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Smashwords book reviews by Jutzie

  • A Husband for Margaret on Feb. 15, 2011

    I really enjoyed A Husband for Margaret. It had a good story line and made you think what it must have been like in the days of "mail-order" type brides or in this case husband. The kids were portrayed in a neat way as well. Just a simple clean story.
  • "Shall We Dance?" on Feb. 15, 2011

    Just a short story of love. A prince who died and three years later danced with a girl while she was at the castle.
  • The Lion Tamer on Feb. 15, 2011

    A quick read with a surprise ending. More sensual then I thought it would be but a good storyline
  • The Mating: The Original Law of the Lycans Story on Feb. 15, 2011
    (no rating)
    I'm looking forward to reading Nicky's other books. The Mating was really good. It kept you twisted in the plots and hoping that love would come through. I like stories written from both views of the main characters and this is mostly written from Elise's view but towards the end we get to see Kane's thoughts. It did have sexual situations but they did not over take the main plot.
  • The Keeping on Feb. 17, 2011
    (no rating)
    This may have even been better then The Mating and I thought that was really good! Ryne is living in a small town in Canada now and a reporter is out to find him for an interview about his photography. She has already visited Oregon and mentioned the Wolf photograph that was sold to a collector (in The Mating) so he is wary of her and yet his wolf don't want to stay away. I find it unique that Melody and Lucy form such a strong bond. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.
  • The Finding on Feb. 17, 2011
    (no rating)
    3rd book in the series. This was a really good series and I can see more stories coming from the books but I don't feel this left me hanging with untold stories. Cassandra Greyson witnessed a werewolf killing a man and her Uncle shot. She ran off after hearing her uncle say she was a werewolf, at 17 years old it was the first she heard of it. Also she knew the Keeper law that anyone who knew of the werewolves would die. She ran with the fear of the killer wolf coming to get her. After three years Bryan Cooper still was intrigued with finding Cassandra. It was never far from his mind and for some reason his wolf held on to the scent of her from three years ago. This book is so full of adventures and twists and turns. Nicky makes the wolves such a unique tale. They are part of the people but yet individual.
  • Black Silk on Feb. 19, 2011

    A short 69 page story but as good as a longer book. Victoria is alone in the world with her bookstore, home and black cat named Mister. Her folks died and she kept the house and store to remember the good times with her parents. One night as the gas station was being robbed she met a dark and handsome stranger named Steven Coburt, or Cole. The robber ran out of the store at some point and Vic seen his face but he also seen hers. Cole came to the store the day after and for some reason this handsome man seemed to choose to be with her. As secrets became known Vic struggles with them. Between threats from Kincaid, the burglar, and mixed feelings about this unusual man she met a great story comes together.
  • A Bride for Tom on Feb. 23, 2011

    I read A Husband for Margaret first and this book precedes it. Tom is so clumsy around woman that you can't keep your heart from going out to the poor guy. Jessica has a heart of gold and even though she's engaged to Peter, she wants to help Tom with his skills so he can find a wife. Instead she finds this clumsy man intriguing. I just bought the next three books after A Husband for Margaret as I enjoy Ruth's writing and humor in these stories. The characters are very well defined.
  • Eye of the Beholder on Feb. 26, 2011

    What an awesome book on internal beauty vs physical beauty. Dave and Mary's story is so good. I love Ruth's writing and her description and personalities of her characters. I read the five books in this series and I'm looking forward to the ones still coming out. Thanks for the free and reasonably priced ebooks Ruth!
  • His Redeeming Bride on Feb. 26, 2011

    A great book on second chances. Ruth creates characters that you seem to "feel" with them. Their hurts and frustrations. Neil had alot to overcome from his past. He changed but people did not allow his past to be forgotten. I like that Ruth has a Pastor Peters to show that not all Pastors are like Pastor Amos. One part of the book we see where love overcomes money. The whole series is good but this one is really special.
  • The Wrong Husband on Feb. 26, 2011

    Once again Ruth creates more special characters. Owen is "adorable". He falls into such crazy situations by trying to do the right thing. This is Jenny Larson's story. Jeremy's father has come to claim them after 5 years and she knows something is fishy about it. When he keeps bothering her the sheriff suggests marriage to his cousin. Only it is Owen who manages to fumble into town and labeled Irving Spencer, the best deputy around with a stellar reputation. Owen is only a fisherman. A touching story with many comical mishaps as well.
  • An Inconvenient Marriage on May 12, 2011

    I enjoy all of Ruth's books. I read this as the historical but Ruth has just rewrote it as a contemporary book. Sue Lewis comes into the bank each day and nags them to help her family save their farm instead of having it repossessed. Jake Mitchell, a wealthy bachelor, is being driven nuts by this nagging woman. Although he does want to help her but the son of the banker would rather get the property and make more money. Jake wants to start his own bank as he knows when George takes over the bank after his father, Conrad, retires it won't be a good thing. Jake's dad left his mom and him when he was 10. After his mothers death Jake gained much wealth. Now he is told that his father has died and left even more money but Jake must marry and stay married for 6 months before receiving the money. He decides that he can marry Sue and give her the money to pay off the debt for the family farm. The marry as a convenience only and plan on an annulment on May 21st, six months later. Jake finds out there is much more to Sue then the nagging woman he first assumed her to be.
  • Black Moon (Moon Trilogy Part I) on July 29, 2011

    A quick read. Donovan is a werejaguar. He is watching the Whitelaws compound, werewolves and their enemies. They were loading up on ammo. The wolves wanted to wipe out the cat clan and take over their land. As a woman runs for her life, Donovan is pulled toward her. Isabella is on the Committee as she is uncommon librarian. She needed to retrieve a book that could cause much damage. She had snuck into the compound and found the book but now she was running for her life and she was not as fast as wolves. Donovan ends up saving her twice. This is the first of three books.
  • Amber Moon (Moon Trilogy, Part II) on July 29, 2011

    Mirie works for the Committee. They have been sent to watch the Samson Anarion. He was an elf prince and she found it easy to watch him. Jack, her partner, and Mirie watched as he went through his exercise on his patio. She seen noticed something on his belt and seen that is where he had the Eyes of the Amber Moon. Suddenly he was watching her. Jack is able to escape his guards but Mirie is not. She ends up being shot and wakes up in another dimension. Mirie had never told Jack that she was not human, she was afraid of losing his friendship as he did not care much for the otherworldly. Mire ends up in the High Court. They are telling her she is someone else. That the woman who she knew as her mother was not. And that she had been promised to Anarion since birth. She has to get the Eyes of the Amber Moon. They had already retrieved the Book of the Black Moon before it fell into the wrong hands. She meets her real mother, gets kidnapped and trapped into a deadly dimension. The Book and Eyes had fallen into the wrong hands and so we have to wait until the third book, Silver Moon.
  • Silver Moon (Moon Trilogy Part III) on July 29, 2011

    The finale of the Moon Trilogy. The saying was that a cat and a man would be able to stop the world from ending when the Black Book, Amber Eyes and Silver Moon came together. Jack was on the Committee. Mirie had been his partner until a few months ago. Jack was thinking different about otherworld beings these days. Mirie was his friend and elf. Asta was always on his mind with her black and white hair. She was often in her black and white cat form. Like today when he finally realized what the humming sound and warmth on his leg was, Asta. Jack had to make a deal with dragons, who were angered at Asta for stealing bones from their realm, they had to go to Oregon and fight werewolves and he found out a big secret about himself.
  • Harvest Moon on July 29, 2011

    This book is not included with the Moon Trilogy but if you read them this is definitely an extra plus. Emma was turned unwillingly when she was fourteen by a feral were ocelot. She made it on her own for six years and then one day in New Mexico Wheeler found her. He is the Alpha of the Cat Clan in Colorado. After a year she finally trusted him enough to move to the compound. Wheeler new that Emma was his mate from the beginning. With her past though he could not force her. Now that they were finally moving forward Emma is kidnapped. A group of humans are kidnapping were's, especially females. They are experimenting on them and starting a breeding program. Also they are letting men pay to hunt them. The book is written between Emma's views and Wheeler's. A good read
  • Bubba and the Dead Woman on July 30, 2011

    I was wore out for poor Bubba having to run the Bufford's Gas and Grocery by himself! This was a comical story and I think it would be a funny movie, if you found the perfect characters :-) Bubba is just a good ole boy who seems to have himself in a fix when his ex-fiance from 3 years ago shows up dead in his mama's garden and he can't prove he was at work all night. He is in and out of jail and at one point get the jailer to take him and another convict out to prove his innocence and they had to take Precious along of course (basset hound).
  • Forever Mine (The Moreno Brothers) on Aug. 23, 2011

    Forever Mine Sarah was happy living in Flagstaff, Arizona. It was the longest she had a place that could be called home. She had always avoided friendships because she never stayed long but Sydney sat by her at lunch and befriended her. He became her best friend and was like a brother. They helped each other through tough times. With her mom working so much she became part of the Sydney's family. Right before Senior year Sarah's mom informs her she is going to jail and that Sarah will go to La Jolla, CA and stay with her Uncle, aunt, and cousin Valerie. Sarah is devastated. She decides she will work and come January first when she turns eighteen she will return to live with the Maricopa's in Flagstaff again. Once in California Sarah starts babysitting to earn money to pay to live with Sydney's family and she determines once again not to make friends at school, besides Valerie. Angel Moreno locks eyes with the lost looking girl across from him on that first day of school and Valerie makes sure Sarah knew who was staring at her. Sarah remembered Angel from her visit two years ago. She had seen him on the beach surrounded by a group. She had ended up walking with a guy named Jesse who has continued to try and contact her in Arizona the last few years but she wanted nothing to do with him. When he starts bothering her on the field where she is running, Angel comes to her rescue. Angel and Sarah quickly find they are strongly attracted to each other. Valerie informs her how intense the Moreno's are and Sarah experiences quickly how protective and possessive Angel is. Being she never had a father she don't mind. Angel assumes her best friend, Sydney, is a girl and Sarah has trouble correcting him. The time is never right. When Angel tells her there is no such thing as a friendship between a guy and girl she puts off telling him longer. Some secrets come back to bite you. As does this one. Great story and there are side stories as well. Sofie Moreno and Eric as well as Valerie and Alex Moreno. Which those characters have their own books as well in Always Been Mine & Sweet Sofie. Language, subtle sexual situations
  • Loving Eliza on Oct. 06, 2011

    Loving Eliza by Ruth Ann Nordin Book 1 in the South Dakota Series Bravo to Ruth for such an excellent story. John Evans is a mute but the town, and even some of his brothers, treat him as if he is also mentally ill. He was not sent to school so he cannot read or write but he does build beautiful furniture, he was the only one of five sons who wanted to learn his father's business, and he works at helping other towns people fix up their houses and yards as needed. He is waiting for a mail-order bride to come, Daphne O'Connor, but instead Eliza steps into his life, and it will never be the same. Eliza had been attacked by an Uncle when she was fourteen and than sold to the owner of a whorehouse. The past thirteen years of her life had been spent in that place in Omaha, Nebraska. Pastor Peters had taught her about God and his forgiveness in her life and asked his cousin, Melanie, if she could work for her in South Dakota. So she just arrived on the stagecoach with Charity and her Aunt Bethany, Charity was to marry the town Marshal. After leaving those ladies she heads for Melanie's house but it stopped by an odd man who won't talk but keeps pointing to the church. She explains she is not his bride to be. When she finds Melanie has died, the man, John Evans, offers her a job and a small house to live in. She accepts. The reader cannot help but fall in love with the silent man. With his actions and body language he is so endearing. Daily he points at his or Eliza's finger as to say, “will you marry me?” and everyday she refuses. Not for the reason John thinks. Eliza knows that Daphne may come and she will be sweet and pure, the type of woman John deserves. Not one with her past. Daphne does arrive and Eliza moves to town. It is one adventure after the other. Eliza works for a nasty old woman and almost starves to death. She is busy avoiding the fellows wanting to court her and she avoids John. It is a book on forgiving yourself and others. Not assuming that if someone has a disability it takes away from who they are or how smart they are. Just an all round good read and I can't wait to read the next two books in this series. **Sexual situations within marriage are very mild.
  • The Finding on Nov. 13, 2011

    The Finding by Nicky Charles Law of the Lycons Book 3 A great paranormal series. And this third book is packed full. We see more of what is going on in the minds of characters from previous books along with the main characters, Cassandra Greyson and Bryan Cooper. Nicky has a unique way of having the person and the wolf as two separate entities and yet one. Cassie ran off three years ago after hearing her Uncle Anthony Greyson say she was a werewolf and than seeing a man change into a wolf and attack Mr. Aldrich and a gun went off and her uncle was laying there dead as well. The words ringing in her head, if anyone knew about the wolves they would die. She took her secrets and left. Somehow she went from being in Kansas to Las Vegas, where Kellen Anderson found her. He took her under his wing and gave her a place to stay. He did not know that the drugs she took a few days a month were to hold her wolf inside. Cassie was sure it would go on a murdering spree if it ever escaped, just like the big black wolf. Kellen's gambling issues continue after he has promised to stop. Cassie wants to stop bailing him out but he gets the drugs she needs, she finds herself in a catch twenty-two. Bryan Cooper was so drawn into finding Cassandra. He had found her scent in the motel three years ago and his wolf was drawn to her. Finally someone has spotted someone that may be the girl and Bryan was off to get her. By the Lycon Laws she would belong to their pack. Only it was not so easy to convince her to come to Canada. For a man who usually had no trouble getting women, Bryan met a woman who could not get away from him fast enough. And instead of heading to Canada he found himself heading to Chicago to help her rescue her boyfriend, Kellen. It seems the family lawyer was using him as blackmail to get the young heiress home. Leon Aldrich is the family lawyer. Ryne had attacked him but he lived. He wanted to have all the Greyson fortune for himself and was desperate to get Cassie so he could further those plans. Marla denies her wolf. It is heartbreaking to see her “lock” her wolf within and not let it out. She only cares about money. Her goal has been to get Leon to marry her so she can get the Greyson fortune. Marla has no clue that Aldrich will bring her most feared enemies right to her doorstep, Ryne and Kane. **Language and sexual situations.
  • The Keeping on Nov. 13, 2011

    Book 2: The Keeping In The Mating, book 1, Ryne Taylor had lost out on the battle of Alpha to his half-brother, Kane Sinclair. Marla, one of the pack members had been playing the brothers against each other including making it look as if Ryne was guilty of sabotaging the pack. After it was all said in done, Ryne thought it best to start his own pack. He found a place in Stump River, Ontario, Canada. Two others came along, Bryan who had grew up with Elise and Daniel who was from Kane's pack. Ryne was handsome and arrogant both in human form and as a sleek black wolf with blue eyes, and he knew it. He had no plans on settling with one mate. When Melody Greene came to town, his inner wolf disagreed. Melody Greene was hired by a Mr. Greyson to interview a photographer. The money she was getting was enough to quit her waitress jobs and finish school so she could become a reporter.. Should be an easy job to find this Mr. Taylor, interview him, and collect the rest of her money. Wrong. Mel went to Oregon where the store was that Mr. Greyson bought his wolf picture. No one would talk about Mr. Taylor because of some affair he had with the sales gal there and the scandal of her keeping his money from the sales. By chance she was able to find he now lived in Canada. Once she made it there it was no easier. The man did not want to be interviewed. And he was not the older man she expected but a young handsome playboy type. Ryne's wolf keeps wanting to get closer to Mel but the danger she is to the pack keeps Ryne cautious. If a human finds out about a pack the Keeping law would need to be enforced, either the humans with knowledge of them must be silenced or else the pack members would take poison after sending the pups and others to other packs. Ryne don't know if Mel is aware of the Lycon community, Mel does not know why the interview is so important to Mr. Greyson and neither does his lawyer, Leon Aldrich. The more Aldrich threatens Mel to get the job done or he will sue her, the more pressure she is under to get the interview the less Ryne trusts her. **Warning: Please note that her books contain mature subject matter (sex, some language and violence) and are intended for adult readers.
  • The Mating: The Original Law of the Lycans Story on Nov. 13, 2011

    Book 1: The Mating Kane is the Alpha of the pack and Elise is from a pack that borders his. Her father wanted an alliance and chose to give her as Kane's mate. Elise was hoping to mate with her childhood friend and love, Bryan, but it was not to be. Before she knew it she was mated to a stranger and leaving everyone she knew and loved. Many things are going on in Kane's pack since the death of Zack, their previous Alpha and the blame was falling on Kane's half-brother, Ryne. They had battled for the Alpha position and Kane won. They thought Ryne left the area but every time something happened his scent was there. Marla was one of Kane's pack members. A beautiful blond with an attitude and it seemed she had her eyes set on Kane, even with Elise there. As Marla causes trouble for Elise, she could not get Kane to see it. She quickly becomes the character to despise as you see her underhanded ways. This was a free ebook from the B&N Nook site. If you enjoy paranormal it is worth the read. T hey are exceptional and equal to other paranormals. **Warning: Please note that her books contain mature subject matter (sex, some language and violence) and are intended for adult readers.
  • Shotgun Groom on Nov. 23, 2011

    Shotgun Groom by Ruth Ann Nordin Nebraska Series Book 6 Ruth does it again! Another exciting book in her Nebraska series. This time it is pesky baby brother Joel's turn. In A Bride for Tom we meet Joel. He is always picking on Tom and avoiding chores whenever he can. And full of mischief as well. This time the tables are turned though. Joel has been working with the local doctor so he can one day be one as well. Farm work was never his forte. A routine visit to do a follow up on young Nora Edwards changes Joel's life, and he did not consider it a good change. Being held at gunpoint and told he would marry Nora's mother, April, was not in Joel's plans. Young Sep did not care what Joel thought. With some unexpected help for April, Joel finds himself married, when he was determined to stay a bachelor. April was not sad to be a widow. Harvey had been a cruel man and continued living quite an immoral life. When his brother Lou comes into her home with intentions of staying around, she is willing to do anything to stay safe. When her fourteen year old brother comes up with a plan, April don't see any other way...even if she don't like it. Thus the need to force Joel Larson into marriage. Quite a disagreeable young man but there were no other single men who happen to come into her home when she needed a husband. As usual Ruth's stories are full of humor and love. I enjoyed seeing all the Larson's from the previous books and getting to know a few of them better. There is the danger side in the story as well. Lou is still on the loose, there is a locked bedroom that April will not let Joel in nor will she talk about it, Joel is not going to just give in and be a happily married man, and of course Tom is going to enjoy every minute he can if he thinks Joel is suffering. **Sexual situations within marriage. **This historical western romance is rated R. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html
  • Driscoll's Lady on Dec. 05, 2011

    Driscoll's Lady by Paula Freda Leatrice Meredith is the only daughter of a wealthy New York couple. She has been spoiled with riches but also well loved. While on a vacation in Montana she gets lost and ends up on the the Triple R ranch, owned by Seth Driscoll. She falls for the handsome rancher and she knows he is attracted to her as well. Seth tells her when he marries it will be a home grown Montana girl who will be able to withstand the ranchers life. Not one to give up easily, Lee buys the neighboring ranch, the Bar LB. She goes to Seth with questions on ranching but cannot get through his shield. Finally an opportunity opens up for her, one last chance to win the man she loves. Lee has found out that the Triple R was not sold legally and she actually owns the land. She tells Seth if he allows her to live in his home and work for him for one year, she'll give him the ranch and sell hers for a quarter of the cost. It leaves him no choice but to agree. Lee gives it her all. She is now his new housekeeper and she learns to clean and she even learns to cook in his outdated kitchen. As he needs her help on the ranch she learns what she needs to. And than she is knocked for a loop to find he is plans on marrying another, a home grown gal. Lee don't see an overwhelming love when he speaks of the other woman so she does not give up. The ranch hands even like her. Seth sees Lee as a spoiled rich girl and he waits to see how long before she gives up on the hard life. He sees that she is trying hard and yet he believes it is because she is determined to get what she wants, and she thinks she wants him. Even though Lee does everything in her power to prove herself to Seth, even as far as saving his life, he bends sometimes but always pulls back. The day has come, the year is up. Will Seth have a last minute change of mind or will Lee return to the East with her heart forever in pieces? It gets pretty emotional at times, where you want to push Lee to go beyond herself, punch the other gal in the nose, or just tell Seth to wake up and smell the roses. Lee ends up being quite different than what you would think.
  • Isaac's Decision on Jan. 05, 2012

    Isaac's Decision by Ruth Ann Nordin Nebraska Series Book 9 Two previous books in this series; Eye of the Beholder & His Redeeming Bride lead up to this book. I read them a second time before reading Isaac's Decision and I'm glad I did as the stories flow together so well. This story is about nine years after His Redeeming Bride. Isaac Larson is the son of Dave and Mary. At age fourteen Dave told Isaac not to talk to “that Craftsman girl” and being the obedient son he is, he obeyed. His eyes did not, everyday in school he still would look at her and admire her. At seventeen, Dave starts encouraging Isaac to marry and Dave already has the bride in mind. Eva Connealy, the school teacher. Isaac wants the only girl he has been forbidden to have, Emily Craftsman. Emily lives in the shadow of her birth mother, Cassie. She has her beauty but that is all. As a young girl she made the choice not to be like her mother. And yet people seem to judge her by her parents past. She has dreamed of having Isaac as her own for years but when she finds out that he banned from her she almost gives up. Good thing the word quit is not in her vocabulary! I love this series. It is full of characters with flaws. Neil Craftsman's story is one of redemption but being the town knew of his sins, some people won't let it die even now that he is a new man. Especially Dave Larson. I enjoyed watching the story and characters unfold in this book. Seeing the way they think helps you understand motives, even if they are not right. When you get to know the younger siblings, it is exciting to know that maybe their stories will come about one day as well. In fact, one of the younger sons is in the South Dakota Series, Bride of Second Chances. It's just a small part but Dave and a younger son are in the General Store. I love how Ruth lets her characters pop in other stories now and then. **Sexual situations within marriage. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html
  • Suddenly a Bride on Jan. 06, 2012

    Suddenly a Bride by Ruth Ann Nordin Across the Stars Book 1 I just love Ruth's books! Her hero's are the sweetest guys and you just fall for them as they try and please the love of their life. In this case our hero is Rilo An from Pandoran, a planet where there were only men left. He goes to Star Systems Unlimited and pays them to choose him a wife from Earth. He wants a woman willing to be his Life Mate and who will want children with him. He knows when he finds her that a special hormone will release from him giving her the desire to bond with him and that will make them Life Mates, or in earth terms, married. While waiting for his trip to earth he meets Marn. Marn has chosen to go to Earth and look rather then have the Life Mate chosen for him. Marn, who becomes Mark on earth, wants to know the woman would choose him as well. They meet again once they arrive and even end up working in the same place... a job that was the most challenging for them, as they are coming from an extremely advanced world. But lonely without women. Caitlyn Davis is a waitress. Her first husband, Randy, passed away three years ago. She worked with her best friend, Sandy who was also Randy's sister. A man comes to the diner and Caitlyn waits on him, he is one of the sweetest men she's met in awhile. He asks her to eat with him and she does. Rilo's earth name is now Chris West and before Caitlyn knows what hit her, she is suddenly Caitlyn West. Through out the story we see where Chris feels like he has to be like Randy to gain Caitlyn's love. The villain in the story is her mother who likes to rule her daughters lives, she manages to get her claws into Chris and convince him that he has to do certain things to prove his love for her daughter. Poor Chris is so eager to prove he is as worthy as Randy that he falls for it. I can't wait until the next two books are written. **Sexual situations within marriage. Rated R.
  • The Photo Booth on Jan. 06, 2012

    This was just a short story of Karen, who when she was young, jumped into a picture booth and kissed Tom. Then she refused to date him. Years and heart breaks later Karen regrets her actions as she looks at the pictures taken that day she kissed Tom.
  • The Beast in the Mirror on Jan. 06, 2012
    (no rating)
    This may be a short story but it's really good! And such a great ending! Rose goes to paint the ruins near her new home. Christopher lives among the ruins after being cursed by a witch 3 years before. He slowly gets to know Rose without showing his ugly beastly face to her.
  • Bonded on Jan. 08, 2012

    Bonded by Nicky Charles Prequel to the Law of the Lycons Nicky Charles Law of the Lycon series are excellent books. Bonded is the newest book but it's the prequel to The Mating, The Finding, & The Keeping. At the end of The Keeping we hear a little bit about a werewolf named Damien and in Bonded we hear more of his story. If you have not read the other books I think you could read Bonded first. In Bonded we meet Reno Smith. He is an Enforcer with Lycon Links but is doing mandatory teaching at the Academy, required every 4 years. He always believes he could go rogue so he stays out of relationships and the Enforcers are his pack, his family. A trio called the Black Devils, all black wolves, gains his attention. Kane, his half-brother Ryne and Damien. Reno eventually brings Damien into the Enforcers, the best place for those who have no family or pack to go back to. Brandi Johansson is a student at the Academy. She wants to get into Disaster Control by using her imagination in helping Lycons. She noticed Reno Smith right away and her friend Tabitha sets it up for Brandi to help him in his class for teaching fighting moves. Something happens during that time and it seems to pull them together, yet they always part fighting. The villains in the book are the Purists. They are making slaves out of the halves. They want to go back to the old rules where Lycons could not marry humans. The Enforcers jobs are to get the halves and their families out of those packs. Brandi's new job as a DC is to clean up after the Enforcers. Twisting the stories so that the humans believe people have just moved and such. Another great addition to this series! **Language and sexual situations.
  • Brizecombe Hall on Jan. 08, 2012

    Ann Rhys is the Reverend's daughter and she is asked to come and educate the two children at Brizecombe Hall. Her employer is Charles Brindley. She finds him handsome but cold. He likes his children quiet and it seems he has found a young beauty to wed. Ann is not in the same class as Charles but it don't stop her from dreaming. A quick read with a happy ending.
  • Claimed on Jan. 16, 2012

    Claimed by K.R. Smith This is a pretty short quick read. Jessica Tandy was off on an Alaskan adventure with her boyfriend of two months, Steve and another couple. The trip helped her to see he was not her kind of guy. The biggest problem was he did not seem to care about her diabetes. As her numbers were off course so was her attitude. When they stopped in the small town of Alma and went into Charlie's Bar, it all came to a head. Jess just wanted to get to Anchorage and a real hotel, bed and shower. Steve and the others wanted to drink. She was rescued from her almost diabetic shock by a handsome Alaskan native, Flint Riverclaw. After a wonderful night in Anchorage with Flint, Jessica quietly leaves him sleeping in the morning and heads back to Seattle. When Flint appears at her door a few days later, he lets her know that she is now his mate, he's a werewolf and she is carrying his child. Her well ordered world quickly changes. **Language and sexual situations.
  • To Have And To Hold on Feb. 27, 2012

    To Have and To Hold by Ruth Ann Nordin Book 7 in the Nebraska Series Fall in love with Dave and Mary all over again. Their story is so special and I can truly relate as my husband treats me as Dave treats Mary...as his precious treasure. Dave sees beyond what others see and knows what a gift Mary is. I really enjoyed this story. Poor Dave has always had a poor memory, he goes to the store just to forget what he wanted to buy. And now he has to remember for both of them as Mary takes a fall and loses her memories. She wakes up to see three strangers who are really her husband and children. When they receive a letter that Mary's dad is on his deathbed, they decide to visit Maine to see him and they hope it will trigger Mary's memories returning there as well. Deep down she has a bad feeling about going back, that those memories should remain buried. The villains of this story are definitely all but a couple members of Mary's family. Can Dave's love for his wife help her overcome the negative environment she grew up in? I really did enjoy it. It's a good reminder not to let other peoples negative views decide how we think of ourselves and to accept those who see us through love. I thought Ruth did a great job of bringing the emotions out from the characters to the reader. **Sexual situations within marriage.
  • The Bride and the Brute on Feb. 28, 2012

    The Bride and The Brute by Laurel O'Donnell This was a novella so it didn't take too long to read but it was still packed full. Jayce is suddenly married off to Lord Reese Harrington. A man she heard had vowed against ever marrying. And after the marriage he treated her with disgust. Not even willing to consummate their marriage. Reese knew what happened in marriages without love and now he was forced into one. Too bad the girl was so beautiful, he wanted nothing to do with her. He planned to return her to her father after his sisters rescue but was not able to. Jayce has a sweet nature and is easily loved but she felt alone and unloved as her new husbands rejects her. Reese is full of anger towards her and she understands why when she learns why he married her. As hard as she tries, he seems to despise her more. A really good story set in England during the 1300's. This was a free ebook and was definitely worth taking the time to read. **Sexual situation within marriage.
  • Belonging to MacGregor on March 07, 2012

    Eian MacGregor did not survive an attack on 270 years ago, but neither did he quite die. He was told to wait for his true love and that he would save her from the Campbell. When Elsabetta Finlay returns home to the castle, Eian is surprised to find that she can see and hear him. This is a short story but a complete one. From Eian wandering around the cliffs and castle not knowing if a day, year or several years has passed to the warmth of having him seen after all these years. **Contains sexual situations within marriage.
  • A Holland Kiss on April 09, 2012

    A Holland Kiss by Dawn Michelle Lily Mein, pronounced Mine, has been in love with Jay Heimershmitt for as long as she can remember. She is good friends with his cousin Jonas...who is just as good looking as Jay but just don't pull her heartstrings the same way. Her dream is to marry Jay underneath Dutch and Tulip...the 57' high mascots of Holland, whoever has married under them in the past seems to have had their marriages blessed by the couple. When suddenly she sees her dream being snatched away it sends Lily into high speed action. The town is considering selling the couple because of the upkeep cost. We follow Lily on her journey to save Dutch & Tulip, the cute little kissing dutch couple. Only when they were first set up 50 years ago a miscalculation has kept them a few inches away from kissing. As Lily wins the battle to keep them she must than raise the money to restore them, find a way for Jay to love her instead of the gal he is now dating, put up with the town watching her every move because she is a second grade teacher, laugh at her eighty some year old neighbor Ruth and her antics and on top of everything else...someone in the safe town of Holland is now vandalizing Lily's home, car and threatening to destroy her beloved statues. You can't help but feel for Dutch and Tulip. Every day for 50 years Dutch has asked Tulip for a kiss and she replies by telling him he must give her the flowers first. Being from a Dutch background and growing up seeing windmills and “Dutch & Tulip” in the yards, I could relate to this story. I really enjoyed it. Dawn wrote it in such a way that my heart went out for the couple when Dutch couldn't wipe Tulip's tears or hold her. She also keeps you on your toes trying to figure out if Jay or Jonas have feelings for Lily or not. I hear there may be a sequel coming as well and look forward to that. I never heard of Holland, Indiana but it really is a town in the Southern tip of Indiana. In this book, unsure about real life, it's a German community not the Dutch community that is in Holland, Michigan. This story is told from Lily's, Dutch's and Tulip's points of view.
  • The Reluctant Bride on April 12, 2012

    Short and sweet. Abby is running away. Her father refuses to break her betrothal from a beast of a man. The rumors about the man she was too marry had her scarred to death. Deformed, dallied with his help, beat servants and had a dungeon that was full. On her journey she meets a kind and loving man and wishes she could marry him instead.
  • Lonely Hearts on April 18, 2012

    Lonely Hearts by Amanda Stephan Amanda's writing style is different then what I usually read but once I got into the story I could not stop reading it until I finished. Becky Callis and her two children, Jen & Jeff, have just moved to a new town. The house they are renting is quite different then the picture she received and the town people are unfriendly. Becky just smiles at everyone. Jen is shy at thirteen and Jeff is outgoing at eleven. Becky still misses the love of her life, Frank, even nine years after his death. When they go to the diner and Scott the cowboy hits on Becky her kids decide to play matchmaker and find a man for their mom. Becky is pleased by Scott's attention but he's too young for her. The pastor of the church, Jack, ends up being a childhood friend of Becky. Jack has always cared for her but she only sees them as friends. At church Becky also meets Pearce Morgan and his shy daughter Emily. He has sad lonely eyes that touch Becky but he seems to shun her. Becky and the kids end up moving to a cabin on Pearce's property after Emily takes to them and pulls out of her shell. She is his housekeeper and homeschools Emily along with Jen and Jeff. Scott is one of his ranch hands and still flirts with Becky. When an unexpected guest comes to the ranch everything changes.
  • The Geek Job on May 06, 2012

    The Geek Job by Eve Langlais Lexie, short for Lexington, just accepted a job to guard a geek and do whatever to stay close to him. Fredrick, a vampire, wanted his precious geek scientist to stay safe while he went to his convention. Anthony Savell was working on a serum that would allow Fredrick to see the light of day after hundreds of years in the darkness of night. There were many enemies who wanted to kill the scientist before this would happen. Lexie was use to doing whatever she had to do to guard someone. If she got her scratch itched so be it. She was just a bit surprised when she met Anthony and her wolf reacted oddly as well, like she wanted him. She is able to get close to him through the week-end but Lexie is bothered that she is so drawn to this giant of a geek. To the point that she felt good-byes would not be easy. But a rough and tough werewolf could not keep a human as a mate...it never ended well. Can there be a happy ending for this dominating female wolf and a giant of a geek? Or will they end up back in their lonely lives? Great story line. And she brings out the characters personalities really well. **Strong sexual situations and language.
  • The Earl's Inconvenient Wife on May 23, 2012

    Two people at the same ball. Both are spouse hunting. Lord Roderick, The Earl of Weston needs a Lady Roderick to give him an heir. Seems his brother had the nerve to fall off his horse and die before getting the job done. Nathaniel is not anxious to be married but he's found a lady who will do, and he likes her father. But how easily the plans on one man can fall by the wayside when he tries to be a gentleman and stop someone from ruination. Claire Lowell is in her first Season. Unlike her sister Lilly who loves all the hoopla, Claire ends up feeling closed in when she's in crowds. She found herself a gentleman tonight that she could see herself with, only he was called away suddenly. As she feels faint she heads to the veranda...if only she could have taken someone with her outside. An innocent escape for a breath of fresh air ends up with Claire married a week later, to a man who hates her and only sees her as someone who trapped him into marriage. Can two people who don't want to be together and don't trust each other ever end up with a truce? And how can the truth be heard when Nate has turned a deaf ear to Claire's pleas? Once again Ruth comes through with a great story with humor and adventure and characters with personalities that make them real. Some you want to hug while others could use a good slap. I am looking forward to other books she'll write in this period to see how the other characters can get their own happy endings. **Sexual situations within marriage.
  • Her Heart's Desire on May 25, 2012

    Rick Johnson wants to court Ethel Mae Jordan. Ethel Mae Jordan does not want to be courted by Rick Johnson so she has her friend, Sally Larson, over when Rick comes calling in hopes that she will want him. Sally immediately sees that she would love to be courted and even marry the handsome Judge Johnson...only if he could see her past Ethel Mae. But Sally's a clever girl and sets out to win her man...Her Heart's Desire. After reading the previous books in this series and have this book come out as the first one, had me wondering how it would be. It was great. Starting in the past while knowing what the future held for these characters was quite enjoyable. A seventeen-year-old Tom, fourteen-year-old Dave, twelve-year-old Jenny and a nine-year-old Joel...who was the naughty and mischievous youngster we first met in A Bride For Tom. We finally get a good look at Richard and Amanda as well. Vivian Jordan, who not only ended up playing a part in Sally's plan but the poor ten year old had to constantly dodge Hugh, the neighbor boy. If you have not had the opportunity to read any of this series yet...here's where you start. If you go to Ruth's website you will find the order of her books and where to get them as well. A Bride for Tom and A Husband for Margaret are the next two books and they are both free. You will find she writes with humor, romance and lots of good food and family. **Sexual situations within marriage. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html
  • Never Love Another... on May 26, 2012

    Never Love Another by Suzy Stewart Dubot If you are looking for shorter, quick read stories….this is definitely a great choice! Louise fell in love at age six. Felix, being the older man, was ten. They met on "their" log for the next ten years. Sharing and their lives. Felix had been sent off to school and would return to their log so they could once again catch up. By sixteen years old….he had no doubts about being in love with the lovely Louise. So he waits for her to age a few years and they get married and live happily ever after….eeerrrrrttt. Nope. You see Felix is an aristocrat and Louise is a farmer's daughter. There can not be a happy ending and his parents make sure of it. Just when he comes home with skills to work and support her as his wife….he founds out his father has bought him a commission in the King’s army. The story begins six years later. Louise has assumed Felix dead but has never loved another. And Felix does return home, somewhat. This is a story of true love breaking down boundaries both physically and mentally. It’s only about 22 pages, but has the impact of a full blown story. You might even want to keep your tissues handy. **Mild sensual situations.
  • Kicking Eternity on June 07, 2012

    Kicking Eternity by Ann Lee Miller This book follows the lives of four young adults. There is Raine who has always dreamed of going to Africa. Her heart is for the orphans there but is her motive to escape from under her dad’s thumb or her brother’s dependency upon her? She is teaching Bible at the Triple S Christian Camp for the summer. When her new friends tell her she hasn’t experienced life being home schooled and not out in the world, her faith is challenged. Will she wait to hear what God desires for her or will her physical desires rule her decisions? Drew has been living the past years in a blur. He has lived waiting for the love of his life to walk back into it. Drew is the Rec Leader at the camp. He remembers the younger Raine who has now become a beautiful young woman. Drew struggles with dealing with the past and deciding on the future. Will the Lord give him a wife and family? Will his old flame return and if so, is it what he still wants? Cal is from the family where dad is a preacher and brother runs the camp. He is rebelling against giving into God. When he sees the beautiful Raine, something inside him wants to become a better person for her. But is he being led back to God or only trying to meet human expectations? Aly has been a lost little girl for some time. Her goody two shoes roommate wants to be friends but what does Raine know about life? Aly’s dad has been out of the picture for years so she’s replaces her dad with other guys to fill her need to be loved, yet she always ends up feeling empty. When she realizes there is one guy that 's always been there for her….and has cared for her….it’s too late. He is in love with someone else. And the big question she asks herself is, "Can God forgive someone as sinful as me?" Ann brings these characters to life. They are imperfect. A few think that drugs will help while others look for human comforters. One is just enabling another. As they hang onto their pasts or look into their futures….you will be pulled along into their lives. On the roller coaster of relationships that always take that sudden turn or drop off when you least expect it. It does have romance in it but so much more. Looking forward to her books coming out later this year. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/06/ann-lee-miller-book-list.html
  • Marriage by Mistake on June 14, 2012

    Marriage by Mistake by Alyssa Kress Kelly Williams, a Las Vegas showgirl, met a handsome man in the casino. She quickly fell in love with him and they married. Forty-Eight hours later he left to get donuts and never returned. Puzzled and angered she hunts down her husband in Boston to finds a building named after him and a man in an expensive Italian suit who looks at her as if he’d never laid eyes on her before. Well that went well. Dean Singleton had a life of a revolving door when it came to step-mothers. He was not going to end up like his father. And yet he has some sexy showgirl claiming he married her. What happened in the forty-eight hours he lost after being hypnotized and having his cousin Troy make suggestions while he was? Dean retrieves Kelly from Vegas and brings her to Boston with intentions of proving they do not suit. They begin a two month trial marriage where Kelly hopes to find “her” Dean from the two days in Vegas and Dean is determined to stay away from her. Throw in a nine year old step-brother and a cousin who does his best not to do any work, and you have a book full of twists and turns. Lots of heart tugging as well as the author brings out the different characters traits. I really enjoyed this book. **Sensual situations. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/12/e-books.html
  • Basic Fiction Formatting for Smashwords in OpenOffice on June 23, 2012

    I am just beginning a freelance editing business and I'm still in the learning stage. I was struggling with some formatting issues with Open Office and came searching for books that might help. Leona had a wonderful book here, her step-by-steps were so easy to follow and they solved many of my issues I was having with formatting a book. I'm thankful she took the time to share what she learned with those of us who also use Open Office.
  • The Promise on July 13, 2012

    The Promise by D.D. Chant The Lady Quill Chronicles Book 1 The battle of Calis took all of Lady Adele's family in death. Lord Brogan of Valrek desired to keep her safe. So it was that at two years old she was betrothed to his ten year old son, Rafe. She was hidden away to keep her safe and in her eighteenth year Rafe would come and take her to his home. Adele was happy in her life at the fort and with the women there while she waited for the years to pass unto Rafe came for her. Rafe wanted to see what his betrothed was truly like. So he devised a plan to go to her as someone sent by Rafe. His father believed nothing good became of deceit but allowed him to go. During their journey home Rafe did find the girl quite delightful and constantly looked for openings to tell her the truth, only he was not a man good with words….especially when it came to women. As always, the longer he waited the harder it became to tell her. This story is full of so many unique characters. Rafe's close friends from childhood, Finan and Leofric. Rand who was a childhood friend until his father started the battle of Calis and as a young boy he had to stand at his side...opposite his friends and Adele's companion, Eda. This book has the sneaky, the evil and the Gradock’s and a few good sword fights and dagger throwings. There are more adventures ahead but this book has good closure, I did not feel that I was left hanging. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/dd-chant-book-list.html
  • Broken City on July 14, 2012

    Broken City by D.D. Chant Deeta Richards is twenty years old. She was born, raised and will die in this building she calls home. She has no future but within these walls. For it’s not safe for them outside the building. Only the trained guards go out for supplies, and even they don’t always return. Her comfort is caring for the Jepjon's family on the floor above. One day when a secret has been revealed everything Deeta knows and believes is turned upside down. D.D. has created a wide range of characters. From the humorous to the vain to Tom who is just mysterious and hard to read. The Tribes who all live their separate lives in the buildings around a city that is mostly destroyed. Never mixing with each other. Rumors that get worse each time they are told about certain Tribes. Fear of the unknown. This story is told mainly through Deeta Richards view but does add the views of other characters where needed. I am impressed with the two books this author has written. I read The Promise which takes place in Saxon England and then the author takes us to a post-apocalyptic almost futuristic time in Broken City. Such extreme opposites and yet both are well written stories. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/dd-chant-book-list.html
  • Oh Cherry Ripe on July 17, 2012

    Oh Cherry Ripe by Claudy Conn Cheryl "Cherry" Elton is twenty-one and fancy free. She enjoys doing what men do only she lives in a world where her station frowns on such things as riding astride or racing a man through Hyde Park. Her step-mom jumped on the opportunity of excepting a marriage proposal for Cherry. Cherry was not excited and chose to run away. She ends up as the governess for a set of twins that she quickly falls in love with and vice versa. What she don’t know is that the very handsome older brother is the very man she is suppose to be engaged to. Lord Skylar Westbrooke knew at twenty-eight years of age he needed to marry so the twins, Felix and Francine, had a woman in their life. He agreed to marry a young lady he had never med but heard she was beautiful. That was before he met Sarah Parker. The young woman took up residence in his mind the minute he met her in London and now she was at his country home as his younger step-siblings governess. He had yet to meet his fiance, as she has been ill, but more and more he wished that he had never made that arrangement. I really enjoyed this regency and the fun and unique characteristics of everyone.. Cherry is such a joyous character and she is has been as naughty as the twins and seventeen year old Freddy so she truly understands them. And unlike their past governess’s, putting a frog in Cherry’s face is not going to send her running. **Sexual situations http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/12/e-books.html
  • Eternal Breath of Darkness on July 21, 2012

    Eternal Breath of Darkness by Candice Stauffer Haden Drake has lived a long time. Rescuing his soul mate last year changed him. Instead of the big bad warrior demon he has always been….she is all he desires to protect these days. Where everything in him wants to claim her and make her his, he’s still a gentleman not an animal. Well unless you want to consider the part of him that can become a huge fire breathing dragon….but animal no. Unfortunately his intended only seems to see him as a bossy friend. Caylee Adams was so tired of Haden’s heavy handedness, they were only friends but he was always telling what she could and couldn’t do. She had enough of men like that. First her father and than her uncle. What she really wanted from him was action not words. Not happening though. And there was always her secret past that made her unworthy of a hunk like Haden. She quickly finds out she should have listened to Haden when she ventures off into the forest without him. This book never gets boring. Haden and Caylee have a long road ahead of them but we get to meet their friends along the journey….and their enemies. Throughout the book different characters come alive and you see things from their viewpoints as well. There are the dark and brooding, the pure evil and the mischievous one who enjoys facebook. A few other stories start in this book, enough to make the reader look forward to them in a future book but not to where I felt that it left me hanging. Although the books are not considered a series you may want to read them in order. The second book is Sweet Decadent Fire and the 3rd book, Exquisite Breath of Darkness does continue one of the stories that begins in this book. **Sexual situations and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Candice-Stauffer-Book-List.html#
  • Sweet,Decadent Fire on July 21, 2012

    Sweet, Decadent Fire by Candice Stauffer It all came down to this….Jake Mann was going to tell her good-bye tonight. Take her dinner and be done. Of course he would continue to watch over her but she would never know it. She wasn't his to have. Never was….never will be. So what does he do? Kisses her. What a fool. How will he let her go now that he has the memory of her lips on his? And being a vampire…. he will live with those memories a long long time. Lee Anne Parker has really fallen for this hunk that rescued her from her car accident. Only he seems to prefer friendship. Until that kiss tonight. And wow what a kiss it was! Now she wants even more, much more. Only he don't seem to be moved by it at all. What's a girl to do? Drink too much wine and go find someone who wants her….that’s what. Only her night don’t quite end like she wanted. This book was on the shorter side but packed full of humor, adventure, romance and much more. Joseph and Mia from Eternal Breath of Darkness join them for some fun and danger along with the rogue demon, Demetri. The next book is Exquisite Breath of Darkness where Candice will take the readers into the world of lycans. **Sexual situations and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Candice-Stauffer-Book-List.html
  • Aaibhe Shee Queen on July 25, 2012

    Aaibhe is a Daoine Fae, the highest caste of Seelie Fae. As she went from the Fae's island of Tir to watch the Druid priests during Beltane, she meets Conall MacTalbot. The first time in centuries she is attracted to a man, a human no less. Unfortunately for the lovers she does not realize that Gaiscioch, her dear friend and ex-lover, is watching, waiting, seething, hating and plotting against them both. Spellbound is the first book of the Legends Series. It hints about something that happened long before to the Queen and a Druid priest. This is their story. **This book is FREE **Sexual situations and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • Spellbound-Legend on July 26, 2012

    Spellbound by Claudy Conn Book 1 of the Legend Series Maxie Reigate’s world has just gone into overdrive. Her whole life she has been taught about the Legends of her bloodline. About the Fae and her Druid ancestors. Maxie and her Uncle Kennet head for Scotland to help destroy the woman who killed her namesake but she finds another battle, the battle of her heart. First there is Breslyn, Royal Fae Prince of Dagda, who exudes sensuality like the sun exudes light. Secondly is the man whose she fell in love with as a child as she would gaze upon his portrait, Julian Talbot. Druid priest Julian Talbot wakes up from a two hundred year coma just to remember he was not able to save his new bride, Maxine, from the evil Lamia DuLaine. The Fae had saved his life and now he can only think of one thing. Revenge. As he goes to MacTalbot Castle he comes face to face with a mirror image of his dead bride and yet this woman is so different. Maybe he has found a reason to live again. The author does an excellent job of letting you in the thoughts of many characters. Good and evil alike. The storyline pulled me in and kept me reading to the end and looking forward to the next book. The next story is Aaibhe Shee Queen which goes further into what happened with the Queen and another Talbot a few centuries before. Julian and Maxie’s story is complete but there are other stories that continue….mainly the war brewing between the different Fae sectors. Mainly those who want power to rule over the humans and those who want to continue to protect the humans and hold to the treaty. **Sexual situations and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • Shee Willow-Legend on July 27, 2012

    Shee Willow by Claudy Conn Legend Series book 2 Willow Lang was half human and half Fae and never quite fitting into either world. She was hired to go to Ireland and restore some old portraits for Squire Shayne Bantry and her boring life soon became full of interesting twists and turns. She had a handsome Fae prince paying attention to her, a mysterious gypsy and the hot and cold Shayne Bantry. None seemed to offer her the true love she was in search of though. Yet through it all she did learn to accept the part of her that was Fae, as she had always chosen to live human. Shayne was a Druid priest, was. Something had happened that turned him against what he was born and bred to be. And he hated the very Fae that he was suppose to help protect. All his past ancestors had found their true loves but because of something that happened a year ago he didn’t dare ever give his heart away. If only he could keep his mind from going to the image of his beautiful new employee. Claudy Conn brings this series to life with her unique characters. Some were introduced in Spellbound, the first Legend book, Prince Breslyn and Princess Ete and Queen Aaibhe, along with the Sluagh. Gaiscioch is continuing to try and find a way to escape the Dark Realm with an army of soulless Unseelie’s. As the impending war draws closer the humans go on about their lives, never knowing of their protectors. Each book builds a bit to things happening behind the scenes but they do not leave you hanging as far as the main romances. Looking forward to Trapped, book 3 in this legend series. **Sexual situations and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • Trapped-Legend on July 28, 2012

    Trapped by Claudy Conn Legend Series Book 3 BJ Mulroy’s life hadn’t been easy. Losing her parents at age twelve and then living with Aunt Lisa who wasn’t really “parent” material and who misused BJ’s meager inheritance. And yet BJ was a survivor. Working and trying to make her way through school. One day all her struggles came to a stand still when she met a wealthy Irishman who knew her deepest secret. He made her a proposition she couldn’t refuse and it would change who she was forever. The Legend series evolves a bit with every book. The veil between the Seelie and Unseelie world is getting thinner. Gaiscioch is getting stronger, but then so are the hero's and heroines and the war is getting closer. We meet Dante the Royal Prince of Lugh, who has avoided humans for centuries and is now sent to oversee BJ. A job that should have been hands off and watch from a distance, right? Nope, not when you are dealing with one of these alpha Royal Fae males who sees a beautiful woman. And then there is Daremont Calahan Carrick from the seventeenth century….or at least his full size life-like painting that dominates the study at Castlesand. **Sexual situations and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • Free Falling-Legend (book #5 Legend series) on July 29, 2012

    Free Falling by Claudy Conn Legend Series Book 4 Radzia MacDaun, known as Z, is both human and Daoine Princess and plays a big part in the coming war. There is a prophesy and she is a star player and she plans on killing the man who killed her father, a Druid priest, in cold blood. Gaiscoich. Her mother goes back to Daoine as she continues to grieve so Queen Aaibhe sends one of her princes to watch over Radzia to keep her safe and help bring out her Daoine gifts since she has been living as a human more than a Fae. Prince Dante of Lugh learned his lesson about getting involved with his assignments. He was still a bit bitter over the last one where BJ chose a human over him. Over him, Prince Dante of Lugh! He has his hands full this time. Z never stays put and trouble seems to find her. And even as this seventy thousand year old prince tries to ignore the young brat….he once again finds himself more hands on with his assignment than planned. The Seelie and Unseelie war is getting even closer. More of the Unseelie abominations have been let out of the Dark Realm and into the human world. Our heroes and heroines are gathering together to fight against them along with a few new characters as well. Unlike the previous books in this series….Free Falling leaves us hanging in the dark. It's okay though….Catch & Hold is already out there waiting to tell you the rest of the story. **Sexual situations and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • Catch & Hold-Legend book #6 Legend series on July 29, 2012

    Catch & Hold by Claudy Conn Legend Series Book 5 This book picks up where Free Falling (book 4) left off. Radzia, known as Z, has fallen into some deep trouble and Dante has followed after to try and help. Z has to become more Daoine than human if she is going to be able to win the coming battles. Problem is that this girl just can’t lose her knee jerk reactions. She just don’t stop and think things out. Dante, Royal Prince of Lugh, doesn’t seem so princely these days as he has to chase after his Z, his enfant. Trying to keep her safe is a full time job. Not to mention the other handsome hunks he has to keep at bay so they stay away from his woman. Love has definitely changed this seventy thousand year old warrior. But warrior he is and must be as the war is now here. Legend series is best read from the start, Spellbound. Each book has a continuing story of Gaiscioch, the Dark Realm and the Unseelies who are part of a coming war against the unsuspecting humans. From book one we start meeting our couples who will unite to fight in this war as well. Catch & Hold was full of adventure and surprises. It seems our heroes and heroines always need their swords nearby as trouble is never far away. The author even gives life and personality to a Seelie Hallow named Rolo. **Sexual situations and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • Through Time-Pursuit on Aug. 02, 2012

    Through Time by Claudy Conn Pursuit Series Chancemont LaBlanc is on a revenge mission. The Dark Prince, Pestale has to be punished for his crimes against the LaBlanc family. Trevor, Royal Prince of the House of Lugh, has joined forces with Chance for personal reasons as well. At one time the Fae and Milesians were enemies but now that their world and humans have been threatened they have know they must work together. Chance has no problems with women, he rather enjoys their company but not on a mission. He is determined to keep the wee princess from joining their team, but even the handsome Chance don't always get his way with womenC. Princess Royce has a great fondness for humans. One family in particular, that she happened to break Fae law for. She feared what punishment Queen Aaibhe would give her but surprisingly she is sending her on the hunt for Pestale with her good friend Trevor. Only he-man Chance isn't so fond of a wee woman coming along with them, too bad for him. Royce may not be a warrior but there is much more to her than meets the eye. Unfortunately her glorious red hair and beauty has not gone unnoticed by the Dark Prince. If you enjoy series and like to know the background story...I highly recommend reading the Legend Series first. Characters and situations have been carried over from those books that will make the adventures in this book so much more exciting. Especially the first glimpses of Chance and Trevor who entered into the last two books of the Legend series, Free Falling and Catch & Hold. **Sexual situations and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • Finding Gaia on Aug. 10, 2012

    Finding Gaia by Kimberly Chapman Jason Truitt, as he’s known at this time, has lived a really long life considering he was born in 1620. Unknown factors have made him immortal. He heals from injuries and has other unique abilities. Immortality may sound great and all but not when you are alone. Getting to know people just to outlive them all. With all his billions there is one thing Jason desires….his Gaia. A woman he saw at a gathering in 1899 and knew she was like him, he has been searching for her ever since. Anna Vale has kept herself more secluded than Jason. Somehow she had been discovered and captured though. When she is rescued by a handsome man she can’t believe he is anything less than a dream….or another trick by those who have imprisoned her. Kept her away from the sun and plants her body craves to be around. Can she truly believe these rescuers truly only want her to have freedom? Can someone like Anna ever learn to trust? The author has written a unique story. Don and Trisha live in Jason’s mansion with him. He had rescued Trisha as a teenager. They both work for him at Gaia Global as well. Trisha likes to push Jason to his limits especially when he don’t do things as quickly as she wants him too. And Don mostly stays behind his computer being the scientist he is. They have been searching for Jason’s Gaia as well….knowing one day they would be gone and Jason would go on. Alone. Jason and Anna always have to live with the caution of people finding out what they are, especially those who kidnapped Anna before. This book ends on a note that lets you know there is more to come but yet is complete enough that I didn’t feel that I had been left hanging. **Sensual situations and Language
  • Myriah Fire on Aug. 11, 2012

    Myriah Fire by Claudy Conn Myriah Whitney is a headstrong young woman heading into her third Season. She has had plenty of offers for marriage but she wants love. Her father is done doting on her though and either she chooses to marry or he’ll do the choosing. And when he does there is only one thing left for Myriah to do….run off to Grandpapa’s. With Tabby, her groom, along with her they get lost in a mist and she finds herself on a whole new adventure. Christopher “Kit” Wimborne, sixth Viscount of Wimborne Towers comes home one night to find a woman in his bed. What could he do but join her? He quickly finds out she is not what he thought. Not some doxy his brother brought home at all. Yet there is something this fiery haired beauty is hiding from him and Kit is determined to find out what it is. Even while he has his own secrets to hide. Claudy Conn sends the readers on quite the adventure in Myriah Fire. Every turn of the page shows that things are not always as they seem to be. And this heiress is definitely much more than a spoiled girl of the ton not willing to get her hands dirty. **Sexual situations and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • Shadowlove-Stalkers on Aug. 13, 2012

    ShadowLove Stalkers by Claudy Conn Shadow Series Book 1 Shawna MacBay, her current last name she’s using since she has run off to hide in Scotland, is trying to stay ahead of the Rawley Clan. Vampires led by her father, Pentim Rawley, who she always knew existed but he only recently learned that he has a daughter. And why wouldn’t she want to meet dear old daddy? He’s a vampire, and a bad one at that, and he will want her to be one of the soulless creatures as well. No thanks! Chadwick MacFare sees Shawna as the perfect bait to finally end Pentim’s life. Chad has his own personal reasons for wanting the vamps existence wiped off this earth for good. But first Chad needs to convince the beautiful Shawna to be the bait that draws Pentim to his trap. Unlike most women who would gladly go anywhere Chad asked….Shawna don’t. What will it take to gain her trust? And gain it quickly as the evil things around them begin to close in. The characters in Claudy's books seem to come alive. Whether it be their Scottish brogues or their unique skills. Alpha men who are taken down by the beautiful women they encounter. She writes so you get to see inside the minds of the main characters and others as well. Sometimes I even get to liking the bad guys because you see what makes them tick but they usually do something evil enough that you don't cry when they are extinguished. We meet a unique vampire in this book as well, Damon Drummond. The second book in this series is called ShadowHeart Slayer and is Damon’s story. **Sexual situations and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • ShadowHeart--Slayer on Aug. 14, 2012

    ShadowHeart Slayer by Claudy Conn Shadow Series Book 2 Damon Drummond isn’t your usual vampire. For one thing he’s not out for blood like most other vampires. A handsome man of mystery from his head of raven hair to his silver tipped black boots. Four hundred years old and he’s having issues like wanting to protect a slayer. A stubborn, fiery haired, beautiful slayer! He’s regretting a decision that has come back to bite him in the arse and he's trying to keep his friends safe from being discovered by Count Vlad Dracula. Nikki Walker is a slayer….a vampire slayer. So why in the world is she feeling pulled towards the handsome Damon, who of all things is the very thing she kills? She is out for revenge and it's brought her to Dublin. Everything about her brother’s murder points to a woman vampire named Deadly Moon and she will stop at nothing to find and kill her. Justice for Jack, nothing less will do. Only Damon keeps blocking her, the one man who knows where Deadly Moon is. Well him and having to save the world with her slayer skills. If you enjoy series books you’ll definitely want to take the time to read ShadowLove Stalkers, the first in this series. Damon is introduced in this book along with some of the others who are in ShadowHeart as well. I enjoyed seeing some of the characters from the Legend Series in this book too. I didn’t feel left hanging at the end of the book but you do know that there is definitely more to come in book 3, ShadowLife Hybrid. **Sexual situations and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • Shadowlife-Hybrid on Aug. 14, 2012

    ShadowLife Hybrid by Claudy Conn Shadow Series Book 3 Chase MacAdams is three hundred years old. He is more than just human, he was born human, wolf and vampire. A hybrid. He is often lonely but after his mother’s death he knew that a mate was something he would never want. Never wanting to go through the agony his father was going through because of their loss. And he kept telling himself that as his wolf begged him to take Roxie MacBran as their own. Roxie MacBran, an American beauty, was on a mission….get Chase to help in the war against WB and his vampires. She had plans of her own to go into fashion design but couldn’t deny who she was deep down….who her parents were. She was part of a special community and they were in trouble. If only she can focus on doing what she needed to do and get out of there before her inner self connected too deeply with the handsome hybrid. Chase & Roxie join up with our heroes, heroines and villains from the previous two Shadow books; ShadowLove Stalkers and ShadowHeart Slayer. Together they must unite and destroy the vampires who are trying to take over the human race. And Chase has a personal vendetta with one vampire in particular, Count Vlad Dracula. **Sexual Situations and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html#
  • Prince in the Mist on Aug. 26, 2012

    Prince in the Mist by Claudy Conn Prince Breslyn’s Memoirs Royal Fae Prince Breslyn of the Tuatha De Danaan, Royal House of Dagda, has decided to write his memoirs by the urging of his wife, Ete. He begins his tale in 1314, where he once again goes against the rules of Fae to interfere in the human world….boredom you know. He is a part of a waging war, siding with Robert the Bruce of Scotland against the Brits. He is part of the MacClean’s life, Storm and his sister Chartelle along with Alexis of Waverly. He falls in love with the beautiful Chartelle and her young son John, even though she is married at the time. And a human. This tale covers about twenty years or so, human years, a novella. For Breslyn that is but a blink of the eye. Several stories are happening such as the war, Alexis's story, traitors, kidnappers and more. The Legend Series has Breslyn popping in and out of the stories, vying for the human women’s attention at times and usually breaking the Fae laws. This book comes after the five Legend books and looks back over some of his past dealings with the humans. Prince Prelude continues Breslyn’s tale five hundred years later in 1814. **Sexual situations and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • Taffeta & Hotspur on Sep. 01, 2012

    Taffeta and Hotspur by Claudy Conn Lady Taffeta "Taffy" doesn't want to go to London for the marriage mart. She enjoys her freedom of riding astride and behaving as she wishes with her fun loving brother Seth, the Duke of Grantham, and her young uncle, Nigel. She doesn't want to be paraded like horseflesh to be bought and she wants a man who will love her. Definitely not a rakehell like Thurstan Tarrant “Hotspur”. Thurstan Tarrant had been young once and believed in love. He was burned by that emotion and now lives life on his terms. And love and attachments are not part of that. When he meets the little vixen Taffy and catches her in a position that prompts her to promise she will pay a debt to him….he knows he’ll collect it. He’s just unsure if she’s as wild as she seems or as innocent. Another fun regency by Claudy Conn. Full of characters who come to life and pull you into the story. And as always the evil villain lurking about ready for his chance to wreak havoc. From the forests of Nottingham to the streets of London there is plenty of excitement and page turning adventures from beginning to end. **Sexual situations http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html#
  • Rogues, Rakes & Jewels on Sep. 03, 2012

    Rogues, Rakes & Jewels by Claudy Conn Marquis Ryker of Lyndhurst is sent to the Isle of Wight by his mother as she wants him to meet some country chit. He drags his cousin along, the Honorable Oscar Robendale but comes up with the plan to let Robby be him. He believes every woman only wants him for his title and wealth...not that he's not a handsome man...he is. He’s intrigued and surprised with the chit he finds at the Henshaw house though. Will his switch backfire on him? Sir James and Jewelene Henshaw have been left orphans and with debts. Papa liked to gamble a bit much. They have a light at the end of the tunnel though, Lightening their race horse. They just have to get his entrance fees to the derby. Thus enters...Babette. Jewels solution. Or Babette could just add more to their troubles. Of course there is Lord Omsbury who will do anything to make Jewel his. Anything! A book full of unique characters as usual. And of course there is always the confusion that lies bring into a story. This isn’t a real long book but it’s packed with adventure and romance. **Sexual situations http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • Her Counterfeit Husband on Sep. 05, 2012

    Her Counterfeit Husband by Ruth Ann Nordin Anna, Duchess of Watkins has a problem. Her husband of six years is dying. Since he's cruel that might be good...only it could get worse. If he dies his brother, Lord Mason, will inherit the title and with the way he leers at her, it's hard to know which is the worst evil. Fortunately between her faithful butler, Appleton, and herself a plan is formed when her husband dies. And the plan gets even better when they happen to find her husband’s look alike and he has no memory but the one Anna and Appleton give him. Jason Merrill, the Duke of Watkins. That is who he woke up believing he was. Not that he enjoyed any of his past indulgences such as drinking, gambling and women. He even has a great fear of the horse he once enjoyed riding. No, now he is softer and only enjoys being with his beautiful wife, Anna. But is he really who he believes he is? Or is he someone completely different who’s been tricked and if so, why? Ruth's jump from the wild west to historical England has been quite a success. Her first book is The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife and she brings a few characters from that book into this one in passing but this story is mostly about Anna, ‘Jason’ and his brother, Mason. Once again we see how keeping the truth from someone you love always comes back to bite you in the arse! **Sexual situations within marriage http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html#
  • The Repentant Viscount on Sep. 15, 2012

    Claire de Lormes has just become the governess for young Katherine. As Claire gets to know the widowed viscount she sees past his thinness and imperfect face to find a man she enjoys being around. She is just happy to have a home for her and young Celestine to keep their secret safe. Claire knows she is still just an upper servant….not someone that could have more with a wealthy aristocrat. Timothy Cardan, 6th Viscount of Asterley, is impressed from the moment he meets Claire. She is intelligent and enjoyable to speak with. In a moment where his brain must have stepped out he finds himself in a bad situation. Can he repent and have a second chance or will this ray of sunshine be gone from his life? Suzy has way of putting a full size story into a quick read, which I appreciate when I want to read something in between full size books. She did a good job of bringing out the emotions and personalities of the characters as well. **Sexual situations http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/04/suzy-stewart-dubot-book-list.html
  • The Art of My Life on Sep. 17, 2012

    The Art Of My Life by Ann Lee Miller Smyrna Beach Series Book 2 John Calvin Koomer, who goes by the name Cal as in Calvin and Hobbs, because he was always more restless and into things like the mischievous cartoon character. Rather than follow the guidance of his father, Pastor Jackson Koomer, he related more to his hippie type grandparents Henna and Leaf, who provided him with all the pot he wanted. Cal has cared for Aly for some time but really messed up a few years ago by hanging out with Evie. Now he wants Aly….is it too late? Aly Logan hasn't lived a very good life these first twenty some years. Her abandonment issues from her father leaving when she was only seven has stuck with her. The pain of seeing Cal on the beach with Evie two years ago hurt even worse. She has lived a different life since then and plans on owning her own business one day. When Cal enters her life again she struggles with her feelings for him, which are still strong, but the trust is weak. Sean Fisher 'Fish' has a few chips on his shoulder. When his parents left to open an orphanage in Peru his senior year he chose to stay behind and live with the Koomers. He always had a special place in his heart for Cal's younger sister, Missy. Now that she is twenty he sees her as more than the little girl she was….but she wants marriage and family. He don’t. He also has anger issues with Cal, who cost him a job and possibly the political career he always dreamed up. We met Cal and Aly in the first book, Kicking Eternity. We get to know them much better in this book and also meet some new and unique characters. This book is much more sensual than the first. You have young adults who have been promiscuous and are now fighting against those feelings to build more of a relationship than one built on sex alone. I really enjoyed this book. I found the struggles to be so realistic. The battles these young people fight against are real as are the some of the mistakes made by parents. **Sensual situations and language. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/06/ann-lee-miller-book-list.html#
  • Runaway Heart on Sep. 25, 2012

    Runaway Heart by Claudy Conn Orphaned and neglected by her hateful aunt, Chelsea Halloway is still in the care of Mrs. Farthing at her boarding school, even though she’s almost nineteen. When she’s told that she will be returning to Aunt Augusta, Chelsea quickly gets her good friend Sam Martin to help her escape so she can find and speak to her trustee, Lord Rupurt Lytton. Before she knows it Chelsea is the belle of London thanks to her godmother, Aunt Daisy and Lytton. Lord Bretton Wainwright wants nothing to do with marriage or debutante’s but when his dear aunt asks him to help escort Chelsea about so she will get noticed….he does. What the rogue did not expect was that the little minx of a girl will break down his walls and make him desire her more than he ever thought possible. Set in Regency times our characters rub shoulders with historical figures such as Beau Brummell and Lady Jersey as well as sightings of Byron and the Prince Regent. As always you have the villains you want to pummel and a heroine with a heart for strays….animal and human alike. An enjoyable story with action, jealousy and of course….romance. **Sexual situations http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • Bound by Honor Bound by Love on Sep. 30, 2012

    Bound by Honor, Bound by Love by Ruth Ann Nordin Native American Series Book 3 Citlali is second chief in his tribe. When Mankah passes on, he will be the new chief. He has always been able to put on an emotionless face and many in the tribe thought him cold. He could not be vulnerable and lose the respect of the tribe that he would one day lead. The chief is wanting to make changes to the tribe….changes that will help bring back the old ways but will have a negative impact on Citlali’s new wife. Will he have to choose between the honor he is bound by or will love have a choice? Onawa has loved Citlali as long as she can remember. She was happy when her sister Woape chose to leave the tribe rather than marry him. And now that her sister is happily married to Gary she is free to have Citlali to herself. The old laws allowed for a man to marry sisters. And she did not want to share Citlali. Only she is finding out very quickly that she is truly second in his life as when the chief calls, Citlali must answer immediately and do his bidding. Can her love for him be strong enough to allow his duty to the chief and tribe come before her? This final book of the Native American Series ends on a bitter sweet note. The chief is trying to save the ways of his people but change is coming and won't be stopped. In real life the last full blooded Mandan Indian has passed away. In this book many old friends from the previous books in the series have converged into this one. Chogan and Julie, Gary and Woape, Aunt Erin, Cole and Penelope who have a very interesting story. If you enjoy series you may want to start with the Time Travel Series; Meant to Be introduces Cole Hunter and A Chance in Time tells Cole & Penelope’s story. That book will lead you into this series of Restoring Hope and Brave Beginnings. **Sexual situations within marriage http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html#
  • The Insignificance of Being a Spy... on Oct. 23, 2012

    Marcus Beaumont is the 5th Viscount of Driscoll. He is also a spy for England. He recently barely made it out of a situation and will be glad when he can be done with all of this. He would really love to have a home and family but not while he has to disappear for months at a time. When his friend Conrad Winston tells him about a beautiful widow who shot him down...quite a turn of events as women never turned Conrad down...Marcus decides he will meet her and once he does he can’t get Arabelle Wentworth out of his lusty thoughts. Widowed Caroline Winston Edwards had an unusual marriage. One that left her knowledgeable about politics since Jason had talked with her as an equal. After his death she was recreated. First she sought out to find her husbands murderer and then she ended up being a spy for England. Most in life though Caroline desired for a certain man to notice her in more than a passing way. Conrad Winston was not quite who everyone thought him to be. They thought him to be a gambler and a rake. Yet he was much more. In the upper ranks of being a spy he knew both his sister and friend were spies as well but neither of them knew of each other or Conrad. He couldn’t wait until they could all retire and laugh about it. Another interesting story from Suzy with plenty of unexpected twists and turns. Her writing lets you in the minds of most of the characters not just the main two. There are also little stories going on along with the main one which is much to do with the spy ring and those involved. But no fear there is plenty of romance and more. **Sexual situations
  • Substitute Bride on Oct. 29, 2012

    Substitute Bride by Ruth Ann Nordin Alexandra 'Dixon is just one of the guys. Hanging out, playing and watching sports, etc. When her friend Kevin needs to marry within a month to get an inheritance his aunt left him, Alex tries to help him pick the right gal but he picks one that is all wrong for him and their friendship. Now Alex has to decide how far she’ll go to stop this marriage….even if it includes acting like a girl. Kevin Edwards can’t imagine his life without his best friend Alex. He has chosen to marry Tammy as she’s pretty and he already likes her. He don’t believe he’ll lose Alex as a friend, he won’t allow it. Goes to show you how little this guy understands about the workings of the inner minds when it comes to women! Ruth once again brings to life some lovable characters….and an the unlovable ones as well. This was a shorter book to read but lacking in nothing. Once again showing the reader that sometimes the best things are right in front of us….so close we can’t see them. **Sexual situations within marriage http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html#
  • Taming the Vampire on Nov. 08, 2012

    Taming the Vampire by Chloe Hart Blood and Absinthe Book 1 Liz Marlowe is a demon hunter. Without as much Fae in her as others she has fought harder to be good at what she does. But right now they have a big problem in town and it falls on her to get rid of it. Her friend Celia has found a spell that can give Liz what she needs to overpower the creature. Only it requires the help of a vampire….in a rather personal way. She doubts Jack will help her because she just knows he hates her. Jack Morgan is the handsome vampire around town. He helps the Fae where he can. When Liz propositions him for his help, he is more gladly to help than she realizes. If only she didn’t hate him so much. Can these two get past their selves enough to help protect Boston? And maybe they’ll see they aren’t quite the enemies they always thought they were. It was a nice easy read and it looks like there is also a book 2 & 3. **Sexual situations
  • Avra's God on Nov. 11, 2012

    Jesse Koomer was raised in the church, literally since his dad is a minister. Jesse is running from God these days though. Enjoying playing in a band and having all the girls around him. And yet he seems to be missing happiness. Kallie Logan is so afraid of rejection that she don’t give life a chance to hurt her. Not like her dad did when he left their family. She has to guard her heart from Jesse because she is an all or nothing kind of girl and he’s definitely not ready for that. Avra Martin knows she shouldn’t be dating a non-believer but when the best looking guy around asks her out, how can she say no? She finds out that God’s rules are there for a reason, to protect us. Cisco Carter has been leaving a trail of self-destruction behind him ever since his dad left them. When he meets Avra it’s like a breath of fresh air. He loves her life. Her brothers and parents and homemade chocolate chip cookies. But he isn’t so keen on her morals after months of dating. Can he ever leave his old life behind? Welcome back to New Smyrna Beach once again. This book takes the reader back in time, before Kicking Eternity (book 1) and The Art of My Life (book 2). Once again Ann writes a story that will pull the reader in and take them for an emotional ride. Her stories don’t pretty up life but instead paint a story that has truth in it. Life is hard. Even though some of the characters are Christians they still struggle with life’s temptations….just like in everyday life. All three of these books are worth the time to read. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/06/ann-lee-miller-book-list.html
  • Hungry Moon-Quicksilver on Nov. 21, 2012

    Hungry Moon: Quicksilver by Claudy Conn Hungry Moon Series Book 1 Ravena MacAllister almost messed up her life by just settling for some guy, thanks to her friend Meg that didn't happen. She is content going to the Highlands of Scotland to be with her dad for the summer. A place where she has more freedom to be who she really is, although Rave tried to hide the secrets within, even from herself. Wanting to just live her life as a normal human, something she was not and never would be. Life in the Highlands was not quite what she expected this year though and it was time to unite with herself….or die. Quinn MacValdane had left his guard down seventy-five years ago and the evil Andrew MacPoole managed to send him through the Quicksilver portal where he couldn’t get back to his castle due to a curse. There was a prophesy about The One, someone who would break the curse. Seems that The One was a beautiful wee lass. Quinn found he immediately wanted to protect her, but how could he, when he was stuck behind the mirror while she could travel to and fro? Once again Claudy takes her readers to the beautiful Highlands. A place of both beauty and danger. A place full of adventure, excitement, twists, turns and of course….romance. Travel along as Rave struggles to accept who she truly is before she is able to fight both the known and unknown villains, or should I say seen and unseen. She also had to figure out how to get Quinn back into this world. And never forget that not everybody is who they seem to be. The beginning of another great series. **Sexual situations and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • The Light Within Me on Nov. 29, 2012

    The Light With Me by Carly Fall The Six Savior's Series Book 1 Noah is from out of this world. Literally. He is from the planet SR44. Sent here, to earth, with five of his warrior brothers to recapture twelve escapees from the Colony. Twelve men who are evil to the core. What was to be a quick mission has turned into over two hundred years. Noah is existing not living, that is until he meets Abby. Abby has never felt that she fit in anywhere or with anyone. When she meets Noah to ask him about the work he does as a criminal profiler with the police she suddenly has a peaceful feeling. Like she's finally come home. Only life isn't that easy and there is more to Noah than meets the human eye. This was a unique paranormal. The six men from SR44 are given unique warrior bodies for their stay on earth, but those bodies come with certain restrictions. There are life changing choices for our hero and heroine and some unique surprises as well. This first book in the series gives the reader a taste that will definitely bring them back to savor the rest of the stories of these men. The author did an excellent job of creating unique characters and personalities for each warrior. **Sexual situations and language. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/12/e-books.html
  • Text Order Bride on Dec. 19, 2012

    Text Order Bride by Kirsten Osbourne Amanda lives in the same small Texas town she grew up in. After college she returned to help her mother before she passed on. Alone now she's considering maybe moving on. Her best friend Stephanie had married and moved to Wisconsin ten years earlier but Amanda didn’t foresee marriage in her future. She didn’t see much at all for her future besides teaching homemaking. Jason is a Wisconsin dairy farmer. His pastor’s wife talks so highly about her friend back in Texas and she has given Jason her friends phone number to text her. He’s lonely and wants to settle down and have a family. So one lonely night he texts Amanda and that night changed his future forever. This is a shorter story and things move pretty fast with the characters after the first night they meet via texting. I enjoyed the story. **Sensual situations within marriage http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/12/e-books.html
  • Mistletoe Mischief (Romancing Wisconsin Series #1) on Dec. 27, 2012

    Mistletoe Mischief by Stacey Joy Netzel Romancing Wisconsin Series Book 1 Marissa Wilder loves her daughter, Heather. That love has her at the zoo instead of work today and since it was last minute because of a few no show chaperones she isn’t exactly dressed in zoo apparel. Especially not her high heeled sandals. When one of the chaperones wanders up late she can only compare him to her ex-husband. Even so, she can’t seem to keep her eyes off the handsome man. Eric Riley would love to have his daughter Reese more often. Now that his business is going he can make more time to spend with her. Starting with this zoo day. He just didn’t expect Reese’s best friends mom in the deal. The beautiful woman draws Eric to her and yet she seems to run hot than cold. Good thing Santa has some ideas of his own to help Eric get to know her a bit better though. Santa Butch from the zoo seems to be a busy matchmaker, making sure he has suggestions and extra mistletoe for the young couple. Even if it’s only Christmas in July. A cute story that is the first in the series. The next books are Mistletoe Magic and Mistletoe Match-up. **Mild language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/12/e-books.html#
  • Orphans, Wolves & Loving It! on Dec. 28, 2012

    Orphans, Wolves and Loving It! By KaeJae Fox Lauren only has two family members left, her twin nephews Alex and Max. After her sister and her husband died Lauren moved into their home to take care of them. Now someone has come to town not only claiming to be their uncle but also saying he is going to take them away from her. Over her dead body! Tyler Wolfe is an Alpha and is used to being treated with respect for his position. The stubborn woman caring for the orphan cubs just don’t seem to understand this. And worse yet is that she is driving him wild in other ways. Tyler has to get those boys one way or another and get away from their Aunt Lauren. And the sooner the better. Lauren has no clue that she is living in a town full of Werfolk. That one of her best friends is an Alpha of the Bear Clan. She also has no idea why she seems so drawn to the very man who is trying to tear her life apart by taking her nephews away. This isn’t a real long book but it is complete. Make sure when downloading this book that you find the one that has all fifteen chapters, about 199 pages. **Sexual situations and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/12/paranormal-e-books-by-various-authors.html#
  • Conference Cupid on Jan. 02, 2013

    Conference Cupid by Eden Elgabri Devin Barnett is preparing his hotel for the onslaught of women who are heading there for a week long conference. Not just any women mind you, romance writers. His cousin Peter is here as well. Peter happens to be one of those guys who poses for the covers of the romance novels. And then she enters the picture, the girl who got away. Maybe this will be the week that Devin can finally get her out of his system and move forward in his life. Keary Galloway is hoping to get her manuscript looked at and published. Her writing group convinced her to come to the convention with them in hopes of doing just that. Now her friend Susan is pushing her to let go and have fun, maybe get to know one of the hunky cover models. Right. She quickly finds out that maybe it wasn’t such a farfetched idea to get some story ideas and have fun while she’s here. Devin's character is quite endearing. The wealthy hotel owner turns into a nervous high school nerd when it comes to Keary. And instead of being truthful he finds a back door way to get to know her. Bad idea. Not being truthful up front always seems to come back and bite them in the end. An easy to read shorter story but packed full from the first page to the last. **Sexual content and language
  • The Christmas Waltz on Jan. 03, 2013

    The Christmas Waltz by Connie Keenan June Sheppard has a good life. She enjoys her music and teaching students to enjoy it as well. Her one sadness in her life was that she lost her one true love, Paul Everett. They were to be married when he returned from the war, she was going to put on her wedding dress and meet him at the station. But he was never coming home again. This Christmas season June sees a man who looks likes her Paul. Why is she seeing his ghost now after all this time? This is a short story but long enough to bring the tears out.
  • A Most Unsuitable Earl on Jan. 04, 2013

    Ethan Silverton, the Lord of Edon, has worked extremely hard the past five years….at cultivating a reputation as a rake. A really bad rake. The kind that makes even the pushiest debutante’s mother shutter. And it’s worked so far, very few of the Ton want their precious daughters married to a man with such an nefarious reputation. Until one night at a ball all that changes. Between a momma set on his title and money for her daughter, a tiny lie and his interfering mother he finds his life has changed drastically enough to cause a grown man to swoon. Lady Catherine Morgan daughter to the Duke of Rumsey has yet to get a proposal even though her dear father has brought about every bachelor around for her that he can find. She may as well plan on giving up her dreams of home and family and accept her spinster status. Just when she has a glimmer of hope at meeting the right man, everything goes wrong. Before she knows it she is betrothed to the only man that would cause her to gladly stay a spinster rather than marry him. Ruth Ann Nordin has written another outstanding story. Not only does the book draw you in to where you don’t want to put it down until the end but she has filled it with humorous situations. Lord Edon is not quite who he seems to be and the prim and proper, not to mention boring, Lady Catherine has a side to her worthy of his rakish rumors. The characters all have such unique personalities like Ethan’s mother who you may want to lock away, or at least practice using duct tape on, and Catherine’s father who enjoys scaring the heebie jeebies out of poor Ethan. What chance does this marriage have when it seems their parents are continually looking over their shoulders? **Sexual situations within marriage http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html
  • Netherby Halls on Jan. 09, 2013

    Netherby Halls by Claudy Conn In 1815 we find Sassy Winthrop in Sutton Village. The small English village where she has grown up as the vicar's daughter. She has lost all she loves in the past few years and must now depend on a family friend for help. There is more to Sassy than her heart stopping beauty and she must always control her hidden secrets. There is also much more to Sassy’s new home at Netherby Hall, much more than just a home for the orphan daughters of the Gentry. The Eighth Marquis of Dartmour, Justin Dartmour, is known as a rake, a rogue and even a libertine. There are other words to describe him but the people around him are not aware of those. When he has an odd hallucination while seeing a beautiful young woman across the street one day, he is never quite the same. Especially when their paths cross again and again. I really enjoyed this story. There were quite a few twists and turns. Who to trust or not trust, missing people and clandestine meetings in the dead of night. It has a bit of the dark side of life as well, the darkness that comes from greed. And of course romance. **Sexual content and mild language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • After The Storm on Feb. 05, 2013

    Due to an error on my end, my review was listed under the wrong name. After The Storm by Claudy Conn Jennifer of Ashley Grange had once been a lively and mischievous girl. The past year she was but a shell of herself. Her best friend and fiance, Johnny, had died in the Battle of Waterloo. She would never love again. Instead of facing a Season, she agrees to a marriage of convenience. Can she ever be happy without feeling the guilt that she’s alive and Johnny is dead? Jason, The Earl of Danfield, has been left no choice. His father’s will would have him married by his twenty-ninth birthday or his younger step-brother would inherit. He despised the idea of his father ruling his life from the grave, but he needed his inheritance. When he meets Jenny, he realizes maybe marriage won’t be the worst thing in the world. Claudy Conn once again has written a great story. Full of suspicious could be villains, rogues and jealousy abounding. All kinds of characters to suspect of evil doing. This story even includes an old dark drafty castle right along with an evil step-mother. **Sexual content within marriage http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html#
  • Hector (5th Street #3) on Feb. 10, 2013

    Hector by Elizabeth Reyes 5th Street Book #3 Hector Ayala had a few problems in life, getting girls was definitely not one of them. His school friends were kind of bullies, he may have laughed but didn’t join in. Nor did he stop him. After one incident in senior year, he was bothered and it weighed on him. When he came face to face with that very person he decided he would help him, now since he didn’t back then. Little did Hector realize that the guilt from the past would take so much from his future. Charlee Brennan moves to California with her best friend, Drew. Charlee was running away from her life in the East. She’d been humiliated and needed a clean slate. Yet with everything wrong that happens she wants to run away again. Especially when the handsome chess player/boxer enters her life. He sends her such mixed messages that it drives her to the brink. Elizabeth Reyes does it again when one of her tough alpha guys falls hard. The little brother of Abel is all grown up now and love sneaks up on him when he least expects it and with the last person he would choose. And sweet Charlee has a few naughty secrets of her own. **Sexual situations and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/08/forever-mine-by-elizabeth-reyes.html
  • Betrayed: Days of the Rogue on Feb. 25, 2013

    Betrayed: Days of the Rogue by Nicky Charles Sequel to Bonded Damien Masterson lost Beth, his blood-bonded mate and unborn baby in a house explosion. It destroyed him. When he learned it was not an accident, he exploded. The ex-Enforcer is now considered a dangerous rogue, also number one on the most wanted list. And a man set on revenge is dangerous. Eve is just learning that she has Fae abilities. She is empathic and can feel what others feel. She has to get out of the city, away from feeling so many people at once. Eve finds solace in a small cabin she rents. There she enjoys nature and painting. Her landlord isn’t so bad too look at either, if he weren’t so stone faced and rude. Dr. Rafe McRae is on a sabbatical. He had problems with his last rogue patient and feels like a failure. His new renter is one to keep away from, and it’s not easy. When he realizes she is an empath like himself, he definitely has to stay away. It is rumored that it’s bad for two empaths to connect. Easier said then done when she needs him to protect her. Nicky Charles has done it again. You never quite know what twists and turns will come next in the book. She lets you in Damien’s mind just enough to keep you guessing if he’s good or bad. You can almost feel the struggle between Rafe and Eve, as magnetism keeps pulling the two together while Rafe fights to keep them apart. Just when you think everything is coming to a head, it veers off in a new direction. Great story. **Sexual content and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/08/law-of-lycon-trilogy-by-nicky-charles.html#
  • Tattered Innocence on March 02, 2013

    Tattered Innocence by Ann Lee Miller New Smyrna Beach Series Book 4 Jake Murray had dreams. Owning the Smyrna Queen ketch was one of them. Only he had planned to have Gramps at his side and then Gabs. Neither of those things worked out. He does have a beautiful first mate who is helping him in more ways than crewing. Rachel Martin, cousin to Avra in the previous book, needs to get out of New Smyrna and fast. She has made some poor choices with far reaching destruction. Not only has she hurt own life, but her brothers, her relationship with God and more. Being on the water will hopefully keep her out of trouble. Once again Ann takes readers on an emotional ride with her lifelike story. Real situations and characters that come to life, making mistakes, needing God’s forgiveness, along with learning to forgive themselves. All her books are stand alone but usually build on characters or connections from previous stories. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/06/ann-lee-miller-book-list.html
  • Through Time--Whiplash Book on March 07, 2013

    Through Time – Whiplash by Claudy Conn Through Time Series Book 2 Prince Trevor of Lugh is the younger brother of Prince Dante. When sent out on a mission, he ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time and is pulled through a portal into 1816, with a human no less. What can he do but give her his protection when he finds that one of the Dark Princes is lurking about as well. He never associated with humans but is finding that this particular beauty isn’t so bad. Jazmine Decker always thought she belonged in the past until she was transported to 1816 Killarney, Ireland. She was stuck with a rude Royal Fae and a handsome but evil Dark Prince. As a Fios she was always told to beware of the cold-hearted unfeeling Fae, only Trevor doesn’t quite match up with the warnings. Especially with his blood boiling kisses. Trevor is first introduced in book one, Through Time - Pursuit where he joins forces with Chance LeBlanc. They are out to kill the Dark Prince Pestale who killed Chance’s sister and Trevor’s love. Whiplash is a another adventure with plenty of bad characters to be aware of. The reader meets Jazz and Frankie for the first time and many old friends from the Legend series. The Dark Princes are still working to escape the Dark Realm, to take over both the Human Realm and Faery. This book does leave the reader dangling a bit. Book three should be out later this year. Through Time - Slamming. **Sexual content http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html#
  • Noah (5th Street #1) on March 07, 2013

    This new series by Elizabeth takes place in Los Angeles. The 5th Street gym is where we find Noah, Gio, Abel and Hector. The guys are all training as boxers and they are all big handsome hunks! The Moreno Brother's Series was so good and the characters seemed so real I didn't know if a new series could compare. I was pleasantly surprised and can't wait until the next books are released. Once again she has created characters that you can laugh and cry with. Get mad at for their secrets or dumb decisions. And be happy for when they finally get it together. Noah has been working at the 5th Street Gym for years and is wanting to become a trainer. Jack, the owner of the gym, finally gives him that opportunity the day that Veronica and Nellie walk in the gym with their coupons for a free week. They look out of place but Noah decides to prove himself to Jack and whip these gals into shape. A decision that changes Noah's life. Veronica has let herself go since her mother's death. She has put on too much weight and barely leaves the house. When Nellie drags her to what looks like a all male gym, she wants to run back home and hide. When their handsome and young trainer greets them the last thing she wants to do is get on a scale or work out, but for Nellie's sake she does. Noah is not only a great trainer but he soon becomes a good friend and roommate to Roni. It's a long and bumpy road for these two as their friendship grows into more. Their pasts come between them and there is an age difference that Roni struggles with. Noah has a bigger fight on his hands then what he faces in the ring when he sets out to win this prize. **Sexual situations and language
  • Runaway Bride on April 18, 2013

    Runaway Bride by Ruth Ann Gordon Across the Stars Series Book 2 Mark Tanner had come from Pandoran the same time as Chris West. Only Mark wanted to find his own wife instead of letting the agency find one for him. He decided that Caitlyn’s sister was the one for him, too bad if she was already engaged. Lexie Rogers was learning how to be the perfect future wife for Dr. Nick Hammond. How to say the right things to the right people. How to look pretty for her future husband and not embarrass him. Meanwhile her mother was planning the wedding and her future life. But what did Lexie want? Suddenly a Bride is book one in this series. Two men come from a planet where women no longer exist. They truly appreciate not only the women they find as life mates but also the idea of having children, something that had ceased as a normal function on their planet. These guys from another world are quite endearing to all around…..well maybe not the girls mother. **Sensual content within marriage http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html
  • Lady Bess on April 28, 2013

    Lady Bess by Claudy Conn Lady Elizabeth of Saunders, better known as Lady Bess, wants to marry for love not convenience. Her heart knows the man she wants, unfortunately it’s someone who enjoys his bachelor life. This young woman decided to go for what she wants and do whatever it takes to get her man and make him fall in love with her. The Earl of Dunkirk is from Scotland but has inherited his mother’s English home and title. Making him a prime piece for those of the ton. His plan is to marry someone for an heir and then continue to go his own way, as if he were still a single man. Lady Bess does not fit into those plans. He won’t ruin an innocent or get involved with someone who may want more. So why can’t he get her out of his head? There's more then romance between these two members of the ton. Evil villains are lurking about with plans of their own. Lady Bess has accidentally stumbled into their plans, unwelcome. Good thing she’s not your normal simpering female when faced with danger and mayhem. Another adventure from the mind of Claudy Conn to take you down the rough road to romance and the battles along the way. **Sexual content http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • Through Time-Slamming on June 29, 2013

    Through Time – Slamming by Claudy Conn Pursuit Series Book 3 Jazmine Decker, also known as Jazz, was left hanging in Through Time - Whiplash, literally. In this book we find her new Fae blood and her old Fios have joined together to change her into a more powerful being. She don’t want to let go of her human side though, ever. Life in the Fae world has many good things, like Trevor, Frankie and all her new friends, but it also comes with having to fight against the Dark Princes and the abominations that the Dark King created. Can’t a girl just get some down time to enjoy her hunky prince? Prince Trevor of Lugh now has love in his life and with that comes the need to protect her. Not easy when it's someone like his Jazmine Decker, a strong independent type. And it don’t help that they are in the midst of a battle to save the humans and themselves from the Unseelie. All our old friends from the previous books have returned and the battle is on. Good verses evil. Pestale is as angry and power hungry as always and determined to escape the Dark Realm with all his father's evil creatures. Prince Breslyn managed to talk the author into plenty of face time, what a surprise. Not. To get the full extent of what is happening you may want to start at the beginning of the Legend Series. The series order is on Just Judy’s Jumbles under Claudy Conn’s Book List. **Sexual content http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • Leashed on July 23, 2013

    Leashed Zoe Dawson Going to the Dogs Book 1 Callie Lassiter was trying to date the guys who weren’t bad boys. She was finding them quite a bore. But she knew where you ended up with bad boys, broken hearted. The very reason she stayed clear of her hunky bad boy neighbor. Owen McKay owned an exclusive club, FLASH, where celebrities came to hang out, he also had women throwing themselves at him. So he continued to ignore his little miss girl-next-door neighbor. Until now. When her Jack and his Jill got together for an hour, it changed their lives. A cute story about a dog trainer who loses control of Jack, her great Dane, when the neighbors Dane, Jill, comes out for a walk. A story that shows you never know what is truly beneath someones facade, until your dogs are going to have puppies together. The first in a series. **Sexual content and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/12/e-books.html
  • His Abducted Bride on Aug. 02, 2013

    His Abducted Bride by Ruth Ann Nordin Across The Stars Series Book 3 Sandy Davis keeps striking out with men so she turns to writing in her spare time. To her surprise she ends up with some very pushy characters, one who wants to tell her how to write her story. Suddenly Sandy finds herself living life inside her book and all control has been taken away from her. And she’s given an ultimatum….change your story or else! Gavin Blackheart is not the evil killing beast that the author has made him. He is desperate to prove himself to her before she kills him off. What can a king do but kidnap the queen, or in this case the author, and force her to see things his way. She may be stubborn but his life depends on being more stubborn. This is the third book in this series. Sandy’s friend Caitlyn finds happiness when Chris comes from another world and claims her as his wife. Sandy had hopes of snagging Chris’s outer world friend Mark as her own, but he had other plans. Finally Sandy gets her story and of course just like Caitlyn she didn’t quite find herself an everyday normal man. **Sexual content within marriage http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html
  • His Reluctant Lady on Aug. 07, 2013

    His Reluctant Lady By Ruth Ann Nordin Regency Collection Book 4 Christopher Robinson has decided that Lady Richfield is his other half and he will stop at nothing less than marrying her. Even if he needs to use a scandal to get her to agree. And when such a scandal happens to make itself known to him….he picks it up and runs toward the altar with it. Agatha Lyons, Lady of Richfield is all looking good for the Ton and polite society. She hated her one day of marriage and loves her freedom. No one will ever know that she may now and then dress as a man or have a few alias names such as Gerard Addison and Gilbert Horlock. And what is it about Mister Robinson that sends tingles up and down her spine? I love the way this book brings back some favorite characters from the previous books such as the Roderick's from The Earl's Inconvenient Wife, where we first meet Christopher. Lord Edon and Lady Catherine from A Most Unsuitable Earl. And as always Christopher’s guardian, Perry Ambrose, Earl of Clement. Once again Perry didn’t get the girl, his story is yet to come in The Earl’s Scandalous Wife. **Sexual content within marriage http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html
  • Abel (5th Street #4) on Aug. 17, 2013

    Abel by Elizabeth Reyes 5th Street Series Book 4 Abel Ayala is facing his biggest fight ever….in the boxing ring and out. Something has been simmering between him and Nellie for some time now and it’s about to turn into a full boil. This big bad alpha guy really thinks that they can just enjoy each others bodies and walk away, right. Nellie Gamboa was hurt pretty bad. Not only did she have a lousy cheating ex-husband but she was betrayed by her sister as well. A no-strings attachment that comes with a mind blowing physical side sounds great, if she can really keep her heart out of it. All the gang from 5th Street are back, Noah and Roni, Gio and Biannca, Hector and Charlee. Not all are so sure about what's happening with Abel and Nellie. If their no-strings don't work it will effect them all. And outside forces are adding to making their relationship a bit more difficult. **Sexual Content and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/08/forever-mine-by-elizabeth-reyes.html
  • Through Time-Frankie on Sep. 25, 2013

    Through Time-Frankie By Claudy Conn Time Series Book 4 Frankie is now a beautiful eighteen year old girl. She enjoyed her life growing up in Sorth Carolina with Prince Trevor and Jazmine Decker. Her father, Deimne the Daoine Sluagh was in her life as well and couldn't be prouder of some of her changes as she came into her maturity. She wasn't as sure about the new changes, one in particular. Through all of her changes and trials the past six years there was always one nearby. Always one there to help her out of trouble or to be a friend. Someone she could always be herself with. Someone she was forbidden to be around. Graely, one of the Dark Princes. Graely, the handsome hunk who thought of her no more than a mere child. Pestale and Hordly were allowed out of the bleakness of the Dark Realm into the beaut of Conglam. Vibrant colors and none of the darkness and yet it wasn't enough. Pestale was determined to destroy and take over the Human Realm. They lived with the peaceful groups of the Blue Demons and Shape-shifters, he didn't want their peace. For those who enjoy Claudy Conn's paranormal series you'll be glad to see many old friends return to once again prepare for what Pescale is planning. Of course Prince Breslyn wouldn't be left out, along with many others from Tir. Some new friends on Conglam as well. Frankie and her family has come to Ireland for the summer and she will begin Trinity in the fall. Some things just never turn out for the Fae, like nice quiet summer vacations. This is listed as the fourth book, but many of these characters were introduced in the first Legend book Spellbound Legend and built upon it from there. You may want to start there and read through all the books in order as you enter the world from Fae to shape-shifters and everything in between, who all work together against the forces of the Dark Realm. **Sexual situations http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • Kent Ashton's Backstory (Prequel to Catching Kent) on Oct. 07, 2013

    Kent Ashton's Backstory By Ruth Ann Nordin Prequel to Catching Kent - Nebraska Series Kent Ashton was not all he seemed to be and neither was his family. They lived and acted the wealthy life, Kent was even in a prestigious school. The truth was his parents were depending on him to marry into wealth so they could continue the lifestyle they had been used to, until they lost most all of it. He wanted love and found it with Ann Statesman. Until one night when he drank too much and it changed his life forever. His father ruined his life in so many ways. He determined he would one day be a man that would not be like his father. Catching Kent will take off where this story has ended. This book is mostly Kent's background and it mirrors Falling In Love With Her Husband, Ann's story, as seen from Kent's viewpoint. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html
  • Catching Kent on Oct. 07, 2013

    Catching Kent By Ruth Ann Nordin Nebraska Series Kent Ashton has just returned to America after over six years with his uncle in Ireland. His past has never left his mind, his dislike of his parents and his failed venture with love. On his way to California the train stopped in Omaha and Kent's life took another turn. Was it really a turn for the worst or was it fate? Rose Larson is opposite of her twin sister Harriet. Rose's outgoing personality seems to attract both people and animals. She also goes after what she wants. And she wants Kent. She believes everything that happened to him was to bring them together. Kent's story starts in Falling In Love With Her Husband and moves on to the prequel Kent Ashton's Backstory, which mirrors the first book from Kent's point of view. Things have never been easy for him and life has proven that money does not bring happiness. Although, how can one not be happy when in the presence of the Larsons? After all, Dave Larson is the most beloved fictional character ever. Just ask him. **Sexual content within marriage http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html
  • Drool Worthy Part 1 of 7 on Nov. 06, 2013

    Drool Worthy by Tami Brothers A Short Story Marianne Michaels is busy with her new business, Drool Worthy. Speaking of which, the small towns most wanted bachelor, Jason Alexander, fits that description pretty well. Women threw themselves at the guys feet and even proposed to him. She was glad to be busy with her business and away from all that craziness. This is a very short story that touches slightly on a romance to come. Caution: You may not want to read this if you are hungry. The mention of some of the goodies she's baking may have you reaching for something to munch.
  • Superhero in Disguise on Nov. 06, 2013

    Superhero in Disguise by Kitty Bucholtz Adventures of Lewis and Clarke: A Short Story Tori Lewis and her sister Lexie are different. After spending most of her life on medicines and at a psychiatrist to help her be more normal for her mom, she's ready to change. Operation Freedom. Tori is moving into her own little house and she has stopped taking her pills. She was finally going to see who she really is. Joe Clarke is from a family of superheroes and he's out on patrol this Halloween night. A scream and a couple of devilish teenagers running away, sets him into action. Something inside urges him to go and help the woman. And what he finds on the sidewalk is more than he expected. A beautiful blond pirate. This is a shorter story that gives the reader insight into who Tori is and where she's been. Also giving a small glimpse into Joe's life. This tale is the prequel to Unexpected Superhero where it looks like Joe and Tori's story continues. The story is humorous at parts and yet serious because Tori has never been allowed to truly be herself.
  • Breaking Brandon (Fate #2) on Nov. 09, 2013

    Breaking Brandon by Elizabeth Reyes Fate Series Book 2 Brandon Billings was a cold young man. Growing up with an abusive unloving dad and being rejected by the one girl he thought really cared for him, had Brandon shutting down every emotion. He made a great drill instructor in the Marines. His rule? No attachments. Ever. His plan had worked just fine for all these years and then came her. Regina Brady needed to start over and try to move on. Beginning with moving back to California and being near her family again. Of course, they thought she was tough and could handle everything thrown her way. If only they knew, but they never would. And wouldn't if figure that the first man that has caught her attention since the incident, looks at her with such great passion. Unfortunately that passion is pure hate. If you have read the Moreno Series, you would have met Brandon in Sweet Sofie. He grabbed the heart of this reader back then already. The kid who seemed like a bully, but was really just lonely and had a bad home life. It's great to see Brandon get his own story after all. I really enjoyed Breaking Brandon, Elizabeth Reyes has outdone herself once again. This book was full of surprises. **Sexual situations and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/08/forever-mine-by-elizabeth-reyes.html
  • Mitch's Win on Jan. 14, 2014

    Mitch’s Win by Ruth Ann Nordin Montana Romance Series Book 1 Heather Curtiss was rather sheltered. She took care of her parents until both of them passed and then met a brother who had left home before she ever knew him. Now she wishes Abe never came home. Circumstances changed from Heather being sent out East to an aunt to suddenly get thrown into a kitty so her brother could continue to gamble! Mitch Grady was not going to continue to bail his brother, Boaz, out. For two years now Boaz had been drinking and gambling, not taking responsibility for his life. Including his two children who were in Mitch's care until Boaz cleaned up his act. Mitch was done, no matter how much his mother pleaded with him. Who knew that this one last bail-out would end so well for Mitch. The beginning of another good series from Ruth Ann Nordin. Mitch was at the right place and the right time to rescue Heather. And in the end, she rescued him. Once again these characters come to life and latch on to the readers heartstrings. Boaz is so lost after his wife dies and gets caught up a lifestyle he can't escape. Looking forward to Boaz’s Wager and Patty’s Gamble. You meet both of these characters in Mitch’s Win. **Sexual content within marriage **Historical Western Romance Rated R http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html
  • Dark Love on Jan. 17, 2014

    Darklove by Claudy Conn Chazma Donnelly is out for vengeance. Some monster, literally, has killed her parents and she will not let it live. So off to Brionn, Ireland to hunt for Dark X, as she has named this beast. The tales of mystery from the magical Ireland are no stranger to Chaz as she’s not quite human herself. She expected her new employer, the lord of the Brionn, to be older. If only! As she focuses on her revenge she constantly fights her hormones for the not so old and definitely hot, Lord Jethro McBain. Jethro is doing some fighting of his own when the young beauty comes to work for him. His grandmother had an intuition that Chazma needed to be the one he hired and she also wanted his promise to leave the lass alone. That promise may be harder than he thought. This was another exciting paranormal by Claudy Conn where you enter a world of both darkness and light, magical and mystical and even a touch of Fae. Never quite sure if someone is the good or bad guy. **Sexual content http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html#
  • The Beast in the Mirror on Jan. 20, 2014

    The Beast in the Mirror by Lauralynn Elliott The Beast was once a playboy in modern day England. After being enticed by a beautiful woman, he quickly saw that within her she was pure evil. She didn't take rejection well and turned his good looks into something beastly. Giving him a unbreakable mirror so he could always see his horrid face. Rose was enjoying her new surroundings. She lived in a lovely cottage with her folks and there were beautiful ruins nearby that she loved to paint. And then she met someone who lived within the ruins. Christopher longs for Rose to care for him, but has no idea how will react to his cursed face. He's no longer the proud playboy with the handsome looks. He's the Beast who just longs for love. This is only about nine pages long, yet tells a whole story. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2013/12/lauralynn-elliott-book-list.html
  • The Earl's Scandalous Wife on Jan. 23, 2014

    The Earl's Scandalous Wife by Ruth Ann Nordin Marriage by Scandal Series Book 4 Perry Ambrose, the Earl of Clement has had no luck in finding a wife. And he actually wanted one. He was born with one leg a bit shorter and he was sure the use of his cane was an embarrassment. So he couldn't believe his luck when a scandal caused him to marry. And everything about his new wife was so wonderful. The things he knew at least. Paula Leighton had marred her past a bit with some bad choices. Now her brother was selling her off to an old drunken geezer. No way would she marry that old man. She had one chance to find someone and cause a scandal. She just didn't think she could find someone who was as perfect as the man she chose, a man she didn't feel she deserved. It's finally Perry's turn for happiness. Through this series we see him as he seriously pursues a wife and deals with his young ward, Christopher Robinson, which was definitely no easy chore. The author brings back all the friends the reader has met in the previous three books; The Earl's Inconvenient Wife, A Most Unsuitable Earl and His Reluctant Lady. **Sexual content within marriage http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html
  • Forever Yours on Jan. 25, 2014

    Forever Yours by Elizabeth Reyes Moreno Brothers Series Book 1.5 It's been three years since Angel and Sarah met. They are both in college and things are going smoothly. And then life veers off that smooth road and takes you down the bumpiest, potholed road around. Buckle your seat belts and hang on as Elizabeth Reyes takes the reader through the turmoil that is this young couples life. Old friends and enemies and new ones as well come along for this emotional ride. After all these years of tolerating Sydney as Sarah's friend...it's still not easy for Angel. Add to that a few new characters who want to be a part of her life and you have one steamed up alpha boyfriend. And don't forget, pictures might be worth a thousand words, but those words aren't always saying what the person looking at them hears. In Forever Mine the reader meets the Moreno's along with Eric, Romero and the uncles. Angel meets Sarah and falls in love. They have some good times and rough times. This book brings the reader back to the time after Forever Mine and before Always Been Mine. An exciting addition to the Moreno Series that takes you down memory lane. Every time I thought I knew where the story was going, it took another corner. A real page turner a couldn't put down until reaching those final words. The End. **Sexual content and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/08/forever-mine-by-elizabeth-reyes.html
  • Broken Truce (Broken City, 2#) on Feb. 01, 2014

    Broken Truce by D.D. Chant Broken City Book 2 Deeta's story continues as she lives in the Andak compound, so different from the world she was use to when at the Clarks. She's married to Tom Andak and he continues to try to work for peace among the different tribes. Unrest continues though. Deeta has always been protected from the real world but not now. Returning from a trip to the Marshalls compound they meet up with the worst of enemies, the Lewises. She has to face the real world, death. This was a tough read. War in real life does not pick and choose who it takes and who is left behind. Neither did D.D. Chant in this book. I found myself wanting to crouch and hide with Deeta, to lash out against the enemy and the uneasy feeling of knowing when you are outnumbered and helpless. And thankfully there were things to celebrate as well. A definite page turner that you may pick up and not put down until the end. The first book in this series is Broken City and I have no doubts from the ending that there will be a third book in the future as well. **Violence http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/dd-chant-book-list.html
  • Hungry Moon-Destiny on March 05, 2014

    Hungry Moon – Destiny by Claudy Conn Hungry Moon Series Book 2 Kelsey Wilder needed to get away from her pack. At a mere hundred years old her folks were thinking it was time she found a mate. She wanted true love. So off she goes to New York City. But there's a stench around the city and it's leaving dead, mutilated bodies in its wake. How can Kelsey not get involved and stop the villain? Hybrid Luke MacNash left his family home in Scotland ten years ago. When he ends up in New York City, he starts following the same murderer as Kelsey. Luke has always preferred to be a loner. Now he partners with Kelsey, for her own protection of course. Andrew MacPoole is a whack job. He's still holding a grudge against Quinn for taking Ravena from him, although she was never his, and he's determined to get back to his own realm and become the ruler he was meant to be. He just needs to hold on to his sanity and control his bloodlust. Right. If you read Hungry Moon: Quicksilver then you will recognize several of the characters along with others from the Legend series. It's time for them all to gather together and fight the evils of the world once again. And the Wizard Rysdale and Charm are on hand to help them. And as always in Claudy Conn's books...you'll meet new and interesting characters who will hopefully show up in a future book. **Sexual content and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • Vampires' Curse on March 05, 2014

    Vampire's Curse by Lauralynn Elliott The Libby Fox Trilogy These books are sold separately, I'm glad I had the trilogy as I couldn't stop reading after the first book. You know more is going to happen. They are shorter books and easy reads. There is romance, but it's somewhat secondary to the suspense going on. It is all told from Libby's point of view as well. Book 1: Dark Relic Private investigator Libby Fox is approached by Adam Ryder to help find a young girl who was kidnapped while in his care. And he's willing to pay a nice fee to get her back. This case changes everything Libby ever believed to be true. Vampires existed but there were others out there who are more evil. And could she fall for a man who was dead in the day and needed blood donors to survive? And what about the relic? Book 2: Secrets of the Wolf At least Adam Ryder was sending more business Libby Fox's way. One of his rich neighbors hired her to find a missing book. Again with the mystery though. And then she gets her second big whammy in a few weeks, vampires are not the only paranormals living in her world. And she still is undecided whether she can have a relationship with the handsome vampire or not. What happened to her boring life? And who knew there were so many hunks in the paranormal world? Book 3: Search for the Vampire's Curse The nasty vampire hunter Fiona is on the move, using the relic for its evil purpose. Libby Fox will do all she can to protect Adam and the other vampires from the relic. Even if she's still undecided about Adam and his all or nothing ultimatum. Their chase for the relic leads them to the jungles of Brazil. Libby is running out of time to decide about Adam. She either can give him her all or learn to live without him, forever. **Mild sexual content http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2013/12/lauralynn-elliott-book-list.html
  • Boaz's Wager on March 12, 2014

    Boaz's Wager by Ruth Ann Nordin Montana Romance Collection Book 2 Eva Connealy was heading to Montana to be a schoolteacher. Her former student Rachel Larson was going as a mail-order bride. Suddenly a stage robbery changed both of their plans. The robbers weren't able to get money so they decided to go to a town lacking in women and auction them off, like measly cattle that had no choice. Boaz Grady had fell off the deep end when his wife died in childbirth. After several years of being the town drunk he finally pulled his life together. Now he wanted his kids with him, for that he would need a wife. Good think he ran across his friend Herb and the auction. Fears can become so deep that they paralyze us. Boaz had those kind of fears. If one wife died...another one could as well. This is also a reminder that life could be hard back in the day. Another good story from Ruth Ann Nordin and plenty of tidbits to get the reader wondering what will happen with Patty and Greg in the third book, Patty's Gamble. The first book in the series is Mitch's Win. **Sexual content within marriage http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html
  • Necessary Proof on April 06, 2014

    Necessary Proof by Camy Tang Alex Villa had spent time in prison, he has since become a Christian and changed his ways but someone is setting him up. He is determined to clear his name and to continue fighting against the drug dealers in Sonoma. Jane Lawton has felt alone this past year. She's tired of being used, now Alex appears at her door and needs her computer skills. And as she always does for anyone, she helps him. Who knew what danger it would bring to her doorstep? And also how much healing would come from it. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/camy-tang-book-list.html
  • The Mail Order Bride's Deception on April 28, 2014

    The Mail Order Bride's Deception by Ruth Ann Nordin Sadie Miller couldn't believe when she got a free pass out of the life she was stuck in. She just had to become Hazel McPherson and meet her new husband and child in Rapid City. Of course, she had to let him believe she was Hazel, if she told him the truth he would have never married her. And she knew that there was no way he'd ever find out on his own. Never. Allen Grover couldn't believe his luck. That not only did Hazel willingly leave a life of wealth and leisure to marry him, but that she is also such a beauty. She might need to learn to do the things that she always had servants to do for her, but he wouldn't be lonely and Gilbert would have a mother. That was all he cared about. Though he did wonder what had happened in Atlanta that Hazel refuses to talk about. Secrets. Sadie had them and kept them. The thing about secrets and hiding the truth...it always seems that somehow, someway they find an opening to sneak out. I loved this story. There are some pretty tough situations in it and even though it's historical...some things are very true even today. **Sexual content within marriage http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html
  • Patty's Gamble on July 14, 2014

    Patty’s Gamble by Ruth Ann Nordin Montana Series Book Three Patty Dixon is sure that Greg Wilson cares for her. So she sets up a trap to get him to marry her. And it works...sort of. Just because she is his wife in name, it doesn’t mean he’s going to give her a real marriage. Patty gets ready to hang on for the ride of her life because she is going to win her husband’s heart. Greg Wilson realizes all the things he could have done differently to get out of this marriage. A marriage he’s pretty sure he was tricked into. It’s not that Patty isn’t pretty, the fact is he never wanted a wife and he has darn good reasons for his decision. He just needs to find the right way to get her to run back to her pa’s ranch and leave him alone. Patty hides who she really is to please her new husband. She also hides the secret of her entrapment she used on him. As we all know...it’s not good to keep a secret. They always find a way to get out. Old friends are revisited in this story also which I always enjoy seeing how characters from previous stories are doing. Another enjoyable story from this author. **Sexual content within marriage http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html
  • On the Mountain on Aug. 08, 2014

    On the Mountain by Peggy Ann Craig Wade Haddock loves his ranch and is content there. Unlike his mother and siblings who all enjoyed their English roots. At forty-four he didn’t need a wife or affection, the saloon girls could handle his needs. Then one day his life is flipped upside down by the appearance of a young stranger in his barn. Anna Nicholson knows her name and where she’s from, but the previous twenty-four hours are lost to her. She knows she must be afraid of whatever evil is out there. A faceless, nameless evil. When she is mistaken for a young boy, she does not correct the men. As if she could...somewhere in her journey her voice has left her as well. A real page turner. The mystery of Anna on the Circle H is increased by her not being able to communicate and what has happened up on the mountain has grown men stunned. This story has a mystery to solve and the road to romance is a long one. I enjoyed it and didn’t feel any part of the story was slow, rather it continually tugged me to read more. **Sexual content **Received from author for honest review http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/12/e-books.html
  • The Earl's Secret Bargain on Sep. 21, 2014

    The Earl’s Secret Bargain by Ruth Ann Nordin Marriage by Deceit Series Book One Toby York, Earl of Davenport is sick and tired of the braggart Lord Pennella and gets caught up in a wager with him at White’s. Who can win the heart of the woman Toby’s chooses, Pennella or him? Who knew such a foolish wager can lead him to the best thing in his life? Or that the same wager can cause him to lose so much? Miss Regina Giles is being pushed into marriage by her well-meaning mother. They had wealth without a title and thanks to Lady Seyton’s lessons, she could supposedly catch a titled man’s eye and get a proposal within the month. This being her mother’s wishes not her own. Yet when two men both start vying for her attentions, she finds having the title that comes along with Lord Davenport wouldn’t be such a bad thing. A good honest, humble man...or not. Secrets always seem to come to light and expose the truth, they usually never choose a good time to do so. Toby is determined to regain Regina’s trust and prove that he is the man she thought he was, only trust lost is very difficult to recover. Several characters from previous books have cameos in this story, Lord Edon, Clement and Roderick and of course Mister Robinson whose book this story begins in. Looking forward to book two when Lady Seyton is asked to help a duke find a wife. **Sexual content within marriage http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html
  • Fire Wizard on Oct. 03, 2014

    Fire Wizard by Lauralynn Elliott Niki Hansen loves being a firefighter. In fact, it’s her whole life. She is there on her days off and all the friends she has are her fellow firemen. She’s drawn to fire and it seems it don’t hurt or burn her. And then things change, someone is starting fires that burn hotter and faster and people are dying. Finn McLain spots the beautiful firefighter as he stands watching the fire that he knows is not normal. One of their own has gone rogue. Who could it possibly be? He knows every fire wizard in the area. How could they do this? Take lives? And why is he so drawn to that woman who seemed to walk through the flames as she rescued a child? I really enjoyed this, it had a unique story line and characters that drew you in, like Finn. Others you wanted to smack like the stodgy old council members who had become stale in their comfy positions. Enjoying all the perks of being in charge and bossy without ever really seeming to care. And an old but true lesson...how easy it is to let power go to one’s head. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2013/12/lauralynn-elliott-book-list.html
  • Club Blood on Oct. 06, 2014

    Club Blood by Lauralynn Elliott A murder seems cut and dried to Detective Kelly Harrison. Her new partner, the extremely handsome Detective Ethan James, suggested she look at the case with an open mind. She had trouble looking at anything but him, he was perfection. It seems her new mysterious partner knows more than what he’s saying, and she doesn’t like that he’s holding back secrets. When the truth is revealed, however, Kelly needs to stop and take a good look at her life and decide which path to follow. This story is told from Kelly’s point of view only. This is a novella with a really good story line, just not as polished as the author’s books that were written after this first one. Lauralynn Elliott does not pretty up her vampires and their nature as many books do, and yet they are characters that will grab your heart. **Mild sensual content http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2013/12/lauralynn-elliott-book-list.html
  • See Me on Oct. 06, 2014

    See Me by Lauralynn Elliott When Maddi Drake inherits a home of her own, she finds herself having to share the space. Her guest doesn’t take up much room but he has taken a disliking to the handsome David Goliath who is helping her fix up the house and sharing dinners with her. Maddi soon finds herself in a dilemma. On one hand she has David who is real and handsome. On the other hand, she finds herself attracted to her unseen guest who really doesn’t communicate very well. Or does he? This was a quick and enjoyable read. The story pulled me in and didn’t let go until the end. There was a touch of mystery, an annoying Realtor, a cat, romance and humor. I really enjoyed it. This is a novella. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2013/12/lauralynn-elliott-book-list.html
  • Guardian Vampire on Oct. 07, 2014

    Guardian Vampire by Lauralynn Elliott Kendall St. John loves playing her little games at the club. Proving to herself she’s irresistible to any man there, but stopping the game short of taking anyone home with her. Until one night, one man, her first rejection. Wandering off in a pout she witnesses something so horrible, her mind blocks it. And now someone wants to kill her. Logan Steele is trying to protect his way of life and find out who is behind the disappearances of people from the club. The beautiful and spoiled rotten Kendall has the answer. He’s hired as her bodyguard, but finds himself having to protect her from the enemy and himself. Loved this story. It was one of those books that I couldn’t put down until the end. This is a novella. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2013/12/lauralynn-elliott-book-list.html
  • Just Good Friends on Oct. 15, 2014

    Just Good Friends by Ruth Ann Nordin Omaha Brides Series Book Three Tiffany Clark just lost her latest boyfriend and her family has found out. With a few days before her sister’s wedding her busy body family is hunting down “dates” for her. And they are not good choices. This is why she moved out of the same state as them in the first place. She gets an idea...one little white lie to help her get through the wedding. What can it hurt? Tyler Jackson has been best friends with Tiffany for a long time so he don’t mind pretending to be her boyfriend. What he does mind is the constant badgering by her parents and the snobbish way Tiffany’s sister treats her. He didn’t mean to cause so much trouble by adding another white lie, but it seems it has turned into a large rolling snowball. And it’s heading for a big disaster. Ruth Ann Nordin has done it again, bringing my emotions to a head by making her characters so real. Like meddling parents and friends, including Nathan Rudolph from What Nathan Wants. She brings Ryan and Beth Jackson back from the first book With This Ring, I Thee Dread along with some adorable little kids. **Sexual content within marriage http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html
  • The Gnome on Nov. 18, 2014

    The Gnome by Lauralynn Elliott Tara Reed is rather surprised to find out that she has inherited her grandmother’s house. Being she was always the woman’s least favorite grandchild. Along with the house she has also inherited a host of creepy looking lawn ornaments. At least living in Road’s End does lead her to the handsome sheriff. Sheriff Jake Tyler is starting to wonder about the beautiful woman who is new to town. She seems a bit paranoid. But then again, he can never forget the 911 call from her grandmother. Maybe Tara has a good reason to be paranoid. Wow! I loved this book even while pulling up my big girl panties and peeping through my hands while reading. Okay, so I couldn’t cover my eyes and read, but if this was a movie, I definitely would have been doing that. The author has written a fabulous horror story that includes some humor and a touch of romance. All I can add to this review is that I won’t be buying any lawn ornaments in the near future. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2013/12/lauralynn-elliott-book-list.html
  • The Man, The Dog, His Owner & Her Lover, a Witting Woman Novella on Dec. 27, 2014

    Stephanie O’Hanlon has focused so hard on her career for so long that she has missed everything along the way. Things like love and happiness. Losing her job and a trip to the pound with her friend changes life as she knows it. Taking home the huge dog she calls William the Conqueror has her noticing life in a very different way. Gabe Fagen has been waiting a long time for Stephanie to slow down. After all these years will she finally see what is right in front of her eyes? Or is a dog going to come between them? This is an enjoyable shorter story that was an easy read. There is more to this dog than meets the eye, much more. Could Stephanie really had known this dog as a man in some past life? **This book is also included in the Must Love Pets bundle http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2014/12/candace-carrabus-book-list.html
  • On the Buckle, Dream Horse Mystery #1 on Dec. 27, 2014

    Viola Parker hasn’t held a job for more than a few months, that is about to change if she wants to come into some money, which she don’t. She could care less about this so-called trust fund in her name if she can hold a job for a year straight and get a good recommendation, her cousin feels otherwise. She’s about to turn twenty-nine and it stipulates she has to do this before thirty, cousin Penny finds her the perfect place. Or what what her cousin considered perfect. It was in a way. Her new boss Robert Malcolm was quite handsome and looked wonderful in the kilt he favored to wear. I just had to read this book after the blurb talking about her favorite pair of undies going downstream, and it was well worth it. This book is written from Viola’s point of view and very humorous. It is a laugh out loud type of story even though some serious stuff is happening. I’m glad I found this author and this book. **WARNING: If you like to take shots of whip cream from a can...have some cans on hand while reading. You might get a craving or two or three... **Language and sensual content http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2014/12/candace-carrabus-book-list.html
  • Raver, The Horsecaller: Book One (A Romantic Adventure Fantasy) on Dec. 27, 2014

    Laura Gallagher is a recently divorced woman living with her brother’s family. Content to be with the horses. It was as good as life would be, she assumed. And then everything changed and she found herself in a new dimension with the handsome Leinos and people who expected her to be a Horsecaller. Cirq, their country, would not continue on without the return of the horses. Could she have the courage? And would she ever get home again? Or want to go if she could? An excellent story. It closes one chapter, but there is more to come when book two comes out. **This book is also included in the Paranormally Yours Boxed Set http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2014/12/candace-carrabus-book-list.html
  • Kiss a Girl in the Rain on Dec. 30, 2014

    Kiss a Girl in the Rain - Take a Chance Series Book One Evan Chance has it all, or does he? He's in a top law firm, dating a beautiful woman and he has plenty of money. What else is there? When his mom sends a birthday card that includes his “bucket list” from when he was twelve, it haunts him a bit. How could he be so successful at almost thirty-five years old and not have accomplished some of the simple things on this list? Where did all the time go? And when something happens to someone he cares deeply for...it's like a wake-up call to start living. Doctor Caitlyn Sorenson lives in the tiny town of Miller's Pond. Most days it's great to know all your neighbors. Other times it can drive you crazy that they know every time you fart. One of those times is when the darkly handsome biker dude passes through town. Kind of hard to escape the eyes of the town when they do not want to lose their only doctor in town, and have hopes of her marrying the chief of police. This was such a good story that it was hard to set down until the end. Evan's troubles start with an ugly dog that soon grabs the reader's heart. Sometimes life is so busy while we chase endless dreams...that it's easy to miss what is right in front of us. I'm not sure what the second book will be about at this time, but I'm definitely excited to read more in this series. **Sexual content http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2014/01/nancy-warren-book-list.html
  • His Convenient Wife on Jan. 04, 2015

    His Convenient Wife by Ruth Ann Nordin Harriett Larson has always been the quiet, invisible twin. Even the one man she loved since she was thirteen looked past her to only see Rose. Had even proposed to her sister while Kent Ashton has been seriously courting her. And now that he can’t have Rose, he turns to her. No way. Well maybe. Stanley Craftman feels responsible for the death of his friend and promised he would adopt Randy’s daughter and raise her as his own. Who knew a two, almost three, year old could be so busy? And he was twenty-one and tired of depending on his folks to help him. He needed a mother for Maggie. Poor Harriett...she looks identical to her sister on the outside but completely different on the inside. Can this marriage ever be more than just a convenience? Another heartwarming story by Ruth Ann Nordin. This isn’t part of the Nebraska Series but has many of the old friends from that series. **Sexual content within marriage http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/09/ruth-ann-nordin.html
  • Candle's Christmas Chair on March 24, 2015

    Candle's Christmas Chair by Jude Knight Lord Randall “Candle” Avery finds quite a surprise when he goes to Bath to see about an invalid chair for his mother. A young woman he met and had been courting three years before. Until the night he found out she was not who he believed her to be. Minerva Bradshaw cannot inherit Bradshaw Carriages, her father's business because she was born female. That does not stop Min from starting her own business of making invalid chairs. She's happy and content in her life and business and her working class. She had a taste of Society while she was in school and that was more than enough for her. This is a short novella of how Candle and Min met. When they reappear in the author's next book, Farewell to Kindness, she realized they needed their own story.This is a complete story that includes a couple aggravating gentry who enjoy nothing more than causing trouble wherever they go. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2011/12/e-books.html
  • A Baron for Becky on Nov. 01, 2015

    A Baron for Becky by Jude Knight Becky Winstanley has gone down a path in life that was not the one she would have chosen. The actions of others is what sent her down those roads and she has done the best she could with what she had. Will she ever get to the future she dreams of for her daughter and herself? I really enjoyed this story even though it took a longer path to romance and the things Becky has to go through to find her happiness. It has the point of view from three different characters. **Sensual Content http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2015/09/jude-knig
  • Royal Regard on Nov. 20, 2015

    Royal Regard by Mariana Gabrielle Bella Clewes, Baroness of Holsworthy was never considered a pretty woman and people enjoyed telling her so. She hated Society and the one good thing about being sold as a bride to a much older man was that she got to sail away from all of it. Now after fifteen years away, Bella and Myron return to London due to his failing health. The strong woman she had become while away...was once again quiet and unsure. Adolphe Fouret, Duc de Malbourne and Nicholas Northope, Duke of Wellbridge...both started to try and charm Bella. Only one of them cares more for the true woman she is. The other knows she is soon to be a very rich widow. Bella just wants to remain a good wife and caretaker to Myron. This was a very unique story and I found it to be a definite page turner. Grabbing you and holding you from beginning to end. Bella is still a married woman and yet many around here seem to forget...or just ignore...that. Myron knows he is not long on this earth and wants to find Bella a protector. The prequels are to follow: Shipmate is Bella and Myron's story. 'Tis Her Season is Charlotte's story, Bella's cousin. A Rose Renamed is John's story, Bella's brother. **Sexual content and language http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2015/11/mariana-gabrielle-book-list.html
  • Shipmate: A Royal Regard Prequel Novella on Nov. 25, 2015

    Shipmate by Mariana Gabrielle A Royal Regard Prequel Novella Miss Isabella Smithson hasn't had a very easy life. The daughter of a cruel man and sister to brother's no better than their sire, she lived with her relations. Her aunt may have never struck her with her hand...but instead, with her tongue lashings. And then...it was decided she would marry and sail off with her new husband. Myron Clewes, Baron of Holsworthy loved traveling as a sailor. Now that Prince Regent had made him a baron and given him land, he needed a wife and the desired heir. It was time, he was older, after all. Bella is shy until she is aboard the Amelia. A stronger woman emerges as she travels away from England. Away from her family. In the next book, Royal Regard, the reader can get to know Bella more as she and Myron return to England after fifteen years of travel. I really enjoyed this story and look forward to more from this series. 'Tis Her Season, Bella's cousin Charlotte's story, and where we first meet Bella. This is in the boxed set of Mistletoe, Marriage and Mayhem. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2015/09/bluestocking-belles-book-list.html
  • Hand-Turned Tales on Jan. 04, 2016

    Hand-Turned Tales by Jude Knight Three Short Stories and a Novella The following stories are like a sampler pack for the author's writing. The stories were written for winners of a contest. They gave some names and ideas and the author wrote these stories from them. The Raven's Lady Felix Maddox returns home after he was thought dead. Under a false name he has one last job...find a smuggler, the Black Fox. Could the villain actually be the girl he left behind eight years ago? All That Glisters Thomas O'Bryan is in New Zealand on business. When he stops in to pay his respects to his aunt, he finds a bitter couple and a beautiful young woman. He would love to remove Rose from her unhappy situation but they are too different. Or are they? Kidnapped to Freedom Phoebe has missed several chances of being rescued from the plantation she is a slave on. She has one more chance to be reunited with her siblings and perhaps the young man she once loved. If she can remember that love instead of the handsome pirate that has come to her rescue. The Prisoners of Wyvern Castle I really enjoyed this novella. It has the villains that you'd more than happily lop their heads off of. The hero that nabs your heart the moment you know his story. Not to mention the romance between Rupert and Madeline and the chasm they have to cross for their happily-ever-after. **Sensual content http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2015/09/jude-knight-book-list.html
  • Awakening-Wendy on Feb. 24, 2016

    Awakening-Wendy by Claudy Conn Awakening Series Book Three Wendy McChauncey's story begins in the second book; Awakening-Bray. While Bray, son of Prince Breslyn and Ete, is in Fairy, Wendy goes to rescue her parents. Instead, both Wendy and her brother, Stevie, are bitten by the evil werewolf/demon Cain. This book begins with Wendy fighting the new wolf, whose body she now has, as it wants to run to Cain and kill. Her fios has gone into hiding, but against what legend says...she didn't die. Bray and his family are trying to get the elixir that will help Wendy. Ete had created an imitation one that helped Stevie, but Wendy's fios side rejected it. Time is of the essence and they have an evil werewolf/demon to destroy. Wendy believes the real Cain is fighting the demon in his body and she will do anything to save him. Even if she has to face the demon on her own. A secondary story is taking place as well. Nuad the chief trekker is going to confront Queen Mab, who has the elixir. Seems there is a bit of history between the two and Nuad is going to take charge and take what belongs to him. I really enjoyed this story. Looking forward to the next book in the series; Awakening-Cain. **Sexual content http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/07/Claudy-Conn-Book-List.html
  • Secrets and Sensibilities: A Regency Romance Mystery on March 12, 2016

    Secrets and Sensibilities by Regina Scott The Lady Emily Capers Book One Hannah Alexander is looking forward to quitting her job at Barnsley's School for Young Ladies, as her true desire is to paint. She is close to having the funds to move to London and do so. Very close. That is until she is sent to chaperone four young women and everything changes. David Tenant, the new Earl of Brentfield knows little about the aristocracy or about being an earl. He's an American who enjoyed his leather craft business. One thing he is learning quickly about is that aristocratic women are underhanded. And that maybe he should have heeded his friends advice that someone wanted to kill him. This starts the series of mystery, intrigue and romance that continues in the books that follow. The four young women; Emily Southwell, Priscilla Tate, Daphne and Ariadne Courdebas, continue solving more mysteries. I really enjoyed this story. It brings out the emotions for the characters...such as despising one or two of them and keeps the reader guessing who the villain could be. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/10/regina-scott-book-list.html
  • Eloquence and Espionage: A Regency Romance Mystery on March 12, 2016

    Eloquence and Espionage by Regina Scott Lady Emily Capers Series Book Four Ariadne Courdebas, youngest daughter of Viscount Rollings meets a mysterious man dressed as a Roman centurion at a masquerade ball and is determined to find him again. Since he had a leather mask covering his face, she just knows he had longish black hair and dark eyes. How hard can he be to find in London? Jason Sinclair, Lord Hawksbury, had secrets that he needed to keep. When the pretty young woman he met at the ball tries to find him, he has to get her off his trail. He has a dangerous man to find and she will only find herself in danger. Or is it too late already? I really enjoyed this story. For the whole story and to get to know the characters, here are the first three books in this series; Secrets and Sensibilities, Art and Artifice and Ballrooms and Blackmail. Humor, adventure, and romance in one. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/10/regina-scott-book-list.htm
  • Art and Artifice: A Regency Romance Mystery on March 19, 2016

    Art And Artifice by Regina Scott Lady Emily Capers Series Book Two In the first book; Secrets and Sensibilities, four young women go with their chaperone to Brentfield Manor and end up with a mystery on their hands. Now the girls; Lady Emily Southwell, Priscilla Tate, Daphne and Ariadne Courdebas are back in London for their first Season. Lady Emily Southwell is the daughter of a duke. It may sound all good and well but there are some negatives as well. Emily finds she is engaged to a man she barely knows and he doesn't want to wait to marry. His Grace, her father, thinks it a perfect match and is unbendable. Emily and her friends don their spy caps once again to find some dirt on her betrothed. James “Jamie” Cropper is a Bow Street Runner. As such, he knows that he could never court and no less marry a duke's daughter. But he can save her from an unwanted marriage. He suspects her betrothed of no good, but has yet to prove it. Or is it just something personal from his past that wants to find Lord Robert guilty? Mystery, humor, and romance in one book. I've enjoyed these first two books in this series and look forward to reading the rest of this series. **Parts of this book previously published as La Petite Four by Penguin Razorbill http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/10/regina-scott-book-list.html
  • Ballrooms and Blackmail: A Regency Romance Mystery on March 21, 2016

    Ballrooms and Blackmail by Regina Scott Lady Emily Capers Series Book Three Priscilla Tate had everything going for her as far as beautiful hair, eyes, and a perfect body. Her aunt Sylvia had taught her well how to use all of the above to her advantage...and she did. Too bad Aunt Sylvia went crazy and now Priscilla needs to marry for money to help her parents...rather than love for herself. What else can she do but aim her sights on a duke? Nathan Kent was elected by relatives to watch over his distant cousin Percy. Now that the man had become a duke, he needed guidance. A lot of guidance. Nathan needed to find the perfect woman for his cousin to marry. One who could keep the truth about the duke to herself and help him as well. Perhaps the fortune hunter would be a good duchess but Nathan didn't want her marrying the duke. This is a great series. Romance, humor, mystery, and secrets. Priscilla, Emily, Daphne, and Ariadne have come together once again to put their skills together to find the culprit who is blackmailing Priscilla. The ongoing story of Emily and Jamie Cropper continues as well. http://justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/10/regina-scott-book-list.html