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Vallory Vance is a color inside the lines, Human Resources professional living in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex by day. After her family consisting of a husband of almost twenty years, three kids and two dogs have filled her evenings with laughter, she sits down to her laptop to write tales of the first moments of falling in love when nothing else seems to matter.
As a fortieth birthday present to herself, she decided to share her stories of romances that range from sweet to spicy.

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Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in Mississippi and attended Catholic school from 1st through 12th grade.

Does this influence my writing? Yes, it does.

The language of my work is very Southern and I'm not talking about the characters saying 'y'all'. There is a sweetness to my erotic romances that comes from the way in which I was raised to speak. I learned fairly early on that "Bless your heart." could be the same as, "F*** you!" It's just nicer to say it the first way.

But I was bored out of mind in Mississippi and moved to New Orleans for college. I often say that I was born in New Orleans. The music, the food, the people and the language shaped the woman I am today.

Does this influence my writing? Yes, it does.

My experiences in New Orleans made me bold enough to attempt self publishing.
What's the story behind your latest book?
Not only Deja Vu, but the entire Rose Gold Collection was inspired by a real life event.

I was on the train into work the day before Valentine's Day. Seated in front of me is an older White man maybe in his early sixties. I notice him because as I walk by, his briefcase is on the seat next to him and I had to sit behind him. How rude is he?

Anyway just as the train is about to depart, an older African-American woman gets on.

Well, now the man moves his bag saying, "Didn't expect to see you this morning."

"Oh, I had to go downtown today," she says and sits next to him.

I'm reading but I'm listening to their conversation at the same time. They talk about their grandchildren, senior events in our north Texas town and then this...

"Did you have a chance to try that recipe I gave you?" he asked.

"I did. I'll have to make it for you one day."

"Well what are you doing tomorrow?"

"Hmm," The lady next to me and I grunt at the same time. Then we look at each other and giggle for our blatant eavesdropping.

So the idea of romance at any age was born. I opened the journal app on my tablet and began writing. There was Darcey, approaching thirty and already outpacing her senior sales manager for generating new business. There was Lenore, in her forties with two college daughters and ready to start a new life. And there is Catalina, a recent college grad facing life on her own for the first time.

It's been fun finding love for these three.
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