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Ellison James crafts stories of fantasy, urban fantasy, erotica, and everything in between. Born in the Northwestern part of the United States, now living in the Southeast, Ellison James uses a lifetime of living throughout the world as backdrops for stories that usually start in the real world, and then make a quick departure into believable worlds of the fantastic.

"I like to play with perceptions, stretch the boundaries of believability by making Monsters, Demons, Elfs and Faeries seem like normal everyday folks that just happen to do extraordinary things."

The work of Ellison James is often erotic but never smutty, depicting this facet of life like it really is, and from all points of view.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in the Great Northwest, Washington in the United States. Much of my time was spent among the Cascade and Olympic mountains as my entire family were the outdoorsy type. I didn't spend all my time in the woods though. I found the lights and construct and bustle of Seattle oh so appealing. It was the largest city I knew of until adulthood. I remember hopping on a ferry as often as I could so I could walk the waterfront and venture uptown to the Seattle Center, maybe visit the Space Needle building. I think living in this area influenced my writing in a positive way because I often remember all the colors, sights, and smells-the overall feeling these two dichotomous settings of country and city. It now allows me some comfort with writing these settings into my stories. I feel the geography of my youth allows me to move effortlessly between rural and urban settings in my stories.
When did you first start writing?
I can't remember a time when I wasn't writing something, whether it be keeping a journal or simply jotting down ideas and sayings invading my mind. I suppose I started writing with purpose in Junior High School when I found that I could gain attention in writing little limericks, quips, short stories, or anything else deemed taboo at the time.
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Smashwords book reviews by Ellison James

  • Dead Locked, A Mystery Novel on Nov. 21, 2010

    I just purchased this book yesterday. I'm a slow reader and I usually like to take my time and absorb all details of a story. Well, I absorbed the details of "Dead Locked" as if drinking them from a large chalice. I simply could not stop reading! Amy Saunders seamlessly weaves changes in time and season into her story in a way that makes one feel like they are right there in the action - whenever that is. I have only two things to say to those teetering on the edge and considering purchasing this book. Buy it now, and remember the name: Amy Saunders. Chances are, the next book she publishes will have a waiting list to purchase!
  • The Cat And The Fiddle on Jan. 07, 2011

    I believe this story serves as a good representation of one might expect from this author. What was unexpected, was the (male) author's ability to write in the female POV. A few hiccups at the beginning (formatting) but then, the story progressed rather wonderfully. I really felt drawn to the main character from a personal and psychological aspect. I do not normally read BDSM but this was different in that there was some character development. I could sense how "Fiddle" could come through such abuse believing that, in her own way, loved the maestro.
  • Blue Haired Alien Girlfriend on Jan. 08, 2011

    A great little read. By the third paragraph their remains no doubt the author was serious when they said the story was "Quirky." John H. Carroll makes mundane everyday life pop with excitement, and convinces the reader at life can be good, even if you make fish burgers for a living. Loved the way the story introduces new characters at every turn until they all converge in a swirl to the main plot. Kind of like a half-hour sitcom, or "The Twilight Zone."
  • Tia Maria on Jan. 12, 2011

    "Tia Maria" is a fine read that transports the reader into a latin fantasy sure to arouse curiosities. In this short story, a young man travels south of the border merely looking a place to stay. what he finds is so much more through the company of a young senorita and her older aunt. I thought the setting was vivid. Severin Rosetti put words to paper in such a way that I was easily taken to that rustic town, bathed in hot latin sun, and immersed in the raw sensuality there. The premise of the story was excellent. The setting was well developed but I hesitated at the jump from innocent niceties to full-on sexual encounter. I would have liked to have read more about how the protagonist felt-the shock at the forward behavior. I would have liked to read more description of the characters as well. I want to not only see the beauty of all characters in the flesh, I want to feel and smell them as well. Overall, a solid idea, and certainly something that warrants further development.
  • Rhythm in Blue on March 16, 2011

    Nicholas Sparks and Vladimir Nabokov had a baby, and she is TFC Parks. I believe that is the best explanation I can formulate for “Rhythm in Blue.” In this story, the reader is invited into the life of Rick, an abused teen turned rock star. I was drawn into the trials and tribulations of Rick, Shelby, and all of his band mates and friends in beautiful, graphic, painful, sensuous, and heartfelt detail. I know that everyone wants a story that draws you in and makes you read it in one quick sitting. Rest assured, this book has that capacity, but I read it slow, savoring every word, thought, and feeling expressed by the realistic characters. At times, I found myself rereading a section just to relive the emotion, trying to somehow will Rick or his friends to make the right decisions. Maybe I had some fantasy that I could change the heart wrenching parts by re-reading them—that’s just how this story draws the reader in! I felt like I wasn’t just reading the words, I was living right beside Rick, struggling to overcome past history and poor decisions, and win the heart of my one true love at any cost. TFC Parks does an outstanding job of bringing the reader into the story, set in the late seventies and early to mid eighties, transporting the reader to the beautiful Mediterranean and contrasting this surreal beauty with equal pain and hope. Great first effort by TFC Parks. I can only hope to read more from her in the future. Five stars all the way!
  • Devil's Heart on March 24, 2011

    I just found my new favorite author! Jax cassidy so skillfully intertwines romance and erotica into the story, "Devil's Heart" that I was transported from one to the other as if I was inside the main character's head. I swear I thought the same things she was thinking, felt the same things she felt, and found myself wanting Patrick as if I WAS flynn. Now, that says something about Jax Cassidy's wonderful writing - because I am a heterosexual man! Great work Jax, Five stars all the way!
  • Crazy Emma on April 15, 2011

    Brandy Buckwine has proven her work a force to be reckoned with in her debut story "Crazy Emma." I immediately understood the main character through the colorful, descriptive, and everyday understand Buckwine portrayed in her style of writing. Then Emma starts making some unique and risky choices but I followed right along as if the decision was my own. Brandy Buckwine incorporated the sweet romance of Jax Cassidy and the Sexy nastiness of Selena Kitt in her story. I would have paid good money for a story of this quality and you can be sure, I'll be a longtime customer and reader of Brandy's stories as long as she chooses to write them. She's proven her skills and I'll follow her and her characters through hell and high water (at whatever price she commands) from now on.
  • Buttcrack Betty on Sep. 14, 2011

    Wow! At first, I was a little apprehensive to read this story. With the word 'Buttcrack' in the title, my mind went to some very disturbing places. But, once I began reading this story, I found it very entertaining, funny, and believable. I was so impressed, I'm thinking of becoming a plumber, and moving to Texas. Five stars all the way for this short, funny, and erotic story!
  • Manoulis Steals a Kiss on Dec. 08, 2011

    Well-written, engaging, and entertaining. Parks packs great depth and character development into a short story. I got so caught up in reading, the end took me by surprise. This story gave me a great sense of being right there in that small Greek Island village, years ago. Loved the depth Parks provided in the characters. Five stars all the way!
  • Watched on Feb. 22, 2013

    A marathon of sex, voyeurism, and discovery, with a little home and boat decorating thrown in. I like the way the author portrayed how it became "normal" for the main character being watched by ghostly entities all the time. Of course, all this with a "happily ever after" at the end. I've updated this from my first review of 3 stars. I've now given it 5 stars because the story was updated and improved upon immensely. This is a good author that has continuously gotten better over time. for those that read her earlier works, might I suggest you re-read, or give some of her later work a chance. I think you will be quite satisfied. The improvements were enough to turn me around - an I'm an author myself, so quite hardened and unforgiving. This author may become the next Selena Kitt, or Anne Rice.
  • How not to have sex on July 06, 2013

    At first, I thought (How Not to Have Sex) was a kind of instruction manual for writers. Being a writer myself, I had to check it out. I was not an instruction manual, but it might as well been. This turned out to be a superb short story that fully demonstrated Anna's mastery of telling. It was sexy, smart, maybe even a little irreverent but wildly entertaining. I must say, I was hooked from the first paragraph with "the birds are so happy, they just won't shut up about it." Five stars all the way. And, as a writer as well as reader, I must say I witnessed brilliance in this story and found something to aspire to in my own writing.