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I read, write, edit, work out, eat, repeat. After graduating with a B.A. in English and Philosophy from Queen's University in Canada, I decided to pursue my dreams as a writer. Everyone has a goal, mine was to publish my first book in my 20s. My debut novella, Aria, is a semi-autobiographical exploration of a young woman's psyche. It is fast, drenched in emotion and bleak. Aside from writing, I weight train three times a week in hopes of one day competing in the WBFF shows. I swim, paint, organize parties and read extensively in my free time. Soon to be published is a collection of short stories titled The Small Things.
Latest book: Aria

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Somos una boca, un meme, una revista, un video, una feria... un grupo de personas que fomentan el arte emergente de Monterrey.
Latest book: Ahí Muere: Segunda Edición

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Aidan Casserly, is a vocalist, electronic music producer & songwriter from Dublin/Ireland. Aidan is a founding member of the synth band Empire State Human (1999 - present day) and also a member of the minimal wave/synthwave duo KuBO (2012 - present day). With over 20 musical releases and has also composed music for film and adverts. "A place for the Skulls" is his second book of poetry and is an intimate collection of introspective and emotionally charged pieces. Focussing on the mind and heart of contemporary writing, each piece set with clean rhyme, within a cohesive comment.
Latest book: A Place for the Skulls

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Ifedayo Akinwalere is a native of Irele, in Irele Local Government area of Ondo state. He had his primary and secondary education at St.Peter’s Primary school and United Grammar school, Irele respectively but moved to St. Finbarr’s College, Akoka, Lagos for remedial course in 1990. He attended Federal College of Education, Akoka, between 1992/1993 but his penchant for education did not allow him to rest on his oars; he proceeded to the University of Lagos in 1995 for a diploma course in Data processing. In 1999, he holds B.Sc (Hons) and Masters’ Degree in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos. Ifedayo Akinwalere had worked with both print and electronic media. He teaches print Journalism but min ... read more
Latest book: The Art Of Critical Writing & Reviewing

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Alejandro Triana is a Colombian attorney passionate for history and visual communication. He designed and carried out the visual documentation for the Archaeological Museum Casa del Marqués de San Jorge of Bogotá, Colombia; part of his photographic work was published in the book collection Arte de la Tierra (1988-1992, 9 vols.). His fine art archival project and experience was published as a proposal for electronic documentation of cultural patrimony objects in Colombia (1994, ISBN 958-9003-70-02). At the Law and Political Science’s Faculty at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia he dictated his course “Law and Communication” between 1994/1999; a summary of his lectures was published in “Pensamiento J ... read more
Latest book: Ancient Pottery Art (preColumbian America)

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Allan A. Lobeck spent 12 months in Vietnam as an infantry officer and saw 180 days of combat in his one year tour. Allan participated in nine different major campaigns including the first night attack against the enemy and won Medals for Valor.
Latest book: Marshall's Marauders

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Just trying to function.
Latest book: Let's Help Bandit

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Inspired by common threads of the human experience which unite us to one another, as well as the passions of her own heart, Amalie Jahn enjoys writing young adult fiction as a way to share her vision of the world with others. She lives in the United States with her husband, two children, and three extremely well-fed cats. She is also glad time travel does not yet exist.
Latest book: At Odds with Destiny

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For the love of music.. Music magazine giving exposure to the freshest music sounds and talent, as well as discussing industry related topics. We aim to showcase the amazing unheard talent in the International & Underground music scene.
Latest book: Am018

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ver since I can remember, I have always enjoyed Creative Writing. There was always something about being able to travel to a different place or become a different person with just the stroke of a pen - or in today's world a touch of the keyboard. I released my first novel The Exception To The Rule in December 2012 and have just released my second novel An Unplanned Lesson in March 2013. My life is not as interesting as my books or the characters in them, but then again whose life is? I was born and have lived in New Jersey my whole life. I'm a mom of twin teenage boys, a teenage stepson, a crazy Border Collie and a cat with an identity crisis! I guess you can say writing is my form of Calgon! I am married to a ... read more
Latest book: An Unplanned Life

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Black Letter Media is rooted in the poetry genre. In our first year, we have published two poetry titles as well as two short story titles. But this is only the beginning. We publish Afrikan stories written by Afrikan writers in paperback and ebook formats. We are looking for quality writing that is imaginative, authentic, bold and distinctly Afrikan. We aim to publish new Afrikan voices. Afrikan voices that challenge literary forms and challenge expectations of content. We're looking for Afrikan voices that have something important to say. We're interested, specifically, in speculative fiction in long form or short form.
Latest book: Poetry Potion: The Love Potion

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Open Minded Individual set on changing the world one consciousness at a time. Mind, Body, Soul.
Latest book: Millennia Kids

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Brad Cook is a freelancer, screenwriter, and novelist based in Tampa, FL. He also served as co-founder and senior editor for critique publication We Rate Stuff. Though his degree is in Web Design, he has chosen to pursue his childhood dream of being an author.
Latest book: Transcontinental

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Brukat Publishing is the joint venture of father/daughter team Michael Bruce Edwards and Katherine Louise Edwards White. Our mission is to bring authors and artists to the public, while maintaining the dignity of publishing in this new era of the digital revolution. We are not a vanity press, but present the publishing industry with the best of new talent to light.
Latest book: Bias and the Adulterous Daughter

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BWL leverages on the power of social networking via Facebook, building a lively and engaging community with friendly chatter and irreverent banter. With this balance of fun and seriousness, BWL has a solid foundation on which to build even better platforms for engaging and supporting aspiring writers in Singapore. As a trusted partner of the National Arts Council(NAC) and English Language Institute of Singapore (ELIS), BWL links the aspiring writers’ community with established Singapore writers and official Writing events in Singapore, such as the Singapore Writers’ Festival. We promote exposure to good writing in all forms, and encourage our members to attend workshops by published poets and writers in Si ... read more
Latest book: Kaleidoscope

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ByMe Publishing Group is a self publication company specialising in Children's Books both Educationally and Creatively
Latest book: Kimbo Koala at the Zoo

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Camilia Savage began writing when she was only just a little girl, drafting stories of precious puppies and giggling best friends. Now that she’s older and much more experienced, she sits in front of her computer weaving tales of lurid lust and steamy hot romance. Never too shy to admit her highly sexual nature, she finds a little piece of herself in every character and hopes you do too! When she’s not making love to her keyboard, she can be found people watching, reading, cooking and doing other dainty things. She loves to hear from her readers, so if you have a steamy request or just want to chat a bit, then by all means…shoot her a few lines!
Latest book: Against Doctor's Order's Book Three (Billionaire Liaisons)

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ESPAñOL Chiado Editorial es una editorial internacional, presente en varios países en el mundo. Nos encantan los libros, los que son editados por nosotros y muchos de los que son editados por otros. Vivimos en las nubes pero de vez en cuando, bajamos a la tierra y editamos obras maestras. Y también algunas tonterías. La política editorial de Chiado Editorial consiste en editar lo que mejor se escribe actualmente en España: desde los autores fundamentales que dictan las principales corrientes e influencias, sin olvidarnos de los desconocidos de elevada calidad literaria. Chiado Editorial agrupa sus libros en las siguientes colecciones: Viajes en la Ficción; Placeres Poéticos; Pasos Perdidos; Más que ... read more
Latest book: Sueños y sombras

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Michelle Chrisner is a published author with the MADDvocate 2003 issue, and her books, Riker’s Point and E.B.’s Adventures. She loves to write dark comedy/horror, and write scripts for film. She is obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing at Full Sail University.
Latest book: A Writer's Hurdle

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Leonidas Christopher, born December 27, 1992, hails from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He is an active US Marine. He lives his life practicing the adage that life should not be about how it is but about how we can make it. He spent his childhood aloof from his family, spent his time wandering around dangerous and poor zones learning, as he did, about life. He met strangers who later became his friends, and he discovered that they too had their own secrets buried within. As he grew up, his own tragedies were added to the awful memories and stories of his friends. Using these, he hopes now to make a difference for the better in other people’s lives.
Latest book: Memories of Broken Souls

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In this digital age, customers are the most important, most ignored element of a company’s success. Once faced with a less than satisfactory experience with your business, customers have the power to flock to the Internet and inform other current or potential prospects of your shortcomings. So, how do we harbor rave reviews, return customers, and overall outstanding customer satisfaction? It starts with change. In his book Change is Great… Be First!, Richard Batenburg will walk you through the small changes it takes to create a huge shift within your company. His expert advice can help you improve your business’s servant leadership, corporate culture, teamwork, and most importantly your bottom line. In bu ... read more
Latest book: Big Data Tips 1-2-3

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CM Peters is a professional in her 30s. She writes fanfictions at the moment but hopes to publish an original novel in the near future.
Latest book: Love Slave: Heatwave

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Online and offline entrepeneur from South Africa. Senior manager financial services industry. Passionate story teller.
Latest book: John learns about Sea Animals

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In 2014, Creekstone Press, based in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada, is moving into its 16th year. Since our first book came out in 1998, we have published non-fiction, fiction, poetry, photography and painting, and featured writers and artists from northern BC.
Latest book: Sidetracked: The Struggle for BC's Fossils

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Latest book: Bailando solo

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I have always been fascinated by the paranormal so when I had an idea to write this series, I just had to. It has not left me alone since and i will be bringing the first to you soon. Other than writing, I keep my hands occupied by cross-stitching and knitting.
Latest book: Santa’s Naughty List, 25 Tales Of Paranormal Bad Boys Christmas

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Dark Highlands is a creative arts company that showcases writers, artists, and performers from the Midwest region. We specialize in horror, dark fantasy, and supernatural fiction, as well as art and poetry that fall under those categories. Dark Highlands staff does not receive compensation for their work on the Anthology. Our aim is to give writers, poets, and artists specializing in materials with darker subject matter a forum in which to present their work through both print and digital means. We believe in the promotion of regional visual and literary artists and aim to support them by raising awareness of their creations.
Latest book: Dark Highlands Anthology Volume 1

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I am David Adagadzu, happily married to my beautiful wife, Ahezi. We are blessed with two kids. I'm a privileged God's Servant, with determination to reach my world with the GOSPEL, both online and offline. I am driven by the passion to set lives at liberty one day at a time, with the instrumentality of the Word of God. I am also a Blogger at and, Researcher and Writer(You can hire me for writing services). Together, My wife and I have passion for delivery of highly benefiting health information through seminars, workshops, trainings and coaching. You may reach me on +2347037781319.
Latest book: How To Extract Moringa Seed Oil

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An MBA majored in Finance, Deepa finally embraced her long due passion for writing after 9 years of corporate career in Banking. Deepa’s first work, 'Valiyachalai Times', showcases the beauty, culture and lifestyle of families in South India. Her story unravels the struggle of children in middle class upbringing, their dreams and their agonies. The backdrop used was the early 1940 s in India. Her works are highly inspired from Indian families, and their protagonists fighting for their own causes. Her new book, Love War and Ramifications is not just about love. It is about the after effects of a war on the lives inflicted. The story of a simple girl who wants to know all the answers, Joanna runs into Edward, ... read more
Latest book: Love War And Ramifications

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writer, photographer, mother...not necessarily in that order.
Latest book: An Outlander Dual Roles eBook

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I am a school teacher in Seminole, Fl. I am a father , and enjoying raising my 2 month old son. I am currently writing in my free time for fun. I have published a free chapter of my book. This is far from done, and is a rough copy, but I am trying to get interest in my book so when I do release the final thing I have people who want to read it. I am not charging for the begining of my book. I am working through it at a slow pace because I work allot, and have my son when im not working. I do have the gofundme link on my page. I am not asking for money to read what I have of my book so far, but if you like it, and want to help me have some funds to take a short time off to write more than feel free to donate. An ... read more
Latest book: "Old Folks"

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We are Kenyan teachers willing to teach the language, currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Education at Egerton University.
Latest book: MWONGOZO AMANA.

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Dr. Dorothy VanderJagt a popular speaker who creates energizing workshops. Educators are delighted with her practical style and leave her workshops excited and with strategies for immediate use. She is founder and President of Global Learning in Michigan. Dorothy has conducted numerous workshops, in-services for schools, and presented at state and national conferences. She has worked with students, teachers, and administrators as a teacher, department chair, team leader, mentor, administrator, consultant and college professor. Dorothy was a teacher for ten years, a principal for eleven years, and is currently the Director of Teaching and Learning at Kent Intermediate School District. Dorothy co-directed the ... read more
Latest book: Mom’s Financial Tips and Money Management [article]

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Greetings! I hope one or more of my books will lead us to conversation, a meeting, discussion or otherwise some manner of learning & growing from each other. I love new quality relationships in my life, so reach out will you?!? My 7th book is now available, published June 2015 - THE OLD MAN - Biographical Novel & Short Story. My life's Passions: LEADERSHIP * CULTURE * PEOPLE * RELATIONSHIPS * FAITH My favorite Quote: 'People do not care how much you know until they first know how much you care' BIO: President and Founder of Booker Training Associates; Doug is a Facilitator, Change Agent, Coach, Author & Leadership-Developer. Booker Training Associates is a business Doug began after a successful military car ... read more
Latest book: The OLD MAN - Biographical Novel & Short Story

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I am young aspiring writer from the small tropical island of Trinidad and Tobago. My dream is to one day win the noble prize for literature. The Hellion Chronicles is the first of my published works with a total of four books. I will be following it up with 'The Institution.' I look forward to writing for many years in the genre of Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy and teen fiction
Latest book: The Hellion Chronicles

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A Editorial Divergência é uma editora centrada na ficção especulativa. Apostamos em exclusivo no mercado e escritores nacionais, promovendo uma relação de honestidade e confiança com os autores. Criamos edições acessíveis e de qualidade, com regularidade e sem acordo ortográfico. O nosso logótipo representa um rebento, que divergiu da semente, ganhando vida própria, tal como fazemos com os trabalhos dos nossos autores. Cada uma das folhas representa as várias vertentes da ficção especulativa: fantasia, ficção científica, terror. As folhas estão também ligadas às três éticas da editora: - cuidar do planeta: edições amigas do ambiente - cuidar dos autores e leitores: os autore ... read more
Latest book: Por Mundos Divergentes

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A small electronic publisher of speculative fiction. Founded in 1997.
Latest book: Spellbound Winter 2013: Giants

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El Salto Editorial es un impulso al vacío, una locura maravillosa que busca cumplir los sueños de muchísimos escritores. Llenar de historias las vidas de cientos de lectores que aman la literatura en todo su esplendor. Somos diferentes, porque no coeditamos, apostamos; no somos una imprenta, creemos en los autores y en su obra como producto, y porque para ser una editorial de calidad hoy #nohacefaltapapel
Latest book: Las máscaras de porcelana

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Enxebrebooks es una editorial con nuevas ideas,en la que tanto si eres un autor o un audaz lector tendrás tu espacio para compartir, comentar, recomendar y sobre todo leer. Nuestro principal canal es la venta online a través de nuestra página principal y las principales plataformas (amazon, kobo, grammatta, google play). Aunque tenemos opciones para todos: ¿Quieres un libro de nuestro catálogo pero sin comprar por internet? ¿Vives fuera de España? Escríbenos:
Latest book: Dignidad, cultura y libertad

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Founded in 1998, by Tony and Maraget Howson, Equipe started by working in East Africa, and now works in India, Papua New Guinea and The Philippines, as well as continuing to work in Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda. Equipe is different to other charities, in that very little of it's fund raising costs go on anything but the projects that it serves. The United Kingdom offers a Gift Aid option for all UK tax payers, and administration costs, advertising, staff and building expenses come from this and donations made for these purposes. This means that all profits, after the book sellers take off their fees, will go directly to where it is needed most. No one project has been picked over another, and will be divided as n ... read more
Latest book: Cookies and Milk Volume 3

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Hello! I'm Equus21! People often ask me about my username, Equus is another word for horses (or a horse-like creature).Horses are my favorite animal, 21 was my favorite age to be. I live in Massachusetts and I tend to like it a lot, lots of cool history and it's not too big. When I'm not working at my office job, which I thoroughly enjoy actually, I usually write short stories, novels and screenplays. Usually having to do with talking animals, fantasy creatures and dark thrillers. I even sometimes do 'deeper things' what life means and all that good stuff! I do enjoy writing, but I tend to overthink things and re-write, so therefore I don't pump out story after story often. I do not have an editor (unle ... read more
Latest book: Unicorn's Quest

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Frederick Espiritu is a telecom engineer-turned-entrepreneur after founding Friggies, a social enterprise based in the Philippines that is committed to making the world a healthier and better place through its products and services. He believes that changing the world begins with oneself. Instead of digesting business books, he dwells more reading about spirituality, ancient wisdom and philosophy for personal growth. As he transcends, the Inner Poet in him has also come alive. He considers Bible passages among the great writings and Rumi, the mystic Sufi as his greatest influence. Fred’s poems mostly come out spontaneously as reflection of his life experiences. Simple yet profound, his poetry revolves aroun ... read more
Latest book: Mirrored Voices : Emerging Poets Anthology

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Latest book: Flight of the Shaman

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Goldie R. P. Boslem is the pseudonym adopted by Will R. Boslem and Dan P. Goldie, two Scottish authors making their debut in the world of Fantasy-Fiction. Dan and Will recently released the online edition of their first ever novel, Mother Vixen, on Amazon Kindle. Mother Vixen is the humble first step into a world that will grow faster than readers can anticipate, through The Cycle of the Skulk series and beyond. Will and Dan bring different assets to the table as authors, having taken entirely different experiences from the world, to create their own. Dan has graduated from university and came out the other side with a degree in English and History, and has spent the last few years working with the public, enl ... read more
Latest book: Black Night

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Welcome to Green Dragon Books, a new company for the 21st century. The company, originally called Humanics Publishing, was founded and has been continuously publishing since 1969, making it one of the oldest publishing houses in Southeastern United States. Initially based in Atlanta, Georgia, the first titles were developed in response to the need from the education community for quality classroom materials to support parents as the prime educators of their children. In the mid-1980s, the company expanded its focus to include titles specializing in personal development, philosophy, and management. Moving into the 21st century, the range of topics now includes health, religion, science, mysteries, children's b ... read more
Latest book: Life Before Death: A Spiritual Journey of Mind and Body