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  • Hail Warning (Hail 2) on May 31, 2018

    This second book in the Hail series is even more intense than Hail Storm. This time, we are taken back to the beginnings of terror and the man who was chosen for the task. Normally, an author gives us the hero side of the story. Arquette brings us every side of every character’s outlook. How far will they go in the name of family? Deceit comes in many forms and reasons, whether they be out of love, hate, jealousy, greed, fervor or self-preservation. CIA director Jarret Pepper’s jealousy and hate of Marshall Hail, FBI Director Trevor Rodgers’ long-time friendship with Hail, President Joanna Weston’s need to protect herself and her office, Afua Diambu’s want of a better life for his family, Agent Kara Ramey’s promise to herself, Hail’s one reason to keep on living, all enter into this story of retribution. Again, Brett Arquette brings us a thriller with technology used in both saving and devastating forms. What do you think of what can be done with the future of drones and who can control that technology? Technology is dependent on a creator’s capacity for goodness if we are to survive a new age. I look forward to the third in the series, Hail Strike.
  • Witchnapped in Westerham: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Cosy Mystery Book 1 on Aug. 29, 2018

    What an enjoyable new series; mystery, paranormal, magic. Aussie meets England and a lot of adventure she didn’t count on. Lily, a photographer and a very good one at that, is finishing up a wedding and can’t wait to go home. She waits for a call from her brother, James. James never misses calling Lily on her birthday, except this time he does. With the arrival of a take charge stranger on Lily’s doorstep, everything is turned upside down and she is off to England to help James who has disappeared. Lily finds herself in danger, but she’s nothing if not determined and resilient. After all, she has found out she’s a witch and that James is too. Enjoy the characters, even the nasty ones, because this book is just a fun read and even though it’s a paranormal, it’s kind of believable. I’m looking forward to catching up in the series written by talented author Dionne Lister.
  • Witch Swindled in Westerham: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Book 2 on Oct. 04, 2018

    Dionne Lister’s second in the cozy murder mystery Paranormal Investigation Bureau series involves a new case for Lily. Lily has a new friend, Olivia, who works at her favorite coffee shop. Olivia offers Lily a job to photograph her engagement party and the two hit it off. The PIB’s newest case involves a witch who is swindling retirees out of their life’s savings in a greedy scheme. Lily is called upon to help find enough evidence to put Camilla away for good using her special talent at photography. Is Camilla’s assistant a willing participant? That’s another matter in more ways than one. How is Lily’s friend involved and what can Lily do to help?
  • Ordained Irreverence on Oct. 26, 2018

    Elmo Jenkins is almost a full-fledged minister except he has to fulfill a six-month long internship. Under the guidance of Tom Applebee, the Associate Pastor at First Church, Elmo learns the ropes of ministry. Sometimes stumbling, sometimes questioning, and even playing it by ear, he works with everyone at First Church from the Pastor, Dr. Horace Jorgensen, to old Dunston, the janitor who knows everything about anything at the Church and fishing. Elmo discovers what is required; hard work, keeping a sense of humor, dealing with serious concerns of fellow staff and some of the flock, and how to be confident but humble through it all. This is very enjoyable, non-preachy, and based on the author’s experiences during his own ministry. I have to wonder if Elmo’s Bonnie is based on the author’s own experience with his real-life love, Diane. I look forward to the next books in this series; what a wonderful break from the woes of the world and an encouragement to all.
  • Witch Undercover in Westerham: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Book 3 on Oct. 29, 2018

    Lily and new friend, Olivia, find out that their art teacher, Mrs. Valentine is missing. First of all, she left class for a family emergency. Her fox, yes, a real fox goes with her. On their way to dinner, the group (Lily, Angelica, William, his sister, Sarah, and Beren) literally run into the fox on the road. Lily knows this can’t be a coincidence and soon enough there’s an investigation. Only, their investigation must be done carefully. It’s important that Lily’s special power is not revealed just yet especially to the head of the PIB. As if that isn’t enough, the brother of a man who had tried to kill Lily previously, but was killed in the process, tries to kill Lily. She must learn a lot about self-defense in the normal way and in the witchy way as well and how to go on the offense in a big hurry. If that isn’t bad enough, Will’s ex shows up to harass Lily and find out more about her and her ties with the PIB. This third book in the series brings Lily into more danger and her emotions are scattered. It seems that she may have more abilities than anyone thought, but that may be a guess on my part. It should be interesting to find out as the series progresses and Lily and James continue to look into their parent’s disappearance.
  • Witchslapped in Westerham: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Book 4 on Dec. 07, 2018

    Lily and Olivia become part of an investigation into violent episodes that are only originating with the non-witch population in Westerham. To make matters much worse for Lily, the witch who hates her the most, Dana, an agent with PIB, has everyone under her control. No one can be trusted, even Lily’s brother, James and her mentor, Ma’am. Lily won’t go down without a fight and discovers she has more power than she, or anyone, knew. Once some are freed from Dana’s mind control, Lily has help finding out what witch started this whole mess and traps are carefully set. There is a great deal of danger for all concerned, including Will, Beren, and Millicent and her unborn child. Author, Dionne Lister’s Paranormal Investigation Bureau series is not fluff by any means. Although her books are humorous and have that little bit of romance, it’s clear that being a witch is anything but fun and is quite dangerous. Even Lily wonders if her “before” status would have been easier. But, then, she wouldn’t have her new friends and a budding romance as well as the ability to clean up, prepare meals, and travel quickly. You can see that we are finding out how important Lily’s power is, even if she doesn’t know herself.
  • Unforeseen (Thomas Prescott 1) on Jan. 22, 2019

    This is a thriller with enough intelligent twists that will keep you guessing long and hard. It’s hard to put down and moves faster toward the end making the reader’s pulse race as fast as the action in the book. This is author Nick Pirog’s first in the Thomas Prescott Series. He admits it to be crass, so just bear that in mind and don’t put it down for that reason. It’s just the character of Thomas Prescott. Thomas Prescott thought everything was over after his near death and recuperation during the eight murders he investigated last October in Maine. He’ll never forget the carnage and mostly the eyes of the women who lost their lives. What happened back then should be over and the man responsible had met his end. Thomas meets the author of the tell-all graphic true crime novel about these eight women at a book signing. The memories flood back whether he wants them to or not. Then, the unthinkable happens. Another murder and the mangled remains are left in his sister’s bedroom. Why now? How could this be happening again? How can Thomas Prescott keep his family and friends alive when he couldn’t keep those eight safe in the past? I rate this high in the thriller books I have read because of the rawness of feelings, the action, the psychological drama, and the many twists that keep the story alive.
  • Death by Chocolate on Jan. 31, 2019

    Sally Berneathy brings us a novel filled with emotion, friendship, humor, danger, and secrets. Lindsay Powell loves chocolate almost to death. She and co-worker, Paula, run a shop named Death by Chocolate for those of us who can’t do without. Lindsay is trying to say the word “No” to her almost ex-husband, while she sticks by secretive, terrified Paula and become a cat owner all at the same time. The cat, she insists, is visiting only; Paula is in danger; and her almost ex just won’t go away. Fred is the neighbor of many talents who ends up helping Lindsay and Paula. The cat, King Henry, (yes, looks like he moved in) knows danger when he smells and sees it. All this and Paula’s sweet little boy (learning to talk, which is funny), Zach, who loves everyone plus a cat; along with an understanding, although by the book, detective, Adam Trent give us all we need for an excellent cozy that’s very hard to put down.
  • Witch Silenced in Westerham: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Book 5 on Feb. 10, 2019

    When Will and Lily visit Will’s Gran at a witches nursing home, Lily feels like something is a little off. Will knows his Gran has dementia and her paranoia doesn’t seem so odd to him, although sad. Gran claims her friends are dying all around her and she’s next. When she actually dies and Lily says an investigation should be done, Will and the PIB go along with it. Now that there’s proof of Gran’s murder, Angelica (Ma’am) goes undercover as a patient but not without argument. Lily has taken her picture and Angelica is faded which Lily’s talent shows is imminent death. In the meantime, a secret investigation into the disappearance of James’ and Lily’s parents is underway along with an investigation to find Dana’s group of dangerous witches who still infiltrate PIB. Everyone is in danger and Lily and Will feel responsibility in their own ways. We meet new characters one of which realizes Lily is special and is very important for the future. I think we can expect more danger and Lily’s witch growth. This latest addition to the series was down to the last moments suspenseful. Dionne Lister makes this cozy murder mystery series both humorous but serious enough to make you think of what the author has in store for us. I plan to keep reading and enjoying.
  • Killer Witch in Westerham: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Book 6 on May 14, 2019

    Lilly’s photography job takes her talent to a murder victim while on the grounds of the birthday witch she’s working for. The eighty-year-old’s grandson is a talented actor and very charismatic but is he acting when he claims to be innocent of three murders? Lilly takes on the task of proving his innocence. Meanwhile, Will and Lilly call it quits at the order of Angelica. Everyone has their hands full with the latest job and Lilly finds herself on her own and in danger with her own investigation. Another winner in this series and leaves us with questions and a need for the next book.
  • Witch Haunted in Westerham: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Book 7 on June 22, 2019

    Lilly’s magic is coming back and with the help of Imani and with Olivia cheering her on. Neighbor, Mrs. Soames, shows up stunned and shocked from a ghost sighting at her house. Supposedly, there are no such things as ghosts, but tell that to Lilly when she investigates. The problem is more than at Mrs. Soames’. The PIB becomes involved when multiple homes are haunted and homeowners are forced to sell. More than a ghost of a problem, is the apparent defection of Will to the dark side. Lilly is determined to use her newly returned magic to get to the bottom of both issues and finds herself in danger. Are they connected? This book in the series keeps Lilly biting her tongue at the selfish antics of Mrs. Soames who moves in along with her raucous cockatoo and suffering through her separation from Will. As always, this cozy kept me reading until late but happy I did.
  • Witch Oracle in Westerham: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Book 8 on Aug. 31, 2019

    If you have ever heard the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for”, this book is a frightening example of that. When witchcraft is involved, Lily’s friend, Olivia is the recipient of too much of a good thing. Then again, it all started years before and almost ends with the greatest loss of all for Lily, Imani, Will, and especially Beren. What happens when the so-called greatest Oracle of all times grants everyone their fondest desires? Shouldn’t that be a “good thing”? It’s not enough with the snake group trying to undo the PIB, but this latest danger takes a toll on everyone. At least the ending is what Lily has been looking forward to.
  • Witchbotched in Westerham: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Book 9 on Nov. 10, 2019

    Lilly and Will are sightseeing at the White Cliffs of Dover when the unthinkable happens. A woman jumps from the Cliffs and the two of them, along with the rest of the team are involved when she is only one of more jumpers to end their lives. The discovery of why is a disheartening investigation because it becomes apparent that no one really wanted to do what they did. In the meantime, James and Millicent are awaiting the birth of their newest family member. Millicent is in danger as well as the baby when her health is at risk. Lilly learns that investigations aren’t meant to be easy when she’s forced to use her talent and follow up with interviews of the friends and families of what the team feels are victims. As usual, Lilly will always find happiness with her friends and those crazy little squirrels she likes so much.
  • Witch Cursed in Westerham: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Book 10 on Jan. 05, 2020

    Increasingly dangerous and deadly crimes are occurring that taunt the PIB. It’s so much worse when a lot of the agents, including, Angelica, are cursed so that their spells wreak havoc. Someone has an agenda and Angelica and her team, with Lilly’s special talent, have to find this perpetrator before the final act. Things turn worse when Angelica is sidelined. In this, as in other of the series, no matter the crazy danger, humor makes us smile. Even for Angelica, which is some doing for the poker-faced agent. We find Lilly running toward destruction to save those she loves. What should amaze us is that Lilly’s powers always surprise her. Then again, Ma’am, in her wisdom will always keep her grounded and Will is there at the end of everything.
  • Witch Heist in Westerham: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Book 11 on March 29, 2020

    Will’s sister, Sarah, is a model showing fashions in London and Will, Beren, Olivia, and Lilly are there to watch and be proud. That is until something goes terribly wrong. During the confusion, Sarah is hurt and her friend is accused of stealing jewelry worn by the models in the show. Sarah sets out to prove her friend’s innocence but also disappears. Lilly’s talent comes in handy once again and sometimes she wishes it wasn’t so right about everything. What kind of danger is Sarah in? In this story, we meet a quite interesting and fun friend of Sarah’s who can go toe to toe with Will believe it or not. Lilly is still threatened by her tattoo and the RP which tend to keep her on a short leash. Angelica seems to be different somehow but no one knows why or exactly how. She’s still under scrutiny by Chad and superiors who really want her out of the way. Will and Lilly, well let’s leave them some privacy.
  • Witch Burglar in Westerham: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Book 12 on May 23, 2020

    Lily and Will investigate burglaries in Westerham, but they aren’t normal. Well, what’s really normal in Lily’s witchy world? Millicent recruits two rats to go on reconnaissance for PIB in regards to their priority matter (she can communicate with animals and rats are really smart). Angelica feeds compliments and support to Lily and the group but no one knows why or what is seriously going on with her. Animals; rats, cats, dogs and more, figure heavily in this mystery. Even in the midst of danger, James, Lily, and Will can find humor. I always find that Lily grows in her talents when she really needs to, but will she be able to get strong enough and smart enough and make that fast enough to stay alive and keep her friends that way, too? Time will tell, but is there enough.