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Marina Mundell lives in Berkshire, England. Her first published book, "The Truth About Ben" is published on Smashwords and Amazon. See her Website for more information
Latest book: The Truth About Ben

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Endless Curse crafts erotic romance and erotica guided by the ardent belief that the brain is the most important sex organ. Their writings explore fantasy and pleasure with an uncompromising devotion to quality and an unwavering commitment to diversity. The worlds and characters of Endless Curse — whether magical, mundane, or something else entirely — are brought to life with a level of depth not often found in the genre.

Follow me on Twitter at  askdrdana Dana Sherman, Ph.D.
Dr. Dana Sherman is the owner of Dr. Dana Consulting Services, LLC. Dr. Dana designs and implements emotional intelligence programs for students and families. She is a parenting expert, author, and entrepreneur. Dr. Dana received her Master's Degree and Doctorate in Psychology and Organizational Behavior from Duke University. During her career, Dr. Dana has worked as a college instructor, parenting instructor, prevention specialist working with children, Executive Director, and School Program Director. She writes a community parenting column called "Ask Dr. Dana". Most importantly, she is the mother of two beautiful girls.
Latest book: Bully Games: 8 Strategies to BULLYPROOF your kid

Follow me on Twitter at  ashtonraze Ashton Raze
Hello. I am an author, journalist and video game developer from the South West of England. I've written for The Telegraph, GameSpot, Beefjack and others. Bright Lights & Glass Houses is my debut release. I specialize in horror, crime, horrific crime, criminal horror and also some things that don't fit a genre, such as stories about violins. I also develop adventure games, and my dream is to one day pass through Nashville on my way to somewhere else. I also write video games, with the upcoming adventure game Richard & Alice due out in early 2013.
Latest book: Bright Lights & Glass Houses

Follow me on Twitter at  healthysouluk Frances Ive
Frances Ive is a journalist, copywriter and PR consultant. Her website, is a large health and wellbeing site with plenty of information about healthy lifestyle from nutrition to complementary therapies, and exercise to relaxation.
Latest book: Give and Take with a Capital G & T

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Latest book: Cake Cozy - Crochet Pattern

Follow me on Twitter at  mammabasso Kimberly Croft
I have been writing all my life. I majored in English in college. I work full time and I write whenever I can either on my lunch, waiting on my daughter after practice in the car, or at night. I have a passion for the 1930's and 40's. I live in Akron Ohio with my husband Chris and two daughters that inspire me everyday, Hannah and Abigail.
Latest book: Chasing Secrets

Follow me on Twitter at  djchuang DJ Chuang
ideator / strategist / connector / Asian American / experimenter
Latest book: My Random Life: A Work in Progress

Follow me on Twitter at  drkazakos Daniel Kazakos
Daniel Kazakos studied History at Rutgers University and holds a graduate degree in Accountancy. He spends his time between various business ventures while teaching at the local community college. He lives in Merced, California with his loving wife Jessica and their five beautiful children.
Latest book: The Digital Aristocracy: The Commoner's Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  GogglesandLace Kit MacConnell
Aspiring fantasy/sci-fi/steampunk writer, blogger, & crazy-person, getting a little lost in my own imagination.
Latest book: Something Peculiar

Follow me on Twitter at  zenlumper Jerry West
I am a furniture mover and moving company owner with well over 25 years in the industry. I am also a recently graduated college student with interdisciplinary concentrations in the Writing Certificate and Communication with a focus on rhetoric.
Latest book: The Self-Mover's Bible

Follow me on Twitter at  markdesires Mark Desires
Mark Desires is an author of various literary erotica featuring light-hearted tales of tomboyish and aggressive women that take the lead in their love lives, tragic romances where happy endings are rare and bittersweet, and paranormal encounters where a walk in the woods could lead to a mystic rendezvous. Follow my blog in order to keep up on latest release dates and projects. There's a chance you might even find a coupon.

Follow me on Twitter at  GaryHenicke Gary Henicke
To quote Mark Twain: "My books are like water; those of the great geniuses are wine. (Fortunately) everybody drinks water." I specialize in writing realistic fiction; both historical and contemporary. I am blessed to have an overdeveloped imagination! I often get my ideas for stories from dreams. I try to not write in a particular genre. In these times of mega novel series books, I think it's important to value the importance of the short stories, novelettes, and novellas. A great story doesn't have be a book the size of a dictionary. It can stand on its own and not have to be a trilogy or a series. Many people are so busy they do not have the time to invest in a mega novel. I think what sets me apart from ... read more
Latest book: Destiny Binds Us All: Unique Tales of Fate

Follow me on Twitter at  crazycarissa Carissa Marks
Started writing at 8, later in life I have written for newspapers, a military life style magazine, school news paper, and then hit the big time when a story was published in an anthology put out by the University of Edinburgh. I have a masters degree in creative writing multimedia(just got it)and I waited to go back to school until I was 50. Spent 20 plus yrs chasing the military, raising kids and're never to old. I hope to be an inspiration to my girls, all of them.
Latest book: Confessions of a Rebel Child

Follow me on Twitter at  alisonwells A.B. Wells
A.B.Wells is the living embodiment of chaos theory being the mother of four children, three of whom are that particularly alien species called boys. She writes comedy sci-fi, science inspired and literary fiction. As Alison Wells her more literary writing has been shortlisted in the prestigious Bridport, Fish and Hennessy Awards and she’s been published or is about to be in a wide variety of anthologies and e-zines, including the Higgs Boson Anthology by Year Zero, Metazen, The View from Here, Voices of Angels by Bridgehouse and National Flash Fiction day’s Jawbreakers. She recently won the fiction category of the Big Book of Hope ebook with a flash fiction medley. She blogs for in the guest blo ... read more
Latest book: Housewife with a Half-Life

Follow me on Twitter at  pj_hawkinson PJ Hawkinson
PJ Hawkinson grew up in Kansas and has resided there her entire life. She and her husband Leonard have four children and 8 grandchildren. PJ enjoys reading, playing games, and above all else, fishing. PJ is a graduate of Hutchinson Community College. A full-time author, PJ writes both alone and along with co-author Karen Wodke under the pseudonym Wodke Hawkinson.

Follow me on Twitter at  ljnoker L. J. Noker
L. J. Noker earned his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Penn State and his master’s degree in the same field from Carnegie Mellon University. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his beloved family and is hard at work on his next creation. I’d like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to read something from my imagination. The idea that you enjoyed my words is quite humbling. Please leave a review on or Check out Edge of Betrayal, The New Caporesso Chronicles, Book I, a family friendly epic fantasy adventure. Strength of swords, honor in victory. You can contact me at

Follow me on Twitter at  K_J_Ester K. J. Ester
Born and raised in Michigan, I have struggled to survive in the unstable field of automotive design and have seen my career, as well as my life, start from scratch more often than any man should. I was married in 2003 and that will always be the best day of my life. I have been a life long Detroit Lions fan and am the owner of Michigan Spider, a blog about the spiders we find in Michigan. In 2003, along with getting married, I learned I had a love for writing fantasy that equaled my love for reading it. I have never dealt with writers block and I do not believe I ever will, for I have more trouble shutting my imagination down, to sleep at night, than I have prodding it back to life again.
Latest book: Michigan Spiders

Follow me on Twitter at  LizaPerrat Liza Perrat
Liza grew up in Wollongong, Australia, where she worked as a general nurse and midwife for fifteen years. When she met her French husband on a Bangkok bus, she moved to France, where she has been living with her husband and three children for twenty years. She works part-time as a French-English medical translator. Since completing a Creative Writing course ten years ago, several of her short stories have won awards, notably the Writers Bureau annual competition of 2004 and her stories have been published widely in anthologies and small press magazines. Her articles on French culture and tradition have been published in international magazines such as France Magazine and France Today. She has completed four nov ... read more
Latest book: Spirit of Lost Angels

Follow me on Twitter at  GoingTheHalfHog Spike Wyatt
Spike was born and raised in the UK, studying computers at University in London. After a time working in a variety of jobs, he went to France, where he lived and worked for an enormous American networking company (yes, that one) for over seven years. He returned to the UK recently. In the past, he's worked for online magazines as a writer, proofreader and editor; he's been a CRM expert and the go-to guy for Business Intelligence; he's worked for charity, private enterprise and the government. He now freelances.
Latest book: ReQuiEM: Really Quick Easy Marketing

Follow me on Twitter at  VogueGeorgina Kristina Bravo
Kristina Bravo, A.K.A. Georgina Vogue, is a spontaneous, wildly creative and unexpectedly introverted artist. She is the proud mother of one fast-growing little girl named Mi Antoinette. Formerly a rebel, free spirit, fearless and shameless teenager, Georgina managed to record her most outrageous deeds and escapades that sent her mother running off to the principal’s office or stay up till she gets home no matter how late. Obsessed with fashion, she chose the pseudonym Georgina, after the model Georgina Wilson and Vogue for the internationally celebrated fashion magazine. She has written fashion articles as well as celebrity gossip online. She is in love with having fabulous conversations over cake and latt ... read more
Latest book: Hello Bitches!

Follow me on Twitter at  AnntheAuthor Ann Simpson
Author Ann Simpson is a native of Virginia. She has a degree in Criminal Justice, and twelve years experience working in a regional jail. New to self publishing Ann's excitement on reaching readers versus leaving her work on the desktop is both thrilling and a learning process. Her book, Compelled, took months to reach its full potential. She is currently working on a new title and looking forward to self publishing it as well. Other interests include soccer, art, beautiful home design, and hours of ancestry research.

Follow me on Twitter at  gregoryshone Greg Shone

Latest book: Believe Me!

Follow me on Twitter at  topsecretwomen Janelle Manton
Janelle Manton’s mission is to create lasting social change by assisting women to connect with the divinity within and start living like a Goddess. If you truly feel sexy in your core then you will start to exude sexiness and enjoy better quality relationships – especially the one you have with yourself. Janelle believes that at the core of your femininity lies your ability to be sensual and sexy, and from that energy, comes enormous innate inner strength and power to achieve anything in life – herein lies the secret to true self worth, confidence, personal pride, life balance and ultimate happiness. It’s been a lengthy and deeply personal journey for Janelle as she has moved through numerous relatio ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  SheilaPierson1 Sheila Pierson
Sheila Pierson is a writer and yoga teacher. She's been writing since childhood and finally decided to get serious about it. She cannot imagine her life without writing or being creative. She is passionate in her pursuits.

Follow me on Twitter at  Rhys_Ethan Rhys Christopher Ethan
Rhys Christopher Ethan is by no means a scientist, but he is an architect of his own fantasy worlds; an illustrator of emotional and multi-dimensional characters; a doctor of creativity and inspiration and a chemist of genres; mixing two or more, to find the perfect fit for his creations. He lives in a small, dusty lab he calls Home in London and works hard to bring his experiments out into the world. His companions (for now) are his pet-Laptop and his coffee-Booster and a bunch of notes, digitized and paper-wise. He voices his obsessions on his website, rants on twitter @Rhys_Ethan shares messages on and pins his muses on You can contact him at rhyse ... read more
Latest book: Queerky Tales 2: The Little Mermaid & the Dry Lands

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorKBeairsto Kristen Beairsto
An avid reader since I first learned to read, I discovered romance novels as a teenager. And what can I say? I was a goner. I discovered I’m a sucker for a good love story, strong characters, and that all-important happily ever after. I wrote my first novel length story at the age of eleven and after falling in love with romance novels my writing started featuring romantic elements. When I’m not reading or writing, I’m hanging out with friends, family, my two rambunctious daughters, and my exceedingly tolerate husband. I'm also a huge New York sports fan.

Follow me on Twitter at  crmoss Casey Moss
Casey Moss delves into the darker aspects of life in her writing, sometimes basing the stories on reality, sometimes on myth. No matter the path, her stories will take you on a journey from the light-hearted paranormal to dark things unspeakable. What waits around the corner? Come explore… For more visit:

Follow me on Twitter at  sunnyhello Ann Pai and Brian Prosser
Brian Prosser is a Category 1 cross country mountain bike racer, Category 3 masters cyclocross racer, and masters road and off-road duathlete with several age group and overall masters wins. An adult-beginner athlete, Ann Pai moved from couch to local podium in two years, taking up triathlon, duathlon, trail running, and mountain bike racing. Her first book, My Other Body: a memoir of love, fat, life, and death, was recommended by Harvard Medical School as required reading for anyone wanting to understand eating disorder and obesity challenges.
Latest book: Go Commando: A Field Guide For Your First Obstacle Race

Follow me on Twitter at  ChristinasCornr Christina DeBusk
Although I started my career in law enforcement, I have made a change and am pursuing my lifelong dream of becoming a nationally known author. My goal is to motivate and inspire people to reach their maximum potential. Stay tuned for more books...
Latest book: The 15 Minute Total Life Makeover

Follow me on Twitter at  officialdiceman Luke Rhinehart
Luke Rhinehart is the sporadically acclaimed author of eight works of fiction: The Dice Man; The Search for the Dice Man; Whim; White Wind, Black Rider; The Book of the Die; Long Voyage Back; Jesus Invades George: An Alternative History: and Naked before the World, the last trying to be the first film based on one of his novels. A BBC production once named The Dice Man “one of the fifty most influential books of the last half of the twentieth century,” but was careful not to define what that influence might be. The editors of Loaded Magazine, high on some superb grass, honored The Dice Man in 1999 by naming it “the Novel of the Century”. More recently the book has been cited by the London Telegraph (u ... read more
Latest book: Pirated Heart

Follow me on Twitter at  mattcavallo Matt Cavallo
Matt Cavallo is a passionate patient advocate who dedicates his life to the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Matt has delivered motivational patient experience lectures all over the country for a variety of Multiple Sclerosis patient events. Matt has also appeared in a MS yoga DVD which is free for MS patients. Matt is active with MS charities and appeared in a documentary about the future of MS for the MS Cure Fund. Matt also worked for a Neuroscience Clinic, helping patients like himself every day. He recently finished his Master of Science in Health Care Informatics. Matt is also the proud father of Mason and Colby, the loving husband to his wife Jocelyn and the best friend of his dog, Ted.
Latest book: The Dog Story: A Journey into a New Life with Multiple Sclerosis

Follow me on Twitter at  katgadsby Kat Gadsby
Kat Gadsby writes mostly for leisure and develops stories where she finds characters who have tasks to accomplish. She likes finding silly pieces of fantasy and kneading them until they rise into (still slightly silly) developed worlds. This is her first attempt at self-publishing a book, and she hopes to find spaces for others in the future. Use BP78H through May 19 to get 25% off Speak of the Devil!
Latest book: Speak of the Devil

Follow me on Twitter at  michaelrickert Michael Rickert
Michael Rickert has been making sales calls on physician practices in the Chicago area and the Midwest for 10+ years. After fine tuning the daily process of organizing the work day, his tips have been put into this helpful book.
Latest book: Tackle Your Sales Territory in 4 Weeks

Follow me on Twitter at  margueritellite marguerite lliteras
LA sound-stage manager by day. and Rival to Carrie Bradshaw by night.

Follow me on Twitter at  BCSmagazine Scott H. Andrews (Editor)
Scott H. Andrews is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine, a free SFWA pro-rate fantasy magazine that editor and reviewer Rich Horton calls "a very important source of fantasy."
Latest book: The Best of Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine, Year Four

Follow me on Twitter at  KitweOnline Dr John Sendama

Latest book: English-Bemba Dictionary

Follow me on Twitter at  reyes_richie Anónimo
Soy Anónimo.
Latest book: Evangelios Apócrifos

Follow me on Twitter at  neilpharvey Neil P Harvey
Neil P. Harvey is a lifelong student of history and accomplished essayist with a passion for writing and digital art. In 2003 Mr. Harvey created the community organization Letstalkand, where he served as lead adviser and lecturer at various events across the country.
Latest book: Beyond the Bible

Follow me on Twitter at  authorpandora Pandora Richardson
Pandora Richardson grew up in Northern New Jersey with a pen and a pad stuck in her hand. Throughout her childhood she was either writing the next great American Novel or painting the next Mona Lisa. She always imagined that she would be famous as a writer, an artist, or both. However, life eventually got in the way of her dreams and Pandora found herself working as a consultant in Washington, DC where she now resides with her canine familiar, Loki. The past several years have found Pandora once again committed to writing, this time with her fingers glued to a keyboard. When she’s not creating the next bestseller or engaged in the thrilling misadventures of the Rat Race, Pandora loves to curl up on her sofa r ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  JRROTHWELL jr rothwell
Latest book: Hitch

Follow me on Twitter at  dariochicco Dario Chicco
I started cutting hair in 1965, when cutting hair was an art, it was the sartorialist “tailored” individual period of hair cutting. At that time the great hair cutters like Jacques Dessange, Jean Louis David, Bruno Pittini and Vidal Sassoon re-invented the hair industry by wash and wear – “Pret-a-porter” cuts. From the 60′s to now I still continue to cut hair into shape. I never use a brush to force hair into shape. As you can see on my website, I have worked on all major magazines and some with some of the best photographers. Non of the haircuts on my site have had a brush used to create the sartorial – “tailored hair cuts”. With the help of photographer, I am constantly ... read more
Latest book: I Will Not Cut Your Hair

Follow me on Twitter at  crystallakepub Joe Mynhardt
Joe Mynhardt is a South African horror writer, publisher, editor and teacher with over fifty short story publications. He has appeared in dozens of publications and collections, among them FOR THE NIGHT IS DARK (with Jasper Bark, Tonia Brown and Scott Nicholson). Joe is also the owner and operator of Crystal Lake Publishing. He has published and edited PAUL KANE’S SLEEPER(S), DANIEL I. RUSSELL’S TRICKS, MISCHIEF AND MAYHEM and FEAR THE REAPER. Upcoming collections Joe has edited include KEVIN LUCIA’S THINGS SLIP THROUGH, WILLIAM MEIKLE’S SAMURAI AND OTHER STORIES, GARY MCMAHON’S WHERE YOU LIVE, THE OUTSIDERS (Simon Bestwick, Gary McMahon etc.), CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE (Joe McKinney, Armand Rosamilia e ... read more
Latest book: Fear the Reaper

Follow me on Twitter at  memoirs_books Bryan Marlowe
Bryan Marlowe was born in the City of London, 1930. He left school at the age of 14. He had numerous jobs before National Service in the RAF 1948/1950. He rejoined the RAF in 1951 and retired in 1971. Marlowe worked for 20 years with a northern police force. On retirement he took up voluntary work with Victim and Witness Support, co-ordinated neighbourhood watch schemes, and worked as a newspaper columnist. He has travelled extensively through the five continents and lived abroad.
Latest book: Black Hatted Cowboys

Follow me on Twitter at  lynchrosemary Rosemary Lynch
Hi my name is Rosemary Lynch (Rose). I was born on 14th August 1970 in Merton. I grew up in Surrey. I'm married to Paul and have three lovely children, Charlotte, Melissa and Jake. We now live in Wiltshire, England.. We have two collies, Max and Arweyn (yes she is named after the heroine in my book!) scraggy Maggy the cat.

Follow me on Twitter at  chibunna90 Okechukwu Chibunna
Okechukwu Chibunna is currently a student and a blogger. He likes to browsing,researching,making friends and playing video games.
Latest book: How To Avoid Paypal Limitation

Follow me on Twitter at  deansgeneration Dean Blake
Hi, my name is Dean and I'm a writer. You can find out more about the highs and (ridiculous) lows in my life at
Latest book: We Fall Asleep So Early

Follow me on Twitter at  ReineAckermann Reine Ackermann
Reine Ackermann, writer, photographer, artist and blogger, is the man behind Little Human Being. Far more than a blog, this is a platform where he can share his inspiration. As a traveler and explorer Reine has always sought to uncover deeper truth, how to touch wisdom, uncover the divine. “I have always seen my travels as a means of gaining a deeper understanding of self and of life.” This philosophy can also be seen is his work, everything he dedicates himself to becomes a conscious step towards fulfillment. As this new South African author releases the first of his material, it is only a matter of time before Reine reveals to the world what he has to share.
Latest book: The Little Warrior and the Battlefield of the Self

Follow me on Twitter at  rjsilverton Richard Silverton
My career as an author has slowly emerged during the time I have spent on the road touring Spain as a blues musician. I consider myself most fortunate to have a creative mind which enjoys the delicious avenues of storytelling. Many of the songs I perform on stage are self-penned stories delivered in my own unique style. Although I live in a cave house in Andalucia, when I go on tour I live in a motor home. It is between gigs that I have discovered a new outlet for my creativity in the world of fictional writing. Now that Mr. Hookumbacker and the Yella Yella Yum Yum Tree is published and laid down I am looking forward to exploring the new ideas that I am currently working on.
Latest book: Mr. Hookumbacker and the Yella Yella Yum Yum Tree