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Follow me on Twitter at  tabradley1 T. A. Bradley
Born in Philadelphia, PA, T. A. Bradley lives in Drexel Hill, PA with his fianceé, two German shepherds and a cat. He served with the Army Medical Corps during Vietnam as a Clinical Specialist. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Microbiology, his Master's work done in Virology. He has worked for a number of biotech companies as a virologist, which generates some fairly sick story ideas. He is the author of several short stories, with three published novels and three in the works. His short stories have appeared in several magazines. Weeping Willow is available in the latest edition of John Betancourt's WildSide Press's Vampire Megapack.
Latest book: The Girl in the Glass

Follow me on Twitter at  Nicole_Storey Nicole Storey
Nicole Storey lives in Georgia with her husband, two children, and a plethora of pets. When she isn't traveling to magical worlds with potty-mouthed pixies or fighting demons, she enjoys reading and reviewing books, Halloween, conspiring with angels, and keeping the world safe from evil.
Latest book: Blind Sight (The Celadon Circle)

Follow me on Twitter at  @BadAgentSydney Sydney T. Cat
ANYONE can print up cards and call themselves an agent... EVEN A CAT! AND IT IF IS NOT PROHIBITED, THEN IT IS MANDATORY! For years now, "World's Worst" literary agent, Sydney T. Cat has been blogging the scams, cons, gaffes, and foul-ups (all based on reports of the activities of real-life "agents") she uses to separate her clients from their money, screw-up their careers, and crush their dreams! Now, she's an author herself, sharing her "Bad Agent Wisdom" with the world! Her motto: ALL WRITERS NEED CAT SUPERVISION!
Latest book: Bad Agent, No Catnip! Bad Career Advice and Questionable Misinformation from the World's Worst Literary Agent, Sydney T. Cat

Follow me on Twitter at  anezalee Aneza Lee
Born in the shadow of beautiful Table Mountain, Aneza Lee's passion for writing led her to become not only a published fantasy author, but an editor too. As a child she believed each glittering dewdrop was a fairy diamond, and the stars were divine guardians who guided her along her path. She has a great love for the written word and believes there is much to learn, and to teach, through this medium about human nature and the world we share. There is a magic in the air of the wild land called Africa where she was born and she tries to suffuse her writing with it. She lives in a leafy suburb of Brackenfell in the beautiful Cape of Good Hope and she is currently working on the second novel in the Harpy Chron ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  C.E.Stalbaum C.E. Stalbaum
Craig Stalbaum grew up as a nerd and proudly remains one today. He spent his formative years reading everything he could find in science fiction and fantasy, particularly Tolkien, Weiss/Hickman, Salvatore, and most of all Timothy Zahn. Professionally, Craig has a PhD in Political Science/International Relations and has taught numerous courses in English composition and international politics over the years. He lives in Massachusetts with his fiance, two cats, two German Shepherds, and two horses. And they're all pretty much nerds, too. You can follow Craig online at or on Facebook and Twitter as C.E. Stalbaum.
Latest book: The Complete Shattered Messiah Trilogy

Follow me on Twitter at  Narek73 Nerak
One day Nerak woke up and did not recognize herself anymore. All of the days and years that led to this were finally vivid. The racing thoughts, the mood swings, suicidal tendencies, the shopping sprees, the feeling of being invincible, sexual escapades. It all came together when it landed her a trip to the hospital. The day her world was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with bipolar. In her poetry book, Random Thoughts of a Bipolar Diva, she shares her soul. Every poem magnifies her bipolar episodes. The good, the bad and the ugly. Come with her on her journey. Share her experience.

Follow me on Twitter at  onthebird John Abramowitz
John Abramowitz is a long, tall Texan (very, very tall) born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. Educated at Grinnell College in the great state of Iowa, he considers Iowa his second home state, and keeps on good terms with both by eating both barbecue AND corn. When he's not watching way too much sci-fi/fantasy TV or reading similar books (or working, obviously), you can usually find him reading the news or playing video games. He currently resides in Austin, Texas, where he works as a lawyer and author.
Latest book: Flickers

Follow me on Twitter at  JerichoAmbrose Jericho Ambrose
Jericho Ambrose is a fantasy writer who lives in Austin, TX with his boyfriend. When he isn't writing (and he doesn't write nearly enough), Jericho is reading epic fantasy, eating Indian food, or finding new ways to express his hatred for wicker furniture.
Latest book: Whichever Way The Wind Blows

Follow me on Twitter at  Busybusybird Busybird Publishing
Busybird Publishing is a boutique publisher whose mission statement is to tell good stories.
Latest book: Thirteen Stories -- Volume I

Follow me on Twitter at  Jeff Mazza Jeffrey S. Mazza
Born and raised in the Park Slope neighborhood of South Brooklyn in New York. Oldest of three children. Married for over 28 years. Father of four wonderful children, two sons-in-law, a daughter in law and two grandsons. Currently residing in Tennessee.
Latest book: Diary of a Non-Writer

Follow me on Twitter at  mrharriswriter M.R. Harris
I'm a writer, a jogger and and a sometimes gardener.
Latest book: Miko and the Puppy

Follow me on Twitter at  writingbooks Cindy Hiday
Cindy Hiday got her break in publishing when she "jumped from a perfectly good plane" and wrote about the experience in a community college workshop. The Oregonian bought the essay, even though it was 200 words too long. She hasn't jumped out of anymore airplanes, but has gone on to publish and win awards in romantic fiction, and contribute a monthly newsletter column, "Working the Web," for the local Romance Writers of America. When her Mt. Hood Community College mentor retired, she stepped forward as the part-time instructor for the Professional Novel & Memoir Writing Workshop program. She divides her time between mentoring the latest group of writing talent and working on the next novel. Currently a member o ... read more
Latest book: Iditarod Nights

Follow me on Twitter at  mtoneil1 M.T. O'Neil
Many things to many people, but always true to myself. Eternal optimist.
Latest book: Cafeteria Collection

Follow me on Twitter at  Sad But True Angela Rogers
As a single mom of 2 kids, Angela loves to speak and write about her life experiences. Sometimes you'll hear stories about parenting, divorce or eating (she love good food). Usually it is just her observations and perspectives on life. In her spare time, she works on her series of books called, "Sad But True Life Of A Middle Aged Woman" These guides help navigate through foreclosure, divorce, dating and life in general. Angela can give you tips so you can learn from her successes. "I didn't go to college and for years I let the bother me. Now, I teach people how to find their passion and turn that in to a business. Everybody has a God given gift. Are you using yours?"
Latest book: How To Build A Facebook Fan Page

Follow me on Twitter at  DWallaceFleming David Wallace Fleming
David has worked in aerospace research and development in Indiana and Virginia. He enjoys running, karaoke and sand volleyball. His short stories have appeared in Out of the Gutter's Hard Times Issue and Escape Velocity's anthology. He posts short, satirical stories at
Latest book: If

Follow me on Twitter at  Mesarphelous Lee Laughead
Lee Laughead is a writer of fantasy, politics, and video gaming. He has a Bachelor's of Science in English (emphasis in creative writing) from Brigham Young University Idaho. He currently lives in Muscatine, Iowa. He is the author of Anchored to the Flesh, a rad fantasy novel.
Latest book: Anchored to the Flesh

Follow me on Twitter at  NancyHerkness Nancy Herkness
Nancy Herkness has written two award-winning contemporary romance novels: A Bridge to Love and Shower of Stars, as well as Music of the Night, a romantic suspense. Her current release Take Me Home is the first in the Whisper Horse series published by Montlake Romance. Nancy majored in English at Princeton University, graduating with honors. In addition to her academic work in literature, she was accepted into Princeton's Creative Writing Program. Her senior thesis was a volume of original poetry. Winner of the Golden Leaf, Aspen Gold, and Gayle Wilson awards for excellence in published romance, Nancy was also chosen as one of three "Best Up and Coming Authors" for 2003 in Affaire de Coeur's Readers' Poll ... read more
Latest book: Shower Of Stars

Follow me on Twitter at  wfulks William Fulks
I am a native of the Mississippi gulf coast and currently live in Biloxi, MS. When not doing various IT and web-related work at my day job, I am also a Senior Writer and Contributing Editor for and a Top Reviewer in Books and Movies for
Latest book: Katrina Wedding

Follow me on Twitter at  desdemonhu Raegan Millhollin

Latest book: The Sound of Wind

Follow me on Twitter at  jasminehaynes1 Jennifer Skully
Award-winning author Jennifer Skully is back! The author of KOD Daphne winner SHE'S GOTTA BE MINE (formerly Sex and the Serial Killer) brings you poignant tales of loss and renewal. Her books are peopled with hilarious characters that will make you laugh and make you cry. And be sure to read her classy, erotic romances written as Jasmine Haynes, Rita Finalist for SOMEBODY’S LOVER, plus two-time Holt Medallion and National Readers Choice Award winner. In 2013, she starts a sexy new series for Berkley Heat, beginning with THE NAUGHTY CORNER coming Oct 2013 and TEACH ME A LESSON in April 2014. And there will be more in the sensual West Coast series! Of course, she’s also the author of the award-winning Max Sta ... read more
Latest book: Can't Forget You (A sexy funny mystery/romance)

Follow me on Twitter at  Michael_Gunter Michael Gunter
Michael Gunter loves mystery and the complexities of life. He enjoys a good wrestle with tough questions. And he believes his calling in life is to invite people to let go of easy answers, dive deep beneath the surface of everyday chatter, and engage the soul to discover truth; whether it comes straight up in non-fiction or wrapped in a fictional story. Michael’s aim is to write great books that entertain, encourage, and provoke meaningful contemplation and conversation. Michael also wants to encourage other writers to take the next step in reaching their literary goals. Michael began writing in 2001. Besides his published works, he has written five non-fiction books, several short stories, and over a hund ... read more
Latest book: A Life Not Wasted

Follow me on Twitter at  @RileyHillAuthor Riley Hill
Riley Hill lurks in the back-wood shadows where dark moods set the tone for her tales of creep. She adamantly denies being an alien or a walk-in, but refuses to answer questions about being a mutant. At times you may see her sitting atop a large boulder in the Arizona desert, in the hollow of a tree in Oregon, or submerged to her waist in the Mediterranean sea. But you’ll never catch her on a space ship. At least in daylight. She shares a birthday with Stephen King. Visit Riley!
Latest book: Split River

Follow me on Twitter at  getslinkii Pia Konig
I'm a student based in Australia, and I love technology
Latest book: The Essential Guide to Studying with your iPad

Follow me on Twitter at  RondaHinrichsen R.K. Hinrichsen
R.K Hinrichsen (Kathleen Marks) has been writing for children for several years. She enjoys history, fantasy and exotic locations. But most of all, she loves to learn about real life heroes.
Latest book: Heroes of the Highest Order Chapter Book Bundle 1-3

Follow me on Twitter at  Pamela_Clare Pamela Clare
USA Today best-selling author Pamela Clare began her writing career as a columnist and investigative reporter and eventually became the first woman editor-in-chief of two different newspapers. Along the way, she and her team won numerous state and national honors, including the National Journalism Award for Public Service and the Keeper of the Flame Lifetime Achievement Award. A single mother with two college-aged sons, she writes historical romance and contemporary romantic suspense within view of Colorado's beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Follow me on Twitter at  MareeAnderson Maree Anderson
Maree is an award-winning author who writes paranormal romance, sci-fi, fantasy and young adult books. She's a Kiwi, a New Zealander, and she's addicted to chocolate -- the darker the better. Not to mention coffee, and the occasional glass of excellent NZ wine. She's not quite so addicted to her local gym, but she's working on it ;-)
Latest book: Liminal

Follow me on Twitter at  sandracody Sandra Carey Cody
I was born and grew up in Missouri, surrounded by a family that loved stories, whether from a book or told on the back porch. I've since lived in various cities in different parts of the country, but wherever I've lived, books have the bridge to new friends. I now live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
Latest book: Lethal Journal

Follow me on Twitter at  kenlehnig Ken Lehnig
Ken Lehnig lives in San Diego and is a long time singer/songwriter, a musician, poet, playwright, columnist, artist, teacher/coach, husband ,father, grandfather, and friend. "I have had a long life and have done pretty much as I have wanted. At times it has not been easy, but what in life that is worthwhile is easy, but isn't it wonderful when the good stuff comes easy. In the end it's always about relationships and in that I am blessed." Ken Lehnig
Latest book: Sozzel the Jongleur 3 Strange Reflections

Follow me on Twitter at  MSexsmith M.J. Sexsmith
Born and raised in southern Ontario, M.J. Sexsmith moved to Montreal to attend university. The city immediately fell in love with Malcom, or M.J. fell in love with the city. We will never know. Seeing all the attractive women inspired M.J. to try and write erotica, and the hidden talent came to life. Enjoying the sounds, sights and smells of Montreal, M.J. is now living in the cheap while working various jobs to support his passion. One day it will become his full time job, and you the reader will get many more stories to enjoy! Yes, I'm aware I wrote this in 3rd person. Sue me. ;)

Follow me on Twitter at  LivingLibations Nadine Artemis
Nadine Artemis is the creator of Living Libations, an exquisite line of serums, elixirs and essentials oils for those seeking the purest botanical health and beauty products on the planet. She is a frequent commentator on health and beauty for media outlets and her products have received rave reviews in The New York Times, The National Post and The Hollywood Reporter. Described by Aveda founder Horst Rechebacher as "a pure flower or creativity" and by Alanis Morissette as "a true-sense visionary", Nadine has amassed a stunning collection of rare and special essentials oils. An innovative aromacologist, Nadine develops immune enhancing formulas and medicinal blends for health and wellness: her potent dental ... read more
Latest book: Successful Self-Dentistry: How to Avoid the Dentist Without Ignoring Your Teeth

Follow me on Twitter at  carlhalling Carl Halling
Freelance actor/voice actor. Singer, songwriter, writer. Born London.
Latest book: Far Beyond the Borderlands of Scotia

Follow me on Twitter at  EllisonLaura Laura Ellison
Laura Ellison was born in Muskegon, Michigan in 1972, the youngest of four children. She is a graduate of Grand Valley State University, where she majored in English, her emphasis in creative writing. She is also the author of Karma House and Blood In Trust. You can contact Laura through her Facebook page.
Latest book: The Witch Box

Follow me on Twitter at  underlmarie L. Marie Cook
L. Marie Cook is the author of Lay Me Down, a memoir. She was raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. After attending the Alexander W, Dryfoos School of the Arts and majoring in theatre, she moved to Hilo, Hawaii. She lived in Hilo for five years and Completed her BA in Communications at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. She currently resides in West Hollywood, California, with her truck Betty White. She is the former Arts and Culture Editor for Ke Kalahea, and has contributed to, and You can find more of her hilarious and sexy stories at

Follow me on Twitter at  HeidiBetts Heidi Betts
Heidi Betts is the daughter of an Arabian sheik and a Las Vegas showgirl, as well as the heiress to the Chocolate is Better Than Sex Candy Company fortune. Because of this, she eats chocolate in all its many delicious forms for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in-between snacks . . . without ever gaining an ounce on her perfect five-foot-nine, size zero figure. Each and every one of her breathtaking, award-winning novels has been adapted to film and gone on to become a phenomenal box office smash, featuring such mega-stars as Hugh Jackman and Sandra Bullock, Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts, and Harrison Ford and Charlize Theron. Heidi readily admits that she is only able to write such passionate love stories becau ... read more
Latest book: One Last Bite

Follow me on Twitter at  DGSandru Dumitru 'D.G.' 'MIT' Sandru
Dumitru 'D.G.' 'Mit' Sandru is an artist, composer, and author. He paints in the classical, surreal, and modern styles. Most of the music Dumitru composes is of the New Age flavor. As an author he prefers to write science fiction, paranormal, and YA fantasy novels. Dumitru 'D.G.' 'Mit' Sandru resides in California with his wife. He has one grown-up daughter, and one grandson, with a second one on the way.
Latest book: Escape from Communism

Follow me on Twitter at  dalburns Dal Burns
I'm a fourth-generation entertainer, have worked and trained with Newcastle Repertory Theatre and Langley Castle Productions (U.K.), Karl Avis Stunt Team and Channel 7 (Australia), Santa Rosa’s Marquee Theatre, the American Conservatory Theatre and Commedia De’ll Arte in the United States. Just completing a children's illustrated book for release this Fall. Have two paperbacks and two CDs of audio stories for sale currently on Amazon. Have a set of audio stories and ringtones on iTunes and AmazonMP3. Just released a sci-fi novella, Alien Race and am completing a book containing a linked series of short stories about my adventures in Chile and Patagonia.
Latest book: Alien Race

Follow me on Twitter at  Denise M Hartman Denise M. Hartman
Denise has worked as a journalist, a freelance writer, a graphic designer and a video producer. Denise is a member of Sisters in Crime and was president of a local chapter. She’s from Kansas but currently lives in Madrid, Spain. Look for her short stories and novel Killed in Kruger.
Latest book: Nosy Neighbors

Follow me on Twitter at  JRLaGreca Jody R LaGreca
Jody Riva LaGreca was born in Sea Gate, Brooklyn, New York’s first gated community in Coney Island and moved to Long Island as a young child. She is an award-winning poet and the author of eight books, Afternoon Tea, Suburban Weird, The Gloaming, Fleshpot, Seduction, Forever In Vein, Bloodless and Bloodlust. She has received five star reviews from Midwest Book Review and other reviewers. She has a BA in Writing/English from Queens College University of New York and graduated Phi Theta Kappa Magna Cum Laude in Fashion Apparel Design from NCC, State University of New York.
Latest book: The Glowing Dead: A Zombie Short Story

Follow me on Twitter at  michellescarey Michelle Carey
Born and raised in Washington, DC; Michelle Sweeny Carey developed a love for creative writing during her elementary school years. She discovered her passion for writing screenplays soon thereafter. Michelle is also a published poet. Her pen name is ZETAZEN. Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science in Management, a Master of Science in Human Resources Management, and a M.B.A. from University of Maryland University College. She also holds a M.F.A. in Creative Writing from National University. Michelle is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., Alpha Zeta Chapter and the Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society. She is married, with three children and currently residing in the Washington, DC area.

Follow me on Twitter at  ritanightingale Tony Crowe
I now live and work in Bulgaria. when I'm not writing I minister to the local prison in Varna city. Rita my wife is helping the poor children here. our aim is to build an academy to educate the poor out of the poverty trap of following their farther or mother. Many young children end up on the streets of Bulgaria selling their selves in the sex trade. Or even being sold by their fathers to some one far away from their homes. The money from our books helps fund our work here. Thank you for your support if you buy a book you help a child. We love you and thank you Tony & Rita
Latest book: A Murder of Crows Deliverance

Follow me on Twitter at  davidgnewby David G. Newby
As a Life Development Strategist, David works with spiritually-minded business owners and other professionals who are looking to improve their quality of life and make positive contributions to society. He helps them create and execute a comprehensive action plan that incorporates spiritual growth, business development, self improvement, and community awareness into the fulfillment of their life potential. David was born in, and currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. For the past 10 years, David has been inspiring everyda ... read more
Latest book: 20 Plus Ways to Get Content for Your Book or eBook: Simple Self-Publishing

Follow me on Twitter at  CLMozena C.L. Mozena
Carey Mozena lives in southeast Ohio, and has been writing for years. She has had some short stories published in the local newspaper, as well as two book collections of short stories. 'Legend of the Irdisae' is her first ebook.
Latest book: The Gift of Giving

Follow me on Twitter at  fwhelanwrites Frank E. Whelan
Irish multimedia journalist and writer.
Latest book: A Tale of Hunters

Follow me on Twitter at  peterbarns Peter Barns
Author - Poet - Versifier Born in Harlsden on the outskirts of London in 1943, Peter Barns spent his formative years living beside Regent's Park. Educated at a Secondary Modern school, he left with just one qualification in 'O' Level Art. Passing through a variety of occupations after leaving school, he finally ended up working in the construction industry as an electrician. After taking his City & Guilds, he became an electrical engineer and spent the next twenty years working on building sites. Somewhere in there he got married and divorced - a couple of times - and had two children. He moved to the Highlands of Scotland in the late 1980's along with his partner. With the move came a new occupation - counse ... read more
Latest book: Tears

Follow me on Twitter at  LynBrittan Pamela Lyn
Pamela grew up on the East Coast and loved every minute of it. Her real adventures didn't begin until after high school when she decided to live like her heroes, James Bond and Indiana Jones. She wasn't totally successful and never had to shoot my way out of a hotel bedroom. Tragic. Pamela writes romances as Lyn Brittan
Latest book: Lightning Catchers Box Set

Follow me on Twitter at  auroraxblack Aurora Black
Aurora Black is a 17-year-old author born and raised in Newcastle, Australia. She started writing at the age of 8 and has been improving since then as well as puplishing her own fan fiction entitled Princess.
Latest book: Princess

Follow me on Twitter at  doctormonocle John Theesfeld
John Theesfeld lives with his wife and two children in the Pacific Northwest. A graduate of Arizona State University with a BFA in theatre/film, Mr. Theesfeld has worked in theatre and television, as well as having written screenplays to nowhere. Spectacular Moments of Wonder with Dr. Monocle: That Certain Gentleman is his first novel.
Latest book: Spectacular Moments of Wonder with Dr. Monocle: That Certain Gentleman

Follow me on Twitter at  lauralibricz Laura Libricz
Writer, mother, factory worker, Laura Libricz loves to write. She earned a BA in German at The College of New Paltz, NY in 1991 and moved to Germany, where she resides with her husband and two grown children. Her first historical novel, The Master and the Maid, is the first book of the Heaven's Pond's Trilogy and is now available. The second book, The Soldier's Return, is scheduled to be released in October 2013.

Follow me on Twitter at  martinvesole Martin Vesole
See my website,
Latest book: The Book of Emet: The TRUE Story of Jesus