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Janr Ssor is a Nome De Plume for Dr Joseph A Ross and Janr is a hero of our stories. In reality, Dr Ross has been writing science fiction, mysticism, medical educational materials and software for nearly 40 years. Dr Ross created the concept of Holistic Vision Care and founded He later designed and programmed both medical software which allows the diagnosis of systemic health problems through the eyes as well as anti-spam software. This was distributed through his software company, Dr Ross is a community leader who was a co-founder of - a group of holistic healers who share innovative healing techniques each month and The-Winners- ... read more
Latest book: How To Kill Your Doctor For Fun And Profit

Follow me on Twitter at  steveocal Steve Liddick
Steve Liddick is the author of three novels (All that Time, Old Heroes, Sky Warriors), a memoir of his nearly half-century as a broadcast journalist (But First This Message) and a camping cookbook (Campsite Gourmet)
Latest book: Campsite Gourmet: Fine Dining on the Trail and on the Road

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M Norton is a teacher who has taught general science in grades five through eight, as well as Biology, Physics, and Chemistry in high school grades. Norton received her Bachelors degree from California University of Pennsylvania, and her Masters from Stephen F. Austin State University. She is fascinated by the Renaissance period and spends time in SCA and enjoying Renaissance faires in her spare time. A member of the local fire department, Norton serves the community as a medical first responder. She currently lives in the piney woods of East Texas and enjoys gardening, camping, fishing, and of course, writing.
Latest book: Unchosen Mage

Follow me on Twitter at  Twestephens Twe Stephens
A Different kind of Christian Author
Latest book: The Universes of God II: The Chronicles of Jesus Christ

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Follow me on Twitter at  HCGCOOKBOOK Tammy Skye

Latest book: The HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook Over 200

Follow me on Twitter at  MorrisonMegs Megan Morrison
Some may call me a writer, an author perhaps. Yet my memoir, "And Then it Rained: Lessons for Life," exists first and foremost because I am a dreamer. I graduated college with degrees in Business Administration/Marketing and Psychology, and work as a project director at a large technology organization. I enjoy my work, and love that it has allowed me to travel to many different parts of the country and overseas. Yet my ambitions reach well beyond my day job. My mission is about helping kids follow their dreams; "And Then It Rained: Lessons for Life" is about showing them how. I find inspiration in any circumstance, using good times as reinforcement, and bad times as a catalyst for new and more fulfilling oppo ... read more
Latest book: And Then It Rained: Lessons for Life

Follow me on Twitter at  R_StandingDeer Ruby Standing Deer
Ruby has been a wanderer, and has seen most of the USA. She's the mother of an amazing son, and the wife of a patient husband who indulges her need for animals. She was also the first woman journeyman newspaper pressman in Colorado. She spent years rescuing animals and learning from them. They taught her that life does not have to be so hard, if you go with the flow and not against it. Forgive today, because tomorrow may not come. Her life revolves around writing and her family, which includes, of course, her animals. Two car accidents in the mid-nineties changed her life. She resented it at first, until she understood she had simply been put on another path. It was not an easy one, but she accepted it, and ... read more
Latest book: Stones

Follow me on Twitter at  AMHudsonAuthor A. M. Hudson
A.M. Hudson started writing full-time after her third child. She lives a more than ordinary life in Australia with her husband and children. When she's not writing, she sings in a duo or can be found under a pile of books.
Latest book: Tears of the Broken

Follow me on Twitter at  JohnMWoodman John Woodman
John Woodman has spent 20 years as a computer guy in varying capacities — including programming, consulting, designing and building software (both for the US government and for private industry), networking, etc. Since 2003, he has been an independent, self-employed computer professional. His academic background is in mathematics, computer science, and physics. John lives with his family in Springfield, Missouri. He and his wife have six children.
Latest book: Is Barack Obama's Birth Certificate a Fraud?

Follow me on Twitter at  Thepapertiger1 Terry Trainor
Hi. My name is Terry Trainor and I write poems. Many many years ago the news ripped through the London Workhouses, Through all Bethnel-green, Spitalfields and through the Minories, Along Tower-hill and up to Shoreditch and Clerkenwell, To the very purlieus of the Seven Dials, and across the water in Southwark, Important news spread from ear to ear, overheard in chop houses, and cabs, Blackberries are ripe, and there are mushrooms in the forest turf. Like an electric thrill, it has darted far and wide, high and low, In the great workshops, whether sweating over a hot iron, or folding, Steaming dye-houses and hatteries or darting the shuttle amongst silken threads, The bread moulders, or makers of coff ... read more
Latest book: London Slums the Seven Dials

Follow me on Twitter at  ptheffernan Patrick Heffernan
Patrick Heffernan lives with his family in the Houston-Galveston area. He is hard at work on more new novels.
Latest book: Greywalker

Follow me on Twitter at  rusty87d Rusty Carl

Latest book: A Dead God's Wrath

Follow me on Twitter at  katdvs Kat Halstead
I was born in a tiny town in the wild mountains of Colorado. After about a year and a half the parents moved themselves and me to New Jersey where I grew up. As a child I threw the coolest slumber parties ever, sadly my party throwing skills seemed to have peaked then. Now I'm more like a Mary Richards when it comes to throwing parties. I loved Nick at Nite (as if you couldn't have guessed from that last reference), and I have always loved soap operas. Every day on twitter you will find me tweeting about One Life to Live, for sure. Sometimes I will tweet and blog about other soaps. It all depends on how I feel that day and what makes me happy and what makes me angry. I attended Fort Lewis College in Durango, C ... read more
Latest book: Memories of Me and You

Follow me on Twitter at  lynnecantwell Lynne Cantwell
Lynne Cantwell grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan. She worked as a broadcast journalist for many years; she has written for CNN, the late lamented Mutual/NBC Radio News, and a bunch of radio and TV news outlets you have probably never heard of, including a defunct wire service called Zapnews. In addition to writing fantasy, Lynne is a contributing author at Indies Unlimited. Lynne’s vast overeducation includes a journalism degree from Indiana University, a master’s degree in fiction writing from Johns Hopkins University, and a paralegal certificate. She currently lives near Washington, DC.
Latest book: Scorched Earth: Land, Sea, Sky Book 3

Follow me on Twitter at  scottwilliams60 Scott A. Williams
Scott A. Williams has been a professional writer since 1985, first as a newspaper reporter, then as a freelance writer for a wide range of publications. He recently launched a career as a writer of fiction. He is the author of "The Insiders' Guide to Corpus Christi," "Haunted Texas: A Travel Guide," "Images of America: Corpus Christi," and "Postcards of America: Corpus Christi." "The Steps They Took" is his first novel.
Latest book: I Know My Dad Loves Me

Follow me on Twitter at  Liasomothers Catherine Elizabeth Lambert
Catherine Elizabeth Lambert has been writing for over three years now and published her first book, a memoir, "Lost in a Sea of Mothers: Am I a Mother Yet?" back in November 2011. Catherine is currently working on her second book, a fictional romance novel, "Mitch and Sea." Catherine was born in Baltimore, MD. She graduated from high school in 1991 and received her A.A.S. in Veterinary Technology in 2003. Catherine has been married for over twenty-two years and she and her husband are in their early forties. The Lamberts tried to conceive children off and on for almost 16 years. In the summer of 2005, the Lamberts became certified foster parents but retired after only 5 years. Currently, they are parents ... read more
Latest book: Lost in a Sea of Mothers: Am I a Mother Yet?

Follow me on Twitter at  mickrooney7777 Mick Rooney
Mick Rooney is an author, researcher and freelance journalist. He has been writing for nearly thirty years and published nine books, including Filigree & Shadow, a collection of his shorter fiction, and Academy, his debut novel. His first book, Arcadia, was published in 1990. As a publishing consultant, he is also a regular blogger, guest and visitor to many leading writers’ forums, and he has written numerous articles and books on publishing, music and retail. He was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1968, and though he still lives there, he also spends some of his time in the Netherlands.
Latest book: Filigree & Shadow

Follow me on Twitter at  EdwardWKent Edward Kent
I grew up in a small town on Lake Ontario, pursued Theatre as a major at Niagara University, taught elementary school after receiving my Masters, worked as a trainer for a major Dialysis company, and am now writing children's books and have started my first novel. I am married and have three children, ages 5-7.
Latest book: Ed Undead: The Chronicles of a Teenage Zombie

Follow me on Twitter at  klingorengi Jeffrey Hollar
Author/Poet, Father, Husband and Klingon/Ferengi hybrid . Writer without genre: Specialist in Short Fiction
Latest book: Finding A Voice

Follow me on Twitter at  JenniferSarpong Jennifer Sarpong
Jennifer Sarpong is the founder of the top-ranked ladies empowerment website, a site dedicated to ensuring that women and girls everywhere live out their lives with a sense of worth and value. Jennifer is a Christ-Follower, inspirational speaker, and life empowerment expert who has dedicated her life to helping others overcome personal obstacles, set and achieve their goals, and create amazing lives.
Latest book: Get R.E.A.L! About Low Self-Esteem: How to Be Bold, Fearless, and Confident In Who You Really Are

Follow me on Twitter at  ZenIArab Inez Baranay
Born in Italy of Hungarian parents Inez Baranay is an Australian writer; she has published ten books, seven of them novels, as well as short stories and essays in a range of publications. More biography and details of her books can be found on her website.
Latest book: Always Hungry

Follow me on Twitter at  bibledude Dan King
Christ-follower. husband. father. training development guru. school of ministry and missions instructor. social media editor for blogger at co-founder and media director for the movement. social media coordinator for blogging and social media consultant at lover of sour patch kids.
Latest book: Paul's Letter to the Philippians (BibleDude Community Commentary Series)

Follow me on Twitter at  loutyrrell1 Lou Tyrrell
For more than fifty years I was a producer/director writer in television. In the golden years I worked on the US Steel Hour on ABC, the first live documentary show, Medical Horizons and NCAA College football. I left ABC and did closed circuit shows for doctors sponsored by CIBA Pharmaceuticals using the Eidophor dark field projector and a mobile unit producing CBS Color pictures. 1960 I directed kid shows, Pip the Piper for General Mills and Marx Magic Midway, a circus for Marx toys. Then I met Allen Funt and he hired me to direct Candid Camera, now read the book and follow my life over the three years I lived with Allen and the daily problems of putting together one of America's longest running television s ... read more
Latest book: The Flying Phone Booth: My 3 years behind the Candid Camera

Follow me on Twitter at  karenrobbins Karen Robbins
KAREN ROBBINS is a freelance writer, author, and speaker. She and her husband are travel addicts and stop by home in the Cleveland area of Ohio on occasion to repack the suitcases. Her stories are often inspired by adventures in many different parts of the world. Along the writing adventure, Karen has penned many stories for other books including A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts, coauthored with Cathy Messecar, Brenda Nixon, Trish Berg, Leslie Wilson, and Terra Hangen. Travel articles, essays on grandparenting, and some of her short stories can be found in various magazines both online and in print. While the world is fun to explore, Karen most likes to spend time with her eight grandchildren. They offer the gr ... read more
Latest book: Divide The Child

Follow me on Twitter at  MorrisF1 Thaddeus White
Thaddeus White is the pen name for someone else, and he enjoys reading fantasy and classical history, as well as writing fantasy. It suddenly occurs to him that he hasn't checked to see whether this should be first or third person, so please bear with him if he's got it wrong. He's also an avid F1 fan and gambler, and offers frequent tips on the sport.

Follow me on Twitter at  quincy.j.allen Quincy J. Allen
At an early age Quincy had the intention of becoming an author. Unfortunately, he was waylaid by bandits armed with the age-old adage, “So you wanna be a starving artist the rest of your life?” As a result he ended up a slave to the IT grind for seventeen years, maintaining his sanity with motorcycles and music. Well into a mid-life career change, he’s been published in multiple anthologies, online and print magazines as well as one omnibus. His steampunk version of "Rumpelstiltskin" is under contract with Fairy Punk Studios, and he’s written for the Internet radio show RadioSteam. His novel "Chemical Burn"—a finalist in the Rocky Mountain Writers Association Colorado Gold Writing Contest—was f ... read more
Latest book: Penny Dread Tales Volume III

Follow me on Twitter at  EdenBradley Eden Bradley
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Eden Bradley (aka Eve Berlin) has written a number of novels, novellas and short stories. She writes dark, edgy erotic and romantic fiction for Berkley Heat, Bantam/Delta, Samhain Publishing and Harlequin Spice/HQN, as well as venturing into self-publishing. Her work has been called ‘elegant, intelligent and sensual’. One erotic novel was profiled in Cosmopolitan magazine. Eden gives workshops on writing sex with an emphasis on sensuality and kink. Eden loves shoes, tattoos, art, lip gloss, her Boston Terrier puppy and reading and writing smutty books, not necessarily in that order. You can visit her website: or her group blog www.Smutke ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  heellisgoa H.E. Ellis
Writer of questionable talent seeks readership with an appreciation for the fine art of mocking. Interests include candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach, and Abe Vigoda. Must love New England. Author of REAPERS WITH ISSUES and THE GODS OF ASPHALT series.
Latest book: Iconic Interviews

Follow me on Twitter at  Janie6648 Jane Holmes
Jane lives in the small town of Jefferson in New Hampshire's magnificent White Mountains with her husband, Alden. She is an author and photographer. Jane enjoys writing mystery novels and is working on a series, The Whispers if Life Series. Whispers of Hope can be found on her website. Whispers of Truth is due out in July, 2014.The third volume of the series, Whispers of Change, is in progress. Being a history buff, Jane also enjoys writing historical articles about the area where she lives.
Latest book: The History of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire and The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel

Follow me on Twitter at  sturgiseric Eric Scheske
Former columnist for National Catholic Register, Catholic Exchange, and Busted Halo. Former Editor of Gilbert: The Magazine of G.K. Chesterton. Author of hundreds of articles and short stories for various publications, including Touchstone, Detroit Free Press, Our Sunday Visitor, Columbia, the Michigan Bar Journal, and Route 66 Magazine. Author of "Two Men." Attorney. Father of seven.
Latest book: Two Men

Follow me on Twitter at  rich_cheese Richard Cheesman
Richard Cheesman is a web developer by day, writer by night. 36 years old, married with a wonderful wife, a dog, a cat and a hamster that likes to think it's Steve McQueen (it keeps escaping), Richard likes to settle in front of the laptop and write. Having had good responses to his free shorts, Richard is working on a sequel to Wanderer, along with two novella/novels, one featuring sci-fi corporate espionage and the other a grand space opera of failed colonisation. Visit my website at for the latest information.
Latest book: The Resolutions Of Jonathan Edwards

Follow me on Twitter at  justindennis4 Justin Dennis
Hi, I'm the author of Through the Portal, The Phoenix Glove, and Switching, the three books that make up the Through the Portal trilogy. I love, love, love to write and it's all I want to do for the rest of my life. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, or shoot me an email at I go to college in southern California, but I grew up just outside of Seattle in a little suburb called Sammamish. Yeah, say that three times fast. The city just south of Sammamish? Issaquah. I'm laughing at you right now trying to pronounce that. What else? Well, I'm awkwardly tall and skinny. It's impossible to shop for clothes. I love Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, the His Dark Materials tr ... read more
Latest book: The Phoenix Glove (Book Two in the Through the Portal Trilogy)

Follow me on Twitter at  ratbagradio Dave Riley
Dave Riley is a blogger and occasional podcaster based in the seaside township of Beachmere, near Brisbane , Queensland, Australia. He wrote the 'Life of Riley' columns for Green Left Weekly during the 1990s. As well as writing satire he has written journalism and short plays. In the 1970s and again in the 1990s he formed and ran street theatre troupes. He has also written and performed cabaret and experimented with online media. During a puppetry phase, he created and toured a Punch and Judy show as 'Professor Ratbaggy's Red Cordial Show' before audiences of disapproving adults and rioting under twelves. Over his working life he has worked as a nurse, political organiser, laborer,process worker, comm ... read more
Latest book: Life of Riley

Follow me on Twitter at  Brian_AHarrison Brian Harrison
I'm a Southwestern Michigan resident and grocery clerk for over a decade, being trained in nearly every position. I'm very community-minded citizen and sits on the Board of Directors of the Dowagiac Dogwood Fine Arts Festival.

Follow me on Twitter at  JenniferBrassel Jennifer Brassel

Follow me on Twitter at  kyellgold Kyell Gold
Kyell Gold writes primarily anthropomorphic ("furry") fiction, and is most famous for his stories in a Renaissance-era world (Volle, Pendant of Fortune, The Prisoner's Release, Shadow of the Father) and his stories in a contemporary world (Waterways, Out of Position, Isolation Play). He has won ten Ursa Major awards for his novels and short stories. Out of Position also won the Rainbow Award for Best Gay Novel of 2009, and in 2010, his short story "Race to the Moon," published in "New Fables," was nominated for a WSFA Short Story Award. Other strange things he likes to write about include mystical decks of cards, superheroes, and sports; his novel Out of Position takes place in the world of professional footbal ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  merridm DM Yates
I have written stories and poetry my entire life. My first novel, 'Always' is just out. It is the first in a series. Although the other stories will be mythological/fantasy/spiritual romances, 'Always is more New Age/Spiritual/Romance. My poetry is New Age Spiritual. I have an Associate's Degree and Bachelor Degree in Humanities and am an alumnus of Alpha Chi. As my brother once told me, I have written stories and poetry since I first learned to read and they put a pencil in my hand. What greater adventure than to create stories?
Latest book: Gingerbread Castle

Follow me on Twitter at  samanthajamison Peggy A. Edelheit
After years of mentally ignoring certain voices and their personal stories in her head that were interfering with her daily life, Peggy finally let them have their say, especially after her future protagonist, Samantha, finally gave her an ultimatum of either putting it all down on paper, or it could get ugly. Recognizing the alternative might not be pretty; Peggy finally gave in and has been fortunate enough to do so ever since. Now and then when they are all sitting around Peggy’s imaginary mental table arguing with her and vying for her attention to air their grievances, Peggy still finds herself putting her foot down. After all, who’s the author here, right? Peggy’s main goal is to entertain her r ... read more
Latest book: Mouth of the Rat A Samantha Jamison Mystery Volume 5

Follow me on Twitter at  finnfarkleberry Finn Farkleberry
I’m an author of sci-fi, fantasy, and politics. Above all else, I am a gamer. If I’m not playing something, I’m writing down ideas.
Latest book: Uligarchians: Start of the Collapse

Follow me on Twitter at  hunt_jamesp James Patrick Hunt
James Patrick Hunt was born in Surrey, England in 1964. He grew up in England and then later Oklahoma. He graduated with a degree in aerospace engineering from Parks College of Saint Louis University in 1986. He graduated from Marquette University Law School in 1992. He currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he writes and practices law.
Latest book: Reinhardt's Mark

Follow me on Twitter at  kcrosiar Annette Goldenrod
I was born and raised on the Oregon Cost, where watching the ocean has become an inspiration for my writing.
Latest book: The Diary of A Puppy.. My First 30 Days

Follow me on Twitter at  KyleBStiff Kyle B. Stiff
Kyle B. Stiff used to review video games for a living and developed a reputation as an out-of-control maverick because he never once used the phrase "edge of your seat" or claimed that a game would leave the player "breathless". He is hard at work writing and rewriting the various books in two epic series, Demonworld and Heavy Metal Thunder. The first is a post-apocalyptic "hero's journey" through the human condition; the second follows a branching narrative structure that borrows elements from the classic Choose Your Own Adventure and Lone Wolf gamebooks, then updates the genre with quality writing and adult themes. Kyle B. Stiff has been around long enough to know that he knows very little about the world, ... read more
Latest book: Demonworld Book 2: The Pig Devils

Follow me on Twitter at  seanlyoungcom Sean Young
Learning languages since 1978, I have studied over 50 of them and achieved fluency in 8. The rest are various degrees of fluency from beginner to intermediate. I am the founder of Young's Language Consulting and creator of the popular Speak Up! language series. I currently do language consultation for any language using any language course and method.
Latest book: Grandma's Heart

Follow me on Twitter at  strangecircle Alwyne Ashweth
Alwyne Ashweth is a writer of dark tales and horror stories. He is 40 years old, and lives in London, England, the most mysterious city in the world. He is a keeper of the Strange Circle.

Follow me on Twitter at  ConnorNicolas Connor Nicolas
My name is Connor Nicolas and I am an author. Hypochondriac. Vessel of weird phobias. I conjure fantastic worlds, compile sentences in my head and regurgitate them onto paper for your enjoyment.
Latest book: Suffering Surfactant

Follow me on Twitter at  djronstar Ron Saroyan
Ron Sarweh aka as Producer/DJ Ronstar is a multi-cultured and multi-talented artist. producing progressive house music in a style that is hard and head bop-y. His DJing style has a finesse and smoothness to the point where you can’t tell when one song ends and the next one begins. Dj Ronstar is highly creative when producing music. He has an upper hand when it comes to music production due to his music knowledge and talent with international rhythms and drums. From an early age and (coming from a musical family), DJ Ronstar was introduced by his father to the “Tabla” which is an Arabic drum used in Arab music. DJ Ronstar started performing in concerts with his father since he was 6 years old, unbelievabl ... read more
Latest book: Learn Lucid Dreaming

Follow me on Twitter at  GCPais Peter Kalyabe
Global Child Prosperity is headed by Kalyabe Peter a certified teacher in Ontario, Canada. His professional experience and training includes specialty in child growth and development, special education, Worlds of Childhood, and experience in various games/sports. His other related involvement includes various Disney-world children activities and related successful volunteer projects. He has also accomplished writing other books, which are waiting for publication. During this long break, his dedication is to nurture and solidifying this new online adventure into a respectable possible shape. Basically, his mission is to thoroughly investigate how other geographical and communal groups of people across the en ... read more
Latest book: Prosperous Destiny: All You Need to Raise Successful Children

Follow me on Twitter at  charliepulse Charlie Pulsipher
Charles M. Pulsipher lives in Saint George Utah with his lovely wife and neurotic dog. He writes sci-fi and fantasy with the occasional zombie guide thrown in. He’s obsessed with surviving the zombie-pocalypse. He draws cartoons on his blog that are usually funny if lacking in the amazingly artistic department. He spends his time away from the keyboard hiking and camping in stunning Southern Utah. He neglects his twitter account. His velociraptor impression is worth seeing, even if it makes grown-ups scream and hide. It’s probably the coolest thing about him.
Latest book: The Crystal Bridge