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Luciano Castellano è nato a Torre del Greco (Napoli), alle falde del Vesuvio, dove ha vissuto fino alla laurea. Giovanissimo ha iniziato a insegnare Storia e Filosofia nel Liceo di Roccadaspide prima e di Agropoli poi. Il suo primo libro “Filosofia di classe per tutti” ha vinto il premio narrativa 2010 “Mario Soldati” ed il premio “Internazionale Pomigliano d’Arco”. Docente nei corsi abilitanti, per molti anni è stato “Funzione obiettivo e strumentale per l’aggiornamento degli insegnanti”. Medaglia d’oro “Comune di Roccadaspide” per meriti culturali, nel gennaio 1979, tre anni fa, tramite internet, è riuscito a contattare circa cinquecento ex alunni, alcuni in lontani paesi europei, ... read more
Latest book: Chiudete quelle squole!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A.S. Johnson
I'm, A.S. Johnson, disabled veteran turned romance novel writer. Published my first romance novel “Orion” December 2010 with a small press publisher and it's been non-stop fun ever since! I write a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy. ;) I write Fiction: Genre: Romance For who? Teen/YA to Adult Everything from Paranormal/Alien/Demon to Altered-History/Western-Historical/Native-American-Historical to Contemporary/Futuristic/Sci-Fi. Sweet-heart Romance to naughty Erotica and everything in between; all with female self-empowerment to boot. I'm living the dream by turning all my wild dreams into novels! I love to read, write romance novels and poetry, cook, history, sightseeing, funny movies, trav ... read more
Latest book: The Vampire Empress Chronicles Charlotte's Journey

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Derek Jarred
Internet Marketing Strategies You Can Use To Make Money Online
Latest book: How To Start A Website - Ultimate Guide To Starting A Blog Or Website

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Edward McMullen
Artist, Musician, former Stand-up comic, Writer, and creator of Feo Amante's Horror Thriller, E.C. McMullen Jr. currently works in movies and has three feature films with expected releases in 2012: The Sorrow, Mine Games, and How Hard Can It Be? Known as Eddie or Feo to his friends, McMullen is working on his current Screenplay.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Feyna Blackwell
Feyna Blackwell authors romance designed to warm your heart and stir your soul. She is fascinated by ancient history, particularly the Ancient Near East, and has a soft spot for pre-Columbian North and South America. The only reason she doesn’t write true historical romance is because of the huge amounts of research it would entail, much of which is difficult to find since she has a fondness for civilizations that may or may not have kept written records. When Feyna is not working on a manuscript or researching a story idea, she loves to read and spend time in her garden.
Latest book: Love's Touch

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eric Romero, PhD
Are you tired of the same old politically correct, candy coating, everyone is so special consultants and motivational speakers? I am the complete opposite. I tell it like it is, with no B.S. ! I say the things that everyone is thinking, but no one wants to talk about…the important stuff! I am the world’s only Reality Speaker, as opposed to all the motivational speakers out there! If you are looking for a suit who uses the latest cute catch phrases, I ain’t your guy. However, if you want total unedited honesty and a revolutionary perspective on leadership, strategy, innovation and competitive advantage, I am your professional speaker or unconventional leadership consultant. I have helped thousands of peo ... read more
Latest book: Kick the Hooked on Experience Habit

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Onne Andrews
Onné Andrews writes erotic romance and erotic fiction. She currently lives in a classic Victorian that she’s restoring with her partners, Pierce and Daniel.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Oleg Medvedkov
Oleg Medvedkov is a writer of Humorous Novels and Short Stories. He also writes some serious stuff just to show that he can. He lives in Sacramento, CA. His motivation - Cookies, His inspiration - see Motivation, His muse - whoever brings him Cookies. If you think he is mercantile than you know words.
Latest book: Take a Break & Have a Laugh Series. Sexy Security Guard, Invisible Bricks for Russian Mafia, Space Rabbit vs. Captain Doomsday and more!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page jenna cortes
Jimena Cortes is a SEO (search engine optimization) and Mobile Marketing expert, with over 7 years of marketing experience. She is the founder of Wizard Media, a marketing agency that helps small to mid-size businesses attract more qualified prospects from the web by optimizing their websites to be found on page 1 of Google and other search engines.
Latest book: How to Attract Men: Tips on What Men Want

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David S Malone

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christamar Varicella
Christamar Varicella is the author of the short story collection Too Weird, many humorous stories and articles, and the thriller novel, The Reverend.
Latest book: The Blue Whale in the Bathtub

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Chris Well
Chris Well writes laugh-out-loud suspense and mystery fiction. His latest novels include the crime comedy TOO GOOD TO BE TRUMAN, the traditional whodunit NURSING A GRUDGE, and the shoot-em-up TRIBULATION HOUSE. He's also a 25-year veteran of the media, with experience in radio, newspapers, magazines, and digital publishing. He and wife Erica make their home in Tennessee.
Latest book: Forgiving Solomon Long

Follow me at my  Facebook Page JDeWayne Pierce
I write about a future with endless wonders and fantastic technologies. Places where fulfilling lives are ahead for anyone brave enough to dream of greater things to come. I wrote my first short story, that was not a homework assignment, at the age of 10. Most likely it was the result of growing up as a "Base Brat" courtesy of the USAF. I always had a different outlook on things. I have lived in the following States of the USA: VA, TN, MT, MS, IL, TX and have visited about 35 or so of the other States. I have also lived in Okinawa, Kuwait, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Saudi Arabia. My most memorable vocations have been; US Marine, Radiochemist and Chemistry Shift Supervisor. My hobbies are also quite diver ... read more
Latest book: Mssng

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Helen Leggatt
Helen Leggatt is a freelance writer specialising in travel, e-business and genealogy. After emigrating to New Zealand from the UK in 2004 Helen was asked to write a regular column for the Malvern News in Canterbury, New Zealand. Called A Brit in the Boonies it took a sideways glance at the process of adapting to a new country, despite the lack of a language barrier. So popular was the column amongst ex-pats and locals that the San Diego Reader (USA) published five extended versions and the column has now been collated into an ebook of the same name.
Latest book: A Brit in the Boonies

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Arvin Ghazarian
Arvin Ghazarian was born in 1980 in the city of Tehran, capital of Iran. He studied sciences at high school and received his bachelor of science’s degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from Tehran University, the highest ranking university in the country. He had his master of sciences education in Medical Genetics at the same university, a course that only 3 people could be accepted per year. He ranked #2 in that nationwide entrance exam. Currently he lives in Los Angeles, California, The United States. He is a passionate and dedicated tutor, having multiple students which are preparing for various courses and examinations. Apart from tutoring, he also is in the process of writing and publishing a series of e- ... read more
Latest book: Challenging Genetics: Study Guide

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Daniel Bwegule
Daniel Bwegule is the founder of SuperiorWorld Ministry who has the vision for reaching people, men and women all over the world with the divine power and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. He is the Author, teacher and preacher of the word of God.In the ministry he also caries the humanitarian activities, and so on. Currently he is ministering from the City of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Latest book: New Beginning

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeanne Rejaunier
Jeanne Rejaunier graduated from Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY, and did postgraduate studies at the Sorbonne, Paris, the Universities of Florence and Pisa, Italy, and the Goetheschule, Rome, as well as at UCLA. While at Vassar, she began a career as a professional model, and subsequently became an actress in Manhattan, Hollywood and Europe, appearing on and off Broadway, in films and television, on magazine covers internationally and as a principal in dozens of national commercials. Rejaunier achieved international success with the publication of her acclaimed first novel, The Beauty Trap, which sold over one million copies and became Simon & Schuster’s fourth best seller of the year, the film rights to w ... read more
Latest book: My Sundays with Henry Miller

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Dilley
I grew up in the 60s and spent most of my teenage years playing in rock-n-rolls groups and experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs. I attended college in several locations but after earning over 166 credit hours I never obtained a degree because I changed majors 8 times. Through several people I had known I came to work and live at the PTL property run by the Bakers in South Carolina. After the public downfall of the PTL organization I begin working in the computer field and wound up in a high paying corporate job. I spent 10 years with a major telecommunications company, but was eventually laid off and had to scramble to find work. After the millennium I built a computer service business but watched it fail d ... read more
Latest book: No Cause to Die For

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Julie Melville
Julie Melville is the creator of Heavenly Health, offering support and services to all who are ready to accept perfect health, joy, peace and love in their lives. Julie has found the way to create heaven here on earth, living from your core essence. Life does not have to be a struggle or a constant merry-go-round of change. All that is required is self-acceptance, faith and gratitude. As a Reiki Master and Reflexologist, Julie is also trained and experienced in Stress Management, Relaxation Techniques, Color and Aromatherapy. Through the study, and practice of various holistic modalities and lifestyles, Julie has experienced the ability for everyone to heal themselves, through the oneness of Universal Energy. ... read more
Latest book: Don't Change For Heaven's Sake

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jess Elizabeth O'Connell
❤ I grew up in the countryside, a place with rolling hill, forests, woodlands, acres and acres of fields and hedgerows. I would hear the occasional dog barking or a church bell peeling in the distance. I found such inspiration there. It fuelled my imagination! I began writing stories when I was as young as 7. My first dabble in this field was a poem, and then went on to create short stories in a school foolscap book. The writing bug has always been with me and I love nothing more than creating something from my dreams, imagination and life experiences. I have five books published so far. It is such a joy to share my works. New Interview coming soon!
Latest book: Times Hearts

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J.G. Sandom
J. G. Sandom, often referred to as the "Father of Interactive (Internet) Advertising," co-founded the world's first interactive advertising agency, Einstein and Sandom Interactive (EASI), in 1984, before launching an award-winning writing career. He is the author of nine works of fiction, including THE GOD MACHINE; GOSPEL TRUTHS; THE WALL STREET MURDER CLUB; THE WAVE; KISS ME, I'M DEAD; and CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE BODY SNATCHER. Born in Chicago (December 19th, 1956), raised in Europe, and a graduate of Amherst College (where he won the Academy of American Poets Prize), Sandom moved to New York City in 1979 where, for the next five years, he worked as a freelance copy writer, public relations and advertising e ... read more
Latest book: After the Great Muskie Hunt

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Don Draco
Don Draco writes scintillating erotic romances that are crafted for your pleasure and enjoyment. He strives to titillate and arouse your mind and body. Don Draco stories are full of romance, love, and hot dirty sex explored through each delicious encounter described in explicit detail. Enjoy. You can check me out on Facebook, Twitter, and Thank you, Don Draco

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Abiola Onikoyi
I live in Kano, Nigeria, originally from Lagos state. I'm a law major in college, in benin republic, having assignments, test and presentation to keep her busy. Been a student and having an immense passion for writing, I have been writing romance, thriller and crime novels since age 12.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Goldstein
David Goldstein is a fighter pilot in the US Air Force. He has a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland, and a Masters in Aviation Operations from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He has logged over 2500 hours in the T-37, F-15E, and F/A-18. David lives with his wife and two children in Virginia
Latest book: The Chase

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cathie Dunn
I write historical fiction & romantic suspense. My first novel, Highland Arms, is published with The Wild Rose Press. My current release, Dark Deceit, the first in The Anarchy Trilogy, is available in February 2012 from Crooked Cat Publishing. I enjoy research, always on the lookout for dramatic settings and unusual pieces of information. My works in progress at the moment are a contemporary romantic suspense novella set in Idaho, US, and a Scottish historical romance set during the Wars of Independence. I live in Scotland with my husband and two cats.
Latest book: Dark Deceit

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Cerutti
Neewa the Wonder Dog and The Ghost Hunters. Vol. 1 The Mystery of the Indian Medicine Woman is Revealed! Can be downloaded or read on Amazon.COM,,,,,,,,,,,, and others. And in any format you want. Since going on the web in Feb 2012 the book has been downloaded tens of thousands of times that I know of. I attended various schools and colleges in three states attaining a Masters Degree. I am blessed with 2 daughters. I look forward to finishing 2 more volumes of the Neewa the Wonder Dog and the Ghost Hunters series. John Cerutti attended vario ... read more
Latest book: Neewa the Wonder Dog and the Ghost Hunters

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A Grant
A Grant is one of my writing personas and quite different from the others. Vigilante is my first novel and is a commentary on where our society could be heading if we do not make a hasty u-turn. Without giving anything away I can tell you that this a story about retribution run out of control and the moral dilemma we face when confronted with the corruption of justice and our society. This is a thriller through and through - there is action and the tension builds with every chapter. Vigilante is a novel that should have been on the shelf 10 years ago, but as is so often the case with writers, I allowed myself to be sidetracked and I lost belief in myself on the advice of people I should have ignored. Armage ... read more
Latest book: Dragonscream

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jen Minkman
I am a writer of paranormal romance in Holland, and I am proud to say I am currently the first and only trade-published writer of novels in this genre in Dutch. All the other books on our market are translations of bestsellers from the US and the UK. So, what's in it for anglophone readers? Well, I make translations of all my Dutch books and stories and self-publish them. I also write poetry in English, so there's plenty to explore! Please visit my author's website (there's an English section available) for more info, or e-mail me at !
Latest book: L’Île (L’Île Trilogie 1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marieke Frankema
Marieke is een creatieve duizendpoot. Ze zingt, danst en acteert voor haar beroep, ze naait kleren en knutselt van alles en nog wat in elkaar. Daarnaast is ze auteur van meerdere theaterstukken, boeken en korte verhalen.
Latest book: Dooie thee met koekjes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Melissa Donovan
Born and raised in Northern California, Melissa inherited a love of literature and language from her mom, who taught Melissa to read by age four. Melissa started writing poetry and song lyrics at thirteen. Shortly thereafter, she began journaling. She studied creative writing at Sonoma State University, earning a BA in English with a concentration in creative writing. Since then, Melissa has worked as a technical writer, business writer, copywriter, professional blogger, and writing coach. Blogging is one of Melissa’s favorite writing passions, along with fiction and poetry. In 2007, she launched Writing Forward, a block packed with creative writing tips and ideas. Melissa is the author of 101 Creative Writ ... read more
Latest book: Adventures in Writing: The Complete Collection

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Frederick Billingsley
Born in the mid forties in Houston,Texas. Always wanted to try my hand at writing stories. Never got started until 2010, wrote seven books. Sing karaoke and preform with a live band. Presently taking lead guitar lessons and key board. All in my later years of life, so it is...
Latest book: Story Book

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Terrence Lauerhohn
Biografie Terrence Lauerhohn: Terrence is geboren op 31 mei 1960 in een Brabantse wieg te ’s Hertogenbosch. Pas op 51 jarige leeftijd is hij begonnen met schrijven. Zijn eerste (bescheiden) uitgave was de korte Sciencefictionroman, 'Noptula', die al goede reviews ontving. Sindsdien heeft hij meegedaan aan verschillende schrijfwedstrijden, met bovengemiddeld resultaat, en zijn een zestal kortverhalen van hem in bekende magazines en in minder bekende uitgaven gepubliceerd. Hij houdt zich het liefst niet aan een bepaald genre binnen de verbeeldingsliteratuur, zodat zijn grenzeloze fantasie alle richtingen van het onwerkelijke kan inslaan. Het auteurschap blijkt zijn passie te zijn, ontdekte hij. Een passie die b ... read more
Latest book: Stranger

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jack Schlimazlnik
Jack Schlimazlnik. Bouwjaar 1970. Afkomstig uit de Hollandse klei, nu woonachtig tussen eiken en duinen. Jack debuteerde in 2010 in het genre van de (erotische) verbeeldingsliteratuur, eindigde daarna regelmatig hoog bij schrijfwedstrijden en heeft nog een en ander regulier laten publiceren.
Latest book: Beknopte gids voor het reizen per stoomtrein

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hannah Cuckler
Hi! I am Hannah :) I started writing three years ago and haven't stopped since. I've completed a few short stories and one novel. I may or may not publish that novel because it's quite cliche. If I do end up publishing it, it'll probably be for free :P More projects in the future!
Latest book: The Nereid

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David George Clarke
Former forensic scientist David George Clarke was born and brought up in London and studied at the University of Nottingham for his bachelors and doctorate degrees in chemistry. He then joined the West Midlands Forensic Science Laboratory in Birmingham, England, After three years learning the nuances of the trade, David followed his dream of working overseas by taking a post as a forensic scientist in the Hong Kong Government Laboratory. The lure and excitement of the Far East proved very strong and twenty-eight years later he was still there, retiring eventually as Hong Kong’s last expatriate Government Chemist in 2004. From Hong Kong, David and his wife, the children’s book author and illustrator Gail C ... read more
Latest book: Rare Traits

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James Powers
I started designing poker tables during my last year in the military in 2001. The first few tables I built were for my game room and friends. I started a business building custom poker tables and sold them online to individuals for personal use and small casinos. I stayed in the business for a few years which provided me a decent income while I continued going to school part time and raising a family. I eventually received my business degree from Connecticut State University and went to work for various companies such as Pfizer and Dell. I’m now publishing my own authored books on building poker tables using the methods that I’ve developed over the years. I’ve also started a publishing company “Powers P ... read more
Latest book: How to Build the Classic Poker Table

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bob E Sherman
Bob E. Sherman was born and raised on the Jersey Shore. He attended MIT (Milwaukee) to be a diesel mechanic; then transferred to The U to study marine biology before getting his degree in accounting. A retired CPA, he is now a licensed USCG captain and former columnist for the Waterfront Times. His column, Dead Reckoning, received the 2010 Merit Award from Boating Writers International. His first book of tongue-in-cheek essays, Am I the Only One That Signals? was published in 2008.
Latest book: They Don't Speak Spanish In Brasil

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ali Asadi
Ali Asadi is a well-known and respected author and professional business consultant. As the owner of Asadi Business Consulting, a management consultancy firm, he specializes in helping small and medium-size businesses achieve success in today’s highly competitive business environment. He has more than fifteen years of business management experience and focuses on all aspects of business management consulting, coaching, and marketing. Ali is particularly knowledgeable and exceptionally skillful in analyzing your particular business needs and developing innovative techniques and proactive processes that can add value to your organization and increase profit potential. He takes a personal, hands-on approach, w ... read more
Latest book: The Ultimate Marketing Guide for Medical Practices

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Adidas C. Wilson
Adidas C. Wilson was born in Chicago, Illinois. The year of 1984, moving back and forth from the city to Mississippi, he became a writer at the early age of seven. Writing poetry and journals became natural. Adidas eventually went to truck driving and moved to Nashville, Tn. Adidas Wilson enrolled at the University of Phoenix studying Healthcare Management. The first book of Maximus the Great: The Beginning is the first book in the trilology.
Latest book: Maximus The Great: The Beginning

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Yamaya Cruz
Yamaya Cruz reveals the hidden secrets of the past. She incorporates ancient knowledge with African folklore to create a storyline that is powerful and haunting. She writes with fearless passion, keeping the reader engaged long after the story is told. She aspires to write books that are about spiritual healing, with emotional feeling, so people’s shadows can dance. She currently writes articles and blogs about shamanism, Orisha worship, chakra healing, and much more!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Carol A. Spradling
As a youth, I loved reading Trixie Belden books. She was great—smart, witty, and surrounded by good-looking guys. What’s not to like? While in my teens, I discovered the answers to that question when I heard someone mention a romance novel she had read. Her shallow breathing and flushed face was enough to pique my interest. A trip to the bookstore was in order. I read with wide-eyed amazement. Trixie never spoke of such occurrences! Other than the obvious, I found myself trying to appreciate what my friend had enjoyed about this book. Yeah, there was the hot guy and beautiful woman, but the book as a whole frustrated me. Why did it take 380 pages for the couple to admit they loved each other? To me, this ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kristi Ahlers
Kristi Ahlers is a California girl! She grew up in Northern California in a small city called Yuba City. Since then she’s lived in Brussels, Belgium, and England along with a myriad of other locations. A former flight attendant, she was able to continue to feed her love of travel. This has greatly influenced her writing, allowing her to pen stories about places she’s managed to visit and things she’s experienced. Kristi loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at or visit her at her virtual home at
Latest book: His Heart's Desire

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anne Spackman
I am a writer and have a BA in English literature from the University of Chicago.
Latest book: Cormorant Bay

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Krystell Lake
Krystell Lake is a writer of mostly vampire fiction. She also has written screenplays and teleplays. She lives near Chicago with her son and daughter.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Trudi White
Trudi L. White is an author and a Next Action Coach. She received her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. In addition to, or perhaps in contrast of her personal spiritual journey she spent over 20 years in Corporate America. She considers herself to be grounded in the practical while having her head in the clouds.
Latest book: The Goddess Documents

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andrew Seaward
Andrew Seaward is an award-winning author, actor, and screenwriter. He has written and acted in a number of independent productions, including the critically-acclaimed short film, Drowning, which earned the prestigious Award of Merit at the 2010 Indie Fest. A recovering addict himself, Andrew understands the viciousness of addiction. As a result, he has dedicated his life to removing the unfair stigma associated with addiction by encouraging fellow addicts to celebrate their recovery through artistic endeavors.
Latest book: Some Are Sicker Than Others

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J.L. MacDonald

Latest book: Where the Devil Dwells

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Naomi Lauder
Student by day, steamy erotica writer by night, Naomi Lauder enjoys bringing you all of your darkest, wildest fantasies from the depths of your salacious thoughts right to your eReader. Naomi is a college student working on an English degree, hoping to become a full time author. She lives with her boyfriend and one demanding cat, loves coffee and hanging out with her friends. You can purchase Naomi's books in audio format here:

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Heidi Rand
Heidi Rand is a photographer and artist dedicated to creating original and unique artwork with innovative techniques. She is constantly amazed and inspired by the beautiful orchids and plants that her husband George McRae grows, and the animals they live with and attract to their garden and pond. Heidi uses her nature photographs and the designs she creates from them in her handmade mixed media arts and crafts pieces. Heidi is an expert in printing directly on fabric and unusual surfaces such as lutradur, metal, and wood, and in using transfer techniques to get her images onto any surface that won't fit through her printer. Interested in going beyond creating art that hangs on the wall in a frame, Heidi desi ... read more
Latest book: Sell Your Artwork & Crafts Online: An Insider's Guide to the Worldwide Arts Market