitter at @fototune Bob Gersztyn
Bob Gersztyn began writing in 1968 with his diary. Since then he has lived a lifetime as a hippie college student, Jesus Freak, Pentecostal inner city pastor, postal worker, photographer, journalist, writer, salesman, taxi driver, bartender, husband and father of seven children and six grandchildren as of 2019.
Latest book: 165 Days Short