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The author has been a life-long student and learner. While working in the real-world for nearly forty years, he held various management positions for over two decades. He won the Public Service Excellence award for managing the “Best Federal Government Program” for the year 2000. He is now a retired federal government manager and free-lance writer ( – now in hiatus) who holds the Master of Education degree from the University of Virginia. He has published dozens of op-ed, management, humor, and general interest articles. Mr. Apelquist was a regular social and political columnist for The Journal Newspapers (Washington, DC, suburbs) and The Flagler Times (Flagler County, FL). He was Treasu ... read more
Latest book: Your Jesus GPS - Find Direction, Personal Growth, Inner Peace and Joy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michelle Vernal
Michelle Vernal is an author with Harper Impulse UK, based in the pretty little town of Oxford, in New Zealand’s South Island. Writing’s something she’s always used as a way of expressing herself. Her first foray into the romantic and humorous world of her style of women’s fiction is recorded in her high school self’s compulsory school journal. In it, much to the delight of her English teacher, she described the heartbreak of being dumped after her first school disco. Happily, she’s moved on since then and is now married with two boys. Her fourth novel, The Traveller’s Daughter will be re-released with Harper Impulse on March 24, 2017…watch this space!
Latest book: Being Shirley

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jennifer Ostrander
Creative writing student at Full Sail University. In 2015 I will have my Bachelors degree. This is a work that I have been expanding on from one assignment.
Latest book: Curse of the Dragon Tear

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Héctor Amorrosta
Héctor Amorrosta Gotxi (Bilbao, 16 de noviembre de 1989), es un periodista, escritor y fotógrafo español. Se licenció en Periodismo en la Universidad del País Vasco (UPV-EHU) especializándose en fotografía y Community Management. Con 16 años escribió su primer libro, "La vida en un pixel". Durante la carrera creó el periódico gratuito, mensual y de humor "Noticias Insólitas". También estuvo colaborando en otros periódicos y televisiones locales. Su gran afición es viajar, tanto, que en 2013 fue andando desde Bilbao hasta Hamburgo con lo básico para subsistir. Viaje que relata en su segundo libro publicado, "El buscador de sonrisas".
Latest book: El buscador de sonrisas

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kim Vazquez
Kim Vazquez is a former business owner who found her true calling when she began to help others recognize divine guidance in their lives. As an Angel Intuitive she has trained with Doreen Virtue, Ph.D and is certified as an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®. Kim's website/blog can found at It's a site dedicated to providing hope, healing, divine guidance and inspiration, as well as a glimpse into the wonder that can be found in ordinary life, even if you have a chronic illness. She resides in Placer County, California. Her beloved second home is in Newfoundland, Canada, where she has family sprinkled throughout the province. From Kim: I'm dedicated to sharing my personal journey of awakening in ... read more
Latest book: Living in the Rear View Mirror: From Substance Abuse to a Life of Substance

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Terri George
Love and Romance - it's what makes the world go round. If you like romance novels about a Hot and Sexy, Bossy man & a Strong and Sassy girl who gives as good as she gets, with plenty of Hot Sex, you'll love my books. I write Erotic Romance - books to make you blush. You have been warned. I am the author of God's Gift 1, Frost Trilogy and (the FT spin off story of the best friends) TORN. Despite all the hot sex, what I really write are love stories, jam packed full of emotion because I believe... When it comes to Love and Romance, neither should be anything less than Extraordinary. From a small child I've loved to lose myself in stories. I'm a firm believer that if heaven exists, it contains every novel ever ... read more
Latest book: God's Gift 1: Taking It Stateside

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eli of Kittim
Eli of Kittim is a published author and an expert on Bible prophecy. Under his real name he has published articles in numerous prestigious journals and magazines, such as "The American Journal of Psychoanalysis," the "Aegean Review" (which has published work by Jorge Luis Borges, Lawrence Durrell, Truman Capote, Alice Bloom), and the "International Poetry Review" (a literary translation journal), among others. He is the author of the recently released book, "The Little Book of Revelation: The First Coming of Jesus at the End of Days." This is a well-supported, twenty-year study of the Bible that attempts to substantiate the truth of Christ’s visitation and origin. The author concludes that the biblical story ... read more
Latest book: The Little Book of Revelation: The First Coming of Jesus at the End of Days

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kristina Knight
Once upon a time, Kristina Knight spent her days running from car crash to fire to meetings with local police--no, she wasn't a troublemaker, she was a journalist. Her career took her all over the United States, writing about everything from a serial killer's capture to the National Finals Rodeo. Along the way she found her very own Knight in Shining Cowboy Boots and an abiding love for romance novels. And just like the characters from her favorite books, she's living her own happily ever after. Kristina writes sassy contemporary romance novels; her books have appeared on Kindle Best Seller Lists. She loves hearing from readers, so drop her a line!
Latest book: Mr. Right Now

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Taylor Lachina
Born in the early morning of All Hallows’ Eve, it was destined that Taylor Rose would spend the rest of her days completely engulfed by things that go bump in the night and the spectre of horror. As a young child living in the small coastal town of Jensen Beach, Taylor had trouble bonding with her peers, so she made friends with her Goosebumps diary and started writing chilling tales that her teachers would later rave about to her mother her in take-home notes. ​ In her teen years, Taylor discovered the art of poetry, which greatly helped her through the monstrous emotional waves of puberty. For an English assignment, she wrote a short poem titled “What is Pink?” Later advised by her teacher to submit i ... read more
Latest book: Deception For Dessert

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John D Scotcher
When I was a boy, no more perhaps than seven or eight, I had the opportunity to go camping with my cub group. On the second day I found myself caught short at lunch time, and thus made my way from the large tent where we all sat to eat, through the icy, driving rain (it was a typical July in England) and across the games field to the little tent-cubicles that held the portable toilets. Once safely zipped into the toilet tent I sat down to get on with the job at hand, glad to be out of the wet and windy weather and began to contemplate the questions that occupy the mind of an eight year old. Had I more experience with camping, perhaps it would have occurred to me that tent pegs can loosen in very wet weather ... read more
Latest book: The Boy In Winter's Grasp

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tetyana Stefanyuk
Masche für Masche entstehen aus hochwertigen Markengarnen in liebevoller Handarbeit schöne und zeitlose Kleidungsstücke, Accessoires und Geschenke für Groß und Klein: ob Tuch, Schal, Mütze, Stulpen, Puschen oder Socken - für jeden ist was dabei.
Latest book: Knotty. The Scarf With A Twist

Follow me at my  Facebook Page An Quach
An Quach: Founder of As an information technology enthusiast and eager to learn, researching, he has applied computer technology to invest money, online business, online advertising. He is currently investing on options and make money online. At the same time he wrote books to share all the experience gathered during his research.
Latest book: Cách chọn cổ phiếu Mỹ để đầu tư

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Harley White
Born in Southern California, Harley White double-majored in English and Psychology. She lived in Big Sur for 12 years, where she wrote a Trilogy of Musical Theater works based on fairy tales. Later she moved to Granada, Spain, with her second husband. The tragedies referred to in her book called, The Autobiography of a Granada Cat – As told to Harley White, are the deaths in the 1990s of her only two, adult children from her first marriage. She attributes her survival and present wellbeing to her practice of Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō. She is currently contributing her efforts to the book and website project of various Buddhist writings of Nichiren Daishōnin, which can be seen at the following link... http://www ... read more
Latest book: The Autobiography of a Granada Cat as told to Harley White

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shawn MacKenzie
Shawn MacKENZIE has been a free-lance editor for over twenty years and a writer far longer. She is the author of two scholarly works on the science, myth, and lore of Dragons around the world, The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook and Dragons for Beginners (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2011-2012, respectively). Her short stories have been anthologized in Southshire Pepper-Pot, Skyline Review, and as a winner of the Shires Press Award for Short Stories, to name a few. She is currently working on a short-story collection and a novel about myth, magic, and chinchillas in the high Andes.
Latest book: Because The Pleasure-Dragon Whistles

Follow me at my  Facebook Page OnlineHelper MTD
Life is too short and too long to live it without purpose. My purpose in life is to live it to the fullest and to help others. For each copy sold 2.00$ will be split up between five global charity organizations. Save the Children, Greenpeace, Global Fund for Women, Unicef, American Refugee Committee. Join me and help others by helping yourself :) Let's make the world a better place to live. For news and new e-books follow me on Twitter or Facebook :)
Latest book: 101 Security Tips

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Freddie Rivera
Freddie Rivera was born in New York City in 1957. His background is of the Puerto Rican culture. He is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in NYC. His profession is a graphic artist. He wrote his first book entitled “The Shining Within Me: Communications from the Afterlife." It’s a true account of the life of Psychic Medium Freddie Rivera. He recalls and shares his memories and experiences in growing up with gifts that were not yet recognized or understood by society. He takes you through his traumas as a small child and through a confused, misplaced and lonely existence while growing up. You will experience his often frightening and life-altering encounters with the paranormal in vivid detail. You will ... read more
Latest book: The Shining Within Me: Communications from the Afterlife

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alex Manea

Latest book: Mortal Gods

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Imeje Fidelis
Imeje Fidelis is a Historian cum Diplomat, an Author, and composer. He holds a bachelor of Arts Degree ( Second Class Upper Division) in History and International Studies, University of Calabar. He is the author of 'The Trying Years 1: Patriarchs of League Unitus ( Conflict Over Nothing Series), Fischer and Friends 1: Countryside Adventures ( Grandpa Leo Story series) and many yet to be published titles. He has also written many children verses, poems, and songs that he hopes to publish soon. Imeje Fidelis is African. He loves the African heritage and appreciates other non-African cultures. He is an ardent advocate of peace, love, equality, and justice. He is not a religious fanatic and enjoys traveling, meetin ... read more
Latest book: Visions: A Poetic Paradox of Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jessica Howe
Swedish-born and English-raised, Jessica Howe is the author of Amazon bestselling how-to book 'Kinky Sex: the Secret to Long-term Desire', highly acclaimed by Elle Magazine, Cosmopolitan and the Sydney Morning Herald. Her latest book 'The Essential Guide to Sex Toys' has just launched. Jessica has been many things: journalist, wedding book writer, consultant who whipped CEOs into shape, waitress who spilled soup into people's laps. Her first book 'The One Stop Wedding Kit' featured in 10 UK wedding magazines, a bitter-sweet triumph since as it climbed Amazon's charts, her fourteen-year relationship was crashing into oblivion. Finding herself at a crossroads, Jessica had the idea for 'Kinky Sex: the Secret to ... read more
Latest book: The Essential Guide to Sex Toys: Proven ways to bust your stress, boost your health and raise your bedroom confidence

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mary L. Lyon
Mary studied Mechanical Engineering as an undergraduate student. While studying she traded semesters working at NASA in Houston, Texas. It was while working at NASA that she felt the tug on her heart that God had another plan for her life. Upon graduation, Mary proceeded to serve as a missionary for the next 11 years of her life; she served in Greece the last two years of her service. Upon returning from Greece, she pursued her Master's degree in Counseling, which led to a job with a major university. It was while working there that God did what God faithfully does and she found herself again working as an engineer. She managed major construction for the university. She also obtained her Master's degree in Eng ... read more
Latest book: God Is God, God Is Not A Man

Follow me at my  Facebook Page B Campbell
B Campbell loves to tell a story and he loves to joke with kids. His friends call him Billy and he has two really "almost cool" kids and a very cool wife. All of Bill's stories come from real life events. Yes, that's right...all of Madonna's experiences have happened in real life. Bill is an "almost cool teacher" in Australia and he has been teaching tweens for many years. He hopes you get a laugh out of his book 'Diary of an Almost Cool Girl.' It is the perfect book for girls 9 -12. One of the most humorous and funny books for kids on Amazon. Watch out for more "Almost Cool" books in 2014.
Latest book: Diary of an Almost Cool Girl - Book 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page PeterDMiller
Peter D. Miller grew up in Indiana from a working-class family. After getting his bachelor’s degree from Ball State University, he moved to Indianapolis to study law. He worked a variety of jobs while putting himself through law school at night. After working as everything from construction worker to salesman to loan officer, he reached his goal and became a lawyer. He served as in-house counsel for a small bank before opening a private practice. Later he became the vice president and general counsel of a small company in Indianapolis. Writing has been a constant pastime for many years. It was a private passion, until recent events persuaded him to publish some of his work. His experiences growing up in ... read more
Latest book: Second Summers

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sabrina Folcia
Sabrina Folcia vive e lavora a Milano. I suoi romanzi raccontano la relazione tra uomini e donne nei suoi aspetti meno idilliaci, il rapporto con i genitori nelle diverse fasi della vita, il percorso attraverso il quale un'ossessione dà luogo a un delitto, le molteplici sfumature che può assumere la prostituzione.
Latest book: Visioni private

Follow me at my  Facebook Page D.F. Monk
D.F. Monk claims to be an exile from a parallel dimension. He lives with his partner in this world and their lovechild while he crafts "memoirs" of his lost home, all the while searching the globe for the one portal that might take him back. In the interim, he and fellow author TB Schmid formed Lions of the Empire in 2014 to promote their collaborative "RUINE" series. "Tales of Yhore" will be his first published work on this plane of reality.
Latest book: Tales of Yhore: The Chronicles of Monch

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Grace Mattioli
Grace Mattioli is the author of Olive Branches Don't Grow On Trees (2012) and Discovery of an Eagle (2014). She writes contemporary fiction filled with humor and insight. Escape into a world of colorful, unforgettable characters as they search for answers to the big questions in life. Laugh, cry, be inspired and gain valuable insights about what it takes to be truly happy.
Latest book: The Brightness Index

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paul Hughes
Paul Hughes is from Manchester, UK. He has been writing for most of his life in some capacity but decided to take his writing more seriously in his twenties when he realised a normal job wasn't for him. So he spent a lot of time honing the craft and trying to decide what kind of genre he wanted to write in, experimenting with lots of different things until he decided to just write whatever he wanted to write and whatever was the most fun to do. Despite not feeling cut out for a normal job, he has had plenty of them in the past, from soul destroying call centres to community work, supermarkets to office clerk and everything else in between. He has done it all. And it has made for some interesting character inspi ... read more
Latest book: Daniel and The Dead

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jack Lane
Jack Lane was born in August 1968 – a year also memorable for being in the sign of the Chinese Earth Monkey, the Prague Spring and the election of Richard Nixon. When he is not writing, he is committed to performing the duties of a loving family father and husband, who tries to gain the family’s favors, patience and some quiet by wearing a jacket and tie to dinner. When he is writing, he is wearing a different jacket and tie in an attempt to convince others that the creative process absorbing him is something important and respectable. When the silence around the author reaches suspicious levels, he occasionally hammers away at random keys to give an audible impression of work in progress. At other, less re ... read more
Latest book: Ten Cents a Dime

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Austinography
I'm a freelance writer based in Australia. Please visit my website to know more about me.
Latest book: Life in Poetry

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Keely Sonntag
I am one half of the team behind STATE OF SHOP, an online shopping website that finds the best fashion from around the world and shares it with others. I'm a television producer in Australia by day, and an online shopping enthusiast by night... Here's more about me, my partner in shopping, Cathy Riddett and how STATE OF SHOP came about: STATE OF SHOP was born out of a love for online shopping, but also from a frustration at the lack of community surrounding it. We’re convinced that for every single occasion, no matter how big or small, you can find the perfect something to wear online. We're here to answer one of the world wide web's big questions: “Where can I buy one of those?” Part shopping director ... read more
Latest book: State of Shop Guidebook: Top 100 Online Clothes Stores

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Richard Hazel
After my own experience of chronic pain and going to different doctors expecting a different result, I took someone’s suggestion and sought out an acupuncturist. I got the pain relief I was seeking and so many other health benefits. I knew I needed to learn more. I enrolled at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine’s Orthopedic & Sports Medicine program where I learned about motor points and trigger points and how they can be used to quickly release tight muscles. I learned how to assess muscle imbalances and treat them with acupuncture. After seeing instant results from motor point acupuncture, there was no turning back for me. I became very passionate about using this technique to help as many people as I ... read more
Latest book: Self-Treating Low Back Pain and Sciatica - A referred pain approach to understanding what is causing your back pain and what you can do to self-treat.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Scott A. Butler
After losing his natural hearing at a very young age, Scott developed a very active imagination. He discovered his passion for writing when he found an old typewriter in his grandparent's house at a young age. From then on he would pen or type stories for his own entertainment and share them with his family. At the age of twelve, Scott discovered through his grandfather that he is related to a famous author and poet, Samuel Butler, who is best known for his utopian novel, "Erewhon", for being one of the first authors to describe machines with artificial consciousness and translating some of Homer's works into English. Writing runs Scott's blood. As a child, Scott was fascinated and influenced by authors such ... read more
Latest book: H2Zero: Part One

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Randy McCharles
Randy McCharles is active in Calgary, Alberta's writing community with a focus on speculative fiction, usually of the wickedly humorous variety. He is the recipient of several Aurora Awards (Canada's most prestigious award for speculative fiction), for works including the novella Ringing in the Changes in Okotoks, Alberta which appeared in Tesseracts 12 (Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing) and was also reprinted in Year's Best Fantasy 9 (David Hartwell and Kathryn Kramer, ed). Additional short stories and novellas are available in various publications from Edge Press, Anansi Press, and Reality Skimming Press, including the 2014 Aurora Award shortlisted titles: The Puzzle Box and Urban Green Man.
Latest book: Much Ado about Macbeth

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Valery Rubin
Latest book: Space Ark

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sean Cummings
Sean Cummings is a bestselling fantasy author with published works ranging from traditional urban fantasy (Shade Fright, Funeral Pallor) to a blend of dark fantasy and superheroes. (Marshall Conrad: A Superhero Tale) 2012 saw the publication of Sean’s first young adult novel. POLTERGEEKS is a rollicking story about teen witch Julie Richardson, her dorky boyfriend and a race against time to save her mother’s life. The second in the series is called STUDENT BODIES. Both were published by Angry Robot Books now defunct Young Adult imprint, Strange Chemistry Books. In 2015, Sean published his first book for children – TO CATCH A CAT THIEF – courtesy of Rebel Light Books. In May 2016 Severed Press publishe ... read more
Latest book: #Grudgegirl

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Janie Whitlock
Janie Whitlock was born with the liver disease, Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. It was diagnosed in 1985 when Janie was 22. Her PSC was mostly asymptomatic until 2013 when she had to spend January in the hospital. Florida has been good for her health. Mayo Transplant Center in Jacksonville is following her case. Due to the slow progression of the disease Janie has had the opportunity to get further education and had a short career in Film. For 10 years she lived on a farm in TN. and learned to preserve fruit and vegetables. In TN, she wrote for a local magazine whose primary goal was to promote sustainability. Lisa Yarnell and Janie wrote this book as a way to thank people for donations to the medical expens ... read more
Latest book: Sweet Sour Bitter

Follow me at my  Facebook Page G.L. Vough
I am absolutely interested in conversing; this endeavor having been a project which has (every time) stressed my personal expectations... a lot. Friend me on Facebook: &/or email: or I do so hope you've enjoyed what I've written! Thank You! -- G.L. Vough --
Latest book: Druids v2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Santiago Rivera
Santiago is an innovative leader who helps professionals with the entrepreneurial spirit push beyond their limits through his mentoring, workshops and soon to be released book, Doing Business God’s Way. He believes that all people on Earth have a divine purpose and that they need only stop and listen to God’s directions to fulfill it. Through his personal business ministry, Santiago empowers each person to have a deeper, co-creative relationship with God. A native of Puerto Rico, Santiago has led a richly fulfilling and successful career by following in the footsteps of Jesus: "Well, then," Jesus said, "give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God." (Mark 12:17 NKJV) Santia ... read more
Latest book: Doing Business God's Way: Invite God to Partner with You to Create Business Success

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michelle Ploog
Michelle Ploog is a humanitarian, media personality, writer, fitness expert and leader in transforming our world for equality, compassion, human reverence and happiness. She is the author of Collecting Health and Happiness and Belly Blast Bootcamp ebooks, with her third book to be released in spring 2015. She inspires people through her weekly motivational web series Straight from the Heart’, her monthly column in Edge Magazine and is a frequent contributor to many other publications. She is creator and co-writer of the Soul Connection Adventure television series, currently in production. She has interviewed a wide range of inspiring people including Katie Spotz, the youngest person to solo row across the A ... read more
Latest book: Collecting Health & Happiness

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sorilbran Stone
There is something to be said for having a distinctive voice that can pierce through the incessant chatter. For Sorilbran, fearless transparency and the ability to deliver ideas stamped with her particular brand of urban geek has paved the way for yet another career for this serial entrepreneur. Sorilbran Stone is an Atlanta-based information professional who earns her living as a ghost writer. Originally a Detroit native, Sorilbran began what she calls her “professional training” in the HR department of a Fortune 500 Company in the late 1990s. It was there that she was introduced to the term “restructuring” and the idea that there was no such thing as job security. With that understanding, she quic ... read more
Latest book: How to Look Good on Paper

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Taylor P. Davidson
Taylor P. Davidson was born in Manchester, England, and moved to Norfolk when he was very young. Living in Norfolk’s wide, open fields and sweeping forests, Taylor grew up on steady diet of fantasy and science fiction, with authors such as J. R. R. Tolkien, H. G. Wells and J. K. Rowling being among his favourites. They have become prominent figures as inspiration for his work and heavily influence everything he writes. Taylor studied biology at the University of Manchester and he is now training to be a radiographer at the University of Leeds. He plans to balance his writing with his career and is currently juggling his projects around his studies, work placements with the NHS and a busy social life.
Latest book: Go to Ground (Broken Dark Season One, Episode Two)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lilly Christine
"Lilly Christine's Sassy Heroines and the Cowboys that Love Them thrill Cowgirl Chick-Lit Fans of All Ages!" ~ Libra Press "Pets figure prominently in my books and in my life. When not hunched over my laptop dreaming up feisty heroines and their dashing male counterparts, I'm down-dogging, hiking, biking, or walking my 15 year old tri-color Staf Terrier and his little sister, Bitsy Bean, and 8 lb Jackihuahua. I've had tremendous fun with the McGreers Series in 2013 and 2014, as Crashing Into Tess was rapidly followed by Crazy On Daisy ( McGreers #2), Right Kinda Bull ( McGreers #3), Designs on Daphne (McGreers #4) and Loving Lulu (McGreers #5). Soon to be released are Whole Lotta Bull, My Kinda Bull and Daisy ... read more
Latest book: Crashing Into Tess: McGreers #1 (McGreers Series)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amy Moss
Amy Moss is a Creative Writing student at Full Sail University. She resides in Central Florida with her fiance and daughter. She specializes in LGBT romance short stories and screen plays.
Latest book: Benjamin Harper: How He Lived and Died

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rosemary Rey
Rosemary Rey left her practice of law to write after rediscovering Romance, Erotica, and Contemporary Women's Fiction. She reads anything that is erotica and love. Her most favorite are story lines with plot twists. If there is a trilogy, a cliffhanger to make her buy the rest of the series must be there. And because she is a little obsessive, if there isn't a cliffhanger she will still read the rest of the series. Rosemary has self published her first novel and is presently finishing the second book in the series; The Pentagon Group. Rosemary lives in the Midwest with her husband and three children. Her life revolves around sports even in the off season. When sports aren't on, she is writing and reading ero ... read more
Latest book: Spellbound, The Pentagon Group, Book 4

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steven Edwards
Steven Edwards lived in Isaan for seven years. He's currently licking his wounds in London.
Latest book: Once Upon a Time in the East

Follow me at my  Facebook Page JB Brooks
Craving something different? JB writes gasping-hot erotic fiction for readers who hunger for extraordinary passion every day. Sometimes humorous, sometimes dark, her creations are passionate and earthy. A survivor of the corporate world, JB spent twenty years in the IT industry, from which she finally escaped, allowing her to indulge her true passion...creating unusual erotic encounters for her imaginary friends! JB is a firm believer in lust at first sight, and love ever after.
Latest book: Compulsion Part 6 & 7

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Neema Majmudar
Neema Majmudar was born in Bombay and has completed Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University and a MBA. She worked at the United Nations in New-York, Fiji and Bangkok. She also worked for Aim for Seva, a movement and a NGO launched by Swami Dayananda in 2000 in the field of providing education for unprivileged children in tribal areas of India. Neema met Swami Dayananda, a well known contemporary teacher of Advaita Vedanta (Non Duality) in the tradition of Adi Sankaracarya and a scholar in Sanskrit in the USA in 1986 during a conference in Philadelphia. She has been studying Vedanta for the last 25 years and followed a three and half year residential course with Swami Dayananda at Coimbatore f ... read more
Latest book: Living the Vision of Oneness: Exploring Realities and Growing as an Individual

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Surya Tahora
Surya Tahora was born in Madagascar, a former French colony located in Indian Ocean. At the age of 10, he moved to Paris for his studies and completed a Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences for the Industry from Paris University and a MBA. After his studies, he worked for 14 years in multinational companies in international marketing and strategic planning both in Paris and Bangkok. He has also attended an intensive executive training program at INSEAD School of Management. In 1995 he met Swami Dayananda Saraswati, a contemporary teacher of Non Duality (Advaita Vedanta) in the tradition of the Indian philosopher Shankaracarya. For the last 17 years, Surya has been studying with him the main ancient texts of t ... read more
Latest book: Living the Vision of Oneness: Exploring Realities and Growing as an Individual

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stacey Livingston
Stacey Livingston lives just outside of Atlanta Georgia. At 46 years old, she has traveled all over the United States as a diagnostic medical sonographer. She has also met lots of different people. Over the past 23 years, she has always wanted to write stories, but never found the time to. Now that Stacey has settled in one place and is in semi-retirement, she has decided to start with a thrilling tale that captured her imagination. Along with her three cats and best friend, she enjoys day to day life and the opportunity to spin tales for everyone’s enjoyment.
Latest book: Shattered

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Blanche Saraan
Blanche Sarran es una mujer con vivencias intensas tanto profesionalmente como personalmente. Se ha caracterizado por aprender siempre de lo bueno y de lo no tan bueno, teniendo siempre presente que ser mujer es un valor añadido y a su vez un reto. Blanche nos aporta una visión diferente de ver la vida, de tratar diferente las formas de hacer de mujer a mujer.
Latest book: Cómo Perdonar A Tu Ex Novia Y Conseguir Que Sea Tu Mejor Amiga

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Books4kidsbykids
Books4kidsbykids has a range of books with short stories that have been written by children for children. All the stories have pictures which have been adapted from the original pictures the children drew. All the books are suitable for children to read either with their parents or on their own. Books4kidsbykids works with local schools and runs competitions for the children to write the stories and a percentage of the books sales goes directly back to the school.
Latest book: The Magic Box