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Follow me on Twitter at  wisecrone333 Lisa Oliver
Hi My name is Lisa Oliver and welcome to my Author page. I am thrilled to announce that I have spent the last four months writing the first of my full length fiction novels - a gay erotic romance about shifters called The Reluctant Wolf. The book is the first of five in the series and I hope you come to love the characters of the Cloverleah pack as much as I do. The Runaway Cat, book 2, is now also available with book 3 coming out around April 14th, 2014. You will notice from my back list that I have spent most of my life helping people live the life they want to live and I recently launched my new book "The Happiness Diet: How to Lose Weight Quickly and With a Minimum of Fuss" both in Kindle and paperback fo ... read more
Latest book: No Mate of Mine

Follow me on Twitter at  cynfulcharm Cynthia Vespia
Cynthia Vespia, "The Original Cyn," is an author, screenwriter, and freelance journalist. Her creative work is adventure-based, designed to keep pages turning and hearts pounding. Writing mainly supernatural suspense and adventure fantasy, Vespia weaves varied genres into her work that deliver cross-over appeal for readers. She has been nominated for a "Best in Series" award for her trilogy DEMON HUNTER and has won a "Most Artistic Trailer" award for her work on DEMON HUNTER: SEEK & DESTROY. She has also turned her creative energy into ORIGINAL CYN CREATIVE SERVICES, an award-winning copy, design, and video source specializing in promotional media. During her downtime she enjoys getting lost in a good book or m ... read more
Latest book: The Crescent

Follow me on Twitter at  melbcitywriters Melbourne Writers' Social Group
The Melbourne Writers' Social Group is a group for writers to socialise--when they're not writing. The aim of our events are to enjoy the company of other writers in a social setting, share information about writing related events in Melbourne, create accountability for our writing, celebrate writing successes such as hitting a word count or publishing, discuss writing challenges such as issues with plot, dialogue, or discipline and enjoy a tasty beverage! We welcome creative writers of any format or at any stage of writing - whether you've just started a novel, play or collection of poetry, or you're a seasoned published or unpublished author.
Latest book: Holiday Season in Melbourne

Follow me on Twitter at  authorericfox Eric Fox
Eric Fox was born and raised in Texas. He grew up playing video games and reading comic books. After graduating from college he began his career in the world of computers and loved it, working for several corporate companies. It was during this time that he began to realize that he had a talent for writing.
Latest book: Time Rift

Follow me on Twitter at  semanticscribe Steven J Davies
I write for the enjoyment of it, yours and mine. Writing about the subjects that interest me, that get me going, that freak me out a little bit - it is what I love to do. Hopefully you find some enjoyment in these pages too, if so I would greatly appreciate some feedback.
Latest book: The Hunted

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorElyseD Elyse Draper
Elyse Draper, as a native Coloradan, brings a distinctive vision of the Rocky Mountains to life. When that sight is combined with her love of world travel, history, sociological sciences, psychology, and humanism, the outcome is a setting that spans the world and imagination. That aptitude when mixed with an educational background of law, philosophy, and French, brings the result of a fantastic yet realistic renaissance storyline, ultimately taking the reader on an exceptional journey. Working as a freelance journalist for, Elyse reports on the publishing world and supports Denver's local literary contributors as Denver's Author Examiner. Still living in Colorado with her husband and daughter, she ... read more
Latest book: Vindication

Follow me on Twitter at  KaliLoweEros Kali Lowe
Kali Lowe is a career author and hobbyist musician who loves to apply her overactive imagination toward describing naughty sex scenes in intricate detail. She enjoys writing stories that tease and build gradually into an explosive ending. She lives in New England with her long-term boyfriend and far too many cats. Follow Kali on Twitter @KaliLoweEros tumblr: Email: kali.lowe.eros at gmail
Latest book: Obeying the Professor 2: Two More Erotic Tales

Follow me on Twitter at  AmbienteEnergia Ambiente Energia
Notícias sobre meio ambiente, sustentabilidade, tecnologias e inovação com foco nas energias alternativas.
Latest book: Newsletter Ambiente Energia - n. 102 - 16 janeiro de 2012

Follow me on Twitter at  thekayleefox Kaylee Fox
Kaylee Fox is an erotica writer that resides in the United Kingdom. Her interests include erotic writing and erotic photography. She gets inspiration for her books by people watching and wondering how kinky they are. Her favorite author is Anais Nin. She has a sister, Layla Fox who also writes erotic stories.
Latest book: Seducing My Aunt (Taboo Aunt Nephew Erotica)

Follow me on Twitter at  carolyburnsbass Carolyn Burns Bass
With a sword swallower as a father and a closet chanteuse for a mother, it’s no wonder Carolyn Burns Bass became a writer. A longtime journalist for entertainment, travel and lifestyle media, Carolyn has had short fiction published in The Rose & Thorn, Breath & Shadow, and MetroFiction ezines and is working on a novel called The Sword Swallower’s Daughter. She would like to list prestigious colleges attended and degrees obtained, but she restricts her fiction to made-up people. Carolyn is the founder and moderator of LitChat, the popular literary discussion that occurs through Twitter using the hashtag #litchat. Follow her on Twitter at @CarolyBurnsBass, visit her blog at, and vis ... read more
Latest book: Still Life With Lovers

Follow me on Twitter at  authormlbullock M.L. Bullock
Author M.L. Bullock enjoys the laid-back atmosphere and the spooky vibe of the Gulf Coast, especially the region's historic districts and sites. When she isn't visiting her favorite haunts in New Orleans or Old Mobile, you can find her flipping through old photographs or newspaper clippings in search of new inspiration.
Latest book: Shadows Stir at Seven Sisters

Follow me on Twitter at  derbyant Antony Bennett
The stories you'll find here vary from the spooky to the downright gruesome, but they all explore how ordinary people react to extraordinary situations. My first published story appeared in the collection "Nightmares 3" after encouragement from the wonderful editor Mary Danby, and after that my stories have appeared in various magazines - Fear, Xenos, Not One of Us, etc. I hope you enjoy reading the tales on offer here (all of them are free to download). And if you do, please contact me through my Facebook page or via Twitter - I'd love to hear from you.
Latest book: Deeper Than Blood

Follow me on Twitter at  Tony Leather Tony H Leather
I have been writing for many years - now have several e-books out, including threecollections of short stories, one novella entitled The Plot, one book of poetry and a volume of non-fiction pieces on sexuality. I simply want to reach the widest possible audience
Latest book: Dancing with the Devil and Other Twisted Tales

Follow me on Twitter at  abhishekr79 Abhishek Ratna
Abhishek Ratna is a member of Mensa International (an IQ of 156 on castle scale), an alumnus of IIT Madras, an MBA in finance and marketing with extensive corporate experience, an active member of Association of Business Communicators of India and a certified Image Management Coach. Abhishek is gifted with keen observation skills and is passionate about Coaching for Success. He loves travelling and has been to over twenty countries across the globe for work and pleasure. Connect with Abhishek: Twitter - @abhishekr79 Facebook - Mail –
Latest book: Career Success A to Z

Follow me on Twitter at  CLRIndia Khurshid Alam
Khurshid Alam is a writer and editor with Contemporary Literary Review India
Latest book: Contemporary Literary Review: India Nimba Issue 1 Anthology

Follow me on Twitter at  @juliealindsey Julie Anne Lindsey
Born and raised as an only child in Ohio, Julie had plenty of time to people watch and make things up. When she didn’t think she could make a living at the latter, her love of people led her to Kent State University where she earned a BA in Psychology. A few years and three kids later, she discovered the thrill of writing and hasn’t looked back. Writing allows her to harness her seemingly endless supply of energy and create something of value in the wake. Julie is a mother of three, wife to a sane person and Ring Master at the Lindsey Circus. Most days you’ll find her online, amped up on caffeine and wielding a book. She blogs about books and writing at Look for additional ... read more
Latest book: A Beautiful Pointe

Follow me on Twitter at  imiation78 Matija Kočevar
Ime mi je Matija Kočevar in vodim prevajalsko agencijo Zvezda 11. Kot ljubitelj tehnologije in branja želim na e-bralnikih zagotoviti kar najširši nabor knjig in dobrih zgodb.
Latest book: Tat teles

Follow me on Twitter at  storeyzone John Storey

Latest book: The Last Target

Follow me on Twitter at  poetzel John Poetzel
ABOUT THE AUTHOR John lives on the Big Island of Hawai'i, learning how to reduce his carbon footprint. There are more stories to come, but if you want bite-sized updates with pictures, visit his webpage:
Latest book: Honolulu Beetles - Short Urban Fantasy

Follow me on Twitter at  ctruxler C. M. Truxler
C. M. Truxler was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and now lives in Arkansas with her family. She has been writing since she can remember; often entertaining friends by writing stories for them to read when she was younger. A Jack-of-all-trades, she has experience in many areas, but enjoys writing and editing the most. In the past, her works have been published in anthologies and on the web, and won awards for her poetry. She holds a number of degrees, and besides writing books, is also a freelance writer and editor, practicing her skills at every given chance. She writes fiction, fantasy, poetry, and nonfiction. Her dream has always been to be successful doing what she loves- writing.
Latest book: It's Only Natural

Follow me on Twitter at  youngadltbooks Tess Williams
At five years old, Tess was walking down a gravel path and saw that one of the rocks had been kicked away into the grass, all alone. She was instantly upset, cradled the poor rock in her hands and returned it to it’s family of fellow rocks. She told me a story then, of how the rock had come to be all alone, complete with romance, intrigue, and betrayal. She was never without a book. And had read the complete Lord of the Rings Trilogy four times before the age of thirteen. It is with this kind of imagination, passion, and love for stories, that Tess now writes her young adult fantasy novels. She began writing her first novel, Ember, at age sixteen and hasn’t stopped since. She is currently working on her sev ... read more
Latest book: Dust (Ember Series book 3)

Follow me on Twitter at  kirakendrix Kira Kendrix
Kira Kendrix is a simple woman who likes to write about her favorite thing in life: sex. What else could be as much fun? See her blog at
Latest book: Sex at Sea -- The Lust Boat Chronicles

Follow me on Twitter at  TryndaAdair Trynda Adair
Trynda Adair was born and raised in Manitoba, Canada where she braved the cold winters spending her time attending school and reading anything she could get her hands on. When she was thirteen Trynda was coaxed by her friends to begin writing a story they would be able to read between classes. Currently Trynda is working on a larger novel in her spare time between college classes, writing short stories about vampires, mythical creatures, and everything dark and interesting.
Latest book: Revival (Prologue)

Follow me on Twitter at  Dane Theodore Dane Theodore
I'm a full-time husband and father in Tucson, AZ. Having spent most my life doing jobs I never cared for, I now stay at home full time working an online business with my wife. I finally have time to do what I always wanted - writing. I write fantasy/action-adventure short stories (The Starspear Chronicles) and will soon finish my first novel, as yet untitled.
Latest book: Valley of Tribulations

Follow me on Twitter at  cmnregina Regina Meredith
Televised media has been the framework for Regina Meredith’s lifelong media career. Beginning in the late 1970’s as a sports anchor in Sacramento and progressing to NBC sports New York, she was one of the first female sports casters in America. This was followed by her roles as a news anchor, show host, documentary producer, writer, cookbook author (Regina’s Vegetarian Table and Regina’s International Vegetarian Favorites), series host of the PBS national series Regina’s Vegetarian Table and from 2004 onward, journalist and host of Conscious Media Network. Regina lives in the rural Sierra Foothills of California with her husband, Scott, and their two dogs Finbar and Angel.
Latest book: Soulo Journey: Life from the Soul’s Perspective

Follow me on Twitter at  TheRealJGarrett Jonathan Garrett

Latest book: Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold

Follow me on Twitter at  nomoretears00 MA Church
M.A. Church is a true Southern belle who spent many years in the elementary education sector. Now she spends her days lost in fantasy worlds, arguing with hardheaded aliens on far-off planets, herding her numerous shifters, or trying to tempt her country boys away from their fishing poles. It’s a full time job, but hey, someone’s gotta do it! When not writing, she’s exploring the latest M/M novel to hit the market, watching her beloved Steelers, or sitting glued to HGTV. That’s if she’s not on the back porch tending to the demanding wildlife around the pond in the backyard. The ducks are very outspoken. She’s married to her high school sweetheart, and they have two children. She was a finalist in ... read more
Latest book: The Harvest: Journey's End

Follow me on Twitter at  maxwellnovels Carrie Ann Maxwell
Writer of YA novels and dramatic YA fiction, as well as adult crime and nonfiction ebooks. Find me on Goodreads!
Latest book: 50 Shades of Dreads

Follow me on Twitter at  Todd_Michaels_ Todd Michaels
Todd Michaels' love for self-expression through creative writing, combined with his fascination of human sexuality, found a mutually beneficial outlet in erotica. Always one to question, his stories explore many darker (and often taboo) themes in Western culture. He enjoys “watching the movie in his head,” and writing the story as it unfolds. In addition to his family, writing, and his day job, Todd seeks self-improvement and enrichment. He believes although we may never reach true perfection, there is no excuse for the lack of pursuit. He also enjoys sailing, water skiing, classical guitar, and teaching music.
Latest book: Begging For It

Follow me on Twitter at  holyworlds Holy Worlds
We are a community of writers committed to capturing the niche genre market and using it for the glory of God - without being preachy. Join us!
Latest book: The Sword and Pen: The Poetry of Holy Worlds

Follow me on Twitter at  AnnieDuBois69 Annie DuBois
Hi everyone! My name is Annie DuBois. I'm 23 years old and from West Tennessee. My hobbies include playing the guitar, traveling around the world, and of course, writing erotica. You can follow me on Twitter for updates about my books, my life, the universe, and everything. You can also follow me on Pandora to check out all of the music I'm listening to.
Latest book: Sissies of the Third Reich

Follow me on Twitter at David Rogers
I am a writer/comic book artist/graphic design. I am a six year U. S Navy Veteran and I get along with everyone.
Latest book: Saving Dad

Follow me on Twitter at  archeress6 Victoria Pritchard
Victoria Pritchard lives in Charlotte, NC, with her significant other and stepson. She grew up in Louisville, CO, until going off to graduate school at the age of 22. She is a chemist by education, but a long time reader and she enjoys creating her own worlds in her writing and hopes to someday make a living as an author. In her spare time, she likes to read, play video games, and visit the firing range. Her house is a menagerie of two dogs and four cats but she loves them all the same.
Latest book: The Vampire Hunter's Price

Follow me on Twitter at  MsTzGarden Ms T. Garden
Ms T. Garden is an erotic storyteller who is passionate about salacious tales that take the reader to a place outside the everyday, even if it takes place next door. A penchant for layering the lust while engaging the emotions and the mind provides release--literally and figuratively--for the creative flow within. A love for the tongue in cheek (and elsewhere) keeps the story themes varied, arrogance at a minimum (most of the time), and the storyteller down-to-earth and wanting to connect with the kinky, amazing, fun, intelligent, and sexy-as-hell people who enjoy the journey.
Latest book: Total Freedom

Follow me on Twitter at  susannjulieva Susann Julieva
About Susann Julieva Susann Julieva writes m/m and other LGBT novels, some light and charming, some with a slightly darker edge - but always with a happy ending. She writes in different genres including romance and paranormal. Susann publishes books in English and German. She lives in Germany, is owned by a crazy cat, and believes chocolate is the answer to all questions.
Latest book: Home For The Holidays - A Triangle Christmas Short Story

Follow me on Twitter at  CDGraphicNovels Craig Daley
It's all about the narrative, whether it's a Surreal Murder Mystery, Pulp Fiction or Heroic escapades, my artwork allows the story to be told. My influence and inspiriation comes from Rod Serling's Twilight Zone, Nigel Kneale's Quatermass, Edgar Allan Poe, the comics of Lee and Kirby with everything else I've ever seen or heard mixed in, Humour within the surreal, macabre and bizarre often simply the twists that end the stories, the punchline is all important.
Latest book: Stainless Steel 1913

Follow me on Twitter at  AmyManuwal Amy Manuwal
Amy Manuwal has taken courses at UCLA Extension for Novel writing and is majoring in Creative Writing. She loves writing and plans on doing it forever. She loves baking and types so fast that people think she's abusing her keyboard. She loves listening to music as she writes, mainly Alternative Rock, Metal, and one or two pop songs. She is engaged and lives in California with her family, three cats, and her bloodhound puppy Bubba.
Latest book: Witchin'

Follow me on Twitter at  #luxuryHomes Jack Cotton
Jack Cotton began his real estate career in his college dorm room. In 1974 he moved to a surplus steel desk in the corner of a plumbing supply warehouse. Over the years, Jack has been involved in most of the record breaking luxury residential sales on Cape Cod, either directly or as coach to the agent involved. Now a recognized expert in the listing and selling of luxury homes, he has written the book on how to succeed as a luxury real estate expert. What does it take to become a luxury real estate specialist? Jack Cotton gives you the answers to this question in his book. He built his career on the principal that people of means will only deal with experts. Over time, they allow their experts to become truste ... read more
Latest book: Hurricane Preparation Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  Tao23 S. A. Barton
S.A. Barton lives in coastal Virginia with his wife, teen stepson, two under-5s, and demanding cat (as they all are). His path to the present was a strange, sometimes harrowing, and winding one; you may find this reflected in his writing. He has appeared in the pages of Penumbra magazine, in Daily Science Fiction, and in OMNI Reboot. He is also proud to be a self-published indie author with dozens of short ebooks and collections to his credit, which may be found through, and tweets far too much as @Tao23. While most of S.A. Barton's work is in science fiction, some of it strays into other genres such as fantasy, mainstream, alternate history and others -- like the cat, it wanders some.
Latest book: Empty Plastic Father

Follow me on Twitter at  Articles2View Trevor Vernon

Latest book: What is Archery

Follow me on Twitter at  Latricia_C Latricia Chandler
My name is Latricia Chandler ,I live in Ashtabula, Ohio with my husband and two children.
Latest book: The Mystical Vampire

Follow me on Twitter at  randydutton Randy Dutton
As a writer, Randy Dutton attempts to parlay his vast experience and passion for science into entertaining and credible stories. He has a lot of experience to draw from. He’s a retired Navy Supply Corps Commander, an inventor, and former vice president of a high-tech company. He has worked as a supervisor at the Port of Long Beach and owned a management consulting company. In 2008, he ran for the Washington State Legislature. Working from their large timbered property on the edge of the Olympic Peninsula rainforest, he and his science journalist wife spend much of their time reading and writing about new technology. He has been engaged in the community for years, having served as Scoutmaster for his identica ... read more
Latest book: LinkedIn Love: A Social Media Connection

Follow me on Twitter at  costelloshelley Shelley Costello
Shelley Costello is author of Holiday Road and the recently published Champagne Friday. Shelley is a devoted practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga and has written several articles for the international Yoga Magazine. She currently lives in England with her two children. Visit Shelley at
Latest book: Champagne Friday

Follow me on Twitter at  ramblingmanuk Andrew Bowden
Andrew Bowden was born and raised in Manchester and spent much of his early years being dragged around Etherow Country Park a few miles from his parents house. After abandoning hiking in his teenage years in favour of spending far too much time in front of computer games, he returned to the hills after settling in London. As well as the Coast to Coast he has walked the Pennine Way, the South Downs Way, Dales Way, the West Highland Way, the Southern Upland Way, the Cumbria Way and more. Somehow he even finds the time to run a walking based website called Rambling Man (
Latest book: See You In Kirk Yetholm: Tales From The Pennine Way

Follow me on Twitter at  memoirs_books Terence Kearey
Terence Kearey was born in North Harrow in 1935, one of three children of a hard-working lower middle class family. In the 1950s he embarked on a career in the printing and reproduction industry, but dismayed by the industrial greed and strife of the 1960s and 70s, he abandoned a successful career to become a college lecturer. Along the way he developed a keen interest in history and spent many years researching the story of his own family, all the way back to the Irish Ciardha clan of the Dark Ages from which the family name is derived. He has taken a similar interest in his mother’s family, the Collinses of Chard in Somerset. Having studied the lives and times of his forebears over the centuries, ... read more
Latest book: Safeguard Our Flank

Follow me on Twitter at  rdellecave Ric DelleCave
Ric DelleCave grew up in Ohio. He served as a pastor for twenty-two years in the eastern United States. He currently lives in western Pennsylvania with his wife. Ric's passion to communicate the love of Christ led to the writing of this work, Pursuing Hope. Ric's desire is for those struggling with a broken life to find hope, strength and redemption. Pursuing Hope, his first novel, is a compilation of personal and fictional events. It is a compelling story of abandonment, despair and hope. Set in the early sixties it depicts the silent sorrow of domestic abuse and the power of unconditional love to restore a life.
Latest book: With Wisdom and Courage

Follow me on Twitter at  markarundel Mark Arundel
Mark Arundel was born in London and lives in Norfolk. For exercise, he plays in a weekly game of six-a-side football. In the winter, he skis and at other times, escapes to sunny shores where he snorkels among the fishes before eating one for supper. Mark is currently working hard writing his next book.
Latest book: Codename: Santiago

Follow me on Twitter at  jonthysell Jon Thysell
Jon Thysell is a writer and engineer currently living in the Pacific Northwest, where he works for Xbox. He was first published (in print) in Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure. In 2012 he published his short story Pawsgaard, prequel to his upcoming novel, "Hester and the Kookaburra King". When he's not writing or coding, he serenades his wife with his ukulele; or tries to keep up while she schools him in Halo.
Latest book: Pawsgaard

Follow me on Twitter at  LaciChambers Laci Chambers
A long time reader and amateur writer of erotic short stories, Laci is now eager to share the love. Formerly an accountant, she's given up the stiff collar and decided to get hot-under-the-collar instead.
Latest book: My Sexy Valentine (m/f/m Threesome Holiday Erotica)

Follow me on Twitter at  lettergnome Constance Letterman
My name is Constance Letterman, and I write steamy short stories.
Latest book: Oni Night