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Jennifer Heath is the author of the novels 'My Raging Heart' and 'The Nereidians of Ondine'. My educational credentials are not in writing, but science. I have a degree in biotechnology from the University of Newcastle (in Australia) and currently work as a chemist at a pharmaceutical quality control laboratory. Even though I am generally a left-brained person, writing is something I like to do in order to tap into my creative side. I have tried other things (painting, music, etc.), but I didn’t feel as connected to those activities as I have with my writing. I love animals (I care for two dogs and many fish), kayaking on the beautiful lakes in my area and reading!
Latest book: My Raging Heart

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dena Garson

Latest book: Your Wild Heart

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Darlene Deacon
Darlene Deacon worked as a news reporter at KIDK-TV - a CBS affiliate -in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She primarily covered crime and investigative pieces, but she also enjoyed the more technical stories at the Idaho National Laboratory as the special reporter. She later produced the six & ten pm news for KIDK. She got her start in television news as a writer at FOX's WSVN-TV Channel 7 in Miami where she was as a newscast copy writer. Darlene has also co-hosted with nationally known radio talk show host, Dick Farrel and was a fill-in host for the same show. She got her broadcast education at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in North Palm Beach, Florida, and studied creative writing at Broward Community College. S ... read more
Latest book: Under the Influence of Evil - A Brutally Abusive Childhood Exposed

Follow me at my  Facebook Page MV Hansson

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kim Curtis
Kim Curtis is a nationally recognized wealth management advisor and speaker. She has been profiled in several publications including the Wall Street Journal. As President and CEO of Wealth Legacy Institute, her groundbreaking work in developing a highly personal client-centric planning model was recognized in the Journal of Practical Estate Planning, winning the Editor’s Choice award. This model is the cornerstone of her firm’s holistic and highly successful approach to integrated wealth management. Kim has attained numerous professional designations and been recognized by the financial planning industry as having achieved the highest level of competence and expertise. Ms. Curtis is author of Money Se ... read more
Latest book: Money Secrets: Keys to Smart Investing

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sabrina deSouza
Sabrina deSouza was born in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia, grew up in Darwin, Northern Territory, and moved to Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory before relocating to Queensland. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree, as well as an Honours Degree in Science. deSouza spent nine years as an Australian Customs Officer, the last seven of which were spent as an intelligence analyst. After deciding to leave government and join private industry, she went to work as a consultant and the principal trainer with Visual Analysis in Canberra before leaving to start her own consultancy business.
Latest book: The Catarbie Conspiracy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ah See
Ah See is a writer, presently working on a sequel to their first novella, UNDER WRAPS. We'd tell you more, but we're being watched...

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jason A Sinner
Jason A Sinner is a singer/songwriter/composer who has written and co-written for television and movies. Although best known for his music, he has been getting recognition for his poetry as well. He expresses every emotion in his poetry, and writes from deep inside his soul in a raw, heartfelt manner that will leave you thinking, as well as feeling. A single father to two daughters, he has traveled from coast to coast, touching people's lives along the way. Although his passion lies in music, he expresses himself through many channels, with a rabid lust for life and adventure. His writing spans darkness and light, but he will always leave you with light. Music is the outpouring of a soul —Jason A Sinner
Latest book: A Sinner’s Philosophy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Janet Givens
Janet Givens was born in northern New Jersey at the beginning of the baby boomer generation. She has both a BS (NYU) and an MA (Kent State, OH) in sociology and worked in non-profit development for 25 years. Beginning in 1999, she began her next career as a Gestalt psychotherapist, which closed in 2004 when she began her Peace Corps journey. At Home On the Kazakh Steppe: A Peace Corps Memoir was first published in August 2014 by Ant Press, with a second edition published in March 2015 (Birch Tree Books). Her first book, Stuttering (Pro-Ed, Publisher), co-authored with C. W. Starkweather, was included in Choice Magazine’s “Best Textbooks of 1997.” She shares her life with Woody Starkweather in the Green ... read more
Latest book: At Home on the Kazakh Steppe: A Peace Corps Memoir

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Penelope Sotheby
For many, the thought of childhood conjures images of hopscotch games in quiet neighbourhoods, and sticky visits to the local sweet shop. For Penelope Sotheby, childhood meant bathing in Bermuda, jiving in Jamaica and exploring a string of strange and exotic British territories with her nomadic family. New friends would come and go, but her constant companion was an old, battered collection of Agatha Christie novels that filled her hours with intrigue and wonder. Penelope would go on to read every single one of Christie’s sixty-six novels—multiple times—and so was born a love of suspense than can be found in Sotheby’s own works today. In 2011 the author debuted with “Murder at the Inn”, a whodunit ... read more
Latest book: Murder in the Bahamas: Book 2 in the Murder in Paradise Series

Follow me at my  Facebook Page angela ross
Angela is a fiction author who writes christian oriented books. She is based in Chesapeake, VA.
Latest book: Nothing Is Impossible

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Julia Moravcsik PhD
I have a degree in Cognitive Psychology, or the study of cognitive processes. I see many parents struggling to feed their children healthy food, only to give up because their children won't eat it. I have set up this blog in order to help parents find peaceful, effective ways to help their children eat healthy food because they like it. I live in Illinois and have a wonderful, omnivorous 11-year old son.
Latest book: Teach Your Child to Love Healthy Food

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Aliana Zenon
Aliana Zenon is a Brazilian national who enjoys writing about her homeland's culture. She is also a photographer who uses self-portraits as a medium of self-expression. Her name is a nom de plume, an artistic alter ego that helps inspire and motivate her art. Afro-Brazilian religions are common themes in her fiction and photography books. They are mainly a celebration of the cult of Yemanja, the Goddess of the Sea.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nitin Srivastava
He is basically an engineer and working at the post of Asst. Professor in an engineering college. He has started writing as his hidden thirst, as he was interested in writing from the beginning but, not got the time before, because, he had decided to make a career in engineering. After achieving that career he decided to fulfill his thirst and started writing. ‘The God Factor – For Success and Contentment’ was his first book. He has interest in writing on the topic of spirituality and motivation. Spirituality is always his basic quest and that is why he is very much interested in spirituality. This book which he is writing is also basically concern with spirituality.
Latest book: The God Factor - For Success and Contentment

Follow me at my  Facebook Page T.S. Irons
T.S. Irons likes all things smutty! She loves lingerie, sexy movies and hot reads. She lives in Pensylvania with her sexy husband and their crazy dog.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Richard Dean Young
Richard Young was raised in Washington State, the second of nine kids in the family of a poor Minister - in today’s world having nine kids just about guarantees relative poverty. With his younger brother, Dave, Richard hunted and fished on the east side of the Cascade Range, mostly with the purpose of putting rabbit, venison, trout and pheasant on the table. Richard followed his Dad into the ministry, studied in Canada and Texas, and in Dallas married his wife, now of 47 years, Beverly Tolson. In 1971 they went to India as missionaries. Their three children were born in India and Nepal, and then raised in Argentina, South America. The last 22 years Richard and Beverly have lived in Uruguay. Richard pastored ... read more
Latest book: The Last of the Apaches

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cheree Triplett

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anthony Santen
Anthony Santen is a counselor, holistic health practitioner, life coach, and transformational hypnotist.Through many years of working with individuals and couples, he has developed a structured method to facilitate and empower his clients to grow and transform, that goes beyond conventional psychotherapy, known as The Path Within® program. Anthony’s approach to mental well-being is centered on the human mind’s ability to maintain psychological homeostasis through a variety of healing responses. His techniques focus on fostering collaboration and inclusivity while exploring the root causes of personal challenges, inspiring spiritual growth and celebrating the unique gifts within ourselves that facilitate o ... read more
Latest book: The Path Within: Break Through Harmful Programming and Doctrine To Experience Happiness and Harmony In Your Reality

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Oliver Gaspirtz
Oliver Gaspirtz is a cartoonist and writer.
Latest book: Embarrassing True Stories

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Diana Kindle
Diana Kindle is a writer.
Latest book: German Wisdom:

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sarah
love's listener. secret keeper. artist. believer. squeak. there's an apartment in my heart, and gold in my soul.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hasan Basri
i love writing about programming and opensources.
Latest book: Android Tutorial Gallery Photos - Pondokprogrammer Mobile

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ceilidh Fraser
Hi! I'm Ceilidh, I live in rural Australia with my sister and our tribe of chickens, dogs, cats, sheep and possums. Oh! I musn't forget the equine family members. I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries and spend all my time writing. When I'm not writing I like to handspin fleece (currently working on Alpaca), reinvent recipes from the 1940's and dabble in my other love, photography.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J L Blenkinsop
After many years during which I've written plays, pantomimes and short stories for friends, I am now the proud possessor of a step-daughter, attached to a beautiful and intelligent wife. I've never had a child to look after before, and it's a challenge. She'll be a teenager this month. Watching her trying to work out what life means to her, how to cope with friends and foes, made me write (for the very first time) a novel, just for her. But this novel is not just for her; it's for me, and it's for anyone who is a child or who has a child who is intelligent and enquiring, who is shy, who has dreams. It is enjoyable to write about Yifan, and the fantasy element of the story means that there are many more adventur ... read more
Latest book: Princess Yifan

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christine S. Feldman
Christine S. Feldman writes both novels and feature-length screenplays, and, to her great delight, she has placed in screenwriting competitions on both coasts—and has even won a couple of them. In 2012 one of her screenplays was featured as a staged reading in New York City at the Gotham Screen International Film Festival (, and later that same year she signed her first publishing contract. When she is not writing, she is teaching kindergarten, puttering around in her garden, ballroom dancing with her husband, or doing research for her next project.
Latest book: All's Fair in Love and Weddings

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lynn Grey
Lynn Grey has been writing since she was eight years old. Her first story was about a girl and her pet dragon. Throughout school, she continued to write and won awards for her stories and poems. When she’s not writing or reading, she spends time with her husband, two children, and three Elkhounds. Shades of Surrender is her first published work.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeffrey Goff
Hello from Salt Lake City. I'm a writer who listens to all those strange, weird, persistent voices filling my head. I'm not genre specific; I have many interests, hence I write about many things. I love to tell stories, good, bad, evil, sappy, sad, happy, funny, depressing. It's all waiting to be told. It's only a matter of time.
Latest book: Collision's Wake

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mary Sage Nguyen
Watch "The Malevolent Twin" book trailer at this link: I am a twenty three year old writer and college student. I am my happiest self when I am writing. I am the author of “The Malevolent Twin”. I’m an avid reader. The genres, I read are fantasy, young adult, and sci fi books. I do read books outside my genres from time to time. For example, I am reading “I Will fear No Evil” by Robert A. Heinlein. Some of my favorite authors include J.K Rowling, lemony Snicket, Eoin Colfer, Cecily von Ziegesar, Kevin Kwan, Jean Kwok, and C. S. Lewis. The last book I read was “Crazy Rich Asians” by Kevin Kwan. When I am not plotting and scheming about my book “The Mal ... read more
Latest book: The Malevolent Twin

Follow me at my  Facebook Page R.L. Merrill
R.L. Merrill started writing five years ago to deal with some not-so-pleasant life situations and to escape from the icky parts of being a responsible adult. It's turned into a very fulfilling way to spend her minuscule amount of free time and has mostly kept her sane. Her stories involve real life struggles and the romance that gets us through. Her novels are influenced and inspired by her own experiences as well as those of folks around her that she admires and respects for their strength and perseverance. She's lived in the Bay Area her whole life, with the exception of the four very good years she spent in rural Iowa during college. She's been an educator for twenty years as both a teacher and school counse ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Richard Nurse
I have always allowed my imagination to have free reign. It has allowed me to write in a way that I enjoy. I simply sit in front of my computer, today, or with a paper and pen when I was younger, (And no not a quill pen) and let the words flow out to tell whatever story my imagination has created. I never know until I start writing what form it will take. It may come out as a rant article or blog, poetry, a short story, of a full length book or books. Yes I did say poetry, and I know a couple of English teachers where I went to high school who, either just rolled over in their grave, or fainted. English, as far a writing, and all of those verbs, adverbs, dangling participial, nouns, prepositions etc. ma ... read more
Latest book: Murder in St. Luietz (Guns - Stilettos & Money)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ben Bryant
Ben Bryant has been in show business since college. Until 1972 he was a successful actor and singer in theatre, film, the Metropolitan Opera and TV. In '70 he joined the award winning Group One Productions of Hollywood where he quickly developed production skills on a multitude of projects ranging from two-man second-unit shoots to Carole King's 1974 Central Park concert (12 cameras and a union crew of over 100.) Until the early ‘90s, based in New York, he worked in film and TV as a producer and first Assistant Director – in more than half the fifty states – on over 1,000 commercials and dozens of corporate films for clients including ABC-TV, AT&T, Exxon, Ford, GM, IBM, MacDonald’s, Miller Beer, Porsc ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Keith Golliday
Hello my name is Keith me and my wife home school or 2 girls and all so run a home repair and maintenance business we are also trying to learn how to be writers we now have 2 eBooks 1 one roof installing and the other on home schooling i hope to soon have more eBook on here soon thank you and GOD Bless you all
Latest book: Shingling Your Ranch Style Home

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marion Eaton
From 1994, when I first qualified in Massage and Reiki, I carried on working part-time in my legal firm while continuing to learn and practise natural healing and complementary medicine. I retired from legal practice in 2004 and now teach Reiki and write novels (see in Westfield near Hastings in East Sussex. I believe that all methods of healing are interlinked. They all draw on the innate ability of the body, mind and spirit of the individual to heal. Over my years of practice in the field of Complementary Medicine I have found that, for me, Reiki is the simplest yet most profound and most effective of all the healing modalities I have learned. I am totally committed to the journey of heal ... read more
Latest book: Spinning into Form

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nancy Henderson
I'm Nancy Henderson and I write a little bit of everything. My first love is history and romance. Much of my earlier books are historical romance. Since then I've branched out to a variety of genres. Besides historical, paranormal and contemporary romance novels, I also write humorous short stories and articles about cats, marriage and the craziness of life. I've recently been writing some horror / thriller book too; always something new up my sleeve. Don't forget to stop by my blog; a weekly glimpse into my life and work. Please feel free to drop me a line anytime, I love to hear from my readers.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dana Brown Smith
Dana Brown Smith is a hands-on advocate for freedom from fascination with pornography. Drawing on her own personal involvement with porn and her professional experience as an expert in investigating and responding to sexual harassment claims in the workplace, she brings an in-depth and well-rounded perspective to the conversation on the effect of pornography, especially as it relates to women. In addition to being a frequent blogger on Huffington Post, Dana volunteers around the world serving those in need of basic living assistance. She works, writes, and lives in Los Angeles, a stone’s throw from the epicenter of America’s porn industry.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tamar Hela
Tamar Hela is a writer and editor from California. Since the age of ten, many of her teachers have encouraged her to pursue a career in writing fiction. She has always had a knack for words, loving the art of storytelling. As a musician and artist, Tamar understands the importance of captivating an audience through various mediums, but especially loves using words to create visual images for readers. When she’s not writing, editing, drinking coffee, or traveling somewhere cool, she can be found curled up with a good book. Spirit Lake, previously titled as Feast Island, is Tamar’s first published work of fiction in the Spirit Lake Series. She is also a published poet, and her poem, titled “Hope,” can be ... read more
Latest book: Spirit Lake (Book 1 of the Spirit Lake Series)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Carrie Pack
Carrie is a part-time college professor who recently left her job in marketing to actively pursue her writing career. Her early career focused on advertising, journalism, and public relations while she also did freelance writing for businesses in the nonprofit sector. Writing has always been a part of her life, but she never believed she could write fiction until she found a community of like-minded authors of fanfiction on Tumblr. She holds a bachelor’s in communication from Flagler College and a master’s in journalism education from the University of Missouri. Carrie lives in Florida, which she fondly calls America’s Wang, with her husband and three cats. Follow Carrie Pack and learn more about her work ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kimberly Bishop
I was born and raised on Detroit's east side. I graduated from Wayne State University in 2013 with a BA of Science majoring in Criminal Justice.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paul D. Weaver
Paul D. Weaver, originally hailing from Columbus, IN is the Director as well as a Professor of Bible and Theology at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Tóalmás, Hungary. He is a graduate of Appalachian Bible College (B.A., Theology), Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M., Bible Exposition) and is currently working on his doctorate at Baptist Bible Seminary (Ph.D., Biblical Studies). Prior to becoming the Director, he served 4 years as the Academic Dean. He has taught the New Testament at a college level for 11 years. He has contributed articles to the "Popular Encyclopedia of Church History" as well as "The Journal of Ministry and Theology." He is the author of "Introducing the New Testament Books," and is pres ... read more
Latest book: Charles C. Ryrie: The Man, His Ministry, and His Method

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robert Kidera
After an early fling in the motion picture industry and a long and successful career in Academia, Robert Kidera retired in 2010. With his desire to play major league baseball no longer a realistic dream, he chose to fulfill his other lifelong ambition and became a writer. He is a member of Southwest Writers, Sisters in Crime, and the International Thriller Writers organizations. “Red Gold” is his debut novel, the first installment in the McKenna Mystery series. He is currently working on its sequel, “Get Lost,” with a third book to follow. Robert lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife and Otis the cat. He has two daughters, a grandson, and granddaughter.
Latest book: Red Gold

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jean Lowe Carlson
Jean Lowe Carlson is a Naturopathic Doctor and writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and holds a B.A. in Biology and B.Mus. in Opera from Oberlin College and a medical doctorate from Bastyr University. A keen observer of nature and human behavior, Jean writes genre-bending epic, romantic erotic, and dystopian fantasy fiction, and maintains a blog on Esoteric Buddhism (Tantric Practice). As a medical doctor and practitioner of Tantra, yoga, pranayama, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, and Emotional Freedom Technique, Jean pulls from her deep knowledge of psychology and energy interactions to paint vivid scenes and emotionally complex interactions between her characters. She mixes a keen and often gritty blend of er ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Arthur D. Robbins
Arthur D. Robbins is a psychologist with a practice in Manhattan. He holds a bachelors in English from Queens College, a doctorate in psychology from the New School for Social Research and a doctorate in French and Romance Philology from Columbia University, where he specialized in 18th-century political thought. Dr. Robbins spent a year and a half in Paris studying psychopathology at the Sorbonne. His articles on French literature and psychopathology have appeared in scholarly journals. He has spent the last ten years reading and writing about democracy. In his spare time Dr. Robbins enjoys playing Bach on the cello and studying painting at the Art Students League. He once made a violin from scratch, one of h ... read more
Latest book: Democracy Denied: The Untold Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page D. R. Michael Buam
An independent researcher, filmmaker and a writer in three languages. Currently researches on oral history, indigenous knowledge systems and traditions of the Pnar and Vaar people living in Meghalaya and Assam in India and other parts of the world. He writes short stories, folk tales, non-fiction and fiction books.
Latest book: The Crow, the Jackal and the Red Crab

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Leah Ross
Leah Ross is a freelance writer and graphic designer with a penchant for loud electronic dance music and sappy love stories. She has been writing and creating art for most of her life, with works published by the International Library of Poetry and NewType USA. After receiving her BS in Journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder, she settled in the Denver metro area and thoroughly enjoys the quirks of high-altitude living with her family and far-too-clingy cats. Having met her husband online and being happily married to him for almost fifteen years, Leah believes that love is unconventional and the rules are always up for negotiation.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Niquenya Fulbright
I am President and Chief Executive Officer of Building Bridges Chicago LLC D/B/A Building Bridges Consulting, a small business consulting and executive coaching firm specializing in transforming dreamers into successful entrepreneurs. I do this by connecting small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to the knowledge and resources necessary to build a sustainable and profitable business model. I have over 15 years' experience partnering with small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they need to be to fulfill their individual and organizational missions. SCHEDULE A FREE 30-MINUTE STRATEGY SESSION to discuss your small business needs and learn ... read more
Latest book: Why YOU SUCK at Network Marketing

Follow me at my  Facebook Page P.M. Wilson

Latest book: Haiku 52 dikter

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robin Chambers
Once upon a time –a long time ago – I was born in Bootle (Liverpool 20) in the UK. There was a war on. Later, I wanted to follow in the footsteps of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis but instead was plunged into the maelstrom of inner city education. In the 1970s I wrote some stories for children to see if I could, and Penguin published them. I thought I would write something really good when I retired from teaching… After fourteen years of headship in Hackney I came back up north in 1993 and met my wonderful wife Amy. We looked after my increasingly ill parents full-time until they didn’t need us to do it anymore, by which time the first of our two daughters was ready to go off to University and on to ... read more
Latest book: When the Cat's Away... (Myrddin's Heir Bk 5)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kris Michaels
Kris Michaels is the alter ego of a happily married wife and mother who loves to write erotic romance with a twist of military flavor. A chance meeting and immediate friendship with an established author propelled Kris into a world where her lifelong fantasy of publishing romance novels came true! Her vivid imagination and erotic fantasies evolved into the Kings of Guardian Series now under contract to be published with Troll River Publishing. Kris believes in meeting life head on…as long as there is an ample supply of coffee, whiskey and wine! She believes love makes this crazy life worthwhile. When she isn’t writing Kris enjoys a busy life with her husband, the cop, and her two wonderful sons.