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Smashwords book reviews by Ris

  • Sevener on Sep. 01, 2013

    Great book but only the second story I've read by the author / pen name. Now, I want to know what happens next! I was left hanging, standing behind the door with the "human" character. Please, please, please let us know more about this world or about the wood guardians? Or both?
  • Interlude with Tattoos: A Charm of Magpies 1.5 on Jan. 12, 2014

    Great little interlude. Can hardly wait for the full story that's coming out next.
  • Butterflies (The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal) on Jan. 12, 2014

    Good one. Hope there will be more.
  • The Broken Road Cafe (Broken Road Cafe #1) on Jan. 12, 2014

    Very good book which ends on a cliffhanger .... and I want MORE!
  • Destroyer of Worlds on April 19, 2014

    I hate writing reviews but as I can only wait impatiently for the next volume, wanted to give this 5 stars and are only able to do this by writing something, well, get the books!
  • Eater of Lives on April 19, 2014

  • SPECTR: Volume 1 on April 19, 2014

    Alright, I glommed and want more!
  • Eidolon: A Whyborne & Griffin Short Story on April 19, 2014

    Sweet interlude, but you really should read the first novel beforehand.
  • Whyborne and Griffin, Books 1-3 on April 19, 2014

    Can only agree with review form Thianna D, this is so good. Going with Billy Idol here: More, more, more!
  • Ten in the Bin on April 19, 2014

    Sweet little, unfortunately short, story. Never were walking mountains so cute.
  • Remnant: a story by Jordan L Hawk & KJ Charles on April 19, 2014

    Please, please more Feximal and Caldwell. And just because of this story I discovered Jordan L Hawk - such a lucky break!
  • Entreat Me on May 23, 2014

    I'm so happy Grace Draven is writing again as I have all her books from Amberquill (too few and too short!) but always wanted more. Now, after "Master of Crows" another novel-length offering from Ms Draven, and it is GOOD. Now, as I'm never content, I'm waitung for more.
  • Necropolis on May 23, 2014

    Not quite as brilliant as the books before this, but very nice relationship development, and all in all still better than many other books in the genre.
  • Summoner of Storms on July 08, 2014

    If you're looking at this book without having read the previous volumes then go back and start at the beginning, if you're already a fan I don't need to tell you how great this books is - because I can promise it is. However, if I actually started to tell you about the plot I'd tell too much as we're seamlessly thrown into the action started in the last voume. I can promise, you will find the emotion, humour, action and excitement we've gotten used to in all her writing.
  • Another Place in Time on Oct. 07, 2014

    I'm an avid reader of the works of four of the six authors and none of them disappointed - well, I would have liked the stories to be longer as there's still so much I want to learn about the characters. The same goes for the two "not-so-often-read" authors. A VERY good anthology and for 3.99 a steal. Now I want MORE and LONGER *grumble*
  • Bloodline on Oct. 26, 2014

    It took me a bit to finally start with this book but when I actually did I couldn't put it down again. Excitement, intrigue, romance, friendship, betrayal and abiding love, this book has it all. Clear recommendation.
  • Feast of Stephen (A Charm of Magpies) on Dec. 28, 2014

    Very nice little story that shows us how Jenny slowly becomes part of the family.
  • The Lightning God's Wife on Dec. 28, 2014

    I really like "Master of Crows", and while this is not really part of that book it's a nice story in that universe. Just wish there were more!
  • Restless Spirits on Jan. 11, 2015

    Ok, if this wasn't a Jordan L. Hawk book and I trusted and liked her book, I would have stopped reading about 50 pages in as I REALLY dislike Henry. He tries to do better near the end of the book but I can only hope for redemption in the sequel because his "sorry" just didn't cut it for me here. He was an a**, plain and simple. The story itself is excellently written with a really scary ghost plot. The atmosphere is comparable to "Theshold" by the same author. The style and mores of the Victorian era feel authentic and believable. Vincent, Lizzie and Jo are characters I want to know more about, and Henry, well, I trust Jordan's talents as a writer. Let's see what the next book brings.
  • Radiance on Feb. 08, 2015

    I know why I waited so long to read this book despite being REALLY keen to know what it is about (I resisted Grace Draven's blog entries valiantly). Because as soon as I had started I was already at the end - at least it felt like it. One wonderful rushed through read later, I'm only left with re-reads of this and all her other works (too few yet). This book is reading pleasure incarnate.
  • The Light Within on Feb. 08, 2015

    If you've read "Master of Crows" you'll be as happy as me to meet Silhara and Martise again in this admittedly far too short story. I'm just happy there'll be a sequel to "Master" as this story whetted my appetite for MOOOORE.
  • Integrate on May 03, 2015

    Ah, once again my old problem when faced with a book written by Thea Hayworth (and there aren't enough of those by far) - I WANT MORE! I want more of this story (engrossing), I want more about these characters (interesting individuals and real aliens), I want more of this woldbuilding (what we get are just glimpses into a rich future/ scifi world), well, I just want more! As for the "helpful parts" of a review, Kira Seyvah said averything relevant in hers, I can't add anything more.
  • Go A-Hunting on May 04, 2015

    Nicely done as usual by this author but this one just felt incomplete somehow; not so much because I want a sequel but more a feeling like "so I've read this and.....?"
  • Mocker of Ravens on June 18, 2015

    Very nice to see that Gray, Caleb and John are back but sad to see that SPECTR didn't change all that much. Nice little book with good action and emotions though I could have done with a greater length. Anticipating the next volume.
  • Hoarfrost on June 22, 2015

    I have no idea why it took me so long to start this book, but I know why I finished it in a very short amount of time: because it's just so good!
  • The Brush of Black Wings on July 23, 2015

    I'm still in love with Grace Draven's writing. Just... so... goooood. More!
  • Eidolon on April 29, 2016

    It's a Grace Draven - do I need to write more? Don't start with this one if you haven't read "Radiance" but if you already love that one you'll adore this book too. Buy - read - enjoy.
  • Hexbreaker on July 23, 2016

    Yes, it took me a while to read this but that is just life butting in. Anyway, after the Spirit-books weren't really my cup of tea I'm extremely happy to say that the Hex-universe is just riveting. The suspense was good and the romance heart-warming. Even the ending is not too "arrg, a cliffhanger"-ish and I'm rather keen the read the next. The book was even so good that I just ignored my pet peeves of calling everyone "darling" and consumption of mind-altering substances, though luckily not really by the main characters. Moooooore!
  • Breaker of Chains on March 21, 2018

    That cliffhanger! Arg! Next book please. Please?
  • Maze-Born Trouble on May 17, 2018

    Simply brilliant! But then I didn't expect anything else by this versatile author.